tagNovels and NovellasHyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 04

Hyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 04


Now What? - Stanley Needs to Figure Out How to Live With His Condition

This is module one, chapter four. This is going to be a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 3 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Module one, our main character is a senior in high school. He learns of his condition and figures out how to manage the changes in life that come with it. In chapter three, Stanley had additional sexual experiences and confirms what his condition is. This is the continuation of the story.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, swinging, and/or cum sharing, etc. Some of them have exposure to incest or relations with step family members, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


It is nighttime and Stanley sits on the back patio of his dad's house thinking about what he just learned earlier in the day. Most notably he learned that he has an advanced case of Hyperspermia, and that there is no real treatment that would not significantly, negatively, and permanently affect his sex life. So he continues to sit and ponder what he is going to do going forward.

His dad also broke the news to him that he and his stepmom are swingers. They have a network of people that they can introduce to him that can 'help' him with his 'problem'. He may need it as meeting the need to cum at least twice a day is going to be a challenge and an inconvenience.

Stanley's thoughts move to his sexual experiences the past few days. Less than a week ago, he was a virgin with limited experience with girls. Now he has had sex with two hot women and blown a huge load on or in 4 different women. Remembering these experiences gives him a big smile. 'That was kinda fun' he thinks.

Then he realizes that an ache is returning to his balls. It is manageable right now, but he knows that it will get worse until he can get relief again. He walks back in and sees his dad sitting at the table.

"Hey Dad, where is everyone?"

"Brook took off after our meeting with Stacy to go to the beach with some of her friends. I don't think she will be back until tomorrow. Trish went to her sisters. She'll be back late tomorrow."

Stanley looks disappointed, "Dad, I am starting to get that ache again. It is manageable at the moment. But we know it is going to get worse soon."

"There is no chance I can get anyone here tonight. Tomorrow is also a workday, which makes things a bit difficult. Maybe you need to do a solo son."

Stanley looking utterly dejected says, "Uhg. I don't know dad. I have never really done that. I guess I am going to go up to bed. I'll talk to you in the morning."

Stanley has a very restless sleep. He cannot quiet his mind and the ache in his balls is gaining steam. The next morning, Stanley gets up, exhausted and in noticeable pain. He takes a hot shower, which eases the pain a little. But by the time he gets downstairs for breakfast, it is back to the level it was.

Stanley walks into the dining room and slumps into a chair and says, "Hey dad."

Stanley's dad, Chris, looks up from his paper and replies, "How are you feeling champ?"

"My balls ache dad. Looks like this is going to be the story of my life until I can work out a plan to address it. I don't even know where to start."

Chris looks worried, "I can try to get someone here to help you later today. But with it being a Monday, I am not sure I'll be able to get anyone until tonight. I think you need to do a solo, even if it's just this time."

Stanley smirks and replies, "Just this time huh?"

"Well, I am going to talk to Trish and see if we can't come up with a plan to help you out more regularly. But you have to acknowledge that throughout your life there will be times where you don't have any other options aside from taking care of yourself."

Stanley has another deep sigh and replies, "Uhg. Thanks dad. I guess I will head home and check in there. I'll reconnect with you later."

Stanley heads out the door to go back to his mom's.

Chris picks up his phone and calls Trish who answers on the first ring, "Hey hon, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, Stanley just left to head home for a bit. I am concerned about him. Apparently he has never been a guy that masturbates and when I mentioned him needing to do a solo, he cringed."

A very concerned Trish responds, "Chris, we need to do something. A man in our family should never have to go solo if we can help it."

They decide to work something out when Trish gets home. And as Stanley drives home he is also hoping that his dad can work something out.

Stanley walks in and finds his mom is at work and his older sisters are off somewhere. His twin sister Liz is the only one home. When he sees his sister, she looks up and gives him a big smile. Then she says, "Hey bro. I've missed you not being home. How are dad and the family?"

Stanley looks at his sister and all his worries seem to vanish. He reflects on how close they have always been. How linked they always seem to be. They share so many interests and are alike in so many ways. It hits him that he has also missed his sister the past few days.

Stanley walks over and sits next to his sister on the couch. She sees him visibly wince. All his worries come back to the front of his mind.

"What's wrong Stanley?"

"Nothing sis. I'm fine."

"Remember who you're talking to. I can read you better than anyone. Something is wrong. You know you can tell me."

There is a lengthy pause. Liz scoots closer and gives Stanley a big hug. He appreciates her embrace and as they separate from the hug, he looks at his sister differently than he ever has before. Maybe the activities over the past few days have opened up a new part of his vision he did not have before. Maybe it is the ache in his balls that he knows will only go away with an orgasm. He notes that his sister is quite pretty. She has a flawless face and a sexy athlete's body.

Liz speaks up again, "What's wrong Stanley? Talk to me please. I want to help."

Before going any farther, Stanley visibly shakes his head to snap out of his trance. Then he sighs deeply and looks right at her and says, "I will tell you. But what I am going to tell you stays between us okay?"

Liz looks a little concerned but replies, "Of course. Always. What's going on?"

Stanley walks her through the last two days happenings. He is wide open with his sister and spares only a few details. Along the way, Liz's facial expressions are all over the place.

He tells her about Kerry and she laughs a little under her breath. Then she kids Stanley, "Well, she got what she deserved."

He tells her about his condition and she looks concerned. She asks, "So you have to have an orgasm every 12 hours or so or you experience pain in your balls?" Stanley assures her this is the case.

He tells her about Stacy and her mouth falls open in shock. She exclaims, "That was one hell of an experiment. Hands on I would say! And she is married?"

He tells her about their dad and Trish being swingers and having a network. She replies, "Well, I guess that explains a lot. And that was a huge reason he and mom divorced huh?"

He tells her about Brook and Mazy. A most unexpected response comes from Liz. She leans forward smiling and says, "Brook? Part of the network and bisexual! And you exploded all over her! And then had a threesome! That's so hot. I am jealous."

A very confused Stanley finishes, "Don't judge me please. I could really use your support right now."

"I'm not going to judge you Stanley. But this is all so surprising."

"Yeah. I guess so. It is still a little surreal to me."

"Well. I am glad that they were able to identify what it is. Now that you know the rules, you will figure out how to play the game. That's how you are."

Stanley smiles in agreement. Liz has a way of making him believe in himself.

Liz continues, "And I am really glad that Brook was able to help you."

Stanley looks at her with a surprised look on his face, "You are?"

"Yes of course. Listen. Dad's right. You should lean on those closest to you to help you out. If you can't trust them, who can you trust?"

Stanley smiles again. His sister always has his back and brings things into perspective.

Liz asks, "How long has it been since you had a release?"

Stanley pauses, "Uhhh. Well. Uhhh. I guess this is still a uncomfortable topic to discuss with you Liz."

Liz laughs, "I'm your best friend. And by the way, you know that I have had sex before. It is not a brand new concept. I am not naïve."

Stanley thinks, 'that's right'.

Stanley decides he might as well continue to be honest with Liz. Maybe she will sympathize with his dilemma. He replies, "It has been about 18 hours since I was with Maze and Brook. My balls hurt like crazy right now."

"Ah yes. So that was the cause for that wince of pain I saw when you sat down? What are you going to do?"

"Dad suggested I do a solo. But I don't know. Not my thing."

"None of dad's network is available today?"

"Nope. It is a workday for Stacy and most of the rest I have yet to meet. Brook and Trish are both out of town."

"Trish? Have you hooked up with dad's wife?"

"No. No. No. But apparently, she is fair game. So who knows in the future?"

"Trish is really hot. I'd do her."

Stanley sits there perplexed.

Liz continues, "Sounds like you need a solo then bro."

Stanley frowns, "I am still weirded out that we are having this conversation. I think I am going to go take a shower and get a nap. I did not sleep well last night. Those seem to help. Maybe by the time I wake up, dad will have a solution."

Stanley gets up from the couch and nearly doubles over in pain.

A concerned Liz asks, "Stanley? Are you okay?"

Stanley face is contorted as he is reacting to the pain coming from his midsection. He replies, "I'll be alright. It just hurts a lot. I think a shower and a nap will help."

Stanley leaves Liz sitting on the couch and heads upstairs to take a hot shower. A very long shower brings some degree of temporary relief to his ache. He is so tired by now; he barely gets on some boxer shorts before he falls into bed.

A couple hours later, Liz comes into Stanley's room to check on him. He seems restless as she watches him toss and turn. She assumes he is in a lot of pain by now and is not sure how to help him. She runs through a series of options in her head. The option that seems to be the best candidate is for her to lie next to him to try to bring him comfort. 'Maybe some skin-to-skin contact will help him out', she thinks. Without any further thought, Liz gets undressed down to her thong and bra and climbs into bed next to him hoping to bring some comfort. He stops moving around and cuddles back and they fall asleep.

After maybe an hour, Liz wakes up to Stanley rubbing up against her. She doesn't react. She wonders if he is even awake. His erection has slipped through the opening in his boxers and it is pressing against her bare ass. He is grinding against her slowly. She lets it go thinking he must be having some dream. Then his hand reaches around and starts massaging her breast. Soon he pushes her bra up and pops her breast out. The massaging of her breast and the grinding becomes more vigorous. She keeps asking herself, 'Is he even awake?' and 'Should I stop this?'

Liz finally thinks she should stop him, but then considers his condition. She remembers how much pain he was in a few hours ago and that it must be worse by now. Then she recognizes that her nipple is hard from the attention and the erection grinding between her ass cheeks is turning her on. She has conflicting thoughts bouncing around in her brain. She hesitates while she works through what to do next.

Before Liz can make a decision, Stanley rolls her over on her belly and climbs on top of her. He continues to grind his exposed cock between her ample ass cheeks. Lizlies there trying to focus on what to do, but her horniness drowns out all remaining conflicting thoughts. She can't resist any longer and slides her hand down the front of her panties and starts rubbing her pussy. She lays her head sideways on the pillow and lets out a small moan. Stanley continues to grind himself on her.

Suddenly Liz feels Stanley pull off of her much to her surprising disappointment. Within a few seconds she hears Stanley groan and then feels something land on the side of her face and in her hair. She now realizes that Stanley is getting his much needed relief and that it was hot sticky cum that landed on her. Liz doesn't move as cum continues to rain down on her from above. Instead of being grossed out, she is turned on even more.

More shots continue to land on her hair and the side of her face. Another 10 at least, she looses count, land on her back. Several more cover her ass. She can feel the cum running down between her cheeks. The full explosive experience lasts almost a full minute. Liz loses count on how many times cum landed on her, but it must have been at least 20 to 25 sizable streams. Liz continues to moves her fingers through the folds of her pussy as she feels the warm cum covering her body.

It takes a few moments for Stanley to gather himself. Then he realizes what he has done. He panics and yells, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry Liz. I have really messed up. Oh my God!"

Liz slowly rolls over onto her back, her hand still shoved in her thong with her fingers splitting her pussy. Stanley looks at the cum on the side of Liz's face and in her hair and exclaims again, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry Liz. What have I done? I thought I was having a dream."

Liz looks up at Stanley and says, "Relax Stanley. You got your much-needed release. I am really happy for you. However, I am not so happy that I did not get mine. My pussy is on fire and my lips are swollen now. You have made me crazy horny and I need to finish my orgasm."

Stanley looks shocked, "Oh. Uh. I guess I will leave then."

Immediately Liz responds, "No stupid. You're going to help me, just like I helped you."

"Uh... But... What am I going to do? You're my sister."

"I was also your sister 5 minutes ago when you exploded your load all over my body and my head. Stanley, we are in this now. I'd like for you to help me get my release."

Liz reaches down and pulls off her thong and throws it on the floor. She pulls her bra off and throws it on the floor as well. She spreads her legs and invites Stanley to join her. Stanley looks down at her incredible naked body. She has a handful of tits, a flat stomach, and a mostly bare pussy. Just a small landing strip lead his eyes to her wet, glistening pussy lips. Even though he is only a few minutes removed from a huge orgasm, his cock is rock hard again.

Stanley kneels down and kisses the insides of Liz's thighs and she emits a slight chirp. As he looks at Liz's perfectly shaped pussy two inches from his face, his mouth waters and his cock flexes. His nose senses a hint of almond butter and a little bit of strawberry. He sees a small dribble of wetness run down her clit hood. All thoughts of right and wrong quickly leave his mind. He works his way over to her pussy and starts sliding his tongue up and down focusing on the areas that Mazy taught him. Liz starts moaning and breathing heavy. She grabs her nipples and starts pinching them vigorously. Liz runs her hands through Stanley's hair and starts moving her hips to work her clit up against his tongue. Within minutes, she starts jerking as an orgasm finally rushes through her body. With each wave, a little bit of nectar seeps out of her hot box. Stanley willingly sucks it up swallows it down.

Now that Liz is satisfied, Stanley leans back on his knees and looks at her in her post orgasmic bliss. There is a moment where they exchange 'uht oh' looks followed by loving ones. Then Liz looks down and sees that Stanley still has a raging hard on. She says, "That was really nice Stanley. I have never had anyone lick my pussy so well before. But it looks like you are in need again. Let me return the favor."

Stanley hesitates until Liz wags her finger at him to come join her. He crawls up to her torso and she pulls him into her waiting mouth. She tries hard to get her mouth around his massive tool but cannot go very deep so she uses her hands to stroke the rest. After several minutes of sucking and stroking Stanley's cock, he pulls back to give her a break. She suggests that Stanley slide his manhood between her tits. When he does, Liz wraps her tits around his cock and squeezes them together with her hands to add pressure. Every dozen strokes, he thrusts forward so she can lick up and down the sides to add lubrication.

During one of the return trips to her mouth for lubrication, Liz takes control again and puts Stanley back into her mouth. Stanley pushes his cock deep into her mouth hitting the back of her throat. In and out he goes until he finally tells Liz he is close to cumming and asks her where he should put it.

She pulls his manhood out of her mouth and answers, "All over my body please."

Just as Stanley is ready to cum, he stands up on the bed with Liz below him and starts stroking rapidly. Liz readies herself just as Stanley's explosion starts. The first stream fires over Liz's head with the trail landing on her face. Stanley adjusts and the second shot hits her forehead and splatters up into her hair. The next several streams hit Liz in her face as he aims for her open mouth. As the streams become less full, Stanley starts painting down her chest and breasts and eventually down to her flat stomach. The last 10 seconds is a solid dribble that covers her landing strip and pussy.

Stanley comes back down to his knees at the end of the bed. He opens his mouth to speak and Liz puts her finger up towards Stanley indicating he should be quiet and wait.

There is a lengthy period of silence, while Liz carefully gathers up cum from her face and body and brings it to her mouth. Stanley watches her as she uses her tongue to lick her fingers. She licks her lips as if she is enjoying it. Every so often, an audible 'mmm' can be heard coming from her.

Finally Liz speaks up, "Stanley, please listen. I have a few things to say. First, I am very happy you shared your secret with me. We are best friends and should not keep secrets this big from each other. Second, what happened today is our secret. You and me. Nobody else. Not even dad. Lastly, I don't want you to feel bad or have any regrets whatsoever. I am not helpless. I was a willing partner in this. If anything, I instigated it. You needed help and I wanted to help you. It will probably never happen again, but I want you to know that I am here to support you with whatever you need."

Then she gets up, grabs her clothes and heads for the bathroom. Stanley sits there in complete shock. He does not have a response as he watches her walk away. He sits there for a while in contemplation. He shakes his head in absolute disbelief that he just covered both sides of his sister's body and her entire head and face with cum. Even more shocking is that they both enjoyed it.

Stanley is both confused at what just happened and relieved that he was able to finally get a release. His balls don't ache anymore, for the moment. Stanley smiles as he thinks about how close he and his sister are. She really is his best friend. He is glad he can count on her to help him with these new dramatic changes in his life. Stanley then focuses on how he needs to get better at planning things in advance, so that he is never in this position again.

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