tagNovels and NovellasHyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 13

Hyperspermia Pt. 01 Ch. 13


This is module one, chapter thirteen. This is going to be a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 3 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Module one, our main character is a senior in high school. He learns of his condition and figures out how to manage the changes in life that come with it. In chapter twelve, Stanley leaves home for a few days for football playoffs. He finds that he had more than Debbie to support him. This is the continuation of the story.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, swinging, and/or cum sharing, etc. Some of them have exposure to incest or relations with step family members, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


Football season is over. It has been over for a couple months now. Stanley became quite popular at school after leading his team to the state championship. It was largely as a result of Stanley's great play.

Since then, Stanley has fallen into a rhythm. He has been doing a good job of balancing school and family responsibilities with the time commitment associated with dealing with his condition. His condition requires him to have an orgasm at least once a day, usually twice, or he experiences pain in his balls. He uses the calendar on his phone to manage appointments with girls from each of the three groups.

Group one is the most recent one and completely made up of girls from his school. So far, they are all cheerleaders. Debbie, the head cheerleader, and the girl who was his queen at homecoming, is his priority in this group. She has a super tight body and loves his cum.

Group two was also an unplanned group. It is made up of girls that are all friends of his older sister. Kerry, the girl who he had his first explosion with, gets his priority. It also helps that she usually brings her best friend Betty. They both love his cock and his cum.

His biggest challenge has been to not neglect his original group; which was given to him by his dad. His dad and wife are swingers and introduced him to their network. Most importantly, he is connected with his stepsisters Brook and Nicky. Brook helped him learn how to handle his condition and her younger sister is a sexual beast.

Even though Stanley is very thankful to have multiple outlets for his needs. Attending to these three groups have been wearing him out. He has to prioritize some regulars and do spot duty on some others to keep them engaged. One thing he does not want is to add any new girls to the fold.

That is why it is odd that Stanley allowed himself to get talked into participating in a charity auction where the winning bid gets a date with Stanley. One of their classmates was in a bad car crash and the auction is to help her with medical bills. Stanley assumes that one of the cheerleaders he is 'with' will 'buy' him.

The day of the auction arrives and Stanley goes out of his way to talk to the cheerleaders and make sure they are going to bid on him. They all assure him that they will make an effort. When the event arrives, and it is Stanley's turn to take the stage the announcer tells the crowd that the grand prize is now coming to the stage. Parents line up with their kids to get involved in the bidding.

Bidding starts at $100. The cheerleaders go back and forth with a couple other girls. The bidding escalates all the way up to $1500. The announcer says, "going once, going twice". Then a bid from the back, "$2000"! Everybody turns to look at the new highest bidder. Stanley sees a tall girl wearing a long skirt, boots, and a baggy sweater. Stanley remembers her from class. She is really smart, but very quiet. She wins the bid. The cheerleaders look at Stanley and shrug.

Stanley introduces himself after the auction is over. She tells him her name is Trina and tells Stanley that she knows exactly who he is and has been trying to build up the courage to talk to him. They decide to do their date on Friday and that he will pick her up.

Stanley arrives at Trina's house on Friday evening and her mom answers the door. She welcomes him into the house and lets Stanley know that Trina is still getting ready.

Her mom says, "Trina is so excited to go out with you."

Stanley responds, "That's good. I am looking forward to it as well."

"I want to tell you something that may help with your date."

"Uh. Okay"

"Trina is a little shy. But she is a wonderful girl with a great big personality. Once she feels comfortable with you, she will open up."

"No problem. I'm sure we will be fine."

Just then Trina comes down the stairs. She is wearing a much shorter skirt showing off some nice legs. She has a much tighter sweater on showing that she has much bigger tits then Stanley realized. Her hair is pulled up and she has a little makeup on.

Stanley greets her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "You look really nice Trina."

Trina responds, "Thank you. You're looking fabulous like you usually do."

Stanley smiles, "Are you ready to go?"

"I am."

They say good-bye to her mom. As they head for the door, her mom tells them, "Stanley, be nice to my daughter and you can go without a curfew."


"I'm just saying, that if things are working out, you can stay out. Be safe. Love you."

Her mom heads to the kitchen and they leave on their date.

"I'm sorry if my mom said some things. She always embarrasses me."

"Don't worry about it."

They have a very good date. Stanley is happy to talk about something else besides school and football. Towards the end of their date, they decide to walk in the park along side the downtown restaurant strip.

Stanley asks, "So why did you bid on me at all, let alone fork out $2000?"

Trina replies, "Well, the $2000 isn't really anything. My dad divorced my mom a year ago and we got a big settlement. So my mom has been taking care of me and my sister very well. But to answer your question, I like you. I have always liked you. I have liked you since we were freshmen."

"If you knew me when we were freshman, how come you have never talked to me?"

"You have always been popular, the jock, surrounded by popular girls. I can't compete with that."

"Trina, I think you're intelligent and very pretty. You have a flawless face. You have a really hot body. Why have you always hid it behind conservative clothes?"

"It is a lack of confidence."

"Well, I think you're hot. I'd definitely do you."

"You would? Can I make a request then?"

Stanley is shocked. He replies, "Uh sure."

Without hesitation Trina responds, "Will you fuck me? Can we go make a memorable experience?"

Stanley is completely floored by Trina being so forward. He doesn't know how to respond. Trina senses Stanley's discomfort and tries to help him out, "Listen. It's okay. I didn't really think a popular jock like yourself was going to hook up with a plain Jane like myself."

Stanley recovers, "That's not it at all. I told you I think you're hot and somebody I would be interested in hooking up with. The only difference between you and a popular girl is putting yourself out a little. It is something else"

Trina stops walking and looks Stanley dead in the eye, "Then what is it Stanley?"

Stanley fumbles a little, "I, uh, never mind. I don't think we should talk about it."

Trina replies, "You're going to hurt my feelings. I thought you were comfortable with me?"

Stanley stammers some more, "I am. It is just a sensitive and private subject."

Trina smiles and says, "You're not a virgin are you?"

Stanley laughs, "No. No. No. Quite the opposite actually."

Trina replies, "So you have AIDS or something from all the sex you've had?"

Stanley stamps his foot a little and says, "No. No diseases. Okay. Listen. I have an extraordinarily large volume of cum when I orgasm. I don't ever want to surprise a girl with that."

Trina laughs hard, "Well, thank you for the warning. So much for hopping in the alley over there."

Stanley goes quiet. Trina speaks up again, "Stanley. I am interested in you. I want to have a wonderful nights experience with you. Your huge cum thing does not deter me. In fact, it will make it more memorable."

Stanley is quiet while he considers it. He does not need another girl. He is having a hard enough time keeping up with those he has. In fact, he has an appointment later tonight already. But maybe this is a one-time thing. An 18-year old turning down pussy. That never happens.


"Oh. Yes. I was considering your request."

"Can I make another then while you are thinking it over?"


Trina reaches behind Stanley's neck and pulls him down. She kisses him. He returns the kiss. Then she slips her tongue in his mouth. He accepts it and they dance tongues for a minute. The kiss turns more passionate and their bodies come together. Trina reaches her other hand around Stanley's waste and pulls him close. Stanley starts rubbing her back and eventually makes it down to her ass. Then he breaks the kiss and pulls away.

"Stanley, are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just became ultra-aware that we are in public. That's all."

"You're not afraid to be seen kissing me in public are you?"

"I'm not afraid to be seen kissing you. I am afraid to be seen undressing you; which is what I was about to start doing if we continued kissing."

"You told me that I need to put myself out there right? Well, let's go somewhere where we can continue this. I want to go somewhere and make each other cum and cum again."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes I am. Remember, my mom said no curfew if you things are going well. Are they going well?"

Stanley laughs, "Well. If you are serious, I know just the place."

They get into Stanley's car and head to his dad's house. He knows that his family is out of town this weekend. On the way to the house, Stanley learns more about Trina.

Stanley asks, "So, I hate to be so forward, but what is your experience with guys?"

Trina laughs, "It's okay. I have had my share of being forward."

Trina continues, "I have been with a few guys and I did a lot in those experiences. But they were mostly clunky. I think I wanted more than they could give. I will say it has been several months since I was last with someone. I am looking for an experience with a man. I want someone who can keep up with me."

"Keep up with you?"

"Well, yes. I have a an adventurous sexual personality and I am very horny once I get going."

"And you said that you have not been with a guy for several months?"

"That is true. Let's just say I have a collection of dildos and vibrators that have held me over."

Stanley laughs as they pull up to his dad's house. He lets them in and they head upstairs to his room. Stanley turns to Trina and tells her, "It seems as if we are meant to be completely honest and blunt with each other. So, before we get started, I have to tell you one more time. When it is time for me to cum, it's going to be huge."

"Yeah. I got it. You said that before."

"When it is time, where do you want it?"

Trina responds sarcastically, "Well. If it's going to be huge, than everywhere is the only answer right?"

"Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Stanley reaches over and pulls Trina into his arms. He leans down and kisses her passionately. They spend the next several minutes kissing and undressing. As Stanley stands in just his shorts and Trina in her matching thong and a bra, he pulls her over to the chair, sits down and pulls her down with him. She straddles his waist, with a leg on each side and leans down to continue kissing him.

Stanley reaches around and firmly grabs her ass as she starts to grind his erection through his shorts. When the kiss breaks to get some air, Stanley takes advantage of he opportunity, "You have a sexy ass." She responds with, "I'm glad you like it. I hope to have it in the air while you fuck me later." Then Trina leans back in for more kissing.

Stanley releases Trina's ass and reaches up to unsnap her bra. One quick twitch of the fingers and her bra is loose. Trina breaks the kiss again and leans back and lets her bra fall free. Stanley smiles and tells her, "Where have you been hiding these gorgeous tits?" Trina's tits are size D with small pink areolas, and long pointy nipples. Stanley pulls her into him and fastens a mouth on one of her nipples. Trina leans her head back and moans.

Trina gasps and exclaims, "It's been so long. Yes Stanley. Suck my tits."

Stanley moves from one nipple to the other and back again, making sure that neither feels neglected. Trina continues to grind her pelvis on Stanley's erection until she feels it is time to move forward.

Trina reaches down and tugs at Stanley's shorts, "Let's get you out of these so I can pleasure your manhood." Stanley lifts his hips and Trina pulls his shorts down. She throws his shorts to the side and gets on her knees in between Stanley's legs. She reaches out and grips Stanley's cock. She moans in delight and says, "Now this is a man's cock. I have never seen one so big. I can't wait to feel this."

Trina puts her mouth on his cock and starts bobbing. She sucks hard, but slow. Stanley can't believe that this shy girl is now sucking his cock. She strokes his manhood with one hand while matching the motion with her mouth. She continues to go deeper and deeper sending sensations up and down Stanley's body.

Stanley feels that familiar stir coming up, so he pushes Trina away, breaking her hold on his cock.

"What? Was I doing a bad job?"

"Quite the contrary. You were bringing me to orgasm. And we can't have that just yet."

"Why? I would love to have your cum in my mouth. I was looking forward to tasting it and I would have swallowed it."

"I'm sure you would have tried. I'll get some in your mouth soon. I have something else for you first."

Stanley leads her over to the bed and lays her down on her back. He reaches forward and slides his fingers into the sides of her thong and pulls down. She lifts her hips slightly to make the effort easier. Stanley throws her panties on the floor and looks at his naked partner. Her beautiful face is smiling back at him and her firm tits with long stimulated nipples are pointing straight up.

Stanley crawls between her legs and kisses her mouth. Then he kisses her neck and works his way down to her tits. He grasps both tits and takes turns sucking each nipple. Then he kisses down her stomach. As he does this, he uses his hands to raise her legs in the air. Then he pulls back a little and looks at what might be the nicest pussy he has ever seen. It is completely hairless, as if it has been waxed. Not a single stray hair can be found. He pussy smells like flowers and has the smallest pink folds and a slightly protruding clit. She is dripping some juice as a result of their foreplay.

Stanley spreads her legs a little more and leans in and kisses the sensitive insides of her left thigh. Trina moans in anticipation. Stanley repeats this action on her right thigh. Trina moans again. Then he slides his middle finger inside her pussy slowly. Trina moans again. In and out a few times before he adds his index finger. This causes Trina to buck her hips a little. Then he kneels his face down and licks her clit. This causes Trina to jerk. He does it again while continuing to slide his fingers in and out of her wet box. Trina jerks again. Stanley fastens his mouth to her clit and uses his tongue to send her body jerking again. Within a minute she groans as an orgasm hits her. This sends a flood of pussy juice all over Stanley's tongue and his fingers. Stanley cleans her up nicely and then pulls away.

Trina frowns a little, as she wanted more. Her mood improves when she sees Stanley aim his hard cock at the entrance of her tiny pussy. He slides the head in and then pulls out. Then he slides a few more inches in and pulls all the way out. Her pussy is tight, but well lubricated. He pushes his cock halfway in this time. Trina moans loudly, "Yes Stanley. Give it to me."

Stanley pushes yet more in. He is now about 7 inches deep in her tiny pussy. She wraps her legs around Stanley and pulls him in deeper. Within a few more strokes, he is balls deep. He pushes in deep, his erection rubbing against her g-spot. She cums within seconds. He continues to grind. Her orgasm doesn't stop. Her pussy is very wet, but still clamping onto his shaft. He feels the stir happening again.

Stanley pulls out and stands up bringing her with him. He gently pushes her down on her knees and says, "You wanted to taste me. Well, here it comes."

Stanley winces as he jerks his cock furiously, "Get ready. It's going to be huge."

She opens her mouth and braces her hands on his thighs. He aims the first shot into her mouth. It hits the back of her throat, but instead of choking like the other girls usually do; she swallows quickly and opens her mouth again. Stanley aims the second shot into her mouth and like the first she swallows and opens again. This time, when she does a stream of cum falls out onto her tits. The third shot goes right into her mouth again. She tries to swallow, but takes too long. The next shot hits her closed mouth and splatters up her face and onto her tits.

Stanley aims the next shot directly onto her tits covering the right nipple completely. The next shot covers her left tit completely. By now, Trina has recovered and opens her mouth again. Stanley aims the next shot into her mouth. She closes and tries to swallow. Stanley's next shot hits her in the nose. This causes Trina to back up and lean against the edge of the bed.

Stanley's continues his barrage and the final several cumshots paint Trina's body from her chin all the way down to her legs. When the torrent is over, Stanley takes a few steps back and sits in his desk chair.

Still breathing hard, Stanley says, "I told you it was going to be huge."

Trina smiles and replies, "Yes you did. I love it. Can you give me a few minutes to enjoy this?"

Stanley shakes his head and Trina starts gathering up cum with her fingers and shuffling it to her mouth. She moans and swallows Stanley's cum over and over until there is very little left.

"I am going to use your bathroom to finish cleaning up. Don't go anywhere. I am not done with you."

Trina comes back into the room a few minutes later. She looks fresh and brand new. Stanley watches her hips sway and then looks into her eyes as she approaches.

Trina asks, "Do you like what you see?"

"I told you. You are beautiful and sexy. And it seems as if you are good in bed as well."

Trina smiles and then kneels on the floor between Stanley's legs. She picks up his limp dick and puts it in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth and the slight suction gets Stanley hard again quickly. Trina strokes his length with her hands a few more times before climbing on top.

As she slides down Stanley's pole, she leans in and whispers in Stanley's ear, "You make me feel so good. I am about cum a few more times all over your hard cock."

Trina rocks and bobs until she has completely engulfed Stanley's manhood inside her. Trina guides Stanley's hands around to her ass. He squeezes and pulls on her ass. She leans down to his ear again and whispers; "Stick a finger in my ass Stanley. I love anal play."

Stanley uses his fingers to rub her anal bud and then slides a finger up to the first knuckle in. Trina continues to ride and grind his cock. Stanley slides his finger in deeper and then matches the rhythm of Trina's hips. Trina starts rocking her ass back. She leans down again and whispers in Stanley's ear again, "That feels so good. Put another finger in Stanley."

Stanley takes her instruction and slowly works another finger in her ass. As soon as he gets both fingers up to the second knuckle, Trina cums real hard. She shakes and her pussy and ass contract around their invaders.

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