tagNovels and NovellasHyperspermia Pt. 02 Ch. 02

Hyperspermia Pt. 02 Ch. 02


Hyperspermia -- Module 2 Chapter 2: Stanley Begins His College Journey

This is module two, chapter two. This is a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 3 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

In module one, our main character, Stanley, was a senior in high school. He learned of his condition and figured out how to manage the changes in life that come with it. Module two covers the college years. In chapter one, Stanley reminisces about his summer and arrives at college. Chapter two is the continuation.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, swinging, and/or cum sharing, etc. A couple of them may have exposure to incest or relations with step family members, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


Stanley lies in bed and reflects on his first few weeks of college. Because of football commitments, he had to arrive at school a little earlier than most of the other students and classes have not quite started. His first night was insanely wild. A football meet and greet turned into an unexpected competition ran by his strength coach. It included a series of physical challenges followed by a couple of timed sexual ones.

Stanley's dominance in the physical challenges brought him many rewards. He instantly earned the respect of his teammates and put his name on the map as a freshman. His strength coach asked him to be a leader in the training sessions, unheard of for a freshman.

Stanley already had the competition in the bag and was quite thoughtful about whether to participate in the sexual competition. The advice of his dad lingered in his head about being confident, but not stupid. He chose to participate and dominated that portion of the competition as well. As you would expect, doing well in a sex competition also brought rewards. One, making the decision to participate and successfully perform sexual acts in front of a bunch of other people sent his confidence through the roof. Secondly, and more importantly, it garnered a slew of potential sexual partners to meet his need for a daily release.

Valerie, his partner in the sex games, turned out to be a great outlet for his sexual needs in the few weeks following. She has an apartment just off campus that she shares with a few roommates that have not arrived yet. So he has been going over there almost every day for some action. After he licks her sweet red-haired pussy, she is willing to do almost anything. So he does. He fucks her in every position and in every room of the house. She is extremely tight and even after so much sex; he still can't get his entire dick inside of her.

When it is time to finish, sometimes he fills her mouth up before finishing on her chest. Sometimes he shoots his load all over her belly and pussy. At least half the time, he finishes inside of her, filling her pussy to the brim. Bad news is that she told him a few days ago that her boyfriend just arrived, so their excursions will be few and far between and under no circumstances will there be any more creampies.

Stanley had a few other girls from that night reach out to him looking for a date. He gave each one a try. One was really nice, but got cold feet and backed out before it proceeded to sex. He may give her another try and play the long game. The second one sucked him really good and he blew his huge load in her mouth and on her face and clothes. Even though she knew what to expect, she was a little appalled when it happened. She has not called back for a second date yet.

The third one is promising. Stanley took her out on a nice date and she brought him back to her place for three rounds of sucking and fucking. At the conclusion of the first round, he shot his cum on her face and on her body and she laughed and asked for more. The next two rounds were longer and ended with Stanley filling her pussy and covering her body with hot jizz. They plan on seeing each other again soon.

Stanley did call the football team's admin, Carrie, like she asked him to. She has been a wonder; setting him up with all the administrative things he needed to do from email addresses to books to food menus. All of the things that a football player hates to do.

Carrie enjoyed her time with Stanley on his recruiting visit a few months ago, when she seduced him the dorm room. She has continued to pursue additional alone time with him to experience him further. She has access to all kinds of different places around campus like training rooms, offices, dorm rooms, etc. So they use them to their full potential. And she brings a couple towels each time just in case. After one of their latest sexual escapades, Carrie told him they are not supposed to still be fucking, so he needs to keep his mouth shut about their sexual trysts.

Now that classes are starting, Stanley is up early, getting his day started. His roommates are also up. All of them either have classes or a workout to get to. The conversation moves from the expectations of the first week to partying and frats.

Mike asks, "So are you guys going to join a fraternity?"

Devon shrugs, Stanley says, "I don't know. I don't know anything about them."

Deonte suggests, "I am interested. I have an idea. Why don't we go out Thursday night after all of our classes are over and scope them out? Then we can make a decision over the weekend."

The group agrees and disperses to their commitments. Thursday comes faster than expected. The four guys eat dinner at the athlete's cafeteria. They meet back at the dorm to pre-party. By 9 pm, the eager freshmen head out to fraternity row. The guys stick together and filter their way through several along the street. Some of them are flat. A few of them are busy with loud music and a lively crowd. Finally Deonte says, "Guys we need to head over to ATO. It is the fraternity of choice for athletes."

The other guys shake their head in agreement. They head to the end of the row to see the ATO house. When they arrive, the music is blaring and there are girls littered throughout the inside and outside the house. In fact, the ratio is very much in their favor. As they come in, they each stop by the keg and grab a cup. Then they start to mingle.

Stanley sees the football team's star wide receiver, Calvin, across the room surrounded by girls. He sees Stanley and nods his head. A few minutes later he comes over with a girl on each arm. He breaks loose and gives Stanley the hand slap handshake.

Calvin says, "What's up Stanley? I was hoping you'd make it over here soon. Are you going to join our fraternity next week?"

Stanley replies, "Not sure man. I am still working through whether I want to join a frat at all. You look like you have a fun house here."

"For sure. Most of the members are athletes. There are a ton of activities going on here, lots of socials, and of course, lots of ladies," Calvin remarks as he re-engages his two arm pieces.

"I see there are several ladies to choose from here."

Calvin laughs and says, "Ladies, meet Stanley. He is our new freshman quarterback. He has earned himself quite the reputation as an athlete and as a physical specimen. You see, he won the season kickoff competition. And apparently, he is a sex god with a huge dick and a legendary bust."

Stanley tries to bashfully play it off. Calvin continues, "Maybe you girls can try him out later. I need to go mingle Stanley. Have fun. Don't leave without seeing me first."

Calvin walks away taking his pretty girls with him. Stanley catches up with his roommates as they continue to walk around and meet people. A couple hours later, the party starts to die down. Mike and Devon already made their getaway with a couple girls. Deonte and Stanley are starting to head out when Calvin whistles from across the room. He comes over and asks Stanley and Deonte if they will join him in a back room.

Once they are situated in a back lounge area that looks out to the backyard, Calvin says, "Guys, I want to know if you are joining my fraternity. I am an officer here and I want both of you to pledge."

Deonte and Stanley look at each other and Stanley speaks first, "Listen Calvin, we appreciate your interest. We are still thinking through whether we want to join a fraternity at all. I mean we are still trying to get acclimated with college life and the responsibilities we have with football."

Calvin asks, "I wonder if you can be influenced?" He whistles loudly and the two girls from earlier walk into the room very sexily. Calvin continues, "My blonde beauty here is Summer. She is a member of the AKA sorority, whom we do a lot of socials with. The brunette stunner here is Kelly. You will see more of her, as she is one of our cheerleaders."

Stanley suddenly becomes aware that his balls are aching. He has not had a release since he met Carrie early this morning. The girls embrace in the middle of the room. They start dancing with each other very erotically and start touching each other playfully. Soon, they start kissing and really rubbing on each other. Summer is taller, but Kelly takes the lead as the aggressive one. Kelly pulls Summer's skirt up and starts gripping her bare ass as the passionate kissing continues.

Stanley, Deonte, and Calvin all take chairs facing the girls. The show continues as clothes start to come off. When Summer loses her shirt and bra, Kelly grasps her C cup tits and takes one to her mouth. As she sucks and licks the nipple, Summer leans back and moans.

The make out session continues with Kelly lying Summer down on the table. She pulls her skirt and thong off and throws them on the floor. Soon her legs are apart, and Kelly dives right in to her bald pussy. The angle gives Stanley a nice view of Kelly using her fingers to part Summer's tiny folds and slide her tongue up and down her wet slit. Summer moans as Kelly eats her sweet pussy. The three guys adjust themselves.

Kelly gives Summer a couple orgasms before she stands up to finish undressing. Stanley looks Kelly up and down seeing that she has a great tan and a well-built body. She has muscular legs and a visible six-pack. Stanley gazes as her B cup tits and then her bald pussy. She smiles at him before climbing onto the table and mounting Summer's face. She rotates her hips back and forth sliding her pussy up and down Summer's extended tongue.

Kelly squeezes her tits and pinches her nipples as she continues to ride her partners face. Suddenly, she stops rotating and allows Summer to focus on her clit. Within a minute, she shakes as an orgasm rips through her body. The boys unconsciously start rubbing themselves as they watch the show. The girls completely switch positions and end up in a 69. Stanley focuses on Kelly's very hot ass in the air.

After the girls give each other one more orgasm, Calvin stands up and clears his throat. Stanley and Deonte take his lead and stand as well. Each man sports a tent in their shorts. The girls come over and approach the guys. Summer chooses Stanley and Kelly chooses Deonte. They lean in and kiss each of the guys. Stanley suddenly breaks the kiss and asks, "Hey man. Isn't this your girl? I don't want to walk on your ground here."

Calvin laughs, "They are two of several. We are not exclusive. I am willing to share them with a couple of future frat brothers. Plus, I want to see if the rumors are true about you Stanley. I think they have been grossly exaggerated."

Stanley pauses and looks down at an insanely pretty Summer. He recognizes that his balls are aching something fierce and the erection in his shorts is very painful. He knows he has no plan for a release later tonight so, he decides to go for it. He looks at Deonte and exclaims, "Let's do this then."

Stanley barely gets the words out of his mouth before Kelly is on her knees undoing Deonte's shorts and releasing his erect manhood. She slides her mouth all the way down his dark meat immediately causing him to groan. Summer gets on her knees and undoes Stanley's shorts. She gasps when she pulls them down releasing Stanley's fully erect 10-inch monster. She hesitates and then wraps her hand around it and begins to stroke it. Kelly pulls off of Deonte long enough to look at Stanley's tool and she also gasps. Kelly says, "I am going to have to get me some of that thing before we are done."

Deonte responds, "Focus on the one you have first."

Kelly goes back to blowing Deonte and Summer leans in an tentatively takes some of Stanley in her mouth. Calvin sits back in the chair to watch the show. Slurping sounds and moaning can be heard throughout the room.

Deonte moves Kelly over to the table and bends her over. He positions his meat at the entrance of her wet box and slowly slides it in. Kelly moans as Deonte uses several hard thrusts to get his 8 inches deep inside of her. Soon after Stanley leads Summer over to the other half of the coffee table and lays her down on her back. He leans down on top of her and kisses her passionately; his tongue darting in and out of her mouth. He breaks the kiss and moves down her neck and then to her nipples. He sucks and pinches each of them before moving down her tummy to her bare privates.

Stanley kisses the inside of each thigh and then licks the entire path of her wetness stopping on her clit for a few quick flicks. Summer groans as shots of adrenaline surge through her body. Stanley repeats this several times before inserting a finger deep into her tightness. As the third knuckle gets wet, Summer jerks a little. Stanley starts finger fucking her gently as he continues to put work in on her clit. Soon he adds a second finger much to her delight.

Deonte tells Kelly he is about to bust. He pulls out and she spins around and drops to her knees. She puts her mouth over his unit just as the first blast fires out. Several shots fill her mouth and go down her throat. She cleans him up and expresses her thanks for a nice fuck and tasty load.

Stanley adds a third finger and increases the pace. Summer moans, and then holds her breath. Stanley pulls her clit into his mouth and then flicks it hard with his tongue. This sends Summer over the edge and she fills his mouth with nectar. He happily swallows it down.

Now finished, Deonte sits in a vacant chair. Kelly moves over to Calvin and pulls his shorts off releasing his 8-inch unit. She slides her mouth all the way down deepthroating him completely. He leans his head back and moans in appreciation.

Stanley pulls Summer over to the chair. He sits down and pulls her down on top of him. He kisses her passionately as she works to line herself up to accept his oversized manhood. He moves his hands to her ass and gently pulls her apart hoping to ease his entrance. They both moan as she lines the head of his cock up and lowers herself down. She slowly starts to move up and down focusing on trying to relax. It is obviously the biggest cock she has ever had.

Stanley glances over to the other guys. He sees that Kelly is being split roasted. Calvin has moved Kelly over the table and is roughly thrusting himself in and out of her. Deonte has recovered and is getting a sloppy blowjob. Slurps and moans continue to fill the room.

Stanley pulls Summer off of him and moves her over to the table and lies her on her back with her legs high in the air. He slides himself back into her hot box slowly. As soon as he is halfway in, he starts massaging her clit making her moan louder. Within a few minutes she groans as an orgasm comes over her. Her pussy grips Stanley almost sending him over the top. He stops thrusting to hold off the urge. He feels her contractions gripping him. When Summer comes down from her high, he pushes himself in deeper. A not so quiet 'so deep' escapes Summer's lips.

Stanley looks next to him to see that Kelly has been switched around. She is blowing Calvin with intent as Deonte is pummeling her pussy from behind. Kelly quietly pushes through a couple orgasms and finally brings Calvin to the brink. She pulls her mouth off of him and strokes him hard. Just he is about to bust, she puts her mouth over the head of his firing hose and sucks his cum into her mouth. She swishes it around for a second and then swallows quickly. She pulls off of him just in time for Deonte to pull out and come around to her face. She slides her mouth down over his meat just as he sends his second load down her throat to join his teammates.

As Kelly recovers from her meal, the guys stand off to the side. Stanley works his way through another orgasm from Summer. She looks up to Stanley and tells him she needs a break. Kelly takes advantage of the opportunity and slides into Summer's place. Stanley takes hold of Kelly's legs as she aims his unit at her dripping wet pussy. She says, "I can't wait to feel this big dick inside me."

Stanley pushes hard and slides 8 inches deep inside her box. After only a few strokes, she shakes in an orgasm. It almost sends Stanley over the top. He tells her he can't last much longer. She asks him to fuck her for a few more minutes so she can get off again. Summer recovers quickly and comes over and starts sucking on Kelly's nipples. It is not much longer before Kelly jerks as another orgasm flows through her body. Stanley completely pulls out to avoid popping. He slowly strokes his glistening meat as the girls recover. He confidently asks, "Where do you want it?"

That gets the girls and the guys attention. The guys stand next to Stanley. Both girls get on their knees in front of Stanley. Kelly takes his cock in her mouth and deepthroats most of him. She is able to take 8 of his 10 inches down her throat before she pulls off. Kelly pulls away and Summer starts jerking Stanley. The girls enjoy taking turns sucking and jerking him before he finally tells them it is time. He tells them to pull back. When they do, he jerks his shaft and the first shot fires out. It hits Summer in her nose and splatters her face. She falls back in surprise.

Kelly puts her mouth over his unit just in time for the second shot to hit the back of her throat. She chokes and pulls away. The next shot hits the side of Kelly's face. She looks up at Stanley trying ready herself for the next one. Stanley aims at her open mouth, but hits her in the nose splattering across her cheeks and chin.

Stanley aims his shaft back at Summer. The next two shots land on her tits covering them completely. Kelly recovers and puts her mouth back over Stanley. He sends a shot down her throat. The next shot fills her mouth and she pulls away with bulging cheeks. The next shot covers Kelly's tits. Summer opens her mouth and Stanley fires a shot inside it. She swallows it down. Stanley hits her chest with another shot.

Kelly opens her mouth and Stanley aims for it. Most of it lands inside, and what doesn't coats her chin again. Stanley aims at Summer's open mouth and lands another one on her face. Kelly covers his manhood again and swallows down the next couple shots before she pulls away again. Stanley steps forward and lets the final weaker dribbles drain out onto Kelly's tits.

Calvin yells, "Holy shit!"

Deonte says, "I told you man. I told you."

Calvin says, "I never would have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. A legend is fucking born. Your reputation does not do you justice."

Stanley grimaces, "I have a reputation?"

Calvin laughs, "Well, among the football team and select people that were involved in the kickoff. But I don't think this can stay undercover much longer."

Stanley groans. The girls work on cleaning each other up the best they can before they stand and head to the bathroom. As they go by, Kelly tells Stanley, "Don't leave yet. I'll be right back."

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