Hypno Coin


His mother stood in all her glory wearing a novelty nurse's outfit. It was not a fancy dress type one, but more like something from an upmarket sex shop. It was a 50s nurse type jacket, all white with a little red trim. It hugged her waist tightly and flared out around the very tops of her hips encouraging her wonderful hourglass figure. The low 'V' made by the lapels showed ample cleavage as well. She even wore the little white cap with the red cross in the middle, which all sat among her hair. She wore white stockings to go with it. They looked smooth and silky, stretched up her thigh by suspenders which disappeared up under the jacket. And tom had noticed the best part last. He saw just peaking from the bottom of the jacket was a dark mound of hair. His mother had seen fit to wear no underwear. It looked so inviting. It was bushy but very well trimmed like a rounded triangle. It looked soft as though running his fingers through it would not feel the least bit course.

Tom pushed his hips forward and parted his knees a little, his cock raging into the air.

"You look fantastic, mom." He complimented her, "Where did you get that?"

"It's an old Halloween costume." She replied.

"You went out like that?" He persisted.

"When I was younger, and there used to be a skirt with it."

"I bet you were a real hussy." Tom teased. His mother did not say anything. She just stood awaiting her next instruction. Tom looked her up and down. He could have pushed her down and ravaged her right there, she looked so hot. But no. He would make this last a little longer.

"Dance for me, mom." Tom asked. His mother began gyrating her hips and moving her arms. Tom laughed at her, she was so uncoordinated.

"No mom." He said, "Come and stand in front of me." She did, just a couple of feet away.

"I want you to dance sexily." He told her, "I want you to dance like you're trying to seduce me, like you're putting on a show."

"Ok dear!" she said in that strange cheery voice. It was quite out of place for the situation. Never the less, she began moving again. She swayed her hips slowly and sensually. She stood with parted, bent knees. Slowly, she began running her hands down her body. Tom could see her slender shape as her palms caressed herself. She turned away from him, snaking her back and pushing her ass out. Her butt peeked out from under the bottom of the jacket, so round and ripe. Her hand came down to squeeze her own ass. Throwing a look over towards her son, she tried to gauge his approval. Tom had not even noticed her face. He was at the breaking point of being turned on. His cock swelled tightly in his boxers, throbbing and twitching. He rubbed it gently through the cotton.

"Mom, I'm taking off my underwear, but it's totally normal, ok?" He educated her, "And if I touch myself, that's not out of the ordinary either." His mother nodded, assuring him she could not freak out. She turned back to face him, pulling one of her suspender straps as she did and letting it snap back against her skin.

Tom stood up briefly and removed his boxer shorts. Now completely naked, he relaxed back into the deep sofa. His legs were parted a little allowing his full erection to stand mightily in the air. His mom came closer, standing between his knees. He looked up at her face as she bent over him, letting him feel her breathe on his face. Tom could see deep into her cleavage. This was driving him nuts. She began kissing sensually down his neck. As her body lowered Tom felt the end of his dick rub against her stomach. Her soft lips made his skin tingle.

Tom put his hand around the base of his cock. His mother kissed lower, over his chest. He moved his hand up his shaft slowly, pre-cum leaking from the top. She stood up and watched him for a second. She smiled. Turning around she then wiggled her ass. Tom used his free hand to reach out and grab it, but she took a step forward just before he could. Looking over her shoulder again she began unfastening her buttons. Tom watched her elbows move from the top and slowly work their way down the jacket. Suddenly it became very slack, and a second later she pushed it off of her shoulders. It crumpled at her feet.

Refusing to turn around just yet, his mother wiggled her ass some more, bending her knees going up and down. Tom's hand was working up and down his cock steadily now as he stared at his mother's bare back and ass. Just the garter belt and suspenders remained clung to her body. It actually turned tom on more to see her wearing something so overtly sexual rather than nothing at all.

She bent over, pushing her ass further towards him. Tom noticed the dark patch of hair come into view between her thighs. She managed to bend rather far over. She cupped her plentiful bust with both hands and kept eyes on her son, rolling her ass and hips around on his lap. Tom knew he could not take this intensity much longer.

"Come here, mom." He ordered, short of breath. His mother quickly stood and turned around to face him. She uncapped her breasts allowing them to hang free. Her nipples were erect. Tom kept masturbating as he took her hand with his and pulled her closer, standing as far as she could between his legs. Tom then placed his hand on the top of her arm and tugged gently. She understood what he wanted. Watching his hand working quickly on his rigid penis, she climbed down onto her knees, sitting in front of him. Tom's actions grew quicker and more intense. He placed his hand on the back of her head, grabbing her hair. His mother was awaiting further instruction, so sat static. Her son pulled her face close to the tip of his dick. He kept jerking. She stayed still and obedient. He pulled on her hair harder. With each jerk his dick wiped pre-cum over her lips. His loyal mother waited.

Suddenly Tom groaned. His dick shuddered. The pleasurable feeling ripped through his body. His eyes shut tight, his grasp on his mother unrelenting. His cum struck her face in streams, white globs stretching from her forehead down to her chin. The viscous liquid painted her face in bursts. His mother sat there unresponsive, simply waiting to be told what to do, meanwhile receiving thick jets of her son's semen. Her son had informed her that this was normal, nothing to freak out about, so she did not.

After Tom had milked every drop from his cock he let go of his mother's hair. She sat back on her feet. Tom admired his good work, smiling as his spunk dripped from his mother's face and between her tits. He stretched, regaining energy in his muscles, relaxing deep into the sofa.

Suddenly he heard the timer buzzer of the oven go off. His mother must have set it when she put the cookies inside. His eyes widened. He looked up at the clock. Over twenty minutes had passed. He looked down at his mother. She began raising her arm towards her face. She ran one finger over her forehead and brought it down to her eye line.

"What is this?" She slurred, coming back to her senses. Tom jumped to the edge of the sofa, grabbing the coin in an action hero-like manoeuvre.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked, looking down at her naked self.

"Mom!" Tom grabbed her attention, shining the coin into her eyes, "This is all totally normal. There is nothing weird with you dancing for your son, or seeing him jerk off, or getting his jizz over you." She was in her sedate state within seconds. However, this presented Tom with a problem. At some point she would become un-hypnotised and remember everything that had happened without the benefit of thinking it was all usual and routine. He could not keep her under his control forever.

"Mom," he said shining the coin at her again, just to make sure this worked, "You're going to forget everything that happened. You're going to go upstairs and shower and clean yourself up. You're going to change back into your regular clothes and come downstairs. By the time you've done that you're going to have forgotten everything that just happened, forever." Tom swallowed, "Do you understand?"

"Of course dear!" she complied, again in that strange cheery voice, a blob of cum swinging from her cheek as she spoke.

"Ok, now go." Tom ordered. Like a trained soldier she disappeared through the door and headed upstairs. Tom quickly put the coin in his pocket, opened the curtains to the French window, and gathered his and her clothes. He threw hers in the wash and put his back on. He quickly looked around to make sure everything was as it would look normally. His mother would throw a fit if she found spunk on the carpet under her normal mental schema. Tom sat down happy this would work. He watched some TV, trying to relax.

After some time he heard his mother walking down the stairs. He heard her open the kitchen door, and then the click of the kettle. Tom was pleased. She usually had a cup of coffee this time of the day, so this was a good sign. A minute passed and she entered the living room. Tom felt slight nerves upon knowing his mother was not under his control. He could not look at her. His eye stayed fixed on the TV. He felt he grow close. She sat next to him on the sofa. Tom's heart raced.

"Hello dear." She spoke, sipping her coffee. Tom sat frozen.

"I said Hello." She repeated sarcastically. Tom dug his nails into his skin.

"Hi Mom." He could still not look at her. She sipped her coffee again.

"What have you been up to today?" she persisted.

"Oh, um, not much." Tom stuttered. His mother leaned in closer to him.

"I know exactly what you've been doing."

"You do?" Tom felt a bucket a cold fear rush over him.

"Yes, I can see it." She said in her serious voice.

"You can?" Tom was mortified, frozen in terror.

"Yes." She said. There was a long silence. It was the most uncomfortable tom had ever felt. He wanted the house to explode or a plane to crash into the room through the French windows. His mother finally spoke.

"If you're going to bake cookies can you at least clear up after yourself? It's a fucking mess out there."

Tom breathed a long breath.


Please leave feedback if you have any comments. This story is absurd and farcical akin to all my works.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/18/17

Pretty good story

One problem I noticed, son went from "Tom" to "Scott" at one point on page 1

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by ROCKY7009/03/17

Why not !!!!!!

Finish this story with a great ending. thanks

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by Anonymous09/02/17

Part 2?

I really wish their was more to this story, it's a good read. Hope the next one is just as good if not better and a few couple pages long. The things I would do would be omg. Yummy

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