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Hypno Slaves


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Jack was spending the afternoon with Amy, his girlfriend of 3 years, and Stacy, his friend's wife who was in town visiting and was over for lunch. Things were great with Amy, but Jack always had a secret desire for Stacy's perfectly shaped round ass. And on that particular day, she was wearing a reasonably conservative skirt that had the misfortune of sticking to her buttocks everytime she sat down and got up and formed the perfect outline of two perfect butt cheeks. He had always been able to control his urges enough to keep himself from hypnotizing Stacy since she was his buddy's wife, but she had chosen a particularly bad time to visit. Stacy called up Amy on her cell phone while she was still sleeping and Jack had his face buried deep inside Amy's ass. She was in the neighborhood and asked if it would be okay for her to drop by in 15 minutes time. Amy loved Stacy's company and couldn't refuse. But the morning's chores had to be done before she came over so Jack had to wait.

They were sitting in the living room with a conversation about unfair politics in the workplace. Jack contributed to the conversation the best he could while the bulge in his pants kept making his mind wander elsewhere. Amy got up to get some chips leaving Jack and Stacy alone for a couple of minutes. It took him a whole ten seconds to come up with the plan.

"Stacy, can I ask you something?"


As she turned towards him, he looked penetratingly into her eyes. The expression on her face changed slightly and she flinched at his gaze.

"Do you ever get a sleepy feeling sometimes?"

She was sitting a couple of feet away from him. His hypnotic stare started working instantly and she felt a warm comfortable sensation creeping up from her toes to her forehead.

"Yes ... I ... sometimes do ... I think ... "

He pushed his will into her thoughts through her eyes. She found herself succumbing to the pleasing sensation and giving up all conscious control of her body.

"You belong to me now. Everytime I smack you across the face, you will go into trance and remain in this trance until I snap my fingers and say "It's time to wake up". You will not remember anything that happens while you're in the trance nor will you remember this part of me putting you into the trance."

"Yes ... I will do ... as you say"

Jack snapped his fingers and said "It's time to wake up" and she snapped out of the trance as if nothing happened.

"Sure, what do you want to know?" she asked unaware that anything happened.

"How're things at work these days? I know you've been quite busy", he asked as Amy returned with the chips.

"Not bad, things are getting a little heated up, but I think it's gonna be a great year. We've just rolled a new product off the shelf and our clients just love it."

Jack had put a post-hypnotic spell on Amy a long time ago and he felt it was time to get them both down simultaneously.

He got up pretending to go to the bathroom. As he walked between them, he quickly stretched out his hands on both sides and smacked each of them on the cheek. He turned around to check. Both of them were staring expressionless straight ahead. Jack knew he was going to have a great time.

"Both of you follow me"

He walked to the bedroom and seated himself on the edge. He gestured Stacy to approach him and bring her face close to his. She bent over and supported herself with her hands on Jack's shoulders and her luscious lips an inch away from his.

He kissed her lips gently at first and then devoured them. While kissing, he reached out to her firm round breasts and started fondling them through her dress. She remained like a statue allowing him to do whatever he willed without flinching or even changing her expression. He rubbed his finger tips over her nipples and could feel them getting hard through the brassiere. Still no expression.

Then he asked her to turn around and slowly pull her skirt up over her waist take it off. It was like a curtain going up for a show that you've been long waiting to watch. He saw her round, well endowed, luscious ass come into view and grabbed the cheeks even before she had taken her skirt off completely. He grabbed her panty and slid it down her smooth legs in one quick motion.

"Bend over bitch"

She bent over completely naked and her ass cheeks separated slightly to provide him a narrow view of her pink asshole. He grabbed her cheeks, spread them wider and stuck his tongue deep into her. He just loved the feeling that he could do whatever he wanted and she wouldn't object. To add to his excitement, Amy was standing right next to Stacy, eyes staring straight and completely oblivious to what was happening next to her.

He pulled himself out of Stacy's ass, stood up and ordered Amy to take his place. He then said to her "Amy, I want you to lick Stacy's asshole and go as deep as you can. Don't stop until I tell you to." Amy promptly started licking. To see how well she'd do it, he asked Stacy to stand straight and take a couple of steps forward. Amy followed Stacy, got on her knees and continued licking Stacy's ass. Good.

Jack stood in front of Stacy. "Stacy, you will proceed to undress me and after that you will proceed to kiss me passionately".

Stacy started taking his clothes off. As she slid his jeans off and then his underwear, Jack sighed as his erect cock swung in the air and rested on Stacy's head. She then removed his shirt and locked her lips on his and stuck her tongue in deep. All the while, Amy was still busy inside Stacy's ass.

After a few minutes, Jack decided he had to fuck Stacy. He asked Amy to stop, take off her clothes and lie down on the bed on her back with her head right at the foot of the bed. He told Stacy to go into 69 with Amy and ordered both of them to start licking and enjoy it as well.

Amy and Stacy moaned with pleasure as they licked each other's pussies and started moving their hips. Jack moved behind Stacy with Amy's head between his legs. He pushed his dick onto her tongue and ordered her to suck it. After she'd wet it a bit he slid his 10-inches into Stacy's pussy and started pumping. The fact that Stacy didn't even acknowledge him deep inside her and that Amy was licking his dick and Stacy's pussy at the same time excited him unbelievably. He found himself ready to come very soon. He pulled himself out of Stacy and ordered both of them to get on their knees as quickly as they could and told them to suck him dry. 10 seconds after they started licking, sicking and stroking his dick, he exploded all over their faces and mouths. He then ordered them to suck his dick clean and also lick each other clean.

It was then time for him to get them out of trance. He ordered them both into the bathroom and told them to wash up and also use the mouthwash. He put his clothes on and ordered them to dress up as well. 45 minutes had gone by since they were put in trance. He ordered them both back to the living room and made them sit on the chairs as they were. Walking into the kitchen, he said in a loud voice "It's time to wake up!"

He poured himself a glass of water and casually walked into the living room only to find Amy and Stacy discussing about unfair practices at the workplace.

"... it's almost as if he's trying to control me ..." Stacy was explaining to Amy.

Jack smiled to himself, not at least for another hour bitch!

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