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"So...how are you touching yourself?" I asked. "What are you using to pleasure yourself with?" I had to ask that, had to find out how she obviously preferred stimulating herself, perhaps something she had used, or the way she did it had changed things perhaps.

She hesitated, obviously struggling a bit.

"Its ok Darlene...no one can see you, you're perfectly safe, alone in your room...masturbating."


"How are you..."

"With my fingers. I'm...I'm touching myself with my fingers, I want to put them inside me...I want to pretend it's his cock inside me...not just my fingers."

"Whose cock Darlene? Who's cock do you want to feel inside you? Jim's?" I asked. Remembering that was the guy she had told me about...that day in the barn.

"Yes...I mean no. Yes, and no," she added seemingly a bit agitated now.

"So you're nervous about letting Jim put his cock inside you then yes?"

"No, not his...maybe later, but no...not his."

I sat up, eyebrows curious. "Then whose cock Darlene? Whose cock are you nervous about?"

"My...my brothers," she moaned, her hands hugging herself now criss-crossing her chest.

I gulped. "You're thinking about your brother's cock, because of that day in the barn?"

"Yes, that day...and a week before," she added which caused me pause, now sitting they're trying to remember back in time myself. And then it hit me...I felt a wave of guilt and panic almost settle in over myself. That had to be what she was thinking about, I had to be sure. So I pressed her.

"And, what was it that happened a week before?" I now asked.

"I saw him, him at that girl...Cynthia, down by the river." I knew then she had seen me, I remembered it well myself, wondering...feeling like we were being watched, but never sure. Now I knew.

"Go on Darlene...tell me, what did you see? What did you do?"

I watched them together. I had followed them down to the river. I saw them remove one another's clothes while I stood behind a tree, and then climbed it."

"God, no wonder I never saw her...I never thought to look up into the trees!" I told myself.

"And then I watched him as he placed her down on the ground, and then he kissed her, kissed her between the legs, and I remember thinking...what is he doing to her? And then I remember her crying out, passionately, tossing her head back and forth, side to side...and then she came. She cried out so beautifully, so passionately. I wanted to kill her!"

I was stunned. My own heart now racing a thousand miles a second or so it seemed. And Darlene had suddenly grown stiff and rigid again, tense, and then she softened, her arms and limbs growing limp again.

"But then I saw him...saw his beautiful stiff cock. He moved up against her as she spread her legs for him. I saw him tease her with it, rubbing himself against her. Until she couldn't stand it anymore. She reached down, grabbing him...grabbing his prick, feeding it to herself, and then he drove into me...fucking me, over and over. Feeding me his cock, his long stiff gorgeous cock."

"Don't you mean Cynthia?" I asked. "Wasn't your brother fucking Cynthia?"

I saw the confused look come into her face, even in sleep with her eyes closed, eyelids fluttering as though having a RIM sleep, as though awake, aware. "Yes," she finally sighed, relaxing once again. "He was fucking Cynthia, and not me. Not me...not me..."

"Ok, listen to me Darlene...listen to me. After that day in the barn, going forward in time...do you remember, did you soon after lose your virginity?"


"To Jim?"

"Yes. To Jim...not to Brad. To Jim."

"And where was this?"

"In his car...in the back seat of his car, at the fairgrounds."

"Shit," I once again said to myself. "Not a good place, certainly not the best place for anyone to lose their virginity! And certainly not to that asshole...the asshole she eventually married.

"And...how was it? Was it nice? Was it pleasurable? Or painful?" I felt I already knew the answer before she gave it.

"No...it hurt. It hurt a lot. I cried out, told him to stop...but he wouldn't didn't...wouldn't wait for me to get used to it...just kept pushing, pushing, and then the pain. The searing pain!" Darlene was crying now.

"It's ok honey...its ok, you can't feel the pain any more...it's gone, it's now after that. You're home alone again...relax, just relax, take a deep cleansing breath and relax."

She did so, actually relaxing as I likewise took a deep breath of my own trying to calm my own heartbeat.

"So...did you try masturbating again after this?"

"Yes...but not for a while, not for many days. And then I did."

"And did you...climax? Have an orgasm?"

"Oh yes...yes," she smiled once again her face taking on an entirely different look, though this time her hands came up, actually cupping and fondling her own breasts as she lay there contentedly, remembering and recalling the moment. I was so confused myself now, fearful on the one hand by what I had already learned. Wondering...was I in fact to blame for any of this? And then on the other hand, finding myself becoming aroused, horribly and so wrongfully aroused, listening to my sister's private words, thoughts...and now actions as she actually slipped one hand inside her now unbuttoned shirt, fondling her breast though thank god she hadn't bared it.

"And what are you doing?" I had to ask again...still trying to ascertain if she did anything differently, had used something that had made it easier, and then perhaps later harder for her to achieve orgasm. "How are you touching yourself, playing with yourself..." I added trying to keep the tone lusty, for her...not for me, and yet ironically doing just that of course. She was blushing too.

"I am fucking myself...with his cock, his big beautiful cock!"

I needed to ask, but that would wait...I already had a pretty good clue. "And what is it that you're using?" She again hesitated, blushing even more. "It's ok Darlene...no one can see you, or hear you, you can tell me, it's safe...just between you and I, no one else knows, or ever will."

"A...a sausage. I'm...I'm fucking myself with a sausage from the fridge. I've...I've wrapped it, in cellophane...but even then it's nasty...dirty...I...I feel nasty, dirty. But I want to. I want to be nasty for him, dirty for him. Only him."

"Who Darlene? Who?" But again...I already knew the answer.

"For my brother."


And now came the hard part...not so much for her, for my sister...but for me. I had already planned on doing this, just not sure when or how appropriate it might be until that precise moment arrive. Which I saw as now. We...she, was at a point in time, in her mind where she could and still obviously did experience orgasm. Could she then actually have one now? Would she?

I had to try and find out.

"Alright, listen to me Darlene...so you're still fucking yourself with the sausage right?"

She was still blushing, but nodded her head yes. I saw her hands actually slip down now between her legs, a good sign...given the opportunity and purpose here I had planned. I took another deep breath, fighting back my own guilt at what I was about to put her through, watch...and feeling aroused as I did it. Aroused at the sight of my own sister lying there next to me, fingers even then sliding up between them. As she did that, her shirt opened fully, her beautiful bare breasts spilling out. Dark tan areolas as big around as silver dollars, nipples taut, extended, wonderfully hard. Her pussy was bare...she hadn't worn any panties either. What did that tell me? If anything? Had she subconsciously, purposely not worn any beforehand...knowing what I might find out? Discover?

"Ok Darlene...what are you thinking now? What do you see, what are you fantasizing about? What am..a, I mean what is Brad doing to you?"

"He is licking my pussy, and I am sucking his dick. We're in his bed...laying side-by-side, I can feel his tongue playing with my clit, licking it...sucking it. I am sucking him, sucking his gorgeous cock, I love his taste, I want to taste his cum, I want to drink it, swallow it, feel it spurting inside my mouth, just as when I cum, when I squirt...when I fill his mouth with my own hot juices."

If I hadn't been hard already...I sure as hell would have been by now. I'd just learned something about my own sister I hadn't known. And now the image of that was filling my own mind with desire. Desire for my own sister. Even though I knew it was wrong, and could never, ever actually happen.

"How's it feel?" I asked, my own voice giving away the raw emotion I was now feeling, though thankfully, I knew she heard it not as my voice, as Brad's voice, but as her own. I watched her fingers as they opened herself, slipping inside. I could hear the sound of her slick juices as she played in them, now openly finger-fucking herself. I could see the hardness of her exposed precious clit as she pried back the protective sheath, exposing it even more fully. A finger on either side of it now, pulling on it...pinching it.

"It feels good," she moaned deeply. "So...fucking...good! He's...he's sucking my clit, sucking it into his mouth, teasing it...teasing my cunt, my clit...oh fuck, please don't stop, please Brad...please, please don't stop. Let me cum, let me cum...let me cum! Please Brad please! Help me! Help me! Help me!"

I dropped onto my knees beside her, my hard swollen cock stiff and painful, though I minded it not. I leaned over, parting her legs even more than they already were, my tongue coming up to lap at the swollen hard little knot she still held between her own fingers, licking it...kissing it as she finally let go of it, and as I then...devoured it, sucking it between my lips.

"Oh fuck! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSS!" She screamed out, climaxing, squirting...several streamers of hot sticky girl juice suddenly erupting from inside, the spray of her ecstasy overpowering as she thrashed wildly there on the couch. Her hands squeezing, molding her own breasts as she continued to hump herself up and down, driving her cunt into my face as I held on, drinking her, trying to anyway...as she gave herself over to the sweetness of her magnificent pleasure.


I sat back in my chair, licking my lips, enjoying...no, savoring, the taste of my own sister's cunt. Darlene was at peace with herself again...smiling, obviously content, one hand back down between her legs, but this time only lightly petting herself, just as her other hand continued doing to one of her breasts.

At least I had one answer.

"Ok Darlene...moving forward in time again. I need you to move forward in time, to the last time you remember, touching yourself, when you couldn't...or didn't have an orgasm. Can you do that? Can you remember it?"

She fought with this one, which I knew she would. Purposely trying to forget it, lock it away, never ever remember the why of it again. "No...no please. Let me enjoy this...have this."

"You will Darlene, you will. I promise you, you will. But first...you have to tell me, tell me why Darlene, why couldn't you anymore? What happened to change it?"

"I...I can't. I just can't. I can't let him see that, let him have that. He can't have that. He doesn't deserve it, not...not the way he treats me, hits me...abuses me. I won't...I can't. Not ever. I don't deserve it either...I don't deserve to have this. Only with my brother, and I know I can't. I never will. I shouldn't...I won't. I won't...never again. I won't."

I knew now I had the answer I'd been looking for, as strange as it may seem. And I had the answer for her as well. Though up until a few moments ago, I'd have never considered it, beyond the wild, decadent imaginings of my own youth years ago now.

I stood up, removing my clothes. Nestling myself between my sister's legs, placing the tip of my cock at the opening of her wet, slick juicy cunt.

"Aright Darlene...listen to me. I'm going to bring you awake again. When I reach the count of one...you will be fully and completely awake. You will remember everything...and everything will be perfectly all right when you do. When you open your eyes...you will see me, and you will tell me...your brother, what it is that you really want. And don't be afraid to say it. Whatever it is...no matter what it is, and no matter what it is that you see. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." she said softly, once again sounding far and away.

"Aright then Sis...Ten, Nine, Eight...you're starting to wake up now...more alert, remembering everything you told me...all of it. Seven, Six, Five...you're almost awake now. Four...Three...Two...One. You're awake!"

Darlene opened her eyes, alert, slightly frightened and confused for a moment perhaps. But then she smiled, reached up, her hands coming up to grab the back of my ass pulling me towards her.

"I am awake...now. I am awake...and I know what I want, what I need. Fuck me Brad, fuck me...please fuck your sister, she needs it...she needs you. Always has, always will...you have no idea how long I have wanted this, needed this...needed you!"

I let her pull me into her, sliding into that still hot wet slippery sheath. "Oh...I think I have a pretty good idea now sis," I grinned. And then kissed her, hotly pleasurably as our souls and bodies became one, never separating again.


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