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Before you start, make sure you are prepared for this session. Make sure you will have privacy for the next while, that your door is locked and you will be undisturbed. Turn off anything that could distract you, this includes your television, music and your messaging programs. And turn off any bright lights. You want to focus all your attention here.

Sit or lie down comfortably, loosen or remove any tight clothing you might be wearing.
And clear your mind.

Try to forget about any distractions
Let go of your hesitation
You want to experience this fully
You need to clear everything from your mind.
Just focus my words, imagine the rest of the world doesn't exist, doesn't matter.
Let any other thoughts drift away. They're not important now.
Forget everything except the words you read here

Let all thoughts drift away.
Nothing matters but me and you.
All you have to do is obey me.

Focus on your breathing
Breathe deeply and slowly
And out…
And out…
Keep going…

And out…

And out…

Now let your body relax
Let the tension slip away from your muscles.
Imagine a soothing blue light sweeping over you, taking it all away.
The soft, pleasant, blue light sweeps over you one piece at a time.
First over your toes and then they relax and the tension slips away
Then spreading over your feet and they relax...
This warm light travels up your legs... everything it touches relaxes.
Now it surrounds your fingers...
Your hands...
Your arms...
Up too your neck and shoulders...
Let this warm, pleasant light engulf you...
Your eyes are feeling heavy now…
Let the light cover your face… let it relax…
Let this feeling of relaxation travel through every part of your body...

You should now be feeling true relaxation and open-ness
Take a moment to enjoy this soothing feeling
This warm, relaxing feeling…

Picture yourself facing down a long corridor
The walls are a dull white
As is the floor and ceiling
There are no doors or windows
There are no markings of any kind, just plain white walls
This dull white corridor stretches farther than you can see
It stretches deep into your unconscious mind
You will walk down this corridor as I count down from 10
As I approach 0 you will come closer to the end of this corridor

Your feeling even more relaxed
You’re letting all of your thoughts go.
You are leaving behind your feelings
You are leaving behind your thoughts
You’re falling deep into the trance now
You see an opening ahead of you
But you can’t see anything beyond the opening
Let everything go
You come to the end of the corridor
Beyond it, all is black
Step into this blackness

You are mine!

You are now in a pure state
You are now in your true state
Ready to receive and obey any command
Softly say “I am under your control” to yourself

You smell nothing
You hear nothing
You feel nothing
You can see nothing but these words
Here in your pure state

Take a moment to embrace this condition
You will remember this state
You will return to it each time you take this session
You will fall deeper into it each time

Suddenly you feel someone’s eyes on you
A man’s eyes exploring every inch of your body
You enjoy this feeling
It makes you horny
You want to show him more

Stand up
Slowly, strip off your clothes
One piece at a time

Take them all off…

Now sit back
You can feel your breasts swelling at the thought of him watching you
Your nipples are hardening
Move your hands to them
Caress them
Rub them

As those hands rub your breasts you can feel the lips of your pussy swell
Engorging with lust
Your pussy is expanding
Getting wetter
You are yearning to be filled
You are yearning to be taken

You are already aware of the pleasure that is coming
You want to feel those fingers sliding down to your pussy
The desire is overwhelming
You are almost quivering with lust

You realize that the man is right behind you
You can smell his pleasant scent
You can hear him breathing

You realize that those are not your hands
You realize that those are his hands

Let a hand down your breasts
Down across your stomach
Down between your thighs
Now, let the hand rub up and down your pussy lips

While those sensations travel from your lips
You can feel your swollen clit
Aching to be touched

His fingers continues to slide over your pussy lips
Let them slide inside

Your heart is beating faster

Now let those fingers slide up those lips
Toward your clit
They caress around it slowly
Every circle makes you wetter, hornier

You spread your legs wide
Inviting him to fuck you

He appears before you
Naked, his cock hard and ready to fuck you
He takes his cock in hand and presses it against your wet pussy
You feel the head of his cock pushing against your pussy lips
You feel your pussy lips part as he enters you
You feel his cock pushing deep inside you, filling you
You feel it withdrawing from you
And as the head is about to leave you
You feel it entering you you again

And again

And again

Over and over without stopping

The sensation is more intense than ever before
Each thrust brings you closer to estacy
Each time he enters you, you want to cum
Each time you need to cum

You feel his cock pushing deep inside you, filling you
You feel it withdrawing from you
Then his hips thrust forward again and he buries himself inside you
He fucks you relentlessly
He picks up his pace as he continues

Fucking you faster

Fucking you harder

Fucking you deeper

You can feel it coming on
Your heart will beat hard against your chest
Your clit will pull back
Your pussy will tighten
You love this intense feeling of anticipation sweeping over you
You will remember it

Everything is going to flood out
You cannot resist his fucking any longer

Its time!

Let it come!
Let it sweep through you!
Let the orgasm take you!

Its time!

Let yourself open up
Let yourself fall into this
Let those waves of pleasure sweep through you

Take a moment to enjoy this feeling

When you wake up you will remember how good this felt
You will remember the waves of pleasure
You will feel completely satisfied and happy

As I count up to 10 you will gradually awaken

You will remember the orgasm and how good it felt
You’re becoming conscious now
You will feel satisfied and happy
You are wide awake now and you feel great

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