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Hypnosis at Work


I work in an office just like any other office in the Britain, Full of people going about the work that needs to be done. The women are ok some attractive and very often flirt with some of the men to get what they want. Me I'm a go to person and by that I mean when they cannot make sense of what is going on with a piece of work they call me. That's it. I'm invisible otherwise and I accept it most of the time as you often get to hear things as they do not realize that you are there so I hear about the favourite positions. and how they gave their boyfriend a blow job in the shower last night, or how come a certain time at night when everything is done they like to be dominated and be told what to do and have regular inspections that make sure that there is no hair below the neck and if there is they are punished. They have to learn certain positions and be in them at a drop of a hat.

One of the woman called Vicky, plays a game were once she is in "Slave Mode" they have a set of dice and whichever number it lands on she has to do what is next to that number on the list. Some ones I have heard are, play with herself using her vibrator for 1hr but not cum, carry out the rest of the day on her hands and knees making sure her nipples are rubbing the floor at all times, punishment happens if she messes up and sucking of her boyfriend till he makes her swallow it or puts it on her tits and she has to leave it for a while before rubbing it in and then he checks to make sure before they get in the shower together. All this leaves me with an erection I cannot get rid of for a while but it does end up in my wankbank for later as I often wondered what it would be like to have a slave even if only for a couple of hours.

After reading a few stories about what can be done when people are under hypnosis I began to think could I do it to one of women and make them my sex slave for a few hours without them realizing or could I just end up getting myself fired. So I had to be careful. Before I picked who it was going to be I had to find out if this was possible for me to do. This took some time and it was a few months before I found some information on hypnosis that I could understand and felt I might be able to do it. I then spent a weekend going over what I had to do 1 step at a time making sure I understood what I was doing and the predicted result. Next was my target. That was going to be Beccy.

Beccy worked a few desks from me and again only spoke to me when she had a piece of work she did not understand. That I hoped would change after what I was going to do.

So I sent off the fee although I did not feel that confident about the result. A few days later I received an email with an attachment. The email said that although it will not be quick but it will have the right result. The attachment was what looked like a blank piece of paper. The instructions said to start typing what I wanted in a series of bullet points half way down the first page, and that although I could see what I was typing the person who would receive the attachment would not and that I should make sure that the instructions were straight forward and plain. I did not want to rush this so I started to write down on a piece of paper what I wanted first. The last bullet point had to say "Whenever you hear Tim say (insert word here) you will do as he says".

So I came up with the following

* Start going to Tim's desk and saying "morning and how are you"

* Ask Tim "what he is doing for lunch".

* Check with Tim and see what he is doing this weekend

* Invite Tim over on a Saturday

* Ask Tim is there somewhere to go for a walk where he lives as you are fed up walking in your area and agree a date soon.

* Whenever you hear Tim say the word "cotton" you will do as he says without thinking about it and enjoy it.

The final part of the instruction said to type a list of numbers in brackets at the bottom of the page. This was to be done just before sending the email to its final recipient. I sent the email to my work email and did not get much sleep as I kept thinking what if it went wrong. When I got to work I put the bracket number bracket in and sent it to Beccy.

I did not end up in personnel.

Within 2 weeks she was at my desk every morning asking how I was and did I get up to much last night, and did I fancy going out at lunch time to do a bit of shopping for a walk. The 3rd week I was invited to her house as her boyfriend had gone on a stag do and it was just her and her 2 dogs. I am not a great dog lover but I said ok as I wanted to follow through incase if I said no to something it would all be over.

Week 4

She asked if she could come to my area for a walk as she was fed up of walking by hers, but could I pick her up as she did not drive. Outwardly I said "sure" inwardly I was jumping up and down and high fifing every male member of the office.

The weekend.

10am Saturday morning she sent me a text saying she would be ready at 11 so I had a tidy up and tried to calm myself down. At 11.15 I picked her up and we came to my house to get ready to go for a walk, walking shoes etc. would be required as it was a bit rough and trainers were not suitable once off the beaten track. We walked for about 20 mins and I kept telling myself not yet too early but I could not contain myself any longer, I turned to her and said " Beccy cotton" and she just kind of went into a trance, I was not sure whether it worked on not so I said that we are going to carry on, she smiled at me and just carried on walking, I wanted to test this out so I said for her to hold my hand and she held her hand out for me to take hold and smiled again and carried on walking and talking as if nothing was happening. It was working I told myself.

A big step next.

We took a small path off to the side that I knew lead to a wooded area and I wanted to see what would happen next. We got to the wooded area and I turned and told Beccy to remove all the clothes from her top half and to show me her tits and to give me her bra. She kept talking about what was around her but I just watched as she removed her clothes, gave me her bra and then held the underside of her tits for me so I could inspect them, I told her I was going to play with them and she smiled, I took her nipples in my fingers and rolled them back forth and they became hard and she started to moan a bit. Not wanting to push my luck in the open air I told Beccy to put her top clothes on but not the bra, she smiled and got dressed, we walked round in a big circle in the wood and just before the end I just wanted to see the rest. I told Beccy to just drop her jeans and knickers for me to see her fanny, I thought using the course word might be too much but she dropped her jeans and knickers and just looked at me, I told her to spread her legs as far as she could and she did, I put my fingers in her and played with her fanny conscious of where we were I withdrew them and told her to pull her clothes back up. We started to walk back and as it was only 2.30 I wanted more. I said "Beccy cotton" and she came out of the trance and just kept on talking about what we has seen and all the colours of the autumn leaves and that we should do this more often. Although she did not mention that she did not have a bra on I just kept on walking with her.

When we got back to the house the first thing I thought do was put her back in trance to get her to put her bra back on even though it would be off again sooner rather than later. She took of her top clothes I played with her tits and then she put her bra back on and dresses herself and I said "Beccy cotton" to bring her back out.

Beccy asked were the toilet was as she had to go, I told her where it was and when she came down I offered her a cup of soup to warm us up a bit from the inside. I was getting dark now and it was only 4pm she asked if she could stay a bit as it was a bit early to home as the dogs were there but they would be ok till 7ish. So we sat and chatted about work and the people therein. I had to say it. So "beccy cotton" and she went trance like. The first thing I did was make sure that whenever I asked a question replied with Sir.

I asked the normal questions favorite positions, how often & each one answered with sir at the end.

I told her to stand up and remove all her clothes and I was still asking questions as well. She removed all her clothes and answered all my questions and they were, do you ever get tied up or handcuffed in a given position, "yes sir" was her answer.

Have you ever had sex with more than 1 person at a time, "yes sir" was her reply. I suddenly thought I need to record this, found my camera that would record it and asked the same questions again. When I asked the second question about more than 1 partner she reply 2yrs ago sir. Was this with your boyfriend I was told "no sir" does he know about it "no sir" came the reply.

How do you make yourself cum I asked. Beccy replied "either with my dildo or fingers sir", Carry on I said and with that she started to play with herself whilst I went up to her and played with her tits.

I was going to shoot my load in a minute but I knew where it was going. I told Beccy to keep playing with herself but to get on her knees and suck my cock. I told her not to cum until I had shot my cum down her throat. This made her slow her hands down but speed up her mouth, I grabbed the sides of her head and pushed my cock as far down her throat as I could, I came and she swallowed it with a smug smile on her face, I told her she should cum in the next minute or I would make her cum myself. With that her hands flew in and out of her fanny and she had a shattering cum before lying down on the floor, I told her to spread her legs so I could see all of her. Beccy opened her legs wide and looked at me for approval, I nodded and she smiled. That was it I had 10 minutes on film as well in the camera I hoped.

The time was ticking now so I told her to stand up for one more inspection and get dressed. She put her clothes back on but not before I played with her tits before she covered them up. I told her to sit down and have a deep sleep when she heard the word that brought her back round. I said "Beccy cotton" she woke for a millisecond and went into a deep sleep for 30 mins.

When she woke up the first thing she did was apologize for falling asleep and blamed the country air. She also requested that we do it again soon.

I cannot wait.

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