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"So you talked to her?" Harry asked focusing his gaze at the Assistant District Attorney's brown eyes. He found it difficult to keep his eyes from wandering when working with Kacie.

"We're going to need to let her go," she said crossing her legs.

"She seemed cooperative," he replied, sitting down across the table.

"Yes, I thought we had something there. Everything was just too coincidental. Each victim was a patient of hers, each claimed rape while the men claim innocence... actually saying it was the woman who forcefully initiated the sex."

"You have reason to doubt the women's account?"

"It is odd, they claim to only remember waking up with a man after sex," she replied fingering her long, dark hair.


"We ran tox tests and they were clean. A few had indication of alcohol but not enough to cause this."


"Their doctor was the link. She does use hypnosis in her sessions."

"You think..."

"I thought, but now I'm not so sure. She showed nothing but genuine concern for her patients and for most of them the incidents occurred over a week after their most recent session."

"How long can the hypnosis last?"

"Well it's not the hypnosis, it's more from the suggestion. I'm not an expert, but it seems too long. Besides it's too much like a cheap crime novel."

"Okay I'll put the doctor's file away and lean a bit harder on the guys. Hey, you got the video on?"

"Yeah I wanted to have it to look over again just in case I missed something. She consented."

"No lawyer?"

A strange look came over her face as she walked over to Harry's side of the table. Sitting down she let her leg brush against his as she answered, "No, she was okay alone."

Harry inched away from her but she grabbed his hand and placed it on her thigh. Her grip tightened as he tried to move it away.

"Kacie, are you feeling all right?"

"You tell me Harry, how do I feel?" taking his hand and guiding it under her skirt.

Harry had been attracted to the tall prosecutor but the interrogation room was just not the place. He tried to ease his had from under her skirt but she tightened her grip again.

"Kacie, we can't... Not here."

"Why not? Door's locked."

"Locked? How did you..."


"But you're not supposed to..." he paused as she grabbed his tie pulling him up from his chair. Before he knew it she had pushed him back on the table and worked on his pants. He initially put up a mild resistance but then just simply gave in to her advances.

He just watched as she worked his erection out of his pants and slipped her mouth over him. The immediate sensation was intense as she began sucking hard. As her head bobbed up and down on him he reached around her to cup his hand on her ass finding she wasn't wearing panties.

Before he could work his hand around to find her pussy she climbed up on the table and straddled him.

He moaned, "What about a..." but before he could say condom he felt the warm, wet softness envelope him as she lowered herself.

"Oh Harry, fuck me, fuck me," she cried out as she moved up and down his cock grinding herself on him. All he could do is take it all in as she moved over him, quickening her pace with each flex of her hips. Feeling her fingers squeeze him he lifted his hips pushing as deep as he could into her.

They came together with her pussy clenching and releasing his cock as he spurted into her again and again. He was about to grab her head and give her a kiss when she shouted, "Harry, what the hell?"

Climbing off of him she hissed, "What are you doing?"

"Me? It was you, all you."

"Don't give me that, I wouldn't... no I wouldn't do that."

"Kacie, I didn't do it, you did it all. Look, the video is still running, watch what happened."

She immediately walked over to the video camera and backed it up. Watching the tiny LED screen she watched herself in silence. Stopping the playback at the part when she climbed on top of Harry she looked up at him and said, "Get that doctor back in here now!"

Zipping up his pants, Harry unlocked the door and ran out into the hallway.

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