Hypnotic Ch. 09


I started with slight movements of my hips, just rocking forward and back. Dav's body began to move against mine as I slowly began lifting up and sliding back down. My muscles eased, and I moaned at the first full thrust, pressing down hard as Dav lifted his hips to meet me.

"Fuck!" Dav flicked out his forked tongue. The sight of it sent a shudder down my body and I let go, my hips moving freely as I took my pleasure and gave it back to him. My own fangs dropped and I felt the roof of my mouth ache.

I wanted to bite him. I leaned forward, resting my hands just below his shoulders. I ran my fangs along Dav's shoulder up to the vulnerable spot next to his neck where the skin was soft and smelled so good, my teeth marking the skin and leaving red streaks behind.

"No biting, Ellis." His voice was strained, ragged.

"I want it, I want to mark you." I hissed, my hands shaking as I held on to him. "I need to." I knew he could feel it through our bond. It filled me, just as he did, a fiery passion that I couldn't control. I rocked back hard, slamming on to him. "Need to mark you as mine so everyone can see." My fangs dimpled his skin, as I barely held back. "Please," I begged.

"Yes," Dav groaned. His willingness to be vulnerable, to trust me with his body and his heart floored me. Our bond was already strong; but in that moment he showed me just how strong it was. His head turned to the side, exposing the clean lines of his strong neck. That small motion sent instincts I didn't know I possessed into overdrive. I bit down, sending my fangs deep into Dav, the thin hollow teeth sinking in effortlessly as I felt the muscles in my mouth flex and send a shot of venom into him.


He arched against me and I put my hands on his chest, pressing my teeth in even deeper but not sending any more venom into him. My marks would be unmistakable to everyone who saw them, but I wasn't sure how much venom would be too much.

I pulled back, licking at the wounds. My venom slowed the bleeding, only a thin trickle coming out. I sat up, my arms still braced on the soft skin of Dav's chest, and I watched as his thin slit pupils widened, turning nearly oval.

He was so fucking hot, his perfect hair messed up, his eyes never leaving mine as he gave me his body, and his trust.

"Mine," I growled. The bliss through our bond swamped me.

I kept my hips still; I knew what he was feeling, the poison racing through his veins, turning his body so sensitive it was like one open nerve. I started with slow strokes across his pecs, then scraped my fingernails over his nipples. His throat was completely exposed as his head kicked back. His arms fell from my hips, and I knew he was feeling the full effect of my bite.

I began moving, rocking in the small movements, my need for him growing again now that the urge to claim him had been sated. I let it build as I began inching up and then down, watching his body shudder as he gasped, unable to move as I took him. I drove him, as he had driven me, sending him to the very heights of pleasure again and again.

I could see his need, feel it fill me as sweat dripped down my body, but I didn't want it to end. I wanted it to last forever, this closeness. If I could somehow join our bodies forever, I would. I needed Davis Retic, needed him like I needed air.

When I was gasping, my heart racing, unable to bear another second, I twined one of my hands with his. I used them to stroke myself, then squeezed the head of my cock. That sensation sent me over the edge. I slammed down onto my mate, my muscles rippling as I screamed from the first mind shattering pulse.

His cry echoed mine, and I felt his release fill me as I shot all over his chest. I jerked, unable to remain still, my head thrown back as I shuddered over and over as the waves of pleasure bounced from him to me through our bond. It was intense and overwhelming. Something about taking control and claiming my mate fulfilled a need I hadn't known was inside of me. I barely recognized the sounds that were coming out of our mouths as almost a full minute passed as we came together.

Finally, just when I was about to scream in earnest from the overwhelming sensation, it calmed.

I groaned as I fell against his chest, not even caring about the mess I'd made between us. Hot and sweaty, his scent filled me, a richy, spicy flavor. I flicked my tongue out and tasted his chest, making him groan.

"Not fair." He cleared his throat; the screaming earlier had given him a sexy rasp. Dav's arms slowly lifted and wrapped around me.

I snuggled into him. I didn't care about the rest of the world at that moment, just him. All I wanted, all I needed, was to feel his body against mine and the contentment we both shared filling the room.

"You're mine too," he said.

I nodded, unable to speak. I didn't need to; the bond between us was stronger than ever. I knew in my soul how much I meant to him, just as he knew how much he meant to me.


The sound of beeping disturbed my sleep. I was determined to ignore it, but Dav moved from under me. I protested when I landed on the cool sheets, reaching for him.

"That's the door alarm, Ellis. My cell phone won't work in here."

I blinked a few times, opening my eyes reluctantly as I rolled over onto my back. I realized I was still naked, so I pulled the sheet on the bed up to my waist. As much as I enjoyed watching the tight muscles in Dav's back flex, including his firm ass, I didn't want anyone else to see him that way. "Are you going to answer the door naked?"

He reached out and snagged a pair of pants on a chair. He reached up to a keypad below a screen by the door as he tugged them on. "Who is it?"


I tensed a little when I heard his voice over the speaker. I wasn't exactly afraid of Dav's second-in-command, but I didn't really want to be in the small room with him either.

Dav tapped a series of buttons and the screen flicked on showing Benny looking up. "It's just me, boss."

My mate pressed a button and then turned a set of levers on the door. I couldn't believe how thick the door was when he opened it, but it seemed to move easy enough.

"Stay here; I'll be right back," Dav said.

I frowned as the door shut behind him. I knew that he could feel my nervousness through our bond when I saw Benny, but it was strange that he shut the door behind him. Was he hiding something, and if so, what was it? I knew I shouldn't, but I was tempted to eavesdrop now that Dav had shown me how.

A surge of irritation through our bond decided me. I slid off the bed, wrapping the sheet around my waist and tucking it in. It still trailed on the floor but it kept me covered.

I walked over to the panel, studying it. I'd seen him press the buttons and it wasn't that difficult to remember the pattern. I pressed what I thought was the code, feeling a surge of triumph when the screen flicked on. I could see them talking, but not hear them. I looked at the panel and saw the button for the speaker, Benny's voice suddenly filling the room.

"-can't find them, but I was checking the security footage tonight after the club closed."

He handed two pictures to Dav, but I couldn't see the pictures, just the white backs. My mate hissed, his fangs dropping as he looked from one to the other.

"That's them." I could feel his anger through our bond. "They were here?"

Benny nodded. "I thought they were acting strange on the video and that caught my attention. This one," he pointed at the picture, "was walking all around the perimeter of the bar. It was subtle, but he was checking out every opening."

"Looking for us, do you think?"

"Word's out; your little mate pissed off the remaining members of Mishtar's little group, and some of them have escaped the Falcon's search. I wouldn't doubt they're gunning for revenge and they want to take out the man that took out their leader. These guys are real fanatics, they think that they are superior beings. Word getting out that a human took out their golden boy? Not something they're taking well. They'll kill him if they get the chance."

Dav's fists clenched, and he hissed again. "Not going to happen!"

"Normally I wouldn't worry, boss, but I pulled some files on these guys and they're hardcore. Mishtar wasn't playing around when he recruited them; they're straight up lethal."

"No one touches my mate; no one."

"You could keep him here, until they're found. Sooner or later they'll be back or we could set a trap for them. I don't understand how they know so much though; someone has to be helping them. They're not from this area yet they know where to go. It's not like we get a lot of Carthera coming here, so how did they know it was your club?"

"I don't know, but I can't keep Ellis here much longer. I've got to take him to his doctors. He's been changing, Benny, and we need to find out what's going on inside him. They need to run some tests; I almost lost him once before. I can't lose my mate."

I hadn't really thought about it with everything going on, but my migraines were a real danger. I didn't even know if I had any of my medication here. Though doctors had said that venom would be helpful. I shivered at the thought of my mate's venom pumping into my body.

Benny looked sad. "I understand, trust me."

Dav reached out and squeezed the tiger's shoulder. "Sorry, Benny, I know things have been rough for you lately."

He took a deep breath. "It's okay. I understand your concern. I'll talk with Velaku; I'm sure he'll loan you some Falcons. When do you want to set it up?"

"What time is it?"

"Just after two a.m."

I was surprised when I heard that, but without windows or anything to see outside, it was impossible to tell what time it was. I'd fallen asleep on Dav's chest earlier, but I hadn't realized we'd only been asleep for a few hours. I tried to keep my emotions calm; I didn't want Dav to find out that I was eavesdropping.

"Set it up for eleven."

"Dr. Pannar's clinic or the hospital?"

"I don't think the clinic is equipped to do the blood work and tests that they might need; we'll go to the hospital. Make sure the Falcons are discreet; I don't want Ellis worried. He doesn't need the stress."

I reached up and turned off the screen and speaker. I'd heard enough, and I didn't want Dav to know that I knew what he was keeping from me. My heart was pounding, but I made a conscious effort to calm down. I counted slowly as I took deep breaths. Dropping the sheet on the bed, I made my way into the small bathroom and the shower.

I was standing under the pounding stream, just letting it wash away all the soap when I heard Dav come into bathroom.

"Ellis, are you okay? I thought you'd be back asleep."

I turned when the plastic curtain opened and my mate stepped into the small shower stall. I wiped the water off my face. "Not without you. Everything okay with Benny?"

I knew he wouldn't tell me about the men looking for me in the bar, but I had to ask. Not asking would make him suspicious.

"Yeah. Just some bar business."

I could have been angry with him, but it wasn't the right moment to confront him, Dav was trying to protect me, and I was going to let him, for now. I reached for him, lacing our fingers together and tugging him closer to me.

He stepped forward, wrapping one arm around my waist. "Missed me, did you?"

His scent seemed stronger in the humid steam of the shower, surrounding me. It did a better job of calming me than all the counting in the world. "Yeah." I didn't want to go completely sappy and tell him any second apart was too much, but I thought it.

I leaned forward, resting my face against his cool shoulder as the water flowed over both of us. The silky feeling of his skin against mine made me shiver. I could feel answering lust through our bond, all his anxiety and anger suppressed or gone.

I rocked my hips forward, showing Dav exactly what he did to me. His eyes gleamed as he stared down at me.

"You done in here?" His voice was raspy as his hands slid down and fondled my ass.

I licked at a trickle of water running down his neck up to the edge of his jaw, nipping at his skin. I moved to his ear, tugging on the lobe with my lips. "Uh huh."

"Good. I think I have a promise to keep."

"Oh gods." I couldn't help myself, a shudder running down my spine.

He bent me backwards as he reached for the handle. I held on to his shoulders, trusting him to hold my weight as he turned off the water. Stepping out, he grabbed a towel and began rubbing the water off my body. I stood there and let him stroke me with the soft terrycloth, moaning a little when he took extra time on my balls.

He wiped his own body off quickly, wiping off most of the water, but he was still damp when we reached for each other. We stumbled out of the bathroom and over to the small bed. Dav smirked and then pushed me backward; I gasped as I bounced a little on the firm mattress. My legs hung over the edge as I stared up at him.

As much as I had enjoyed flipping our roles somewhat the evening before, I craved my mate over me and in me. I knew Dav could feel my desire and my need for him. He dropped to his knees between my legs. I expected him to tease me, to use that amazing tongue to tickle and torment me until I begged. My back arched when he swallowed me down to the base instead, burying his nose against my pubic bone.

I shouted, reaching for the blanket and fisting it in my hands. It felt so good when he hummed, the vibrations on my sensitive head pushed me closer to the edge. My heart began racing as he held my hips firmly to keep me from moving and bobbed his head up and down.

"God, Dav!"

I reached for him, holding his head and running my hands through his silky wet hair with one hand. I watched his cheeks hollow as he pulled up, sucking hard on the head of my erection. His tongue dipped into my slit, and I nearly lost it.

"I'm gonna cum if you don't stop!" My balls ached, but I wanted more. I needed his venom and his cock.

I didn't have to tell my mate what I needed, it seemed like he already knew. He pulled off with a pop and rose up over me. His hands ran from my hips, up my stomach to my chest; I shuddered as his nimble fingers flicked my nipples, enjoying the slight burn. I yanked him down for a kiss, our tongues tangling as I tasted my precum in his mouth. I loved the way our tastes combined.

I knew what was coming as he kissed down the line of my jaw. I turned my head to the side, ready for his bite, wanting the sharp pinch and the sensation of his venom running through my veins. His forked tongue caressed my skin, dragging from neck down to my sensitive collarbone. I couldn't stop the shudder as he hit a hot spot right where my neck joined my shoulder, my skin tingled as he focused right there, nipping and sucking.

"Please!" I wasn't above begging. I barely finished speaking when I felt the scrape and then the sharp pain of his fangs piercing my flesh. Thank god he'd changed his mind about biting me.

My racing heart sent the venom shooting through my body. I reveled in the feelings, lost in the sensations. I had no idea how long Dav pressed his fangs into me, sending his venom into me, claiming me.

Dav licked at the punctures when he finally pulled back. I could feel it already affecting my body, lighting me up as my muscles went limp and pliant. "How . . . much did you . . . give me?" I knew it was way more than I'd given him.

My mate hovered over me. "Enough to keep you needing me for hours."

Pleasure filled me at the thought, even as my skin began to twitch. I thought I needed him before, but the intense craving I had for my mate began to overwhelm me. If he didn't touch me I'd go insane.

Dav pushed me up on the bed and knelt between my thighs. His hands spread my thighs wide for him until I was splayed open and vulnerable. The teasing began now that I was helpless to stop it, fiery chills shaking me as his fingers went from my knees up the inside of my thighs, barely brushing against my balls before sliding back down as he stroked me to fever pitch. I don't know how long he tortured me before his fingers slipped into the crack of my ass.

My neglected erection twitched and wept.

I whimpered as he pushed the tip of a single finger inside me. I wanted to press down, to get more of him inside me but I couldn't move, and being forced to take it at his pace intensified my need.

I moaned.

"Gonna make you cum from my finger alone," Dav whispered in my ear. He braced himself over me, one hand braced on the bed at my shoulder. He was so close I could feel the heat of his body radiating against me. I wanted his weight on me, holding me down and pinning me to the bed, but he stayed frustratingly just far enough away that his finger inside me was the only skin touching mine.

Just knowing that, feeling him so close, needing him so much, focused all my attention on that one spot. I stared up at him, at the dark erotic promise in his eyes, and I let go. I wanted this and needed it, just as much as I had needed riding him the night before.

He kept his promise, thrusting and pegging my gland with that one finger over and over. I could feel my cock throbbing and my balls tightening, but I hovered on the precipice. I whimpered, feeling like I was going to explode. I wanted to beg Dav to touch my cock, just one stroke, but I couldn't.

Then the rhythm of his thrusting changed. He buried his finger inside me hard. I could feel him rubbing small circles, the constant pressure against my gland drove me insane. That was all I needed to trip over the edge. A breath of a cry, all the sound I could make, escaped me as I shot over and over while his finger never stopped moving. I wanted to groan when I realized my cock didn't soften at all.

It was going to be a long night.

My mate spent over an hour playing with my body. I lost count of the number of times he took me to the edge with his mouth and his cock but after that first time he didn't let me orgasm again. Sweat was dripping off his forehead. His warm scent surrounded me as the venom began to wear off just enough for me to make small movements. He'd flipped me onto my stomach, my hips tilted up with a pillow, his chest hot and hard against my back.

"Dav." My voice was a hoarse whisper. Concentrating, I began to clench my muscles around him. I reveled in the moan that tore from him. His fingers tightened on my hips hard enough to bruise, and he slammed forward. I could barely keep up with him as he sped up. I knew we were barely holding on, needing that perfect moment but loving the pleasure of each thrust.

"Now!" Dav roared as he let loose and froze, buried deep inside me. My breath hitched and a thin cry filled the air as I shot all over the pillow under me. Our release was almost painful in its intensity as the rush of ecstasy met and joined with his through our bond. A minute, an hour could have passed and I wouldn't have known.

I shuddered as my mate rested against my back, his breath tickling the sensitive skin at the back of my neck. Not pulling out, Dav pulled us over onto our sides, pushing the soiled pillow away. We were both panting, our bodies locked together.

"I love you," he said as he nuzzled my neck.

I squeezed the arm draped over my stomach. My voice was hoarse as I replied, "Love you too." I didn't want to lose a second of this, but my eyes were so heavy.

"Sleep," Dav murmured.


"Fuck! What now?"

We'd been awake for a little while. Dav had coaxed me out of bed with the promise of a shower, which led to more fooling around as our soap slicked bodies rubbed against each other. This time Dav shot first, the sticky heat coating our fingers again when I came while he kissed me. Then we had to wash all over again. We were barely out of the shower when I heard the door beeping again.

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