tagMind ControlHypnotic Melodies Ch. 2

Hypnotic Melodies Ch. 2


Cassandra's Story

"I've always been seen as an object for sex. Only recently have I started exploring though. I've always been the classic cock-tease, ya know? I only recently lost my virginity and started feeling that I wanted to know men that way. Not that I'm lesbian and not that I wouldn't mind doing something with a woman…but I feel that way mostly about men.

The most recent time, the only time, I felt almost this aroused was with Bobby and his twin brother Billy.

I am a cheerleader for the local college and always choose to wear the tightest, most revealing clothing without the second set of panties on the outside. I like to know I'm being watched and wanted by every man in the stands even if I'm not a slut.

Well, the night I met Bobby and Billy our team had won spectacularly so I was feeling quite cheerful when the two, strapping young men approached me. They were both bald and muscular, obviously football players for other teams scouting out the goods.

"Hey darling, how are you tonight? I'm Billy." Said one.

"And I'm Bobby, we're twins. We were wondering if you'd like to go out and have a drink with us?"

"Well, I usually don't drink after a game but since there is the two of you and you are brothers, I don't see anything wrong with it. As long as it's public."

They happily accepted without even asking my name. I told them on the ride there though; since I lived so close to the college I usually walked. Billy owned the large pickup truck they drove, I really didn't care about the make or model. We drove, me between the two of them, to the local bar. They were gentlemen all along the way, really they were but being pinned between two hunks did have an effect on me. They both kept glancing at my hard nipples, which were quite evident in my tight cheer top. I didn't mind at all.

When we got to the bar there was immediate trouble. Every guy in the bar, which I was barely old enough to enter, at just twenty-one, wanted to hang out with me. Billy and Bobby were amazing though; they somehow managed to keep every guy from me without acting sexual, possessive or violent. The way they took control was super attractive; I determined then and there to get the number of one of the brothers. All I had to do was figure out which one.

We had a few drinks. They both told jokes and kept engaging, gentlemanly conversation that only intrigued and interested me more. What really attracted me to them was the way they didn't talk about sex; they oozed a certain quality that said volumes about their abilities in bed that words would have screwed up.

Afterward when we left, I felt almost desperate to keep them with me. I told them to take us to a nearby field where we could watch the stars. They agreed and Bobby drove, as he was the best at taking directions. During the drive Bobby slipped a hand over to my left leg and Billy my right. At first it felt very strange but somehow, very good. Deciding that it was honest fun, I spread my legs and let them explore my thighs.

Their fingers running up and down, pressing my skirt between my legs quickly had me quite excited. I could feel a smoldering wetness that was eager and hungry growing inside of me by the time we reached the field.

The field was huge, surrounded by trees with a single dirt road that led to it; it was all but isolated from the rest of the world and the brothers loved it. Billy let down the tail on the truck and unrolled a set of camping mattresses. Then Billy and Bobby both lay down on the back of the truck, at arms length from each other, watching the stars. Seeing a spot obviously meant for me I jumped up between them.

While watching the stars they both began touching me over my clothes. Billy kept his hands to the left side of me and Bobby kept his to my right. They swirled their fingers around my breasts, down my belly and over my pussy; they caressed me until I felt that I was about to melt and when I started panting with need Bobby did something that I didn't expect from him.

"Get up and bend over the tool box." He was very commanding. Unable to do anything but fulfill his desire, otherwise how would I get home? I bent over the toolbox, revealing my ass.

They both started talking about me as if I wasn't there. They discussed who would fuck me first, where and how hard and long. They talked about how good I looked and flipped a coin over who got what hole. It was almost like a game to them. Strangely, despite the fact that I knew if I resisted I would be raped, I felt excited.

Billy won the toss. Bobby, grumbling, dropped his pants and lifted my torso. He sat beneath me and commanded me to suck his cock in no uncertain terms. Feeling almost wanton, I looked at it. It was huge! I mean the girth and length were twice what I was used to in my first encounter. My mouth began to drool like some kind of slut and I began lapping and sucking at it like a dog in heat.

I could hear Billy unzip behind me and feel the back of my skirt lifted. Then I felt my panties torn off. Literally, ripped off; they were really quite muscular. It only turned me on more. Then he began rubbing the head of his dick against my ass-cheeks. It made me feel only more wanton, like I was their personal slut for the night. Even if I hadn't wanted it, I would have been.

After a second or two Billy's dick was hard. He spread my thighs a bit, not really enough to open me up and reached between my legs. He rubbed my clit then, hard and fast, unlike anything I had ever experienced; the way he forced it hurt so bad that screamed. But, at the same time, the way he did it made me scream in pleasure too. My pussy instantly flooded.

As soon as my juices started flowing Billy slammed his cock, just as large as his brother's, inside me. It filled me so that I could have sworn something ripped. I screamed again, this time more from pain than pleasure.

Bobby was angry that I kept screaming. He started calling me a cock-tease and a whore and forcing my head down on his cock. To make him happy I began sucking him, flicking his head with the tip of my tongue, reaching my hand up to cup and squeeze his balls. He moaned and told me to give him more. He told me that the tears of pain I was crying were sexy. He told his brother to fuck me harder.

Crying in pain, not realizing until seconds later how good it felt, I was horror-struck by the thought of Billy fucking my wet, throbbing cunt harder. But he did anyway. His thick man-meat hammered me like there was no tomorrow, forced itself so deep it bottomed out over and over again. I didn't realize until half way through it that I was begging for more.

Before I knew what was happening Billy exploded inside my slut-cunt. He filled me so full that I could feel it dripping down my thighs. By the way I was shuddering when he finally pulled out, I knew I had cum several times too. Bobby hadn't cum though. Billy stood up and moved to sit on the toolbox, commanding me to stroke his cock while Bobby walked around me.

Bobby smacked my ass several times on the way around, commenting about how good I was at sucking his cock. Like a professional, he said.

When he rubbed my pussy I figured he was going to fuck where his brother had just cum. Then his fingers moved up to stroke my ass and I knew I was wrong. Fear gripped me; the idea of him shoving his huge tool inside my ass was impossible! I would have jumped up and ran if Billy hadn't grabbed my shoulders and held me in place. I started begging, pleading with them, telling them I would do anything if they would just let me go and not fuck my ass.

They just laughed and said that I would learn to love it. Billy was too strong to fight; no matter how hard I twisted or turned he just held on. Just when the fight was leaving me Bobby shoved his huge tool inside my ass. It hurt so badly! I know I screamed and screamed as his massive meat drilled deep inside my tight ass.

I could hear him, between screams, moaning how tight and good it was. I knew that this was going to be the worst experience of my life. Somehow Billy seemed to know my thoughts though. He moved his hand down and began rubbing my clit as my ass was reamed, and it made all the difference. His fingers expertly rubbing my clit sent a vibration through me that made my ass, my pussy and my clit feel like one united organism in a way that left me gasping with pleasure.

Bobby loved it. He just kept pounding me, calling me his and Billy's personal cock slut. After about ten minutes of being ass-fucked I started to cum big. I mean cum like I had never cum before and my orgasm made him shoot his wad right inside me. I squeezed and wiggled for him, milking his juicy manhood for all it was worth.

By the time they drove me home I was theirs totally. I hope to see them again soon, or did before the day I met you."

Her eyes met Eric's, the bald lust visible. The cock-whore wanted him more than anything else and her gaze told him that she would do anything to have him.

Quickly Eric turned to Beverly and said, "your turn."

Part 2: Beverly's Story. (Forthcoming)

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