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Hypnotic Seduction


Is this story possible? Certainly. Did it happen? I’m not saying. The hypnotist in this story is Herman Woods. His nickname is Hank. He is average build. He is thirty two years old. He is a salesman with a hobby of hypnotism. If you enjoy the story, please vote. Fives are appreciated.

I was not looking forward to this appointment. I had been putting off going to the dentist for almost two years. I had no symptoms, but just the teeth cleaning took too long and I didn’t like the way it felt. I also did not like looking at the dentist’s assistant. She just was not attractive.

So when I walked into her office I had very low expectations. There was no one in the reception area. I tapped the bell. A stunning young woman came out and greeted me. “You must be Herman?”

“Please call me Hank?”

“Okay, Hank. Would you fill out this history update?”

Anything for her. I walked over to get the form and to see her better. She seemed to have a terrific figure. Her gown stuck out appropriately. Her face was pure angelic. I was smitten. Now what to do about it? I took the form and filled it out. There was nothing of importance to add.

I sat there and planned strategy. I had been trying to figure out how to capture this lovely thing’s boss for several years. Dr. Barbara (call me Bobby) Snead was a very attractive woman who seemed totally unapproachable. Now, I was determined that I wanted them both. I gave the angel my form.

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“Oh, I am Samantha, Hank. Everyone calls me Sam.”

“Okay, Sam. Is Dr. Bobby running late?”

She leaned toward me. “She is having a bad day. I think she is having a headache.”

Now that was a real good piece of intelligence. I was a pro at curing headaches. “Did you know that I was a hypnotist?”

“No. That’s really interesting. Does that help with headaches?”

“It is the best cure in the whole world for headaches.”

“Wow, I have to try that. I get headaches all the time. The doctor can see you now. You are our last appointment.”

Dr. Bobby (as I called her) was waiting for me in front of the examining room. She looked uncomfortable. “Dr. Snead, did you know that Hank is a hypnotist and he can cure headaches?”

Dr. Bobby looked at me. “Hank, this headache is killing me. I'll do anything to get rid of it. I’ll trade you services. You get rid of my headache and I’ll get rid of your plaque.”

She had never called me Hank, before. Always Mr. Woods. She was hurting. She was wearing a green doctor’s smock that did a good job of hiding her figure. She was about thirty years old and attractive. She seemed to have a good figure and certainly a pretty face. If Sam was an Angel, she was a Goddess.

“Well, Bobby, why don’t you sit in the operating chair. It certainly is the most comfortable chair here. Sam, you can stay or not, I don’t care.”

“Sam, please stay.” That from Bobby.

Sam stood in the doorway. The room was small. Bobby sat in the patient’s chair. “Doctor, I am going to make you relax more than you ever have before. It is important that you concentrate on my voice and think of nothing else. Let your whole body go limp and close your eyes.”

She was highly motivated, but she was in pain. I was counting on her concentration to prevail. Her body seemed to get limp as I spoke. Her arms had been tense when we started. They were now hanging loose from her shoulders. I continued to reinforce the relaxation suggestion until I was convinced she was completely limp. Then I started to deepen the trance.

“Your body is now completely limp. You are only thinking of my voice. You have no other thoughts in your head. As I speak your trance will go very, very deep. Your mind will be completely blank. When I count to one hundred you will slowly come out of the trance. When I reach one, you will wake feeling wonderful. Every part of your body will feel wonderful, your head, arms, torso and legs. Every part. If I say sleep, you will go into an even deeper trance.”

I counted back from one hundred. I could see that she was coming out of a deep trance. Her body seemed less stressed than before I started. When I got to one, she opened her eyes.

“Hank, it worked. I don’t have my headache. I feel wonderful. How do you do it? What did you do?” It really worked. She didn’t remember.

She looked at Sam. “Sam, that was terrific, you should try it. After I finish with him.”

“I’d like that doctor. You sure you won’t mind?”

“Sam, I feel so good. I want to share it with you.”

She had me get into the dentists chair and she spent the next thirty minutes cleaning my teeth.

“Well, Hank, your teeth are fine. You should floss and you should come in more often. Now, did you want to do your magic with Sam? I want to watch. Sam, we are ready for you.”

Sam came back in. She looked as angelic as I remembered. “Sam, you get to sit in the chair.”

She had seen me hypnotize her boss and she was preconditioned. When she sat in the chair she went completely limp. I reinforced the suggestions and repeated the mantra I did with Bobby. When she woke up she looked confused. “What happened. I feel good, but I don’t remember anything.”

I had given her the same suggestion I gave Bobby. that when I said “sleep” she would go back into an even deeper trance. She was looking at Bobby while she was talking. Bobby opened her mouth to say something. “Sleep, both of you.”

Sam fell back in the chair and Bobby collapsed in a heap on the floor. She looked like a candle that is melting down looks as it wilts. I had to see what awaited me. I went to Bobby and lifted up the smock. Her legs were long and soft, covered by white nylons. Nicely shaped, but not athletic. I suspect she kept her figure with diet, not exercise. I rubbed my hands along those long, nylon covered legs until I got to the bare skin where the nylons ended. Her legs were so soft. I then went all the way up to the soft covered bush at the top. I wanted to pull of the panties and fuck her right there, but that didn’t seem like a good idea.

I next turned to Sam. I pulled up her gown. Her legs were athletic and muscled. Very long. She was not wearing stockings. I felt her hard legs all the way up to her covered bush. She was wearing a thong. She trimmed her pubic hair. Interestingly, she was moist at her bush and she was putting out my favorite odor. This was stimulating her. Now to complete the first part of my plan.

I went to Bobby and knelt next to her ear. I whispered, “When you wake, you will not remember being hypnotized. You will know that I made you headache go away, you will not concern yourself with how. You will suggest that the three of us meet for dinner tonight as a thank you for ridding you of your headache. Do you have anyone waiting for you at home?”


“Sam, do you have anyone waiting for you tonight?”


I knelt next to Sam. “Sam, Bobby will invite both of us to dinner tonight. You will accept.”

“Both of you, wake up.”

“Wow, Hank, I feel terrific. I don’t know what you did, but I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. I want to celebrate, can both of you come to my home tonight for dinner?” We both said we could.

“Now, Hank, we need to clean and check your teeth.” We did that. After my teeth were cleaned, Bobby gave me directions to her home. She lived in the hills above the business area. She told us to be there at “sevenish.” I assured her I would do that.

I arrived slightly before seven. I was hoping to have some time with the doctor alone. It was not to be. Sam was already there, looking ravishing and settled in. She was helping Bobby get ready for dinner. “I asked Sam to come early and help. I still feel terrific. Whatever you did really helped me. Lets go into the den and talk while the dinner cooks. I’m making a roasted chicken and it needs a few more minutes. Everything else is ready.”

We went into the den. Bobby had a nice house. It was two stories with the bedrooms up stairs. Bobby was wearing a long lounging outfit and Sam was in a skirt and blouse. They both looked very feminine. I really wanted to fuck them both.

“Hank, I feel funny having you over. I have a rule never to socialize with my patients. I feel so grateful to you for making me feel good, I made an exception. Please, don’t get any ideas from this.”

Oh, boy. She certainly laid out the ground rules. Well, I was going to have both of them before the evening was over. Sam had not said anything. She just acted passive about the whole thing. Sam couldn’t know that I had been trying to get Bobby to date me forever. At least she wouldn’t have known until tonight. The women probably talked before I arrived.

“Bobby, you know that I really like you.”

“I know, Hank, but I have found that if I have a rule I should stick to it.”

“Okay, Bobby lets have a nice dinner and conversation.”

“Sure, Hank.”

We had dinner and conversation. We talked about politics (she was liberal) and science and what a mess society was making out of our children. I managed to learn that she was not dating anyone. I was pretty sure that she was heterosexual. Sam didn’t say a whole bunch. I think she was intimidated. After dinner Bobby started making hints that it was time to leave.

I knew that if I used a direct approach it would not work on Doctor Bobby. If I asked her to do something she didn’t want to do, she would rebel and come out of the trance. I had to create an environment that would enable me to fuck her and Sam.

We were starting to walk towards the front door. It was now or never. “Both of you sleep.” They melted to the floor.

“Both of you go sit in the livingroom.” They got up and went into the living room and sat on the couch.

“Bobby, when is the last time you had sex?”

“Two years ago.”

“Why so long?”

“I haven’t found the right person.”

“What are you looking for?”

“A nice man who is well settled and doesn’t need me to support him.

“Do you have to have someone you are going to marry before you have sex?”

“That’s what I think.”

“Was your sexual relations successful when you last did it?”


“Why not?”

“It was too fast and I was not ready.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm with a man?”


“Do you masturbate?”


“Have you ever had sex with another woman?”


“Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“I think so.”


“I was showering with a hand held shower and I was washing my crotch. All of a sudden I felt tingly and I started to shake.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“No.” Oh, terrific.

“Do you find me unattractive?”


“What actor symbolizes your ideal man?”

“Tom Cruise.”

“Sam, when is the last time you had sex?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“Did you cum?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Bobby, as you sit there you are fantasizing about having an orgasm. You can feel it in your vagina and your breasts. You are thinking how nice it would be to have an orgasm, now. When you wake up you are going to feel very horny. You are going to want to fuck any man you can find. When I waken you, you will ask me to stay and talk awhile. Sam, you also will be very aroused when you wake. Now, both of you, wake up.”

They both opened their eyes. Bobby was licking her lips as she looked at me. She opened her mouth to say something and closed it without uttering a word. Her eyes were glittering. Finally, Bobby got up and suggested Sam and I stay awhile and talk. Her voice sounded different. She led us back to the living room where she sat on a couch. I sat next to her and Sam sat next to me. It was very cozy.

I put my arms around the two woman. They cuddled up to me. My favorite musky odor was starting to waft into the air. With my right hand I cupped Sam’s right breast. With my left hand I reached for Bobby’s crotch. I wanted to see what they would do. I quickly found out.

Bobby was clearly ambivalent. Her body pressed against my hand as she, half heartedly, tried to brush my hand away. Sam cuddled closer as I squeezed her soft, luscious, breast. I had to do something to push Bobby over the edge. Clearly, she was aroused. Equally clearly, she didn’t want me.

“Sleep, both of you.” Both of their heads fell back and they were out. I was afraid to order Bobby to fuck me. I was convinced she would resist and come out of the trance. Sam seemed much more eager.

“Sam, do you want to have sex with me?”

“MM yes.”

“When I wake you, you will be very aroused and you will slowly take all of your clothes off. You will make yourself available to me. You will ask me to fuck you. You will beg me to fuck you.”

“Both of you, wake up.” Bobby stayed next to me as Sam got up. She started to slowly unbutton her blouse as she stood in front of me.

“Samantha, what in the world are you doing?”

“I’m taking my clothes off.”


“I want to have sex with Hank. I want him to fuck me.”


“I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. I can’t help it.” She shrugged her blouse off. She then stepped out of her skirt. Bobby’s eyes were bugging out and her mouth was hanging open. Her right hand was reaching for her left breast. As Sam was removing her bra, Bobby was rubbing her breast. Soon, Sam was stepping out of her panty hose. She was now naked in front of me. Her tits were the size of large navel oranges with small, hard nipples. Her pussy was sending a strong pungent signal that she was ready. Bobby was making humming noises as her left hand found her cunt.

“Hank, fuck me, please? Please?” She looked delicious and desperate.

“Sam, take out my cock.”

She kneeled in front of me and unzipped my pants. My cock was straining against my Jockeys. She reached in and gently pulled it out. Her hand felt soft on my prick.

“Kiss it.” She did. Then without being told, she put it in her mouth. Bobby was sitting next to me watching all of this, rubbing her cunt. Sam was slurping away at my cock. I was loving it. Her soft tongue and warm mouth were sending signals to my brain that I was trying to ignore. I wanted Bobby to be first. I decided that Bobby was ready for the next phase.

“Bobby, sleep.” She slumped back. “Bobby, you will do everything I instruct you, do you understand?”

“Yes.” She sounded far away.

“Take off all of your clothes.” She stood up and unbuttoned the top to her lounging outfit. When she took it off she had a bra and the silk pants on. She pulled the pants down revealing a plain white panty to match the plain white bra. She quickly unfastened the bra, showing me her magnificent grapefruit sized breasts. Her nipples were larger than Sam’s and very erect. As Bobby pulled her panties down I saw and smelled her arousal. The small blonde bush between her legs was shining with moisture. Her odor was strong and sent an equally strong message to me.

The message was, “I am here to be fucked.”

I was doing all of this while Sam was slurping on my prick. “Sam, go to sleep.” She collapsed where she was kneeling and my prick pulled out of her mouth as she melted to the floor.

“Bobby, lay on the floor and spread your legs.” She lay down and spread her legs. They were soft, shapely and enticing. Her body was flushed and her breathing was ragged. She was ready. So was I. I got between her legs and pushed into her. She gasped and began bucking her hips. I put my hand under her soft ass and pulled as I pumped. I was really deep. I could feel her vaginal wall clinching my engorged cock. Our rhythm was perfect. She clinched when I thrust. The clutching and thrusting was getting faster.

“Bobby, I am about to cum.” I gasped out. “When I do, you will have a huge orgasm.”

I did and she did. The clutching became a vice grip and she screamed noises. I shot into her. Her cunt was gripping my cock and keeping it inside of her. I felt myself getting hard again. “Bobby, wake up.” She opened her eyes and looked up at me.

She started to scream, “Oh my god, what did you do to me!” She thrashed under me with my cock impaled inside of her. Her eyes were wild, she looked crazy.

“Bobby, sleep.” She collapsed with me still in her. My cock became limp and my enthusiasm waned. I plopped out of her. “Bobby what’s wrong? You enjoyed being fucked, right?”

“Yes, but I didn’t know it was happening. I felt like I was being raped when I realized what I was doing.” She was talking in a monotone. I was talking directly with her unconscious. Unedited.
“When you wake up you are going to remember your very strong orgasm. You are going to feel terrific. You will remember that you seduced me and you will want to do it again. Would you like to have Sam lick your cunt?”


“When you wake you will ask Sam to lick your cunt. Sam would you like to lick Bobby’s cunt?”


“Both of you, wake up.”

“Sam, lick my cunt, please?”

Sam crawled between Bobby’s legs and started licking. Bobby moaned and pushed her pussy against Sam’s face. Sam seemed to be enjoying it as much as Bobby. I got behind Sam and lifted her butt so her knees were on the floor. I kneeled down and pushed my now hard cock into Sam’s wet cunt. She reacted by pushing back against me. At the same time I put my hands under her and gathered her breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as I pumped. Her vaginal walls clung to my cock. As I pumped Sam started to make noise and shoot liquid on my prick. Soon she was spasming on me as I pumped in sequence with her spasms. All the while she didn’t miss a lick.

Suddenly, all three of us came at the same time. I ejaculated into Sam as she and Bobby screamed and I grunted. We then all collapsed in a pile, with Bobby on the bottom. Bobby was again wild eyed, but this time was different. “Hank, do me!”

There was no way I could do her or anything else. “Bobby, Sam, sleep.” They again collapsed. I put my head on Bobby’s breasts and fell asleep.

I woke up when I felt myself being shook. I opened my eyes to see Sam shaking me. “Oh, I ‘m glad you are awake. Is anything wrong with the doctor?” I looked down at Bobby. I was still lying on her breasts and she was still in a trance or sleep. Obviously Sam had awakened on her own. I could hear Bobby’s heartbeat and she was breathing regularly. She was still in a trance like sleep. Sam was leaning over me and her tits were just over my mouth. I reached up and pulled her slightly lower and took her nipple in my mouth. She put her hand on my chest to balance herself as I nibbled her nipple. She reached for my penis with her other hand. It was becoming erect. Bobby was lightly snoring as I was lying on her chest, chewing on her delicious assistant. Sam lowered herself so that she was lying next to me. We were both using Bobby as a pillow. I went from Sam’s breast to her mouth as my hand found her cunt. We kissed with our tongues mingled as I rubbed her clit. Her cunt was mushy wet and her clit was a hard, erect bud. I loved the odor.

She was ready to go again and she wasn’t hypnotized, or at least I didn’t think she was hypnotized. I realized I had never formally waked her up. “Sam, did you enjoy eating your boss?”

I pulled, slightly, away from her and looked down at her while lazily caressing her clit. Her eyes were glittering and her skin was slightly flushed. Her nipples were erect. “Yeah, she has always been aloof about sex and I figured she would like it if it ever happened. I like women and men, they are different.” She laughed. “Now that was an erudite statement. Seriously, women are softer than men and I am the aggressor, with men I like to be controlled, almost raped, as long as I am not hurt. You are exactly what I like.”

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