tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Slave Ch. 3

Hypnotic Sex Slave Ch. 3


Clearly the concept of a sex slave has appeal to both sexes. Both men and women wonder about being a sex slave. Hypnosis is the Great Enabler. This is a series of stories of encounters that raise the issue of being a sex slave. Read on. Then vote and let me know what you think. Everything I write about I believe is possible. I have not, necessarily, done everything depicted in these stories and I cannot advocate making people do things that they would not approve of, if asked.

To understand the ad process you need to read "Hypnotic Sex Slave Chapter 2"

* * * * *

The next applicant was a very pretty young woman who told me she was a cheer leader. Her name was Pamela. Pamela was tall and very athletic. She was wearing jeans and a sweater that showed nothing of her body. Very loose fitting. She told me she was a skeptic about hypnosis.

"If you are skeptical about hypnosis, why are you here?"

"I need money, desperately."


"My tuition is due and I lent my money to my boy friend."

I liked the fact that she answered my questions. That is one of the signals that someone will be a good subject. "Why don't you get your money from him?"

"He said he hasn't got it and he broke up with me." She started to cry. Just a few tears.

"You do understand that this investigational activity involves both hypnosis and sex?"

"Yes, I do."

"Why are you skeptical about hypnosis?"

"I just don't think that one person can control another through words."

"Pamela, I have some papers you must sign before we can even consider using you for this investigation." I handed her the release papers. She signed them without reading them.

"Pamela, it is important that you listen to every word I speak without thinking of anything else. Total concentration. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I am good at total concentration. When I am working, the room could explode and I wouldn't notice."

Excellent. "Has anyone tried to hypnotize you in the past?"

"I don't think so."

"Have you ever had a gym teacher that had the whole class do relaxation drills? Where she talked to you getting you all to relax?"

"Yes, my freshman gym teacher, in high school, used to do that."

"How did those drills make you feel?"

"They really refreshed me."

Those drills were one of the most effective forms of mass hypnosis. I had done them many times with larger groups. A great way to find several good subjects quickly.

"Put your head back and close your eyes. Imagine that the sun is shining on you and you are falling asleep. As I speak, your head will feel heavy and you will have trouble lifting it. You will not feel like lifting it. As I count to ten, your head is getting very heavy. Try to lift your head." She struggled to lift her head. This was something of a minor trick. When your head is tilted back it feels heavy, lifting it is a small chore. It supports the suggestion. She could not lift her head. She let it fall back. She was very supple and her head was tilted parallel to the floor.

"You are now in a relaxing trance. How do you feel?"

"Very relaxed." She was speaking slowly in a soft voice.

"How old are you?"


"Tell me about your sexual experience?"

"There is nothing to tell. I have no experience."

"Did you sexual relations with your boy friend?"


"Did you do anything for him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did he ever see your body or you his?"

"We went to the beach together. Is that what you mean?"

This girl was incredibly naive or she was putting me on. "How many boy friends have you had?"

"Sam was my only boy friend."

"How long had you been dating Sam?"

"Since my junior year high school."

"During that time did Sam ever see you naked?"


"Did he ever ask to see you naked?"


"Did you wonder about that?"

"I guess. Sam, told me that he wasn't interested in me that way. He liked the fact that I was very athletic. He liked to watch me workout. We used to work out together. Sam was very buff. I used to love watching him with the free weights. I once asked him why he didn't kiss me more often and he said that wasn't the way to build a relationship."

"Where is Sam now?

"I don't know. He left school."

I'll bet Sam was gay. I knew of two similar stories where beautiful men had dated beautiful women and the women never figured it out.

"Do you ever think about sex?"


"Have you ever masturbated?"


This girl was not loquacious. "How often, and how does it make you feel?"

She was talking in a monotone in a very far away voice. "Twice a week and it makes me feel strange. I get this excited feeling all over my body. It releases the tension in my body. I do it after my workouts."

How organized. "Do you want to remember this conversation with me?"

I have used this technique when ever I have a potential somnambulistic subject that might feel very embarrassed if she knew what she told me.


That is the answer that I always get. This will be the perfect sex slave for me. The next man will not be hired.

"I am going to waken you and you will not remember anything that happened. You will plead with me to hire you. You will tell me that you will do whatever it takes to get the job. You will waken when I count three. One, two, three."

She woke up with a start. She lifted her head and stared at me. "I guess I was a lousy subject and won't get the job. I must have the job. Please give me another chance. I will do anything to get the job." She was beginning to cry again.

"Pamela, don't cry. I will give you a chance. Here is a slip with my home address. I want you to work out of my house. Be there this Friday evening at five thirty."

Friday my wife surprised me by coming home a day early. My wife was my best subject. She was not gay, but she did enjoy her sexual stimulation. The problem was her waking self was a prude. She was one of those people who didn't want to know what was really happening.

When Sally walked in the door it was five o'clock. We had our passionate kiss. I put my arm around her and whispered in her ear "sleep, Sally." She went completely limp.

"Sally, a young lady will come to the door in half an hour. You will greet her and be very friendly. You will not remember anything about her after the evening is over. When you think about it, you will remember a business associate named Paul coming to the house."

I woke her and we finished kissing. She went to the bedroom and started unpacking. At exactly 5:30 the doorbell rang.

"Mike, will you get it."

"Sure, Sally."

I went to the door. Pamela was standing there. She was wearing a business suit that looked new. Two inch heels and cream-colored panty hose. She looked delightful. Just right for a job interview. Just not the kind I had in mind. I would have to get her out of those clothes to avoid getting them wrinkled, or worse.

"Hello, Pamela. You look lovely." She beamed.

"Come in. I want you to meet my wife." That would certainly put her at ease.

"Sally, come down and meet Pamela." I spoke loudly toward our second floor.

"I'll be down in just a moment." Came from upstairs.

"Pamela, come into the living room so we can talk." Said the spider to the fly.

She sat in an over stuffed, comfortable chair in the living room. "Pamela, I am going to hypnotize you."

"Will you be able to do that? I thought I couldn't be hypnotized. "

"Well, we will see. Lean back and relax. Go into a deep trance." That was all it took. She was clearly in a very deep trance.

"Pamela, are you in a deep trance?"

"Yes." I had used this technique with the others that didn't want to know what was happening when they were awake.

"You will do everything I ask of you?"


"I am going to count to ten. When I finish, you will open your eyes and appear awake, but you will be in a deep trance. You will do everything I tell you without hesitation or question. "

I counted to ten and she opened her eyes. "Go into the guests' bathroom. Take off your clothes and fold then neatly. Then come out completely naked."

She got up and went into the guest bathroom. Sally was coming downstairs as Pamela was closing the door. "Sally, take your clothes off."

Without hesitation Sally took all of her clothes off. She folded them and put them in the den. She came back and put her arms around me for a kiss. I kissed her and put my arm around her and into her pussy. It was wet. I rubbed a little, for luck.

Just then, Pamela, came out of the guest bathroom. She was totally naked. She was gorgeous. You could tell that she worked out. Her breasts were not large, but they were very firm. She had prominent abs and firm legs. Very athletic.

"Sally, this is Pamela." They shook hands. Just like nothing was unusual. I loved it. What a kick. Two lovely women at my total command.

"Would you two please help me get undressed?"

With that they both came over. Sally took my sport jacket off and Pamela took off my shoes after I sat down. I stood back up and Pamela undid my belt and Sally opened my shirt. The two of them worked well together. Soon, I too was naked. I laid back with my penis sticking in the air.

"I want the two of you to like my penis."

They both went to it. What a feeling. Sally on one side and Pamela on the other. I had my right hand on Pamela's butt and my left hand on Sally's butt. I could feel both of their pussies and they were very wet. Pamela was very nthusiastic, as was Sally. I let them go as long as I could stand it. I didn't want to ejaculate and end my stimulation. At my age once a night was my reasonable quota. With this unusual stimulation, I probably would be ready in another hour or so. We would see.

"That's enough!" I panted. They both backed away and kneeled there ready for my next command. "While you are in your trance, I want you both to call me Master." Set the mood.

"Yes, Master." They both said in unison. I loved it.

"Sally lay back down on the carpet. I want Pamela to lick your pussy." Sally lay down and spread her legs. I had done this before while she was in a trance. She would have been mortified if she knew in her waking life.

"Pamela, I want you to lick Sally's vagina. There is a little bud there that I want you to focus on."

"Yes, Master." She proceeded to kneel in front of Sally's mound. She bent down and began to lick. Sally started to make noises and pushed her pussy into Pamela's face. Soon, Sally was screaming and juice poured onto Pamela's face. Sally tried to close her legs to get Pamela to stop. Pamela was much too strong and I hadn't told her to stop. Sally started to scream again and more juice."

"Pamela, you can stop. Now it is your turn. Lay on the carpet. Spread your legs."

She did. "Sally, now I want you to eat Pamela's pussy." Sally got up and proceeded to lick Pamela. Sally has a very long tongue and she got way up there. Pamela started to shake. She was almost vibrating. Then she pushed her mound against Sally. Sally kept licking with her long tongue. Pamela lifted both of her legs into the air and put Sally in a vice grip. Pamela was strong and I was afraid she would hurt Sally.

"Sleep, both of you." They collapsed in a pile of arms and legs. Limp.

I took Sally off the top of the pile and laid her next to Pamela. "Pamela, I want you to let me position your legs. You are to hold them where I place them."

I took her legs and planted them with the knees bent and the heels on the carpet. Well spread for easy entry. "Pamela, I am going to put my penis into you. When you feel it you will start your climax. I had done this in the past and knew it would work well. I went to her and slowly pushed my erect penis into her virgin vagina. I met no resistance. Her masturbating probably took care of that. It was very tight. When my entire shaft was inside of her, I felt the walls of her vagina clinch my penis. I pumped slowly. I did not want to rush. I kept it up for several minutes while Pamela climaxed twice. Finally I came to Pamela's third climax. She put her arms around me and held me very tight. She is STRONG.

"Sleep, Pamela." She collapsed. I pulled out of her. My penis was sopping as was Pamela and Sally's vagina. Pamela looked exquisite laying there, spread out. Sally, with her much more mature body lay next to her. The scene was incredibly erotic. The sex made me hungry.

"Sally, Pamela, I want you to come with me to the master bathroom. We will all shower. When we are clean, we will go to dinner. Pamela, you will tell anyone who asks that you are my new office assistant. Sally, that is the way you will think of Pamela." Many times I have had to change the story in mid trance. It clearly would be easier to have Sally think of Pamela as my office assistant. This was defiantly a situation I wanted to stretch out.

When the women woke we went into the bath room and we all got into my very large shower enclosure. I had the women soap my body and lick my penis. I just couldn't resist that touch. After we were all clean, I told them to dress.

"Sally, you will not question why Pamela is my new office assistant and you will not relate her to any sexual issues. You will not remember having sex with her tonight. Pamela, you will not remember anything that happened while you were in a trance. You will realize that you were in a trance. You will fee proud that you were able to please me. When I count to three you both will wake and get dressed."

"Yes, Master." They both again said in unison. I was feeling very powerful.

We went to dinner. Pamela and Sally got along terrific. They chatted away like old friends. We went to a restaurant that I went to frequently. There was a corner booth that they always gave me if it were available. It had very limited visibility.

At dinner, I felt playful. I sat between Pamela and Sally. I whispered in Pamela's ear "Pamela, go into a trance. When ever I hold your left elbow you will be in a trance and will do what ever I tell you. You will not think about it. You will just do what I say. Now wake up"

"Yes, Master." She whispered.

I took her left elbow and whispered in her ear. "Take off your left shoe and put it on the table."

She did. "Why did you do that?"

"I don't know." She looked puzzled. Sally was looking puzzled too. I leaned into Sally and whispered to her. "Sally, go into a trance." She closed her eyes and leaned against me.

I again took Pamela's elbow. "Pamela, take your other shoe and put it on the table." After she did that I told her to give me her panty hose. She lifted herself up on her heels and pulled them off and handed them to me. I told her to put her shoes back on. I then woke them both up. We had a tasty meal and I wondered what I wanted to do next.

When we left the restaurant I could tell that Pamela was looking like something was wrong. "Pamela, is something bothering you." Sally and I looked at her.

"I'm embarrassed. I think I forgot something."

"What?" I said.

"I'd rather not say."

She then whispered something to Sally and the two of them laughed. When we got back to the house, I put them both in a trance again and had a reprise of earlier activities. I was exhausted. I could tell that Sally was, also. Pamela looked like she could go all night. I suspect that she could.

"Pamela you will be a wonderful assistant. I think I will keep you around for quite a while."

She beamed.

That night after Pamela had left and Sally and I were climbing into bed Sally commented "I liked Pamela she seems very nice. There is something about her that really makes me feel good."

I did not tell Sally what that was. We would see a lot more of Pamela.

* * * * *

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