tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Slave(s) Ch. 2

Hypnotic Sex Slave(s) Ch. 2


Clearly the concept of a sex slave has appeal to both sexes. Both men and women wonder about being a sex slave. Hypnosis is the Great Enabler. This is a the second in a series of stories of encounters that raise the issue of being a sex slave. Read on. Then vote and let me know what you think. Everything I write about I believe is possible. I have not, necessarily, done everything depicted in these stories and I cannot advocate making people do things that they would not approve of, if asked.

* * * * *

I was really bored. My wife was out of town on an extended trip. The business required very little time on my part. I was a very good delegater. I had agreed to write a book about sex and hypnosis that was going very slowly. I didn't want to get too personal to avoid people I knew getting mad at me or worse. So far I had one chapter based on real events and several chapters based on my imagination.

The book wasn't exciting me. It read like amateur science. No excitement and nothing to hold the reader's interest. The chapter on "Hypnotic Sex Slave," might do it. Nothing else in the book had any human interest.

Suddenly, inspiration! I was looking at my stack of unread newspapers when I spotted the Daily Couger. The local University newspaper. I looked at the want ads. There were several for models, even nude models. Why not. It might work.

I dialed the telephone. "Want ads, please. I want to place the following help wanted ad: Subjects for hypnosis experiment regarding sex wanted. $25.00 per hour. No requirements other then you must be over 18, healthy and not have hangups. Hours based on results. Part time" I gave my telephone number.

The ad ran the following Monday. I was stunned by the number of telephone calls. Some were really weird. I wasn't able to specify sex or age (I decided I didn't really want to).

The first call was from a man who called himself Ed and said he was a student in the Divinity School and would I be interested in him? "I could use the money, real bad, and I would work hard." Ed spoke with a strong Southern twang.

"Would discussing sex with others bother you?"

"Oh, no. I think talking about sex is real entertaining. I just don't know I'd have much to say."

" How about things besides just talking?"

"Like what?"

"Like doing it."

There was a long pause. "I don't know about that." I thanked him and said we would call him if we needed him. I also decided I had better get a better idea of what I was going to tell people when they called. What kind of people did I want. What was I going to do with them? I developed a script. "Thank you for calling on our ad. The position involves investigating the relationship between hypnosis and sexuality. You will be required to submit to testing as to your ability to be hypnotized. You will also be required to sign a release that you agree to be hypnotized. Further details will be available if you qualify."

I thought that would reduce the number of people I would see. Wrong!

I ended up with thirty-two people who wanted to come in. I selected sixteen. Eight men and eight women. The selection was based on the telephone interviews. They had to sound enthusiastic and I relied on my instincts as to their being good subjects. I decided I would see them all on the same day. Every half hour.

I alternated sex to see if I could have instant pairs. My first applicant was a slightly pudgy, young woman who was about nineteen years old. She was dressed in jeans and a sweater. Neat looking. Her name was Dorothy (call me Dotty). Okay.

"Why do you want this job, Dotty?"

"I need the money and it seemed interesting."

"Are you concerned about hypnosis and sex?"

There was a pause. "I suppose, a little. I won't do anything I don't want to do, right?"

"That is what the literature says. Have you ever been hypnotized?"

"I think so. At a party, in my senior year at high school I went to a party where there was a hypnotist. I thought I volunteered and my friends told me I was hypnotized. I don't remember."

Unless she was lying to get the job (and I didn't think so) she would do perfectly. "I have some forms you must sign, before we can begin testing you for the job." I handed her the release and told her where the signature line was. She signed it, without even reading it.

"Aren't you going to read the form?"

"I really need the job and I trust you." There must be something about my style. I had heard that many times.

"Okay, lets get started. I only have another ten minutes for the interview. Stand straight in front of me."

She stood straight in front of me. "Make your self stiff. I am going to tilt you. As you tilt you will go into a deep trance and your body will be like a board." That was all it took. She was in a deep trance. I put my hands under her arms. "Let your body go limp." She collapsed into my arms.

I gently let her crumble to the floor. "Stand up and take off all of your clothes." I knew this women was a very good subject and I believed she unconsciously wanted this to happen.

She stood up and pulled her sweater off over her head. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were on the small side. I like smaller breasts and I found them pleasing. They were very firm, with stiff nipples. She then stepped out of her jeans and pulled her panties off. She had been wearing sandals that came off with her jeans. She stood naked in front of me.

I reached down and felt her pussy. It was wet. I had ten minutes until the next appointment. She was just standing there naked. Reluctantly, I told her to get dressed.

"When you are dressed, I will count to ten. You will wake up feeling terrific. You will not remember being hypnotized."

After she woke, I asked her how she felt.

"Fine, terrific. Was I hypnotized?"

"Yes, you are a good subject. You are also the first person I have seen. I have your number, if you are chosen, we will call you by tomorrow evening. If you want to improve your chances, you can hang around in the conference room. That way we can test interaction with others and notify you by the end of the day. It is up to you."

"I will stay around."

"Good. The conference room is the big room at the end of the hall. "

The next person was an athletic looking young man named Steve. I discovered he was a walk-on to the football team.

"Why did you apply for the position?"

"I need money and it sounded interesting. I'm a psych major and that seemed like it would be something I could relate to. What kind of research are you doing?"

"We are investigating how hypnosis effects sexual activity."

"What would I have to do?"

"If you are chosen, you would be hypnotized and asked questions under hypnosis and asked to perform certain acts."

"What kind of acts?"

"That is a problem. If we disclose the acts prior to the hypnosis, it will invalidate the results. That is one of the conditions of the employment. Before we consider you, you have to sign a release and then we have to evaluate you as a participant. Do you want to review the release?"


I gave him the release and he spent ten minutes reading it and asking questions. He was especially concerned about the release from liability. "What am I agreeing to do?"

"Be a hypnosis subject without questioning what you will be doing." I expected to lose him at that point. Yo my surprise he did not quit.

"Well, I need the money and I guess it can't hurt me. What is next?" He signed the form.

"Have you ever been hypnotized?"

"Yes. I was hypnotized in a nightclub last year."

"What happened?"

"I don't remember too much. My friends said I barked like a dog and was stiff between two chairs. I don't remember. I do remember waking at the table with my friends. "

"Well, we will find what kind of subject you will be. Let yourself relax completely." I did a counting routine and several other depth of trance tests and inducers and soon I was convinced he was an even better subject than Dotty.

While he was in a trance I asked him some direct questions. "Tell me about your sexual experiences?"

"Not much to tell. I am a virgin. I have masturbated. I have never had intercourse."

I was surprise. "How old are you?"

"I was eighteen two weeks ago"

This kid was six feet five inches and weighed well over two hundred fifty pounds. I had just assumed he was older and experienced.

"Have you ever seen a naked woman?"


"Not even mother or sisters?"

"I'm an only child and my mother would never let me see any part of her body."

"Would you like a woman to make love with you?"


"Do you have a girl friend?"

"No, I have trouble talking to girls. I just don't know what to say."

I deepened his trance even further and gave him some conditioning instructions.

"When you wake up I will introduce you to a woman named Dotty. You will talk easily to her and the two of you will agree to come back here at six o'clock tomorrow evening to begin work."

I left him in his trance and went to Dotty. "Dotty, go into a deep trance."

She immediately went limp in the seat. "I am going to waken you and bring you back to my office. You will meet a man named Steve. You will agree to come back tomorrow evening at five o'clock to start work. You will be very comfortable with him and make him feel welcome. Are you a virgin?"


"Tell me about it?"

"Two years ago I had a boy friend that talked me into having intercourse with him."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No. It hurt, it was too fast and we never dated again."

"Any other experiences?"

"Not intercourse, no."

"Are you concerned about becoming pregnant?"

"I suppose so. I really don't think about it."

"Are you on the pill?"

"Yes, my mother insisted if I went away to collage I had to take birth control pills."

I woke her and brought her into the office. I woke Steve in front of her. "Steve, wake up and meet Dotty"

Steve woke up and smiled at Dotty. They introduced each other and generally acted like the subject of hypnosis had never came up. I told them they were both hired and they should report to work tomorrow evening at five o'clock. They left the office talking animatedly. I just had time for my next applicant. What happened with the subsequent applicants will be portrayed in future stories.

The next evening at five o'clock sharp Steve and Dotty appeared at my office. I brought them into my private office and locked the door. I had W4's for them to sign and I gave them time cards. I'm sure they were feeling very much like regular employees. I had them sit on my large couch. Interestingly, they sat next to each other.

"I want both of you to go into a deep trance." They both, immediately became limp and sprawled out.

"Steve, I want you to remain in a deep trance and stand up and strip naked." He did.

This young man was well endowed! His penis looked like eight inches long and two inches in diameter, limp. Except he was slightly erect. I suspect the circumstances were arousing him.

I had him fold his clothes in a neat pile and go back to sleep.

Next it was Dotty's turn. I had a study adjoining my office that was like a studio apartment. I took Dotty's hand and led her into the study. When we were in the study, I closed the door. "Do you like Steve?"

"Yes, he seems very nice."

"Do you want to make love with him?"


"When I wake you, you will do everything I tell you without question. Do you understand?"


"No matter what I ask of you, you will do it without thinking. Whenever I talk to you, it will make you feel aroused. Your body will feel a strong sexual need. Do you understand that?"

She said yes and started to squirm.

I checked on Steve. He was sleeping soundly. His penis was still slightly erect.

"Dotty, strip naked." I was very direct to test her. She hurriedly took off her clothes. When she was naked, I spread my legs and opened my pants.

"Come here and give me a blow job?"

She came right over and took my penis in her mouth and started to suck. It felt wonderful. Very warm and wet. My penis quickly became erect. I told myself not to climax. I hoped my body would obey. I didn't want to push it so after about two minutes I told her to stop and get on the floor on all fours.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass. You will love it. You must not tighten your sphincter when you feel my penis."

I applied copious KY Jelly to my penis and her anus and shoved. It went in smoothly. It was tight. I pumped back and forth while feeling her clit. She began to make humming noises.

"As you feel my penis moving in your ass and my hand on your clit, you will begin to climax. Scream when you climax." Soon she began screaming "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

I shot into her and pulled out. I wiped myself off and told her to sleep. She collapsed on the floor.

"From now on you are going to have a strong need to hear my voice. You will call me frequently, not more than two times a day, to hear my voice. When you hear my voice, you will do whatever I tell you. Doing whatever I tell you will make you feel good. You will think of me as your master. Do you understand?"


"It will make you feel very secure and comfortable to think of me as your master."

"Yes, Master."

"Now, you are going back in the room with Steve. You are going to be his master. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"He will do whatever you ask of him, as long as the two of you are coming here."

"Yes, Master."

The two of us walked back into the office. I had pulled my clothes back on. Dotty was still naked.

"Steve, I am here with Dotty. You will do whatever she wants of you. You will do it without question. Do you understand?"


"Dotty, he is all yours."

I stepped back to see what would happen.

She walked up to him and put her feet in front of his face. "Lick my feet?"

He did. She seemed to enjoy it. She sat on the couch with her legs spread. "Now lick my pussy?"

He kneeled in front of her and began to lick her pussy. She began to grind her crotch into his face. I noticed that Steve's immense cock was becoming erect.

"Put your cock into my pussy and don't come until I tell you."

He leaned into her and guided his cock into her. It went in slowly. Then he began pumping. Very slowly. This continued for several minutes. She began breathing harder and humming. He was pumping slowly. Finally she began to scream, "I'm coming, I'm coming you can come."

He started pumping faster and faster and gave a loud moan and emptied into her. He then collapsed onto her. She put her arms around him and held on.

"I am going to waken both of you from your trance. You will both not remember what happened, except that you made love and enjoyed it. The fact I watched everything will not bother you. You will not think about it. The suggestions I gave both of you will remain in your unconscious. When I count to three, you will both waken. One, two, three." They woke in each other's arms with me standing there. They looked at each other and kissed.

"Well, you have finished your first day of work. You have each earned one hundred dollars tonight."

"This is work?" They both said in unison.

They got dressed and left holding hands. Based on the conversation it was clear Dotty was the ruler of that roost.

The next day at exactly nine in the morning I got a telephone call. "Master, this is Dotty, I just had to hear your voice."

* * * * *

If you enjoyed this story please vote. Five is most appreciated. If you want more stories in the series email me. MH

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