Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 06


"How's that look?" she asked, smoothing the suede skirt.

"Very nice. Now try crossing your legs."

She brought her left knee up, the one opposite the opening in the wrap, and crossed it over. The skirt hung together, but now both her shapely calves were exposed.

"Nice! That looks good. Now cross them the other way."

As soon as she uncrossed her legs from the original position, the slit on the right hand side started to fall open. When Rebecca picked up her right knee to cross it over the left, the skirt opened like a curtain, and fell away, exposing her whole right leg to the hip and the left to the upper thigh. A triangle of lace fabric was visible between her crossed legs, her brown pubic hairs showing through the lace. Rebecca made no effort to cover herself.

"Is this still good?" She smiled and looked to her fiancé for approval.

Andrew was having a hard time answering. Another man was within a few feet of his future bride, and she was willingly, even happily, disregarding her own modesty to please her fiancé's whims.

His lust was getting the better of him. His voice was hoarse as he instructed her, "Uncross your legs, baby, and put your feet up here on the other arm of my chair."

"Sure, honey," she agreed brightly. She moved her right leg first, the one closest to Andrew, leaving her left foot on the floor for support. This had the effect of spreading her legs wide and rendering the fabric of the skirt almost useless as a covering. Both Andrew and Mr. Barrett clearly saw that the flicker of wetness they thought they had seen under the fitting room curtain had become a dark patch of slick moisture between her legs. The wet, opaque panel of the thong was pulled up tight against her puffy pussy lips, clearly revealing the shape of her labia without exposing them to view.

She moved her left leg, freeing it from the last coverage of the skirt, and put her foot down on the far end of the arm. Feet apart, knees together she braced herself on the arms of her boyfriend's chair. Andrew could smell the delicious wetness, and he knew Mr. Barrett could too.

"I like the way that looks, Rebecca." Andrew was breathing hard. "I love your legs, and that skirt really shows them off." He could hardly contain his lust for her, wanting to rip her clothes off and take her virginity right there on the chair in front of this stranger. "Take off your shoes, babydoll, and do it slowly. I want Mr. Barrett to see how pretty your feet are."

In her carefully balanced position, the only way for Rebecca to take off the leather pumps was to put her feet together, spread her knees, and lean over to reach. When she did this, her blouse gaped open, revealing her firm pert breasts and erect nipples to the men.

Andrew couldn't contain himself; he reached out slowly and took one of her nipples between his fingers. She flinched, as she was still tender from the hard pinching Juliet had delivered at her own insistence. She continued the unhurried process of taking off her shoes, and flexing and stretching her bare feet once she did.

"Do you like Rebecca's tits, Mr. Barrett? Can you see them okay?" Andrew improvised. He wanted to return the favor that the mysterious stranger had shown him by sharing pictures of his wife. And he wanted Rebecca to feel more exposed, and know that her exposure was what he needed.

The older man looked up at Rebecca. "Yes, Andrew, I love her breasts...so firm and round, and proud."

By this time the young woman had removed her shoes, but had left her legs spread wide and continued to lean down between them so that Andrew could continue teasing her sensitive breasts with his fingers.

After a few moments more fondling he released her, impatient to move the scenario to an even more daring level. "Hop up, sweetie, and go try the next dress on."

She slid one foot at a time off the arm of the chair, intentionally brushing her pretty feet against Mr. Barrett's leg each time. Andrew hadn't asked her to do that, but he hadn't asked her not to, either, and apparently the control he had didn't limit her spontaneous ability to add her own flourishes to the sexy game.

As she slid down off the chair she made sure to press her round bottom down on Andrew's lap, feeling his thick hardness between her cheeks. With a giggle she popped up, a scant moment before he completely lost control of his barely contained arousal.

She bent over at the waist in front of Mr. Barrett and handed him the heels, giving him another, even closer view of her naked breasts. She watched as his eyes caressed her tan, exposed chest and it made her shiver, relishing the feeling of being admired. Glancing down quickly, she noticed his prominent bulge as well, stretched across the front of his trousers.

As he accepted her shoes, she improvised more, leaning close and putting her soft lips next to his ear, "I like the way you look at me," she whispered. Brushing her delicate fingertips lightly across the lump in his pants, she added "and I love the way it makes your cock so hard." She said the word 'cock' with special emphasis, enjoying the dirty, bold nature of the word coming out of her innocent young mouth.

She gave Mr. Barrett a flirty kiss on the cheek and turned toward the dressing room. Andrew gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him so he could whisper an additional command before he let her continue on her way, dancing lightly down the hall.

When she reached the fitting room she pushed the curtain open and stood looking at the remaining selection, a sexy red mini dress. There wasn't a lot of material hanging there, and she couldn't wait to try it on.

She faced the mirror on the back of the booth, allowing her to look past her own reflection and through the open curtain, down the hall at her two rapt admirers. Following Andrew's whispered command, she left the curtain open and began to untie the knot that held her blouse together.

It came apart more easily this time, and she nonchalantly took the top off and carefully hung it on its hangar. Topless now, her hard nipples became even more erect in the cool air of the shop. She tried not to look at the two men watching her undress, content to know that they appreciated her young, firm body as she untied the wrap skirt.

She didn't let the skirt drop, but folded it neatly and clipped it to the hangar beneath the blouse, making sure she got on tiptoes to do it, even though she was tall enough to manage the action flat-footed. She knew that standing on tiptoes accentuated her long, bare legs, and dimpled her round ass. She stood there longer than she needed, nearly completely naked, with only the black lace of the thong covering her most private parts from the men's careful attentions.

She couldn't resist admiring her own body in the mirror for a moment, cupping her breasts and feeling the surge of erotic energy it gave her to expose them. "Enough playful teasing," she thought, grabbing the red dress from its hangar, "let's put this on and let the serious teasing start."

She slipped the tiny garment over her head and smoothed it down over her hips, glad that she had already removed her bra. The scoop halter front went past her navel, and the dress was backless, with a snug skirt that clung to her sexy bottom. She spun, looking in the mirror, and saw that the back of the dress barely covered her round cheeks, and the front reached only an inch or two below her moist opening.

She raised her arms and noted that even a small movement of her shoulders brought the dangerously high hem above the critical point, displaying a peek of the wet, black fabric at the top of her thighs. She made a mental note that if she wore this dress at a crowded club she'd have to raise her arms a lot to dance, and smiled as she looked forward to taking full advantage of that special feature.

Prancing back down the hall like a model on a catwalk, she presented herself to the two admiring men.

"Lovely," Mr. Barrett offered as the young woman spun slowly in front of them. "That's a very exciting dress!"

"Wow...wow!" Andrew mumbled. His hand was on his heavy member, pressing it against his leg. His mind raced with the possibilities of what he could make her do, and the feeling of power was starting to get overwhelming.

Andrew loved Rebecca deeply, and consciously he admired her desire to remain virginal until their wedding. He had dated other women before he met his fiancée. His last girlfriend, Kellie, had been the complete opposite of his current girlfriend. She had a ravenous appetite for sex, wanting it all the time all sorts of places and exploring different kinks.

She was more than ten years older than Andrew, and after nearly a year together it had become obvious even to the relatively naïve young man that her main aim was to work her way into his wealthy family through the youngest, weakest link. But it had been an amazing ride while it lasted.

At night in recent months, he would lay awake in bed, wracked in frustration after a night of coy teasing by Rebecca. With his hard cock slick in his pumping fist, his mind would often drift back to thinking of Kellie. He remembered her tongue lapping at his shaft, his dick invading her ass as she grunted in pleasure, and the hot, tight spasms of her cunt gripping him as she screamed loudly in orgasm.

So with Rebecca's unexpected burst of sexuality, this morning's experience unlocked months of pent-up cravings in the young man, and with the avalanche of repressed lust came darker, more sinister needs. Andrew wanted more than just control over Rebecca. He wanted to treat his young betrothed as a mere possession, a sexual plaything. He wanted to break her in sexually like a wild filly, to ride her until he owned her, and demonstrate that mastery to other men and women. There was a sharp edge to the pangs of desire that Andrew felt now. He wanted to punish Rebecca for the forced chastity of their courtship. He wanted to sexually own her.

He struggled to control the overpowering animal urges, thinking that Mr. Barrett might not permit the trespass. He was afraid the older man might take away the power as easily as he had granted it. He studied the older man for a signal, a silent permission, a wink or secret smile.

Mr. Barrett wasn't watching Andrew at all. He was studying Rebecca intensely as she flounced about in front of the two appreciative men, showing off her gorgeous body in the provocative red dress. The completely natural manner in which she gave up control, and the apparent desire for sexual adventure that shone through in the way that she followed and elaborated her fiancé's commands, gave him the sense that the young woman was deriving more pleasure from this experience than either of the men.

Dr. Carter had assigned Wyatt Barrett to work with couples before, and he had seen substantial changes in women's and men's sexual appetites under the power of hypnotic suggestion.

But with Rebecca, he sensed something different, something greater. For the first time he really believed the "secret" the psychiatrist had told him back at the beginning of their association. "Wyatt," he confided, "the whole treatment is a lie. But it's a lie that my patients fervently want to believe. They need to believe it."

The hypnotic suggestion didn't really give Andrew control over Rebecca; instead, the young woman was being freed by the treatment to pursue her own hidden desires. Freed of guilt, and doubt, and shame. Freed most of all from the potential disapproval of her partner.

The treatment didn't subjugate one partner to the other, it relieved both partners' conscious minds from the burden of responsibility for their own desires. Partners under hypnosis never really forgot the things that they did, or the things they were "made" to do. The treatment just gave them permission to not remember.

The older man followed Rebecca's hungry, lustful gaze to Andrew. Andrew was looking at him, and not at his far more alluring and distracting fiancée. Mr. Barrett recognized the look, and cocked one eyebrow to register his understanding. Andrew wanted to be let off the leash, and with a nod of the older man's head toward the young woman and a quick wink, he released the constraints. Andrew might never realize that permission wasn't given because Andrew wanted it, but because Rebecca needed it.

Andrew cleared his throat and looked at his fiancée, sliding closer to Mr. Barrett in an attempt to focus the attention back on her. "Rebecca," he said in a stern voice that seemed to initially surprise all of them. "Rebecca, I saw you kiss Mr. Barrett on the cheek before. I saw you touch his leg with your feet, and I saw you brush against him with your fingers." The young woman looked down as though ashamed, though she was smiling and peeking out from under her batting eyelashes in a way that looked more wicked than contrite.

"You know it's bad to tease a man like that, don't you Rebecca?" She nodded quickly and pretended to pout. "Especially a man who is being as nice as Mr. Barrett."

"Yes Andrew, I know." Rebecca managed to make her lip quiver a bit, as though she was on the edge of tears.

"You know what happens to bad girls who do bad things, like teasing nice men?" Rebecca shook her head that she didn't know. "They get punished, that's what happens."

Andrew stood up behind Rebecca, who was still facing Mr. Barrett. "Raise your arms." As she did so the hem of the short tight dress lifted up on her thighs and exposed the crotch of her black thong panties, now soaked through with her aromatic sex.

Andrew ran his hands down her sides, from the smooth bare skin beneath her arms, to the clingy red fabric at her hips. When his fingers reached the hem he slid them up under the material, not caring that it pulled the dress even higher. She shivered, leaning into his firm touch.

He grasped the waistband of the thong on both sides and firmly, quickly, pulled them down to her knees. She gasped as her wet, hot pussy was exposed to the attentive eyes of the man seated before her, and a shock of erotic energy ran up her spine as she watched him inspect her naked sex. Andrew made her step out of the panties, and he handed them to Mr. Barrett with one hand while he ran the other hand up the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of her hungry lips.

Unabashedly Mr. Barrett brought the damp fabric to his face, pressing his lips against the material and inhaling deeply of her scent, all the while staring directly between her legs. Andrew's finger finally grazed the puffy lips, and Rebecca's knees shook, nearly giving out, as she pressed herself down to try to engulf him.

He pulled his finger away nearly as quickly as she pressed herself against it. She made a mewling, whining noise as he withdrew, and he rebuked her for it. "What's the matter, baby, don't you like being teased?"

She shook her head, "please, Andrew...."

"Part of your punishment, Rebecca." She pouted again, for real this time. "But not the best part." He took her by the hips and positioned her sideways next to Mr. Barrett's knees, facing away from the entry to the fitting rooms. With her dress still around her hips, anyone in the main part of the store would be able to see her naked ass clearly. Andrew pushed the hem up farther, exposing her completely from the waist down.

"Down," he commanded, and as she started down he redirected her so that she was over Mr. Barrett's knee, her round ass perfect position.

She trembled with anticipation as Andrew knelt next to her. "I trust you know how to spank a naughty girl, Mr. Barrett."

"I do," the older man said, trying to keep a straight face. "Should I use my belt, a paddle, or my bare hand?"

Rebecca whimpered as Andrew replied. "I think your bare hand would be most appropriate, Mr. Barrett, if you don't mind?" The older gentleman's hand was already absently caressing the naked, tender flesh laid out before him. He nodded to indicate that he would be perfectly happy to spank her 'au natural.' Andrew continued, speaking toward Rebecca though his words were meant for Mr. Barrett. "Why don't you start with ten strokes, five on each cheek, and we'll see if she has learned anything?"

Rebecca whimpered again, though now the sound was tinged with arousal and she wiggled almost imperceptibly under the older man's touch. She felt his hand move away and then, in a swift second, come down hard on her right cheek. It hurt more than she expected...she thought it would be a play spanking and he delivered a sharp, stinging blow. She yelped in surprise, and before the sound was all the way out of her mouth an even harder blow struck her naked left cheek.

"Aaaooow!" She protested.

"Be quiet, cock tease!" Andrew hissed. "You earned this punishment."

Two more hard spankings came, and she felt her ass start to heat under the older man's stern hand. The feeling of heat quickly moved between her legs, and she felt a tingling of arousal unlike anything she'd felt. She braced herself with her feet, spreading her legs slightly in the process, and bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as the next two blows stuck in rapid succession on her sore round bottom.

"Ahem...is everything alright here?" The sound of the salesgirl's voice stopped the rhythm of slaps midstream. Andrew and Rebecca had been in their own world, as though the rest of the store had disappeared. Carla's interruption reminded them that this erotic drama was playing out in a public location, in a store at the busiest of local malls.

Mr. Barrett, on the other hand, seemed completely unconcerned. "Thank you Carla, I don't need anything. Are both of you alright?" he asked the young couple.

Rebecca winced as his hand came to rest softly on the reddened skin, and squirmed from the feeling of need that pulsed between her legs. He guided her legs even farther apart, and the saleswoman's eyes were drawn to the glistening, thick labia that protruded from the brown curly hair.

"I think we're fine here," Andrew said, face flushed with embarrassment.

"What about you, Rebecca? Do you need Carla to get you anything?" Mr. Barrett's tone was deliberately, mockingly nonchalant, in no way indicating that he had slipped the tip of his middle finger into the mouth of the young woman's pussy, playfully testing the tightness of her opening.

"Hhhmmmph," was all she could respond, spreading her legs even farther and arching her back as she tried to press herself against his finger, to get it deeper inside where she really needed to feel it. Maddeningly, he kept the teasing position right at her entrance regardless of how she moved.

"Sorry, m'dear, we couldn't quite understand that. I asked if you need Carla to get you anything." He stroked his other hand down the small of her back as he said this, tracing his index finger down her crack, coming to rest on her puckered back entrance. "Speak up this time, dear," he said unapologetically as he slipped his unlubricated finger into her ass to the second knuckle.

"Uuuuuhh," was all she could weakly manage as she twisted on the digit violating her butthole.

"I'll take that as a no," Carla said with a grin, unfazed by the libidinous scene that was literally spread before her. "It looks as though you have everything well in hand, as usual, Mr. Barrett." Chuckling at her own double entendre she turned to go, when the older man abruptly thought of something that she could provide.

"Wait!" he interrupted before she made it past the doorway. He was curling his finger inside the young woman's ass, making her squirm and moan. "Is Spencer here today?"

"Yeah," she replied, enjoying the sight of Rebecca's plight for another moment. "He's in the back."

"So am I," he chortled, unable to resist the opportunity. "Could he come out and measure this young lady for a dragon dress, if he has a moment?"

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