tagMind ControlHypnotised to Quit Smoking Ch. 01

Hypnotised to Quit Smoking Ch. 01


My name is Kate and I am 28 years old. I have been married for 5 years and have a little boy. I started smoking when I was 14 and just before I gave birth I was smoking 20 a day. I managed to cut back but soon after giving birth I was quickly back to 20 a day again.

Whilst my husband has never smoked, he has never pressurised me to quit. That was until our little son had arrived.

I love smoking. Despite all the negatives, I find nothing better than kicking back lighting up and indulging in my bad habit. But with the nagging from my husband and the future with my son, I decided maybe I should at least try to quit. Besides smoking out the back in the cold was starting to ruin the pleasure smoking gave me.

A friend in work put me in touch with a hypnotherapist. She swore blind that all his patients had quit smoking after completing the programme. Even she managed to quit having smoked for 25yrs.

As I finished my lunch that day I reached into my purse and pulled out my packet of cigarettes. Lighting the tip I sucked heavily on the cork filter, filling my mouth with smoke before inhaling it deep into my lungs. Feeling the warm pleasure inside of my body I exhaled into the afternoon sunshine. I pulled from my pocket, the card my friend had giving me earlier and decided to book an appointment.

Crushing out my cigarette I dialled the number into my phone. A woman answered and asked me a few questions before confirming my appointment for the following week. She gave me an address in a posh part of town and told me not to be late.

I was surprised he worked from home rather than an office, but the woman on the phone assured me that most clients found it more relaxing. My husband was over the moon when I told him of the appointment. Promising to support me anyway he could.

The following week I had arrived outside the address I was given. The house was huge. I quickly flicked away my second cigarette of the drive and sprayed some perfume.

I didn't have much time to finish work and get here, so I decided to wear my work clothes.

Working in an office I was wearing a knee length black skirt with stockings and a white blouse. I had a black jacket to match my skirt and I wore black heels. My short blonde hair was still up in its bun as this is company policy.

I nervously knocked on the door not knowing what to expect. A tall handsome man around 55 opened the door.

"Hello, you must be Kate. Pleasure to meet you, please come in." he said.

"Hello Mr Connolly." I said walking into his home.

"Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable."

I sat on a large two seated sofa as Mr Connolly sat opposite on a large sofa chair. Separating us was an expensive looking glass table, with a jug of water and two glasses. He poured us both a glass of water as he proceeded to explain things to me.

"Ok Kate. You are here to try some therapy to quit smoking. Is that correct?"

"Yes Mr Connolly."

"Please call me John." He said calmly.

"The programmes will last 5 weeks, with 5 sessions of hypnosis. Your first session will be tonight. Are you ok with this Kate?"

"Yes that's fine."

"Good. Have you ever been hypnotised before?"

"No I haven't."

"Ok that's not a problem. Now Kate not everyone can be hypnotised. But I am proud to say I have not failed once to hypnotise a person. Before we begin I just need to know your feelings about smoking and how you feel about quitting."

John sat there for ten minutes or so listening as I explained about my smoking. The pleasure it gave me as I lit up every cigarette of the day. But also the worries I had about leaving my child without a mother.

As I talked I began to feel nervous as I noticed John's eyes glazing over my body. I pretended not to notice as he checked out my stocking clad legs. He finished making some notes before he told me to sit back and relax.

"I want you to close your eyes, sit back and relax. I want you to imagine you're on a beach and you're falling asleep as the sun shines down on you. Your all alone nice and relaxed, nice and sleepy. That's it you're falling, falling asleep and now your asleep."

I lay slumped back on sofa. My eyes were closed and I could hear John telling me I was asleep. I didn't feel asleep. In fact my mind felt fully awake. But wait? I couldn't move, open my eyes or speak. Is this what hypnosis feels like?

I quickly began to feel frightened. It felt like one of those dreams when you tell yourself to wake up but you can't. Then I felt John lift my arm and let it go. My arm flopped as though I was dead. Every time he lifted it up I tried my hardest to keep it up, but I just couldn't do it. Then John spoke again:

"What do we have here then? I'm going to have some fun with you my pretty little wife friend."

What the fuck was going on! I thought to myself as fear and panic set into my mind. I was definitely not hypnotised, but I just couldn't do anything.

"You're lying on the beach and suddenly you feel hot. So hot you decide to take off your jacket."

My body ignored my mind as I sat up and started to remove my jacket.

"Good girl Kate. That's it. Still feeling hot you begin to slowly unbutton your blouse, before taking it off."

I was telling myself to stop but I couldn't. I felt powerless as my fingers began to slowly unbutton my blouse for this pig. I was soon sat on the sofa with my bra covered breasts exposed.

"Mmmmm, that's very nice Kate. What size are your tits?"

My head said fuck you! But my mouth answered 32dd.

"Your husband is a very lucky man Kate. Now take off your bra."

I reached my hands around my back an unclasped my bra. I felt my nipples stiffen as the bra fell from my chest. I could hear John's moans of delight as his eyes were obviously feasting on my naked breasts. Strangely I began to feel the dampness forming between my legs, as the panic slowly faded away.

"Very nice. Very nice in deed. I'm going to hand you some cream Kate and I want you to rub this cream into your breasts. The sun is very hot. You are beginning to feel horny all alone on the beach."

John handed me the cream and I began to softly massage it into my breasts. As I massaged gently, cupping my breasts I began to forget John was there. My pussy had become soaking wet and my nipples hard and sensitive.

"Now stand up Kate and remove your skirt."

I stood reaching for the zip at the back of my skirt and slowly unzipped it. Letting it fall into a heap around my feet. I now stood in heels, stockings and my black lace panties.

"Now remove your panties." John said with excitement in his voice.

As I peeled the panties down my legs I felt a rush of air hit my shaven pussy. It briefly cooled the wetness around my lips.

"Sit back down Kate. In a moment you will open your eyes and see a handsome man. You are so horny you want his cock. You no longer crave a cigarette between your lips. You will crave a cock. You no longer crave the taste of smoke in your mouth. You will crave the taste of hot cum. Do you understand Kate?"

"Yes I understand."

I still wanted to say no. But my body was weakening my mind and the pleasure was taking over.

"Open your eyes Kate and see this man."

I opened my eyes to see John standing right in front of me. His cock was bulging against his trousers like a tent pole. I felt my pussy gush again.

"I want you to unzip this man and treat him like you would your husband."

I wanted to look up at him and see the look in his eyes, but I couldn't. My hands reached forward to his pants. I unbuckled his trouser belt then began to unzip him. As I pulled his trousers down to his ankles his covered cock brushed against my face. I could hear John groaning with the anticipation of what was about to happen. I knew I had no power to stop what I was doing. But right now, I don't think I wanted to stop anyway. I had passed the point of no return.

I massaged his bulge through his pants then slowly slid them off, with a finger either side of his pants. His cock was huge. It easily stood 8 inches and was very thick.

As it throbbed in my hand I bent my head to his cock and circled my tongue around the tip. I could taste his manly scent as I slowly took the whole head into my mouth and proceeded to suck. John's groans filled the room as I brought my left hand up to cup his balls. My small hand could hardly hold them as I gently squeezed and took his cock a little deeper into my mouth. With my left hand working his balls and my mouth pleasuring his cock, I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock and started to slowly wank him. John grabbed a handful of hair in each hand and began to slowly fuck my mouth.

Tasting his pre-cum on my tongue, I moved my left hand from his balls and began to wank his cock with both hands. I rocked back on forth on his cock. My small hands sliding up and down the length of his cock as my mouth coated his head in warm saliva.

"Fuck me your awesome Kate. I bet your pussy feels even better? But that will have to wait until next week." He said as his breathing increased.

Sensing he was close I began to wank him faster into my mouth as I prepared myself for his juices. Then without warning John grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock right down my throat. He stopped thrusting, gave out a long groan as his cock began twitching inside my mouth. Four powerful spurts of hot cum blasted into my mouth, I tried to swallow faster as my mouth started to overflow. I could feel it seeping out the sides of my mouth as I swallowed hard.

As John pulled out and sat back on the table, I could feel some of his cum dribbling out of my mouth onto my chin. I quickly scooped it up with my fingers and then licked them clean as John zipped himself back up.

John told me to get dressed, sit back on the sofa and finish my glass of water. He then told me to close my eyes and fall back asleep. Suddenly all went blank.

"Hello Kate you are no longer hypnotised. How do you feel?" he said smiling.

"Ummmm I feel ok thanks. A little weird I guess." I said.

"Don't worry that is perfectly normal. Now you may still get cravings for a cigarette. This treatment won't work immediately, but after the other four sessions I promise you will finally quit smoking."

"Ok, well thank you very much John and I'll see you next week same time." I said suddenly feeling normal again.

I sat in my car wondering if this would actually work. I felt ok, but a little different. As I started the engine I noticed my pack of cigarettes on the dash board. Reaching for them I paused for a second.

Well he did say it would take five sessions right? Driving home smoking my cigarette, my head began to fill with thoughts of giving my husband a blowjob. My panties were damp and I needed to get home quick.

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