tagMind ControlHypnotism Can Be Fun

Hypnotism Can Be Fun


As much as I hate to admit it, I was getting older. The dreaded middle age had passed and I found myself with erection problems.

I tried to lie to myself that it was only because I was working hard and was tired. But after another failed attempt in the bedroom, my wife sighed and asked what was wrong.

I assured her it was not her fault and finally broke down and told her the problem I had been noticing. She gave me a hug and asked if I had thought about going to the doctor?

"I did," I replied, "but he couldn't find anything physically wrong."

My beautiful wife then told me about her successful trip to a hypnotherapist.

"I smoked for 20 years." she said. "Do you remember when I stopped and told you I had quit 'Cold Turkey'? I went to this doctor and in one session he completely cured me."

"If he is that good, maybe I should go see him," I said.

I made an appointment the next day and with great trepidation made my way downtown to the doctor's office. The waiting room was nice enough, with quiet music and soothing colors. I couldn't help wondering why other people were there and if they were wondering about me.

Finally my turn came and I was lead into what looked like a study, with a desk, fireplace and thick overstuffed chairs.

The Doctor greeted me and invited me to have a seat. I had filled out the standard patient information sheet in the waiting room, so the Doctor got right to the problem.

"I understand you are having a common problem for men of your age?"

"Yes, I replied sheepishly, I can't seem to get hard, and when I do it goes away at the worst possible time." "I have been to my regular doctor and he can find nothing physically wrong with me."

"I see," he replied consulting his notes, "and your wife told you about the success I had with her.

Well let's not delay any long and get to it then, shall we?"

He lowered the lights and then told me to close my eyes and concentrate on the tone of his voice. The doctor started talking in a very soothing and melodic tone, telling me I felt sleepy. Before I knew it the lights were being brought back up slowly and the doctor was asking me how I felt.

"Okay, I guess,"was my reply. "Is there a problem, can't you hypnotize me?"

He told me that we were all done and that I should not be having any more problems. He also said it was important to talk with my wife. I was a little puzzled, but told him I would have her call his office.

The next day after work, I came home and my wife greeted me at the door.

"Come with me," she said. "I have something wonderful to show you."

She lead me up the stairs to the bedroom and told me to undress. I eagerly shed my clothes, only to discover that my enthusiasm and desire didn't match up with the limp noodle between my legs.

"I'm sorry honey, I guess the doctor just couldn't help."

With a sexy smile my wife said something that I couldn't hear. All of the sudden, my penis started to swell and expand. I looked down in amazement as blood filled out the head and it started to rise.

What the hell, I thought. In just a few seconds, it had gotten so hard that I could swear I was one or two inches longer than I had ever been. It was unbelievable, I used to have an average size six and a half to seven incher, but here stood at least nine inches of rock hard cock. That's right, penis sounds too wimpy, this was a cock.

"Oh sweetheart," I heard my wife say. As she sauntered over and knelt before me. "It's so big, I just have to taste it."

I watched with disbelief as my wife proceed to give me a wet slobbery blow job. But the final straw was when she slowly pulled my ass cheeks forward until her lips touched my balls. I unloaded an enormous load right down her throat. She pulled back to just the head and started to jack the rest of me with both hands. I spasmed again and another enormous wad shot directly into her mouth.

As she continued to pump my shaft, I release spurt after spurt into her suctioning mouth until if felt like she was drawing my insides out. As I softened between her lips she gave it one more tug and then released me to hang limply once more.

"Oh my god honey, I don't believe you did that."

She said, "I don't believe I did it either, but for some reason it was easy, and I really liked your sperm too, it tasted like vanilla."

We looked at each other in confusion. Then I remembered that the doctor asked here to call him.

"What did the doctor want to talk to you about?" I asked.

He had given her the trigger word to bring on my erection. The odd thing was that she couldn't tell me, because I was conditioned to blank the word out whenever somebody said it.

"That's crazy," I told her.

"Is that so," she replied.

With that she opened her mouth, but no sound came out. With a smirk on her face she looked down and as I followed her gaze my eyes confirmed what my dick had felt. I was getting hard again. I don't think I have ever had two hard-ons this close together in my entire life. But there it was, big as life and stiffer than ever.

My wife gave me a wink and said, "Well now that we got you off, how about returning the favor and putting that big boy where he'll do the most good."

I smiled and asked her to bend over the bed as I approached here with my huge (that's what I said) cock leading the way. I reached underneath and was delighted to find that she was sopping wet. I took my dick in my hand and and rubbed the head around her wet pussy before gently inserting the head just past her lips.

"Oh my God, your head is so huge, it's stretching me out." she said.

I beamed with self confidence and told her I would be gentle and take my time.

I pushed about two inches in slowly and then held for a second. I started a gentle in and out motion with just the two inches and as I felt her begin to respond, I eased in another inch.

She moaned and told me to push in more because it was starting to feel really good. I pushed in another couple inches and she moaned loudly. I now had about as much as I'd ever had in her, but there was still three inches to go.

She told me how big it felt and that it was filling here better than ever. When I told her it wasn't all the way in, she looked over her shoulder with a mixture of fear and excitement.

"I want you to give it all to me."

She leaned forward all the way onto the bed and I pulled out until just the head was inside.

Then with one smooth movement I pushed the entire 9 plus inches of my cock all the way into her until I felt my balls smack into her pussylips.

She let out a shreek and yelled, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!"

I pulled half way out and rammed back in forcefully.

She screamed to fuck her hard and I started to hammer my huge cock in and out of her, causing ripples on her plump ass with every stroke. I pistoned in and out of her for at least 5 minutes until my wife's moaning got higher and higher in pitch.

Then her pussy seemed to get tighter and tighter, and she was squeezing and releasing. Over and over again she pulsed on my shaft and I realized she was have multiple orgasms.

That set me off and for the second time in an hour I began shooting huge wads, 7,8,9 times I spasmed and each time felt like a quarter cup of jizz shot out of me. There was so much that it was squelching out from the sides of her distended pussy lips around my slowly softening dick.

I collapsed to the side of my wife on the bed and we both just tried to catch our breath.

"That doctor sure is a miracle worker, I wonder what else he can do with hypnosis?"

We both laughed before falling into an exhausted sleep.

This is my first story, I have idea's for continuation of this theme, including other people discovering the trigger word. Any constructive criticism would be welcome.

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