tagMind ControlHypnotist Next Door Ch. 06

Hypnotist Next Door Ch. 06


Author's note: There are some misconceptions about hypnosis. There's a line in an old song by The Who that says "the hypnotized never lie."

Yes they do. They just don't know they're lying. I worked with a woman who was the victim of a serial rapist. She gave an initial statement to police describing her attacker. She was subsequently questioned under hypnosis and gave a different testimony. That testimony lead to the conviction of a man who, many years later, was exonerated by DNA evidence. But to this day, that woman remains convinced of the truth of the false statements she made under the influence of hypnosis.

What's that go to do with our story, you ask? Simply this. A person under hypnosis can be made to believe something at the core of their being that is completely false. And in their believing it, that lie becomes reality. It becomes their new truth.


Jeanette was a little surprised when Mark brought Dr. Morgan home as a dinner guest. As soon as Dr. Morgan walked in, Jeanette's mind flashed back to the events of that morning, starting with the vicious bitch slap the doctor had given her for her snowball ambush and concluding with sexual assault by Dr. Morgan's attorney. Her cheeks flushed with the memory of her pain and humiliation. She visibly stiffened as Dr. Morgan approached.

The fact that she was dressed in her usual evening attire didn't help matters. Mark had insisted that she greet him every evening wearing only a pair of nylons, a garter belt and a sheer baby doll nightie. She had gotten accustomed to it and actually looked forward to receiving her son dressed as his sex slave, but she suddenly felt awkward in front of Dr. Morgan. "Oh. Hello, Dr. Morgan. I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting company."

But the blonde's femdom demeanor was gone, or at least for the moment. She greeted Jeanette with a warm smile and a gentle hug. "Since I'm here as a dinner guest, please call me Claudia."

"Oh. Of course. Well, um, please let me take your jacket....Claudia," Jeanette stammered as Claudia gracefully removed her pinstripe blazer and handed it to her humble hostess.

"I must say Jeanette, you look good enough to eat," Claudia said in her velvety seductive voice. She stepped closer and caressed Jeanette's cheek. "I'm sure dinner will be wonderful, but I'm already looking forward to...dessert. Speaking of which, I took the liberty of bringing some wine for us to share. I hope you don't mind. I thought it might help us have a nice, relaxing, evening."

Oh my God, how does she do that? Jeanette's mind raced. A minute ago, I was terrified of her, now she's making me wet. She could take me right here, right now, I'd do anything she wanted. This woman owns me and she knows it. "That's...very sweet of you...Claudia. I'm glad you'll be dining with us this evening." She couldn't resist touching Claudia lightly on the arm and letting her hand rest there. It sent another little thrill through her bosom.

"Mark and I usually exchange notes about our day over dinner," Jeanette added. "Maybe, if it's not against your um...client privilege, we could talk about what you discussed at the office?"

"I'm sure you both have a lot to talk about this evening," Claudia replied with a hint of mischief sparkling in her dazzling blue eyes. "I think you've each had...a rather eventful day. "

They did indeed have a lot to share and the time seemed to stand still as they dined on Chicken Parmesan and shared their stories. The wine helped everyone forget their past roles and enjoy the moment. Mark went first. He was embarrassed as he told Jeanette about the reprimand Dr. Morgan had given him for having sent Jeanette out the door in a trance with a mouthful of his cum. And he was both embarrassed and excited to recount the details of her lesson on the benefits of submission. Jeanette's nipples stiffened visibly under the sheer nightie as she heard about Mark's adventures with Karen and how Dr. Morgan had restrained and ridden him on her couch.

Then, as his mother told of her impromptu visit to Dr. Morgan's home office, Mark shifted several times in his chair to adjust his stiffening dick, then stopped eating altogether and stared dumbly as she told her son how much she loved getting filled by Lonnie's big black cock. By the time she finished telling them about having been sucked Lonnie's cum from Dr. Morgan's pussy, and later seducing their friend Mitch, Mark had opened his pants to accommodate his raging hard-on.

The fact that Claudia had orchestrated all of this didn't make her immune to the excitement of the retelling. Her nipples were visibly stiff under her silk blouse. And she'd unconsciously unbuttoned the top three buttons, revealing much more of her deep cleavage.

"Well Jeanette," Claudia sighed. "That was a sumptuous dinner. I can hardly wait to see what you have planned for dessert. Something...hot & creamy, I hope." She shot Jeanette a 'come hither' look and licked her lips sensuously. Jeanette smiled wickedly and left the table. She returned a few minutes later carrying a tray with a large cheesecake topped with cherry glaze and whipped cream.

"Not quite hot and creamy," Jeanette said as she set the tray down and passed out saucers." But certainly sweet and creamy". They made short work of the rich cheesecake. Then Claudia carried her saucer over to Jeanette's place, and spooned some of the sticky sweet cherry glaze on to Jeanette's right breast. Then she knelt beside her, cupped her tit and slowly licked it off. Jeanette ran her hands through Claudia's hair and moaned as the beautiful blonde sucked and bit at her big dark nipples.

Then Claudia reached for the whipped cream, squirted some on each nipple, and slowly sucked them clean. By the time she was done, they looked like little brown thumbs sticking out from her shapely breasts. Jeanette writhed in her chair and spread her legs involuntarily as she grew wetter and hornier. Mark watched with rapt attention lightly stroking his cock under the table.

"My turn, Claudia," Jeanette said as she took the whipped cream. She finished unbuttoning Claudia's blouse and squirted the cool cream onto her stiff pink nipples. Then turned the nozzle into her deep cleavage and filled it with cream. She began sucking hungrily at one nipple and squeezing Claudia's full, firm D-Cup tits. "Perfect," she hissed. "God, I love your boobs, Claudia! I wish mine were just like this!" Claudia gasped and moaned quietly as Jeanette worshiped her tits, sending jolts of electric passion straight to her mound.

"Mom, you're only doing half the job," Mark chimed in. "Looks like you need some help with those things. And since I've had practice today, I'm eminently qualified to assist." He quickly knelt on the other side of Claudia and busied himself sucking her other nipple clean. Jeanette buried her face in Claudia's cleavage and sucked and licked her way through the melting cream to the bottom of the valley, moaning with deep desire and the sheer joy of the moment. She felt giddy and completely at ease. Claudia's hands fondled Mark and Jeanette's heads pulling them to her bosom as she gasped and encouraged them with lewd whispers.

Mark's hand glided down Clauida's smooth, flat torso, but when he reached what he thought would be the top of her skirt, he found his mother's hand already at work unfastening it.

Jeanette giggled, and winked at Mark. "I guess dirty minds think alike," she quipped. "Come on son, let's treat our dinner guest to a special 'thank you' for all she's done for us lately. All of the naughty, nasty fun we've had today is because of her."

"True dat, Mother, true dat!"

Jeanette took Claudia by the hand and invited her to stand. She and Mark stripped her of her skirt and gasped as she stepped out of it. Under her professional attire, she was dressed just like Jeanette; in a black lacy garter belt, thigh-high black stockings, and a tiny black thong. Jeanette knelt in front of her, embraced her hips and ass and buried her face in Claudia's mound. Claudia's hands sank into Jeanette's long thick locks as she ground her pubic mound against Jeanette's face.

"Jesus, Mom!" Mark gasped. "She looks hot enough without you throwing yourself at her trying to inhale her pussy." He watched as his mother hooked her fingers in Claudia's thong and began rolling it down over her hips. He began to strip off his pants and, by the time his mother had the stunning blonde standing half-naked in front of her, they were all bottomless.

Jeanette looked up and whispered "Claudia, I want you on the table...please. Sit back and spread these fabulous legs. You're going to be my tasty treat ."

"I'd be honored." Claudia hopped up on the edge of the table and spread her legs wide. Jeanette savored the view for a few minutes and gave Claudia's wet outer lips a few tender licks, then got the can of whipped cream and slowly slid the nozzle past her labia and shot a long, steady blast of the frosty cream into her hole. Claudia jerked and gasped as the cool cream entered her vagina and covered her mound. Jeanette didn't stop until her mound was covered in whipped cream. Then she took a deep breath and pushed in quickly, licking and sucking her way through the cool, sweet cream until she tasted the hot tangy flesh beneath.

"Ohhhh Yes! Eat my sweet, nasty pussy, you hungry bitch!" Claudia leaned back on her hands and ground her pussy into Jeanette's face, bucking and moaning as the hot tongue snaked into her opening and slithered around her hard clitoris. Jeanette reached up and slid two fingers deep into Claudia's pussy, fucking her as she sucked and tongue-lashed her clit. It wasn't long before Claudia began to grit her teeth and grunt. Jeanette knew that sound well by now and added a third finger and fucked her harder to drive her guest to an intense, bucking, shuddering, orgasm.

When Claudia's ecstatic tremors faded, Jeanette spread her legs wider, and pulled her closer to the edge of the table. Claudia complied and lifted her bottom, as Jeanette slowly snaked her tongue down into Claudia's pussy, burrowed into her hole, then out and further down, slowly snaking down past her perineum and sliding down to lick her ass. She swirled her tongue around Claudia's firm cheeks, then licked tentatively around the perimeter of her tight asshole, stirring deeply appreciative moans from Claudia's throat. The fem-dom couldn't resist grabbing Jeanette's hair and pulling her face deeper into her bottom.

"Ohhh yeah, lick my ass, you nasty slut! God, Jeanette, you're such a natural sub, such a fucking whore!"

"Oh, and look what your raunchy display has done to your poor son. His cock is so big & hard it looks like he's about to burst." She reached over, grabbed Mark's dick and squeezed it, making him wince with pain and lust. "Oh, I just love stroking big hard cocks."

"I've noticed." Mark quipped. He stepped closer and groped her breast and sucked it deep into his mouth, eliciting a hiss from Claudia as she pumped his rod, pulling a large pool of pre-cum from the engorged head. "Say, I've got another idea for that whipped cream," he added.

He took the can and sprayed a trail of cream along the top of his cock. Claudia released him as he made a cream trail all the way up to the head. Then he reached over and grabbed a glazed cherry and pushed it into the cream on the head of his cock. He stepped back and spread his arms and announced "The second dessert course is served!"

Claudia slid off the table to kneel beside Jeanette. Mark stepped forward, gently caressing their faces and drawing them toward his bobbing, cream-covered phallus. They licked their lips in mock delight and then began licking the cream from his shaft. Jeanette instinctively deferred to her assertive guest and moved aside, letting Dr. Morgan have first dibs. Claudia Morgan looked up at the handsome, horny teenager with her fiery blue eyes locked on his and swirled her tongue around the head, collecting huge dollops of whipped cream that quickly made a mess all around her mouth. Then she sucked the cherry into her mouth and gulped it down, opened her mouth wide again and slowly lowered her lips down his shaft, pushing a wave of whipped cream in front of her until it mashed up against her sticky cream-covered lips as she pressed them against his torso.

Holy shit, where did she learn to do that?" Mark wondered, as the heat of her mouth enveloped his manhood. How many psychotherapists can deep throat an eight-inch cock? He bucked forward, grinding his balls against her chin for a moment then pulled back as she slowly sucked her way loudly back up his shaft, leaving a trail of cream and saliva behind. "Oh God, Dr. Morgan, that...is...fucking....incredible!" Mark gasped. He was mesmerized as she held his gaze while she let a bridge of cream and saliva arch from her retreating mouth to the head of his throbbing cock.

"The benefits of hypnosis are innumerable," she purred in response. "And please, call me Claudia. I'm not relating to you as your counselor at the moment. Especially when I'm sucking your big, hard cock." If not for having drained his balls on her receptionist's face a few hours ago, he swore he would have cum right then and there.

"Oh, please forgive me Jeanette, I'm hogging our treat. After all, this really belongs to you, doesn't it?" She smiled and pointed Marks' penis toward his mother's mouth, gently placed her hand on the back of her head and guided it forward. "I know you can't keep your mouth off your son's cock for very long." Jeanette took as much of it in her mouth as she could and hollowed her cheeks, sucking hungrily.

"After all, it's been almost...what, twelve hours now since you've sucked it last, isn't that right?" Jeanette moaned in response, gripped it around the base and began sucking it eagerly in long deep drafts. "Yes, that's it Jeanette," she added. "Suck that beautiful cock. Make him so hard, so crazy with lust he can hardly wait to shove it in your hot, wet, pussy!"

Claudia began fondling Mark's balls as she continued to push Jeanette's head up and down Mark's shaft. She had Jeanette's hair in one hand and Mark's balls in the other. Oh, I just love fucking with these two! She thought. The thrill she felt came from more than the erotic experience. She loved the power of manipulating otherwise decent people into such acts of utter depravity.

"Let's put the rest of that cream to really good use," she purred. She sprayed the last of it behind Mark's balls. He flinched as the cool cream hit his scrotum and coated that sensitive spot between his balls and ass. She started rubbing it all over his scrotum and around his ass, slowly working it into the crack of his ass. He moaned loudly as her fingers began sliding around and working their way into his rectum. She couldn't help but moan with him as she slowly finger-fucked his tight ass while his lovely mother sucked his cock.

She took a handful of Jeanette's hair and began shoving her face harder and faster up and down Mark's cock, driving him into a frenzy. He started to groan and tremble. His loud moaning was joined by his sexy mother's muffled whining, who wanted nothing more than to make him explode in her mouth. She loved the taste of her son's seed and couldn't get enough of it. Mark began to drove his hips in time with Claudia's pushing of his mother's head, wantonly fucking her mouth.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck, you two sluts are gonna make me cum!"

"Yes Mark! Give this bitch what she craves! Go ahead and shoot all that hot cum right into your mother's slutty mouth," Claudia hissed as she drover her fingers deeper and pushed the magic button. Mark half growled, half howled as his entire body went rigid and he erupted. Claudia held Jeanette's head still and watched as she gagged on the geyser of semen blasting against the back of her throat. Jeanette whined softly as her son's thick, hot, briny fluid shot against the back of her throat and filled her mouth.

Claudia removed her fingers and used them to stroke Mark's shaft, pumping his load into his mother's mouth. She leaned over and whispered in Jeanette's ear. "Don't you dare swallow that, you shameless bitch." She slowly pumped Mark's cock until it finally began to soften, then she pulled Jeanette's head backward so she was facing upward. "Open your mouth Jeanette, and show us what a nasty whore you are."

Jeanette slowly parted her lips and felt a surge of electricity run through her as she let her son's cum ooze from her mouth, flow over her lips, and coat her chin. She cupped and fondled her breasts, squeezing them hard as the cum began to fall heavily on her chest. She was on the verge of an orgasm of her own. Claudia sensed it and knelt behind her, reached down and starting rubbing her pussy hard and calling her lewd names, driving her over the edge.

When Jeanette stopped gasping and shuddering, Claudia looked up at Mark, placed her face cheek-to-cheek with Jeanette's and began to lick his cum from Jeanette's face. Then she took hold of one of the thick strands of cum hanging from Jeanette's chin, slowly raised it high over her own face, and let it dangle from her fingers, licking her lips greedily. She slowly lowered into her mouth, sucked it noisily from her fingers and then licked them clean.

When she went back for more and scooped some from Jeanette's chest, Mark thought he would pass out. "Holy shit, I cannot believe what I'm seeing," he exclaimed. His cock was already stirring again. Claudia reached out and began to stroke it slowly while she finished cleaning Jeanette's face. Then the pulled Jeanette's face toward hers and kissed her passionately. Mark knew their tongues were entwined, sharing the taste of his cum and it made his cock throb. Then, as if to torture him further, or perhaps just lost in the passion of the moment, Claudia reached down and began finger-fucking Jeanette again.

Jeanette moaned into Claudia's mouth and fondled her big tits frantically, then reached for her pussy. The two women melted into the most passionate embrace Mark had ever seen, kissing and groping each other, each with their hands busily exploring and pleasuring each other's lower lips.

He was hard again in minutes, but decided not to interrupt. He took in the mind-boggling scene in front of him, reveling in the sight and sounds of his mother and their therapist engulfed in the flames of passion. Claudia pushed Jeanette backward making her tumble onto the floor. Then she practically dove on her, shoved her big firm thighs wide apart descended on her bush. Jeanette's head arched back and she moaned loudly as Claudia's lips and tongue covered her clit and began tormenting her bud with a wild, wet tongue-lashing. It was Jeanette's turn to grab a handful of hair as she clutched at Claudia's blonde locks and ground her pussy against her face until she stiffened, yelled again and began gushing into Claudia's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, so sweet, so fucking good," Claudia moaned into Jeanette's muff, as she lapped at her drenched labia.

Mark cleared his throat and interrupted the sisterly lust to politely remind them that he had unfinished business. "Yes you do, son," Jeanette gasped. "You haven't finished your chores. Fucking your desperately horny mother is now at the top of your to-do list!"

She climbed back on the dining room table, perched with her ass near the edge, spread her legs wide and beckoned him with her index finger. "Now get over here and fuck Mommy with that big, hard, eighteen year-old cock!"

"Yes ma'am!" He stepped forward into his mother's embrace and easily shoved his hard meat deep into her hot, wet pussy. Their groans blended in erotic harmony as he drove it slowly but relentlessly forward until his balls were nestled against her ass. Claudia took the opportunity to slip quietly away and went to retrieve her purse from the living room couch.

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