tagMind ControlHypnotist's Revenge

Hypnotist's Revenge


That bitch. She had filed charges against me and leaked them to the press.

It didn't matter that the charges were groundless.

It didn't matter that I was able to prove my innocence.

It didn't even matter that the newspaper had to apologise and print a retraction.

The mud stuck. I lost his job. The taint would be forever associated with my name. Some people would always wonder, did I just get away with it?

The damnable thing about it was that the woman didn't even know me. I was just an easy target due to my position, and she wanted to make a name for herself. Show her power by getting a conviction. I could have easily gone to jail while the real criminal walked free, thanks to her ambition.

Some day, I would find a way to make it right. I would have justice.

-- -

"Susan, how did you manage to quit smoking? You used to go through a packet a day, and then one day you just stopped. What was your secret?"

Georgina had decided that she had to quit. Smoking was not as acceptable now as it used to be, and as a rising politician she had to shake the habit. It would count against her in the polls, especially with the health nazies.

"I saw Dr. Vinders. He's a curative hypnotist. He implanted post hypnotic suggestions that made me find cigarettes repulsive, with a suggestion I find some other way to relax. I'm good with words so he had me switch to doing a cryptic crossword whenever I felt like smoking. It enabled me to kick the habit and it also exercises my mind."

"I see. Do you need a referral to see him, or can you just drop by?"

"You can just drop by, but he prefers a referral from your doctor. That way he knows if there are any potential health problems that he has to be wary of."

"Thanks, Susan. I'll see my doctor later this week, and see what he says." Georgina went on her way.

-- -

"Come in. I'm Dr. Vinders. You're Georgina. It's alright to call you Georgina is it? I find that the informality helps, but some patients don't like the familiarity."

"No, that's fine, Doctor. I suppose you know why I've come?"

"Indeed. You want to quit smoking. I get quite a few patients with that problem, and you'll be pleased to know I have a good success rate. I don't guarantee that you will stop smoking, but if you have good will-power I can help you focus it on beating your problem. At the end of the day it is not I who will beat your habit, but you, and you should take the credit for it."

I looked at Georgina. I recognised her, but it was obvious she didn't have the faintest idea who I was. She had bartered by reputation on a cheap stunt that gave her a foothold on the political ladder. The fact that I was innocent meant nothing to her. Power did, and now she was a rising star. I would really have to see what I could do to help her.

Georgina was looking at the life size mannequin sitting on a chair next to my desk. Turning to the doctor she queried its presence.

"That's Charlie," I said. "I'm also a ventriloquist. For some sessions I need a third party and, to maintain patient privacy, Charlie becomes that third party. When he's operating patients think he's real and tend to open up to him."

"Now, Georgina," I continued, taking out my pocket watch and checking the time. "I just want you to talk to me for a while, telling me about yourself and your aspirations. This will help me get to know you and to determine where I might best direct your attentions when you get a nicotine craving."

So Georgina talked, while I listened and chatted quietly with her, playing with my watch. Then I told her to sleep, and she slid under like an angel. It's quite astonishing how the brightest are the easiest to hypnotise.

At first Georgina was in a light trance, but she went steadily deeper as I talked to her. When she was sufficiently under and in a receptive state I started to give her the commands that would take effect after she awoke. They were quite simple at first.

The basic command was that Georgina would find cigarettes repulsive to look at, and she would dislike the smell and taste of the smoke. Rather than smoke, she would find something to do to stretch her mind. In her case I recommended speech writing. She was very glib with words, orations coming easily to her.

These commands she would remember if she cared to think about them, and that memory would help to reassure her that she was doing well.

Where Georgina was concerned, I had a couple more commands I wanted to implant. Three commands actually, the first being that she would not, at any time, remember the three commands.

The second command was that she would buy a large dildo, and use it to pleasure herself while she was writing her speeches. Her rationale for this was to be that the excitement gave her speeches kick. She has always done it.

The third command was that when she was alone in the office with Charley, she would undo his trousers and pleasure herself with the dildo that was his penis. She would know Charley because he was sitting in the chair by the side of the desk.

At this stage I thoughtfully turned off the recorder that was taping the session. Then I started talking quietly to my very receptive patient.

Finished with the indoctrination I kicked Charlie under the desk and took his place. Switching the recorder back on, I started to bring Georgina out of her trance, leaving her with the impression that when she woke I would be in the next room copying the session's records to a memory stick so that she could check it if required.

Georgina woke up, slowly getting her bearings. Oh, yes. She was at the doctor's for her smoking treatment. Where was the doctor? Now that she thought about it he said he would go and make a copy of the session in case she wanted to refer to it. She was to come out when she felt rested.

A sudden itch for a cigarette hit her, and Georgina winced. Yuk. No thanks. She'd be better off writing one of her speeches. She blushed when she thought of what else she'd be better off doing.

Georgina could feel someone else in the room and looking around she saw Charlie. He really was most incredibly lifelike. She wondered how far that appearance went.

Looking Charlie over, Georgina decided that he really was an excellent model. Tempted she put her hand down and poked him in the groin, and laughed. There was something down there; she really had to have a look.

Quickly unzipping Charleys trousers Georgina fished out Charlie's equipment. "Now why," she wondered, "would the doctor buy a mannequin with an erection? Possibly for treating sexual disorders?" she mused.

It was quite a nice erection. The designers certainly hadn't skimped on materials. Georgina hesitated, but her bump of curiosity and an itch from below persuaded her.

Slipping of her panties, Georgina straddled Charlie, letting his erection slide into her. "My god," she thought. "Charlie boy, you feel realer than some men I've screwed."

I have to admit, I hadn't really taken into account what I was letting myself in for. When Georgina slid herself down over my cock I almost gasped in shock. She was good. She'd definitely been around a cock or two before. Then she started to bounce, and I had to use all my willpower to not bounce with her. This was torture. Delightful, but still torture.

Georgina happily bounced on the mannequin. She was having fun, and she'd really have to find out where the doctor got Charlie. She just might buy herself one. This was like bouncing on a real cock and having complete control over it.

I could see that Georgina was having a fine time. It occurred to me that a command to snap out of it at this point might have had some interesting results, but better not. I'd let her finish. From the sound of her breathing and the frantic way she was wriggling as she bounced, I'd say that she would soon be having her climax.

Georgina bit down hard on her hand to stop herself screaming. She could feel herself coming, but didn't dare yell in case someone came in to see what was happening. Then she was gasping, and hanging tightly onto the dummy as her climax ripped into her.

Still gasping, Georgina climbed quickly off the model. Tidying her clothes and then Charlie's, she noted with interest that Charlie's erection was still as large as ever, although damp with her juices. She really had to get one of these dolls. She turned to go.

As soon as Georgina left the office I was out the other door, unplugging the automatic recording of the session to pass on to her. Automatic up to a certain point, I thought with a smile.

Entering the reception area, I found Georgina settling her account, a slight flush on her face. I passed her the memory stick and told her to feel free to come by again if she found her resolve needed boosting.

I wondered how long it would be before someone caught her in her office, writing a speech while using the dildo. It probably wouldn't make the news, but I was willing to bet that it would sink her career when news got out. And if it didn't, an edited version of her riding me in the office doing the rounds would do her a world of no good.

Satisfied I watched her leave.

Not completely satisfied, I have to admit. Her treatment of 'Charlie' had left me with a raging erection and an urgent desire to have it attended to.

"Stella," I called to my secretary. "Can you come and give me a hand for a few moments. No, you won't need your pad for the dictation I'm about to give you."

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