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I couldn't tell if it was a hypnotism act gone bad or a comedy act that went right but what happened next simply seemed wrong. I should have figured that if I sat up near the front of the stage with my wife one of us would be called up as a "volunteer." When the spotlight fell on my table I cringed, but then let out a sigh of relief when the "hypnotist" chose my wife as one of the people he'd try to hypnotize, try being the key word.

I'm not sure if it was planned that way but for the last act of his show, the hypnotist managed to get all women volunteers. He then went into his routine as he hammed it up with the women. They were all part of a group of experienced and retired teachers. Note: I didn't say old. Anyway the hypnotist, understanding most of the women had been married for many years played up on what, for many of us, had become a pretty sparse sex life.

The ladies seemed to play along until the man started his hypnotic ritual. It seemed none of them were affected in any way. Now he finished his routine, then stated all of the women were hypnotized. Of course every one shook their head, "No," when the announcer said they were all asleep. He then gave them all a hypnotic suggestion saying, "Now ladies, when your husband speaks the phrase, 'Wow things are really looking up,' you will become his loving sexual slave. Then when he snaps his fingers three times you will forget anything that happened. You got that?"

Oh the wives had a lovely time with that laughing loudly and proclaiming, "That will be the day." Yeah, like I said, hypnotism gone bad or perhaps some silly comedy. Anyway, the hypnotist packed up his stuff and our group headed back to the bus for the short ride to our hotel. By the time my wife and I made it back to our room we were so worn out that we quickly showered and went to bed. It had been probably six months since the last time we had sex and hypnotist or no that was the last thing that came to mind.

It was the following morning while sipping coffee I thought some about the act. Yeah pretty funny stuff. There was a knock at the door and when my wife opened it an very attractive woman stepped in carrying her cleaning supplies. As she slipped into the bathroom to begin cleaning my wife gave me a look and I nodded, confirming how hot the housekeeper looked.

I was about to let it drop when, out of the blue, I spoke the phrase the hypnotist mentioned the night before, "'Wow things are really looking up."

"What was than hon," my wife replied from over near the bathroom.

"I said, 'Wow, things are looking up.'"

She suddenly got a strange look on her face and walked toward me very seductively. Figuring she was playing a game I said, "Hey, let's get the housekeeper to join in our antics."

She smiled and then turned around heading back into the bathroom. I waited expecting her to come out laughing but instead I heard a bit of talking from the bathroom and then silence. I waited for a minute or so and then walked over to take a peek.

Both women, naked from the waist up, were locked in a kiss, their breasts pressing against each others as their hands roamed all over their naked skin. I cleared my throat and watched as they both looked toward me and then returned to their kissing. I finally had to step forward, put an arm around each woman and lead them out of the bathroom.

I led them to the bed while both began unfastening my pants. When we got to the bed, I pulled off my pants and climbed in while the two of them undressed. My wife then got on the bed and pulled the housekeeper on top of her as she moved her head between her legs. They immediately move their mouths to each other's pussies and began slurping away.

I paused a moment looking over the young, housekeeper. Her breasts were small and firm dangling just slightly as she kneeled above my wife. Her black hair dangled down over my wife's legs, while her bushy black pubic hair framed my wife's face. Suddenly realizing I was being left out, I moved in behind the housekeeper and pushed my cock forward. I was quite surprised when my wife grabbed it and neatly guided in into the other woman's pussy.

I pushed deep into her, the warm wet folds encircled me as I felt my wife licking my balls and then moving back to the woman's clit. Suddenly I heard my wife moan that way she always did as she was about to come and then she suddenly cried out, "Oh yes, I'm coming." She almost immediately returned her mouth to my balls and the housekeeper's clit.

The housekeeper then began moaning and quickly came, her pussy pulsating over my cock which prompted me. Feeling the wave of pleasure jolt through my cock I arched my back and spurted deep into her pussy. After the first spurt I pulled out and spent the rest of my load of cum onto my wife's face, something she had never previously let me do. Instead of pulling away like I expected, my wife guided my cock into her mouth and she sucked the last of my cum from me.

The housekeeper quickly climbed out from between my wife and I as we slipped into a 69 position with my wife sucking my cock like she has never done before. I enjoyed myself eating her pussy something she allowed very rarely. As the housekeeper dressed and then finished cleaning up, I brought my wife to two more orgasms and she actually got me to come a second time, once again slurping my cock clean.

The housekeeper quickly called out, "Goodbye," and then slipped through the door back to her cart. I remained on the bed next to my wife. Just before we both drifted to sleep I snapped my fingers three times. Later in the afternoon when we both woke up my wife asked why were we both on the bed together naked. I told her the entire story, how I spoke the phrase and then fucked the housekeeper while my wife ate her pussy. I explained that when we finished, the two of us performed 69 until both of us came.

"Yeah, yeah and I'm the Queen of England," she replied. "You only wish that phrase would work you nut. Now come on, let's get dressed."

Well, I tried. After we got dressed and headed out of our room we passed the housekeeper who smiled broadly at both my wife and I. I left her a big tip as we passed and then wondered if the phrase might work again. I made a mental note to give it another try in the morning.

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