Hypnotized by Chelsea

byCute Little Thing©

You love giving men sexual pleasure don't you? Of course you do. You are a pretty gorgeous, incredible female, and what pretty gorgeous, incredible female could possibly resist the feeling of a strong dominant man's hands on her body. Do you feel them now on your ass, those powerful manly hands, making you feel so small and dainty and weak as they massage the cheeks of your ass. Feel as your vagina surges and slicks wet with anticipation.

He pushes you to your knees and you are staring at a large hard thick bulge through his pants. Now listen to me, I want you open his pants and pull out his penis, I want you to choose to take out his penis and hold it in your hands. Admire it. See how big and thick and meaty it is, admire it for the beautiful penis it is. I want you to think to yourself, this penis is incredible, it is my privilege to touch it. Does it feel like a privilege, well it is a privilege because you are a horney little fuckable whore.

Say it to yourself become familiar with the mental image of yourself not just as an incredibly gorgeous girl, but as a horney, fuckable little whore. A fuck cunt. That's right, you are a fuck cunt, and the reason for your being is to have penises put inside you. Big cocks in your mouth and your ass. That's all you ever wanted isn't it is to have cocks rubbed in your face and over your ass, to be on your hands and knees with one big dick up your ass and the other in your mouth, desperately waiting for cum to be shot all up your ass and in your face. Oh you're such a little cunt, such a little girly prissy faggot cock sucking cunt.

I want you to say it, I want to imagine yourself and then imagine the words in front of you - prissy, sissy, faggot, cunt, who wants dick. So it to yourself. Say, I am a prissy, sissy, faggot, cunt, who wants dick. You want dick don't you? You want it every which way you can have it. You want lots of men touching you, roughly using you like a little cunt whore, spraying their semen on your face, and using you for money, you like getting spanked too, isn't that right?

Why do you like getting spanked I wonder? Well of course because your just a fairy cock sucker, a little whore slut for dick, now be a good little whore slut and get up on your knees. That's right I want you stick your pretty little girly ass in the air and pull your panties down so that they stretch at your knees, your face is pressed down against the bedspread and you are reaching back and pulling your ass cheeks apart.

Around you is a room full of men, big strong muscular men and they are naked, and they all have enormous penises that they are stroking, you are so incredibly horney, in fact you have never felt so incredibly aroused in your entire life than you are right now. Think of those men looking at you as a little girly sex object. You feel yourself getting so unbelievable aroused and yet you are unable to climax, do you understand, you may not climax, you may just feeling the most intense desire to ejaculate but its as though you are unable to let go, and you know why and you know how you can get satisfaction.

You will only be able to relieve this aching longing horneyness by being used like a fuckable, cunt, bitch, slut. A cuntslut bitch with a dick in your mouth and another in your ass. You're a little piece of shit whore who is only good for sex, and the only pleasure you can receive is by pleasing men by letting them fuck your ass and mouth. C'mon cunt whore beg for those dicks. Repeat these words after me "I am a little cunt bitch, please feed your hard aching cock into my mouth and my ass" Think of how you are such a little cunt slut. Beg for cock. Beg the large muscle bound man in front of you to press his big full testicle sack into your face. Beg - please may I suck your balls like a little cunt whore. You are a little cunt whore you're a ball sucking, little cunt whore. As you feel his hot balls against your face you feel another giant cock fill your ass. Doesn't that feel good? Doesn't that feel good to be sawed into like that to fuck and suck like a little cunt whore, are you ready you little cunt whore because those two big penises are ready, one to shoot all over your face and the other to fill your hot little ass with spunk, get ready, c'mon cunt, get ready to cum bitch, they're fucking you, you slut, you whore, your ass bitch, cum, cum , cum, release like a little slut whore. He's slapping your ass and fucking you. He's getting ready, think of those two hot raging hardons pointing at your face, you're the bitch, beg them to cum so you can cum, Cum on, you little sissy ass bitch, when I count to three they are going to cum on your face and when you feel semen on you will feel like the hottest little cunt in the world. They're ready. Are you ready, look at they're cocks, here it comes, one . . . . Two . . . . THREE! CUM you little sissy bitch.

Good, now rest, breath in and out, in and out, remember not to lose your trance or I will be very angry. Now when you wake up from this experience, you'll remember what you want of it, you'll take away from it what you, but one thing that you absolutely will remember is that I know something about you that you don't want anyone else to know. You know that because of this information I have total control over you and can destroy you whenever I want. Remember that I am nice, I have a good heart, and remember how powerful I am that I was able to give you such pleasure, but also know that the worst possible thing you could do to yourself is to cross me, or to irritate me in any way. Now what is going to happen now is that I am going to count to three and when I do you are going to wake up, look at me sheepishly, clean yourself off, get dressed, and leave my house.

When you leave you will have this wonderful feeling, a feeling that you are incredibly lovable and special and beautiful, and that the whole world is pulling for you. You will know that you are loved, and that your life has meaning, and tomorrow, whatever you choose to do, you will do it with your best attitude and effort. Remember first, do not cross me, and when I tell you to do something to do it, remember second that you are a loveable intelligent, beautiful and wonderful person. Ok, I am going to count to three now and on three I'd like you to wake up. One . . . Two . . . Three . . .

I awoke, just like that from fainting. I don't know how my clothes got off me, I just remember coming in the door.

"Chelsea, I'm naked" I said confused like a little boy.

"Alex." Was all she said. I went to the bathroom and cleaned what seemed to be semen off my belly. I felt a little sheepish, and embarrassed, both about being naked, and about causing Chelsea such an inconvenience. I quickly cleaned dressed and left. As I left it was still bitter cold, but I felt exhilarated and rested. The cold air was delicious and clean. I quickly walked the dozens of blocks to my house, wonderful visions of encryption schemes, keys and formulas going through my brain. In the morning I called my father.

"Dad, I need money . . . I know how you feel but this is different. I'm going into business, and I need startup capital. I finally get what you've been saying dad, its time to stop letting my life pass me like a spectacle and take control." The next morning I woke up and started my life. I'd never known I could feel this good.

End. If you liked this story please leave me a comment.

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476809/25/17

Surprise ending

I enjoyed your story, but I was surprised that she actually helped him. When she had him thinking about sucking cocks and taking them in his ass I thought she was going to have him being a sissy cocksuckermore...

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