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Hypnotizing Mom


I was taking psychology in college and I finally got to the course I had wanted to take… a class on hypnosis. Ever since I found out about hypnosis I had this one fantasy that I wanted to make happen but I had to wait for the right time to learn how to do it and to have an excuse to use it. The time had finally come and the object of dreams was my Mom.

The college I went to was close to home but I lived in a dorm. My Mom lived near by in a beautiful but small historical home where she wrote romance novels. My dad left her a few years before and he took off for parts unknown. I was able to surmise that they had been having trouble for a while. My mother however is kind of shy and introverted and she had not gone out with any other men since her divorce.

She was in her early 50's and look kind of like Suzanne Summers does at this age. She told me once that she didn't date because the men her age acted to old. She also told me that while she was attracted to younger men most of them did not have enough in common with her and she didn't think would stay with a older woman as she got old. She also told me she was a romantic and was waiting for just the right person to come along.

As for me I have lusted after her since I was 12. One day a friend of mine made a joke about a mother fucking her son and the idea stuck in my head. Ever since my mother has been the object of my masturbation fantasies. Not many years later I read an adult story about a man seducing a woman but hypnotizing her and I knew that was what I needed to do with my mother. I knew however that hypnosis was not easily learned by just reading and that even if I could my mother would never volunteer to be my subject. However if I was asking her to help me with my education I knew that it would be a different story.

So one of the first course I took in college was one that offered to teach me hypnosis. I found that I was a natural at it and that then it was finally time to put my plan into action.

I called Mom one Friday and asked her if I could come over to get her help on a class assignment. I came over that night and explained to her that I needed to practice hypnosis for a class project. I told her I had no one to ask but her and that without her help I might flunk. She agreed and even seemed eager. She told me that she always wanted to know how it felt. She also wanted me to try to suggested to her under hypnosis to stop eating fattening deserts.

So we started. I found she was a good subject so I took her deeper and deeper than I had ever taken anyone before. To make sure she was under I did various tests that told me she was really under. I then gave her the suggestion to loose interest in sweets but I went further. I also told her that she starting to develop a sexual attraction for me. I told her that she would start to see me as the man of her dreams. The one she had always been waiting for. She would find that her nipples would get hard when she thought of me and that her pussy would get wet whenever she had dirty thoughts about me. She would also find herself coming harder and more often when she dreamed of me. Finally she would begin to lust for me so much that she would want to and have to masturbate with images of me doing dirty stuff to her.

I then told her that she would forget everything I told her when she woke up. I also told her that in the future I would be able to put her under with just one word, "lover", spoken only by me. She woke up and when she looked at me she blushed. She seemed uncomfortable with me the rest of the evening until I went to my dorm.

All during the coming week when she spoke she seemed weird and different. I asked her what was wrong and all she just told me she was lonely for male companionship. I tried to press her for more info but could not get any. I also asked her if she felt alright and she said she felt great but she though she was going to a hormonal change or something.

It was not till the following weekend we got together again for our weekly get together. This time I came over for dinner. When I got there she was more over dressed than I could ever remember. She wore close that covered her legs and arms. She even wore a coat and collar so that all her body was covered. It was as if she was trying to cover up her sex as much as possible. She also seemed to avoid looking at me.

After dinner while we were talking I asked her if she stop craving sweets. She said she did but that she had begun to crave other things. I then said the word "lover" and she snapped into a trance.

I once again took her deep. I told her to pretend I was girl friend who she could say anything to and asked her what had been bothering her. She then told me that she had been starting to have these perverted thoughts about me. She confessed she had always been a little attracted to me but never like this. She had started to feel like a bitch in heat with thoughts of her son. She told me how she had begun to want me like she had never wanted a man before. How she wanted to make me her man and to be my slave. She also told me how she had been masturbating herself raw trying to rid herself of these feeling but instead this only made her the hornier.

I then stopped her story and gave her further suggestions. I told her that over the next week she was going to stop thinking that incest with her son was wrong. She was going to start to see that God had actually made me special for her. She would start fantasying of living with me like a husband and wife. She would also dream of living out all her dirtiest fantasies with me. She would want to be a slut for me. She would want to be my whore mother. I finally told her that she would want to start looking sexy for me all the time.

When she woke up she told me to excuse her but that she most have fallen asleep. I left but I soon found her calling me a few times a day. She would call to see how her "sweetie" was doing. She would ask how her "darlings" day was going. She would call to say how much see missed me and how much she looked forward to seeing me again soon. The following weekend when I came over she was a tube dress that accentuated all her curves and showed a lot of cleavage around her ample breasts. She also wore an intoxicating perfume and was made up to almost look like a sexy prostitute. That night over dinner she served wine and kept making sexual innuendos as if she was Mae West. She was also constantly telling me how handsome she thought I was and how jealous she would be when some woman stole me away.

Later that night over some more wine she asked me if I thought she was sexy. I told her I thought she was the most sensual woman I had even know or would probably ever know. She then even started to ask me about my sex life. I told her I did not have much of one because like her I was saving myself for the right person.

We then started talking about society and its sexual taboos and morality. She then told me about a story she heard about where a mother had seduced her son and if I thought that was evil? She asked me with pleading in her eyes. I told her no. I told her I thought it was beautiful and natural if they were both adults.

She then told asked me if I still lusted after her. She told me that she knew I did when I was younger and that she had always found it flattering… even a little exciting. She also told me how she had found some of the stories I wrote these fantasies and how wicked they made her feel. I told her I still did. She smiled.

She then asked me if I would hate her if she told me she had started to feel the same way about me. I told her no and that it would be a dream come true for me. She then asked me if I would hate her if she wanted me like a common slut? In response I just kissed her.

Our mouths quickly became enflamed together as if we had been starving for this. It didn't take long before we were tearing each other's clothes off. As I kissed and tasted her body she loved talk dirty. She would say things like:

Does Mommy's baby like sucking his Mommy's titties?

Make Mommy your bitch.

Your Momma's dirty little boy.

Mommy is so horny for her little man.

It wasn't long before Mom wanted me to fuck her. She told me she couldn't wait any longer but before I did she asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this.

I want you to fuck me son but if you do you will have to become Momma's man. Our incest will be our wedding vows. I don't want to share you with anyone and I want you to make me your slut. I want our sin to be our bond. I want you took take the cherry of my innocence so that we will have no sexual inhibitions together or nothing that is taboo. I will want you to move back home and sleep in my bed. I will demand that fuck me even as my tits sag and my skin wrinkles. I will demand that you be my stud son. If you want that son as much as I do then fuck your Mommy and make me yours. Fill me with your seed and become my son lover.

She was saying everything I longed for to say. I was so horny, hot, and hard that I couldn't have stopped even if I wanted to. So I jammed my cock in her dripping pussy. God it was heaven.

Yes Mommy I want you as my whore wife. I have always wanted to fuck my Momma and make you mine. You are now my bitch mother and I will fuck you always. My cock is only for you and I want you to be my incest bride. I want to commit sexual sacrilege with you forever.

We were so wild that we were soon both in a frenzy that ended with mutual explosive climaxes. Yet it wasn't long before we were once again banging each others bones as if we could never get enough.

It was not till the next morning when I woke up in her arms that I realize the gravity of what happened. We were entwined and sticky with each others dried juices. I found her playing with my cock which was sore. I then told her that I had a confession to make. I told her about hypnotizing her.

In answer she licked my cock and smiled lustfully. She said, "don't you know you can't hypnotize anyone to do what they don't want to do". She then sucked her little boy's dick.

This was four years ago and now we live in a different city as man and wife. I am also a practicing Psychiatrist who specializes in incest.

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