Hypnotizing Mother


"Only if you're sure," I replied. "And only if you give me some specific guidelines, you know, so I wouldn't get blamed if you did something weird."

"Fair enough. But I haven't really thought of anything in particular. I trust you. Do what you want. The only thing I ask is that you don't make anything permanent. I'd like to take things one step at a time."

"You're actually serious about this aren't you?" I asked.

She nodded. "I am. This morning felt like I was finally unshackled of all my emotional restraints. I felt so alive and I want to experience that again."

"And the nudity part? What happens if I hypnotize you, and you get naked again? Are you going to freak out again?"

"It's not what I want to happen, but if it does, I can live with it as long as no one ever find out. This stays strictly between us. Think of this as a therapist/patient privilege. I'm handing myself over to you."

"What do you want out of this specifically? To feel comfortable, or to feel something more? I'm not sure exactly what you want me to do."

She took a deep breath. "I would be interested in a cure for my other issues. I want you to cure my intimacy issues. It's been so long since I've had an orgasm. You're a young man, so you could relieve yourself whenever you want. Now try not having an orgasm for a couple of years. Doesn't sound very fun does it?"

My heart nearly skipped a beat. Hearing my mother talk about her sexuality and orgasms was almost music to my ears.

"You're right mom. I'll do my very best."

She smiled, "Good. Now let's get started."


It wasn't long before I put my mother back under hypnosis. Once again, I had complete control over her mind and body. But this time, I had her permission to take things a step further.

"Can you here my voice?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied robotically.

"Perfect. Now I want you to think about all of your sexual troubles and all of the insecurities you have when it comes to intimacy."

"Yes. It's always been difficult for me. It feels like I won't allow myself to enjoy that part of life."

I took a deep breath. She was at my mercy, and under my complete control.

"Now I want you do something; for the next few hours, you're going to let your guard down. No more insecurities. No more shame. No more road blocks. You're going to be a new woman that's vibrant, healthy, and lusting for sex. I want you to let go. I want you to give in to your carnal needs and I want you to satisfy it as much as your heart desires. Is that understood?"

She nodded. "You want me to let go and give in to my desires."

Temptations took over and I gave the final instruction to my hypnotized mother. In that split second, I convinced myself that I wasn't taking advantage of her, but that I was helping her.

"You are also to obey my commands. I want you to do as I say during these next few hours. Is that understood?"

She nodded again. "Yes, I understand."

"Very good. Now I'm going to count backwards, and when I snap my fingers, you're going to once again be comfortable in your own skin and do everything that I've asked. 3...2...1..."


After I snapped my fingers, my mother came back to reality and had a look of epiphany on her face. She was back to her normal self, but at the same time, I could see it in her eyes that she was a different woman.

"So how do you feel?" I asked curiously. "Did it work?"

She gave a long pause and thought for a moment. "It feels like nothing changed. I'm sorry, I don't think it worked, at least not yet. Maybe things will be different once we're home and I'm relaxed and alone."

"You're probably right about that. This isn't exactly the environment for that sort of thing. At least we tried though right?"

"Or maybe that's the way it was meant to be," she said with a sad look. "Oh well, you did your best. Maybe I was meant to be a sexless woman. We should start to pack up now."

When she stood up, she suddenly froze and her face went blank. "Uh...oh my god."

"Are you okay mom? What is it?"

"I...I feel..."

"Aroused?" I asked.

She nodded nervously and breathed heavily. "It feels so warm between my legs, like it's craving for something."

"Just try to relax," I said calmly as I stood up. "The hypnosis must have worked and your body is reacting to it. This is great mom."

Her knees slightly weakened and she did her best to stand up straight. "I don't know if I can go through with this. It stings, and I'm scared. I want you to undo the hypnosis right now."

"Wait a minute. Isn't this what you wanted? This is your chance to fully experience the things you've always wanted."

"But you're my son," she replied with a concerned look. "I didn't expect to actually be having these feelings right in front of you."

At that point, I felt incredibly conflicted. On the one hand, I fully understood how embarrassing this would be for her. On the other hand, I really did want to help her in any way that I could. And more than anything, I wanted to see her naked again, not to mention sexually aroused.

"Give me a chance," I replied. "I know I'm not the person you ever expected to be doing this stuff with, but it's obviously working."

She paused and took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll give you chance. Now do what you need."

"I want you to completely undress," I said in a commanding voice.

The hypnosis once again proved how effective it was and she started removing her clothes. Piece by piece, each article of clothing she wore was removed from her body. Her face looked like she was in disbelief as she got naked for me. Once she was done, I got a better view of how aroused she was by the wetness between her legs.

"Did you hypnotize me to do whatever you say?" she asked with a dumbfounded look. "I can't believe that I got naked so easily."

"Is any of this bothering you?"

"Well you've already seen me naked, so there's no point in making a big fuss about it anymore."

"Good," I smiled. "I probably wasn't going to stop anyway. I kind of like having you under my spell. It's fun."

She held back a playful grin. "I was expecting you to be a little more professional about this."

"I am being professional about this. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it," I teased.

"So what comes next? Are you just going to have me stand here naked all day?"

"Of course not. Now I want you to put your hand between your legs and rub. Tell me what you feel."

At that point, I couldn't tell if she was acting under hypnosis, or on her own accord. But she moved her hand without hesitation and placed it between her legs. Her fingers moved and a soft moan escaped her lips.

"It feels...warm," she said with another moan. "My clitoris is throbbing and aching to be touched."

She didn't need further instructions as she continued to rub herself. Her facial expressions changed every few seconds while she masturbated in front of me.

"You know that I enjoy watching you right?" I asked without thinking.

"I can tell."

The fluids from her vagina started seeping through her fingers and dripped to the ground.

"Take a few steps towards me," I ordered.

She did as I asked and we were face to face. Her fingers never stopped rubbing her vagina, and I reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts. I gently squeezed and massaged them. My fingers took each of her hard brown nipples and pinched them slightly. Her facial expressions changed immediately showing the state of pleasure she was in.

"Don't stop," she in a sexually depraved voice. "I love the way it feels when you touch me."

My mind swirled with all sorts of perverted thoughts once she admitted that. My hands caressed her harder and I continued playing with her big nipples.

"Can we go further?" I asked. "Do you mind?"

"I don't think I'm in a position to give you any orders," she smiled.

"That's right. You aren't. Now take off my tshirt the way you did this morning."

Both of her hands were put to use taking off my tshirt, and I couldn't help but enjoy the fact that her fingers were dripping with her vaginal fluids.

"Anything else?"

"My shorts."

A part of me expected that my mother would snap out of her hypnosis, or admit that she was pretending to be hypnotized and slap me in the face for making a persevered request like that. But that never happened. She immediately dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts and underwear down, leaving me as naked as she was.

She puckered her lips and looked at me with eager eyes. "What would you like me to do next?"

"I think you know what I want right now."

Without hesitation, she took my throbbing hard cock inside of her mouth and began to suck. One of her hands held and stroked my cock while she sucked me off, and her other hand reached back down to continue rubbing her swollen clit.

She sucked my cock with enthusiasm and vigor like I had never felt before. She was a woman who was driven by a need to satisfy her overwhelming sexual desire. I wanted to let this continue for as long as I could, but I never forgot that this was about her and not me.

"Do you like doing this?" I asked.

She took my saliva covered erection out of her mouth and answered, "I'm enjoying this a lot more than when I did it for your father."

"Good. Now I'm going to return the favor. I want you to experience what sex feels like when you're completely uninhibited. Now lie on your back."

My mother's eyes lit up. Her dream of finally enjoying a normal sex life was finally about to come true, and I was ready to give her something that she would never forget.

She got on her back, on top of the beach blanket which had already been laid out on the dirt, and she waited for my instructions. Her face showed her nervousness, and I couldn't blame her. She was about to get fucked by her own son.

"What now?" she asked, with a trembling voice.

"Spread your legs."

Her knees arched, pointed up in the air, and her thighs were spread. I got between her legs and saw the inner workings of my mother's wet vagina. I gave it a good look up close before bending down to kiss it. Her body reacted the moment I did, so I did it again and again. My tongue darted out and touched her hard clit and I could hear her moaning. Her body shook and twitched with every lick and kiss I gave.

"Oh my god...don't stop...don't ever stop..." she bluntly stated in a depraved voice.

I continued sucking and licking her labia and clitoris until my mouth got tired. Her fluids were everywhere and it was obvious she was on the brink of an intense orgasm. But my cock was still rock hard and I had a better idea.

"Ask me to fuck you," I ordered. "I want to hear you say it."

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me cum. I need it badly. I'm desperate for it."

The look in her eyes and the tone in her voice gave me everything I wanted to know. She was desperate for this and hungry for it.

I postured up between her legs and hovered over her. My naked skin pressed against hers and we were ready to give in to our powerful sexual feelings.

"Now I want you to reach down and guide my cock inside of you."

We were face to face, and she did what I asked. Her hand grabbed my raging hard cock and pressed it against the flesh of her vagina. I pushed my cock in, past her labia, and into her warm, tight little hole. She felt the way every woman should. It was warm and inviting.

The best part was seeing her facial expressions change with every inch I entered. Her eyebrows raised, and then lowered. Her eyes opened, and then closed. Her mouth opened, and then she would clench her teeth.

It wasn't long before we started having sex. I was actually fucking my own mother. It was just the two of us out in the middle of nowhere. The only thing that mattered was that it was the most amazing and pleasurable experience we had ever felt. Our eyes were locked onto each others and our breathing became heavy. I fucked her harder and harder, and her moans would become heavier. Her facial expressions kept on changing and it was clear that she was having the time of her life.

"Oh my god," she groaned loudly. "Oh my god. I'm going to...I'm going to..."

She was going to cum. Hearing her express those words and feeling her skin and seeing her in pleasure was too much for me to take as well. She drove me crazy. And I did the same to her.

I fucked her as hard as I possibly could and she started to scream with incredible pleasure. Her arms squeezed me tight, and so did her legs which were wrapped around my body. Her eyes were shut tightly and she clenched her teeth. I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and a gush of fluids rush out from her cunt. She was having a powerful orgasm.

She screamed and screamed. Her back arched violently as we both came at the same time. I shot a large load of my cum deep inside of her womb before we both went completely limp, and I collapsed on top of her.

We were both sweating and exhausted. I could feel her heart pounding when I rolled off of her and laid on my back for a few minutes.

"So how do you feel?" I asked with a heaving breath.

"I'm cured."

"I'm glad to hear it. That was the best sex I've ever had in my life. I don't care if anyone knows that I just fucked my own mother."

"Well I do!" she said as she playfully slapped my chest. "This is our little secret. God, I don't think I'll ever be the same again."

"Neither will I. That was just too amazing. Maybe we could stay out here for a little while and, you know, explore a few more things."

She smiled, "Well as far as I'm concerned, you're my new therapist. I'm listening to every word you have to say. And I've also got a few fantasies I'd like to explore."

The End

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by Anonymous04/11/16

My mother and I connected our sleeping bags together, then got inside!

We were both naked as we started kissing each other passionately. My cock was instantly hard as I began to fondle my mom's tits, rolling her nipples between my thumb, and index finger. Our lips parted,more...

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Fun and erotic!

A fun and hot read... It'd be great to read more of these two...

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by Anonymous11/29/15

part 2

Well written...part 2 a must...think her exploring ff, ffm, 69, anal all a must...maybe even her getting pregnant (son) would be a nice touch

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by wjd5311/13/15


You need to continue your story, it was well written! !!

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by mgchnds207/27/15

This REALLY needs

a sequel , where mom gets to explore her fantasies ! Thanks!

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