tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Admit I Was Speeding

I Admit I Was Speeding

byCute Little Thing©

I admit that I was speeding, when the cop pulled me over. What can I say, I was rushing to get home. I get that way when I have panties and a bra on. But let me start at the beginning, because this is a long story. It was a Friday night and I had been saving up all my courage for a month, since my girlfriend had told me she would be going out of town for the weekend. Earlier that day, after work, I had driven to a mall two counties away in a lower class neighborhood so I would be sure not to run into any of my friends. I sneaked through the mall trying to keep my head down, trying not to make eye contact with anyone, and I could not believe how embarrassed I was. When I finally got to the lingerie store, my cheeks were burning red, and I had butterflies in my stomach. Still I hadn't driven forty miles for nothing. I was going in. I was going to buy myself some women's underwear if it was the last thing I did.

I could barely contain myself as I pawed the panties and bras. I couldn't decide what I wanted, and my growing erection fogged my thinking. I tried to be nonchalant as I fingered the beaded string bikini and the 'Winter White' g-string, but seriously, how can a man expect to go unnoticed while he is picking out women's underwear? A tall, blond haired sales-woman strolled languidly towards me, her mouth cocked in a sardonic smile, her eyebrows slightly raised.

'Can I help you.' She said, and paused a full five seconds before adding 'Sir'. He tone was slightly mocking at least in my mind.

'Ahhh . . . yes.' I stammered lamely. 'I am looking for some, ahhh. . . under-things, for my . . . girlfriend. Its her . . . It's her birthday, yes that's what it is, and she just loves your under-things. I thought maybe you could help me pick out a few things for her.'

The sales-girl looked down at me. She was over six feet tall in her open toed heels, and she towered over my diminutive 5'7", 129 lb. frame. She crossed her richly tanned arms below her well endowed breasts, and set one heel to the side, bending her knee. The action slightly hiked up her short black pleated skirt and I could just barely see the lace of her black single-seamed thigh high stocking on the inside of her leg.

'For your girlfriend, huh?' She sneered. 'For a second there I was sure you were looking for panties for yourself? You aren't looking for panties for yourself are you?' She said, enjoying the crimson color of my face, obviously observing the erection of my little cock in my trousers.

'I b . . . I beg your pardon.' I whispered.

'LOOKING FOR PANTIES FOR YOUSELF.' The sales-girl said in a louder tone so that the other women shopping in the store could not help but hear. 'You know, lots of little sissies come here to buy panties. I just thought maybe you were one of them.' She said flipping her hair out of her eyes. 'Are you a little sissy?' she asked me point blank.

'Excuse me ma'am, but these panties will be for my girlfriend. I have no idea what you are talking about.' I was trying to sound convincing, but I knew my tone was near to whining.

'Funny.' She said, pausing for effect 'It must have been my mistake.' She flashed me a grin that told me she did this to all her cross-dressing customers.

'Should I help you pick something out then? May I assume your girlfriend is the same size as you are?' She was laughing, she knew she had me. I was so ashamed. This is exactly a cross-dresser's, biggest nightmare, and at the same time, biggest fantasy - to be caught by a sexy dominant sales-girl in the act of buying girly panties. To be found out. She grabbed me by the pinky and led me over to a table covered with lacy g-strings in all sorts of colors and patterns, located directly in front of the open door to the mall. She stood me at the table facing out towards to door, so that anyone walking by in the mall could see me.

'Can't we look over there?' I said, motioning to a darker, hidden corner of the store.

'Why, these are the most beautiful panties in the store. Are you afraid that people will SEE YOU, A MAN, BUYING BEAUTIFUL PANTIES for your girlfriend? Don't you think everyone will think its so sweet, that YOU ARE BUYING PANTIES.' I cringed as her loud voice had attracted the attention of some kids passing by. A group of teenage boys, about seventeen were sitting on their skateboards across from the door looking directly at me and laughing.

'Now I know what you want. You want panties, that will make your girlfriend look like a LITTLE BITCH right?' She said smiling. I wanted the floor of the store to open up and swallow me, but at this point there was no escape, the other women in the store were no longer even pretending to look away, I was on display, and my only choice was to play out this charade. I played along hoping it would end quickly.

'Hold these up.' She said, and made me display a black bikini g-string to the world passing by.

'I bet you she'll just love that.' The sales-girl said.

'Wearing something like that makes you feel like you want to KNEEL DOWN AND SUCK A BIG COCK. That's how you want your girlfriend to feel when she wears these right? But when you add this . . .' and she held up a black, embroidered bustier in front of my white dress shirt as though she were seeing how it would look on me.

'She'll feel like such a little slut, she'll BEG TO GET FUCKED UP THE ASS. You want your girlfriend to feel that way don't you?' she said giggling and placing one well-manicured finger under my chin lifting my face to meet her gaze. I nodded.

'Well, lets ring you up then.' She chirped cheerily. I had only my credit card to pay her with, and she looked me up and down when I passed it across the counter.

'You can't possibly be this stupid.' She said flatly, for the first time acting real. Then shrugged and laughed, Changing her tone.

'You could be a bad credit risk. We better call the company I think.' The sales-girl smiled broadly as she dialed my Visa Card holder, ignoring my protests. When she got a rep on the phone she was not shy.

'Is this Visa? Yes, I have a JAIMIE MARTIN here. Yes JAMIE MARTIN IS BUYING CUTE SEXY PANTIES, he says they are for his girlfriend. Yes I know, that's the oldest line in the book. You should just see him though, he looks like such a little sissy-fag. Oh who knows, he probably wants to wear them while he sucks a real man's cock. I wouldn't be surprised if that little sissy ass of his wasn't filled with semen as we speak. So anyway, can I clear THIS LITTLE SISSY BITCH to buy her little sissy panties? Uh-huh? Uh-huh. Ohhh, yessss . . . oh that's a great idea. Sure I'll do it, it sounds like fun. You do this all the time you say, and you never get in trouble for it? Well ok then, sure. You need to talk to him first though, right? Right, I thought so.' The sales-girl looked at me, flashing a wicked grin.

'They need to talk to you about this charge I think.' I grabbed the receiver filled with dread, not knowing what to expect. I could hear all the VISA clerks in the room, it was obvious they had me on speaker phone.

'Sir?' A stern sounding woman said to me

'I understand you are buying cute sexy panties, is that right?'

'Yes, so what. I am buying the panties for my girlfriend.' I objected, my voice sharp.

'Oh, that is a relief, sir. There has been a lot of fraud going on in that area of the state lately, would you mind if we called your girlfriend and told her about this purchase. That way we could confirm that you are indeed buying her cute sexy panties in a store two counties away from your home, a place where you have never made a purchase before. We could tell her that right, she would understand that you are buying panties for her, right? You do this kind of thing all the time, right? So if its alright with you, may I have her work number? I could call her, or maybe even your mother, you wouldn't mind if I called your mother and told her you were buying pretty little girly panties, would you?' I could hear the peals of laughter in the background.

'I guess . . . I guess I would rather you didn't.' I said quietly.

'Hmmm' the Visa clerk said 'Why wouldn't you want us to tell anyone you were buying a nice sexy gift for your girlfriend. There are only two reasons I can think of why you wouldn't want me to do that.' I looked around and saw my sales-girl motioning for a large African American security guard to come to the counter. Before I knew it, all six foot five of him was standing right next to me. My face came up to about his rib cage.

'The first reason is that you are a thief, and have stolen the credit card, in which case I will have to tell the sales-girl and they will have to turn you into mall security.' I looked up into the security guard's face, he looked bemused by my predicament.

'And . . . And the second reason?' I stammered.

'Look you even have a lispy stutter, isn't that sweet. Oh Yes. The second reason is that you are a little faggot sissy, panty bitch, and you want to buy panties so you will look like a pussy and men will want you to use you like a fuck-toy.' The women in the background were actually whooping, giving new meaning for me to the term whooping it up. The sales-girl pressed a button on my phone projecting the conversation through the speakers so that everyone in and around the store could hear it.

'Which is it? Are you a thief, or are you a little cocksucking fuck- bitch?' The guard started to laugh, the sales-girl was practically dying, pointing at me and holding her belly. The skateboarders in the doorway were cheering and exchanging high fives while the other women in the store were trying to tell them to shush so they could hear the rest.

'WHICH IS IT?' Said the VISA clerk again. I paused for a long time until the security guard took his handcuffs off his belt, and reached for my wrist.

'Wait!' I said envisioning a night in jail.

'Ok, ok, it's the second, I guess.' I said as quietly as I could. My sales-girl turned up the volume of our phone. When the VISA clerk spoke again, her voice was almost deafening.

'What is the second one? You better tell me word for word, or we will have you sent to jail for the night for the crime stealing panties, the other inmates will just love that.'

'The panties are for me.' I said.

'I can barely hear you, sissy. DID YOU SAY THE PANTIES WERE FOR YOU!?! Why would a man want girl's panties? You better have a good reason, or we won't believe you. WHY DO YOU WANT THE PANTIES, Do they make you feel like a little SISSY, FAGGOT, COCKSUCKING, BITCH? Is that why you want them?'

'Yes' I said, totally ashamed and humiliated.

'Yes WHAT?' the VISA clerk demanded.

'Yes.' I said 'wearing panties makes me feel sexy . . . like a little bitch.' The patrons of the store burst into applause, cheering and whistling as I grew a deeper and deeper shade of red.

'I thought so.' The clerk said. 'Well then, in that case, VISA has no problem with this little, sad excuse for a man, buying panties so he can look like a hot, pussy, whore and get fucked all night by a real man. That is what you are planning on doing isn't it?'

'Yes.' I replied, all the fight having left me.

'Terrific, then thanks so much for clearing that up. You may charge his card for whatever amount you want.' The VISA clerk said suddenly, my humiliation complete.

'Is it ok if I add a hundred dollars for club money for me when I ring him up?' My sales lady asked, smiling at me.

'I don't see any reason why the pathetic little slut should have a problem with that, and if she doesn't then neither does VISA. Jaime, are you still there?' The VISA clerk asked.

'Yes' I mumbled.

'Well Jaime, VISA cares about your safety, please remember to use a condom when getting fucked up the ass like a little faggot whore. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you SO MUCH for using VISA, and have a nice day.' She hung up the phone.

I looked around the store and the crowd that had gathered outside. They started to cheer in unison as my sales girl handed me my bag with the black g-string panties and the beaded, semi-corseted bustier. As I pushed my way out the door, the women made cat-calls and called me names, while the men pinched my ass and asked my if I wanted their cocks. Only the presence of the security guard insured I wasn't raped right then and there. I made my way to the parking lot and sat in my car. I was incredibly aroused, and the night was just getting started.

I was so turned on in fact that I could not bear to wait until I got home to try on my panties and bustier. My original plan had been to drive to the next county after work, buy some underwear, and then rush back home for an evening of transsexual porn and phone sex, but as I drove the miles back to the city, I found myself pulling into a highway rest area. I just couldn't stand to not have those panties on.

Grabbing the Victoria's Secret bag, I ran into the men's bathroom and threw myself into a stall. Unable to control myself I tore my clothes off and stood there naked and frantic, my little dick hard and erect. I am such a little sissy anyway, with my frail build, lack of body hair and small dick, that I look pretty girly even without women's clothing, but the effect of pulling those g-string panties on and fastening the black bustier top in the back was incredible. I was a bitch, there was no other word to explain me.

Urgently, I began to run my hands up and down over my body, massaging my little dick through the lace of the panties, but hoping to prolong the arousal for as long as possible before I came. This was perfect I thought. Here I was, alone in this seedy highway rest area, thoroughly aroused by my underwear and the humiliation I just received. What could be better? I imagined myself totally in the control of another man. Him laughing at my little sissy form. I began to stroke my little cock harder and harder and harder . . .

'God Damn it Jake I am so fucking horny!' A man screamed to his buddy as they walked into the bathroom.

'I know it. Where are all the faggots when you need them, right?' Said his friend, the first man laughed at this.

'Its true, when you've need to get a truck halfway across the country and its got to be there yesterday, you pull into a truck stop and you have cute little girly faggots all over you, begging for that dick, but the minute you have some time on your hands . . . nothing.' I froze listening to this conversation. It would be very hard for me to hide what I was doing, if the two truckers noticed my clothing spread out over the floor of the stall. What was more, I didn't know if I wanted to hide. I was so horny, so aroused. Even as my logical mind told me not to, I found myself standing and undoing the lock on the stall. I took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping out in the bathroom dressed only in my panties and bustier.

'Oh my god.' The bigger of the two men laughed. 'Look at this little faggot bitch. Have you been sitting in there like that, just waiting for a man to show up? You look like such a sissy fuck!?!' He was pulling on the sleeve of his friend. The two of them were much bigger than I was, and immediately I feared I had made a mistake in coming out of the stall. They could do whatever they wanted to me and I would be helpless to resist.

The two of them had been at the urinals, ready to piss when I came out of the stall. Their flies were open and I could see that their big cocks were stretching the cotton fabric of their briefs.

'I hope you like dick faggot, because you're just what I need to get mine off.' Said Jake, the taller of the two, and he reached his big hand into shorts and pulled out his huge, meaty half hard cock. He turned towards his friend, Bob and smiled, and Bob shrugged and pulled his cock out too.

'While you're at it, you can suck me off too, bitch.' Bob said. Jake turned to the urinal and said 'You know what, you interrupted me just as I was about to piss. Now that you want to play, I was thinking maybe you could help me out. Come on over here, baby.'

I meekly walked up to him, and he placed his hand on my shoulder, pressing me down to my knees.

'There you go bitch, kneel down in front of my cock. That's good, now look up at me.' I peered up at the man, so much bigger than I, my vision hazy from the turn-on of the situation. I could smell the urinal and his huge cock hung inches from my face. On the other side of me, his friend, Bob approached and stood beside the next urinal, his big cock also swinging freely, inches from my ear.

'Come on bitch, hold my cock.' I could barely contain myself, I grabbed his cock, and tried to put my mouth on it.

'Look at you, you're so hot, you can't even wait until I piss to get my cock in your mouth. But I have to piss baby. Where am I going to piss?' he said laughing. I started to move away, but he caught me by the hair.

'Not so fast pussy boy. You think you can turn me on, but then just get what you want out of it, right? But I've had to piss for a long time, and nothing gets me hotter than pissing all over a little sissy faggot. That's how I know I'm a man, isn't that right Bob, because I know I can piss on a little sissy fuck like you.' I felt Bob take my head in his hands from behind, holding me like a vice and pointing my face up at the tip of Jack's dick. Jack grabbed my strait brown hair in his hand twisting his fist to get a good grip. He pushed his heavy cock into my face, pushing its soft underside into my nose so I could inhale his hearty smell.

'Look at what a pussy you are. What kind of a man would let another man press his cock into their face? I'll tell you what kind of man, a little sissy faggot is the only kind of a man who let me do this. You love this, don't you faggot?'

I opened my mouth to say yes, but Jack filled it with his hot balls instead. 'Stick your tongue out faggot and lick the under side of my cock. God I'm getting hot, I'm gonna fuck you good bitch.' He stepped back from me a foot and I knelt their staring at him, my head grasped between Bob's strong hands, my little girly tongue still sticking out.

'Put your faggot hand around my cock.' Jack ordered. He was so big, his cock was so huge, the ring of my thumb and first finger could barely circle his hot heavy shaft, and he wasn't even fully hard yet.

'Yeah bitch, that's good. Point my cock at your face, and close your eyes.' I am such a sissy bitch, I did as I was told. I pointed his hot cock at my face, and waited while my tiny little faggot dick pulsed from excitement in my panties. I felt a hot stream of fluid hit me in the face, wetting my hair, pouring down my chin, and hairless chest. This hot man, so much bigger and stronger than me was pissing on my face. Pissing on me like I was a little fuck-bitch, a piss receptacle, a complete sissy faggot, and the only thing I could think of was how much I loved it.

'Look at that hot faggot, cock whore, look at her take that piss.' Jack said and I could feel his hot cock get harder stretching my little fingers as he pissed.

'I can't wait to fuck this little cunt.' Bob said, pulling me suddenly backward by my hips, so that I fell forward onto my hands and knees. He let his hand fall squarely on my ass, giving me a hard controlling slap. These guys were so masculine. Such guys! And I was just their little pussy fuck bitch. There was nothing I could do, I had asked for it, and now they were going to use me like the nasty little sissy whore I was. Bob was slapping his huge hard cock against the white silky globes of my ass, while Jack continued to piss on me, covering my back, soaking my bustier and slicking my horny little body down.

'Arch your back, you filthy little fuck cunt. I want to see that little pussy hole of yours high in the air.' Bob said while pulling my thong aside to expose my pink sissy hole, and my little hard dick.

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