tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost


October 31, 1998

Dana Scully's Apartment Building

Front Entrance

The rain was pouring as a streak of lightning lit up the night sky. I had to run from my car holding the umbrella over my head, I was thankful that a group of teenage girls had unlocked the security door in front of me. When we stepped into the lobby I said to the teen that lived above me, "Not a very good night for trick or treating, huh Jess."

Jess replied, "We aren't going to trick or treat tonight Ms. Scully, we have an Ouija board. Is there any spirits we can conjure up for you?" I laughed and shook my head no saying, "I have enough trouble dealing with the living, but thanks any way girls." We split up me taking the elevator and the girls burning up some of their energy taking the stairs.


On the way up the stairs Amber said, "I like that Ms. Scully she is sure nice for an adult, it is too bad she doesn't have a man in her life."

Stephanie spoke up, "Yeah except for that creepy Mr. Mulder," and everyone laughed.


In my apartment I stripped out of my work clothes and slipped into my silk pajamas, and then I settled down on my couch to read some of the trashy novel I had picked up at the book store today. About nine O'clock I decided to go to bed.

Some time during the night I woke sitting straight up in my bed there was a flash of lightning that revealed a strange man standing at the foot of my bed. I opened my mouth to scream but the man held out his hand tearing the scream from my throat, my mouth was open and the air was rushing from my body but there was no sound. Stunned from the lack of sound from my scream the only thing I could think of was, "Who are you?"

"My name is Malachi." The man spoke in an old dialect.

Malachi made a side ways jester with his arm and my bed covers flew off me. He then began to manipulate something with his fingers in front of him and I noticed that the buttons on my pajama top were being unbuttoned by some invisible force. I try to hold the buttons but it was of no use as if they had a will of their own one at a time they pop from their holes. With a flick of Malachi's wrist my top fell open exposing my firm breasts, nipples hardening instantly from the chill of the night air. With a gesture and a flick of his wrist my arms moved straight up in the air and my pj top went sailing up and onto the floor. I tried to lower my arms to cover my bare breasts, but found I couldn't move them. My upper body was suddenly pushed down against the bed making me lay prone, my breasts stretched taught from my arms being held above my head by an unknown force. Another gesture from Malachi caused my PJ bottoms and panties to come flying off leaving me completely naked. Malachi began walking towards the head of my bed and it was as if he passed through an invisible wall, one minute he was fully clothed and the next he was completely nude his skin completely covered in a light sheen of blood. Malachi touched my left ankle and my legs spread as if someone had grasped my ankles and forced them apart. His fingers traveled up my leg leaving a slimy trail of blood. When he reached my womanhood I suddenly sucked in a gasp of air. As his fingers kneaded my most intimate place my hips began undulating against his fingers I fought and fought to feel no pleasure but my will finally lost out and with a scream of "No..." my body shuddered and finally I was brought to an unwilling orgasm. Climbing on to the bed in-between my out stretched legs he lined his huge angry evil manhood up and pushed against my defenseless delicate womanhood, giving in under the pressure my labia stretched open to welcome the invading monster. As he began rutting in and out of me his mouth fell onto my breasts biting all around the tender flesh making me scream out in pain... or was it pleasure, it was hard to separate it from the thrumming between my legs. After what felt like an eternity of the torturous pounding I could feel my internal muscles convulsing around the invading erection as it swelled even bigger just before releasing its hot slimy seed. Before the pleasure from my orgasm had begun to fade away the man lying on top of me vanished just as fast as he had appeared.

The next morning I was just on this side of consciousness thinking to my still numb mind what a weird dream. I felt a chill and when I went to pull for my covers I couldn't find them. I opened my eyes and as I returned to full consciousness I noticed a soreness between my legs and when I looked down at my breasts they were all marked with bite marks. I began crying and I picked up the phone to call Mulder. When he answered I wept into the phone "Mulder...I...I...I ve been...ra...rap...raped"

When Mulder walked into my apartment I was still in my robe sitting on the couch with my knees drawn up to my chest crying. Mulder came over and sat next to me trying to comfort me, I tried to relate the dream I had, that's when Mulder suggested maybe I had been attacked by a ghost. I nearly kicked him out from my apartment but first I ripped open my robe and screamed at him, "Does this look like a ghost bit me?" Mulder looked closely at my breasts, not in an erotic way but in an investigative way. Mulder settled me down then asked me, "was your door locked this morning?"


"Even the chain?"


"Were all your windows closed and locked?"

"Well yes."

"Well if this is all true then how would a man get out of the apartment after he attacked you?"

I got a look of fear in my eyes. "Mulder are you saying he is still here?"

Mulder drew his gun and began to search the apartment with me in his shadow. After we had checked the apartment and turned up nothing, my stomach began to turn. I looked at Mulder with empty eyes and asked, "What now?"

"I will stay with you tonight but as for today I think we should have these bruises documented, would you let Byers take some photos of the injuries?"

When Byers showed up he had a regular Polaroid camera, and what he called a Kirlian type Camera. I asked what a Kirlian camera was they told me it was a camera developed to photograph a person's aura, but this camera had been modified to photograph areas on the body where suspected specter contact might have occurred. I was amazed that Byers could detach himself and calmly place the camera against my naked breasts and activate it. The photos showed the areas where the attacks occurred as angry red shapes with evil tendrils leaching out into the blue of my aura.

That night as I got ready for bed I contemplated putting on a pair of pantyhose, my jeans, a couple of shirts and my coat, but just settled for my pj's, after all Mulder was there to protect me. Once again sometime after the witching hour I sat straight up in bed and there was a man standing there, I asked softly, "Mulder?"

"No I told you my name is Malachi."

Some where in the distance I could hear my name being called, "Scully...Scully...Dana...can you hear me Dana, wake up Dana."

But I couldn't do it I couldn't wake. Malachi undressed me much the same as last night but this time after he pushed me down he kneaded my breasts for a few minutes. After he finished with my breasts, my pj bottoms and panties were pulled off, this time instead of using his hand to get me aroused he crawled in-between my legs and used his disgusting mouth to raise my desire.


I sat there in the chair in Scully's bedroom not daring to fall asleep as much as my body wanted. God how many nights have I lay there awake on my couch not able to find that peaceful state called sleep. But tonight I had to fight it not to fall asleep. All that fighting changed when I saw Scully sit straight up in bed looking as if there was someone standing at the foot of her bed. She called my name, "Mulder."

I called out her name a few times, tried to wake her but it was like she was a puppet someone else was manipulating. Then it began happening, her pj top began unbuttoning itself her hands rose above her head and then the top went flying to the floor. Scully then lay back down with her hands still above her head and I watched as her breasts began to move as if an invisible hand were kneading her flesh. I watched as Scully's nipples tightened and became erect under the invisible touch. After her pj bottoms and panties went flying from her body and her legs were spread wide I saw a depression in her mattress. At the juncture of her legs I watched as her lips were spread by some invisible force and her clit became engorged with blood. I ran to that side of her bed and tried to wrap my arms around what ever was doing this vile act on her and was rewarded by what felt like a bolt of lightning that sent me flying across the room where I hit the wall knocking me out. I lay unconscious till I woke sometime the next morning. Scully was still laying nude in her bed with her legs spread, there was a redness to her genitals, and the look in her eyes was worse than yesterday, it was as if the monster that was attacking her in the night was slowly draining her soul from her and would continue until she was nothing more than an empty vessel for this monster's pleasure. I had to convince Scully to leave this place till I could find out what was going on, so I suggested that she come stay at my place for a few days.


I was actually relieved that Mulder had offered his place to me as a sanctuary. I packed a bag and Mulder and I were off to his apartment. Frohike was put in charge of watching over me while Mulder and Byers went back to my apartment to set up some paranormal surveillance equipment. I was exhausted so I lay down on his bed and took a nap sleeping soundly.


We left Scully in the hands of Frohike I was hoping that she could get some peaceful rest and maybe get some of her soul back. We had tons of equipment to sit up, IR cameras, EMF sensors, and audio equipment. We had completed the set up just shortly after eleven thirty. It was well after midnight when the alarms on the EMF sensors began going off then an eerie figure began to appear on the screens of some of the cameras. I was on the other side of the cameras so I didn't see what Byers was seeing; he was telling me that the apparition was at the foot of Scully's bed. Then in an instant the spirit began to materialize in front of me, I asked Byers if he was seeing what I was but he told me he could only see it in the cameras. What ever it was it moved closer to me and I don't know if it spoke or if it was just in my head but I heard, "Where is she? Where is the one that I have loved?"

I kept my mind blank so I wouldn't give Scully's location away. The being stretched its arms out and placed its hands on either side of my head, I screamed and fell to the floor unconscious. Byers woke me with a cold glass of water in the face, when I asked what happened Byers said "the apparition reached out and touched your head, you passed out and it disappeared."

"Oh shit...Scully! Come on Byers we have to get to my apartment right away!"

When we reached the lobby there were some teenagers standing around they looked at Byers and asked "are you Ms. Scully's new lover?"

Byers laughed nervously and said "thanks but I am afraid not."

The girls said, "Oh that is too bad, we asked the spirits to bring Ms. Scully a new lover and we was hoping that it would be someone nice like you."

I stepped in and said, "Whoa...what did you just say?"

"Don't be jealous Mister, we all know she still loves you the most of anyone."

"Girls this is very important, how did you ask the spirits to give Scully a new lover."

"We used Jess's new Ouija board."

"Jess can I buy the Ouija board from you, it is very important that I have that board."

"Relax mister you are in no danger of losing Ms. Scully; our request must have not gone through."

I pulled out my billfold and took out two fifty dollar bills, "Jess I will pay you a hundred dollars for that board."

"Wow a hundred do you really mean it mister?"

"Yes, now go and get it, and hurry, Scully's life might be in jeopardy."

The girls ran up the stairs and in a few long minutes returned with the Ouija board, I took it and handed Jess the two fifties. Then Byers and I ran to my car, in the car I slammed my blue light on to the dash and sped off to my apartment, saying a silent prayer that we would not be too late.

When we burst into my apartment we found a pasty white Frohike cowering on the couch. I went right into my bedroom and found Scully lying naked, her arms stretched above her head, with her legs spread eagle and her hips undulating under the invisible force of her demonic rapist, she was pleading in a whisper, "Help...me, help me please."

I yelled out, "MALACHI!" The incorporeal being materialized and looked back at me, his hips thrusting a hideous cock in and out of Scully's obscenely stretched womanhood. I raised the Ouija board above my head and brought it down across my knee. Scully's rapist let out a loud scream, then the spirit split into two streams of energy a red angry stream that seemed to disintegrate in to the air and a mild blue stream that flowed back into Scully's body. Once the entity was gone and Scully released from its power she jumped off the bed and threw her arms around me kissing me and thanking me for saving her life.

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