tagSci-Fi & FantasyI Am A Lover Not A Fighter

I Am A Lover Not A Fighter

byMoked Out©

In 'real' world history they categorize it by every 100,000 years: before they adapted to this planets' time-light schedule and yearly rotation, before the planet became a part of the non-conforming dissidents who oppose the Texas (Beute) Federal Space Government; 100,000 years was only 1000 years (we refer to it as the Green Earth). The standard came from a planet that is 84 times the size of Jupiter in a far away place. In an effort to catch and or confuse any visiting TSG officials that might happen upon this lowly planet, we like to call the Blue Earth, the so called 'anti-federalist's' started faking history and miss portraying the facts of life here on this planet.

They had ulterior motive; and still do. They have kidnapped some very important officials from the TSG and are being held accountable for it. They even try sending faked replacements in their places when these officials presences are requested (the anti-federalists are asked to send the hi-jacked officials off the planet to solve the 'difficult situation' peacefully); the anti-federalists have tried sending clones and even look a likes too trying to 'sneak' someone out.

It's funny because on this planet to say the word Vampire is taboo; but over half the population has been bitten and or installed with a computer chip that gives a human access to their inner-brain that gives them so called super-human powers. The oldest so called 'militia fighters' against the TSG decided the best way to keep track of the general populations and the history involved is to use a scale of time... Was BC the first time civilization recorded dates and times? Yea; bullshit. So anyways; they classify and tag people by there dates they were installed or bitten and basically enslave them to fake economies where they will work forever and gain nothing but ignorance, debt, and long hours away from their families if they are lucky enough not to have had their family already mined and raped. You know that song; "if you want to be happy for the rest of you life, never make a pretty woman your wife..."

It's ironic; the so called anti-federalists are fighting against the TSG because they were and still are using such uncivilized and boorish population control tactics that are specifically used by pimps and slave traders. They are the dieing remains of an entire gang, that was spread out over an entire Quasar, that got herded into this lowly corner of the Quasar where they 'thought' they had more friends and places of refuge; but it was a trap for them. They got caught and are now ready to die before they will put down the reins, reconnect the kidnapped TSG officials, and let them off the planet.

They would have killed these officials already, but they can't. The TSG has a patented 'regenerator' technology that will allow a person to even be thrown into a volcano and still live. The volcano would just burn any controller circuits and or other nefarious items implanted into the body. A human with a regenerator and a computer chip installed is just as dangerous as the top 60 to 90 percent of Vampires or other worldly creatures. It is funny because they decided to make their stand against the TSG here on one of the oldest prison planets in the Quasar unknowingly; aren't any one or thing that is 'sneaking' off the planet.

And here is where the story starts to get interesting. There is this guy; he goes by the name of Texas; he is the founder of the TSG. He is the one who ultimately authorizes whether or not the planet, galaxy, universe, quasar, or quark will get funded. There is a long line in the chain of command; but Texas is one fast guy and he is also very rich. He comes from the original bloodline of the Family of the Order; he has been living for longer than most normal people used to such things as vampires, super-humans, and other creatures can imagine. He actually funds the TSG out of his own pocket; that way if the ruling or governing body is responsible and adheres to the minimal Federal Standards then he doesn't have to work as hard and gets more time to 'hang out with his family'. It is a very interesting setup.

Needless to say; a guy like Texas has wives and girlfriends beyond most people's wildest dreams. For instance; during the time period while 'herding' the slave traders, crooked ogditioners (The science of 'foretelling' future events, a very crude example would be Nostradamus.) and misguided anti-federalists to this edge of the quasar he had to pick up the agents he had used while busting up the 'rings of corruption' that would just scatter if there was no unified force to make them 'turn tail and run'. These FBI agents were actually of the age of girls that these groups were pimping and selling; that is why the crooks network of organization was so easily disrupted.

Most of these girls were of legal age. Super sexy catholic school girl uniform wearing cheerleading bodied girls that would make your eyes pop it would hurt your head so bad from watching; an instant hard on to say the least. More than one guy has looked at one of my agents and just cum in their pants from how sexy they are. But not only that they are trained by experience to get what they need or want when they need or want it. Needless to say I wouldn't have sent anyone of them into this place had they not been agents of mine to use anyways. They swore their lives to upholding the TSG Federal Regulations and Laws; on an even funnier side note, pretty much all of them have married me too. There were about 10,000 of them I picked up one day.

It was quite funny; they were all bought up over a period of about say 500 standard years. Each and everyone bought by the 'leaders and perpetrators' of the gang. Such delectable delightful sex pots wouldn't be wasted on a street corner. They spread out amongst the quasar and when I had enough documentation to go in and start the mass exodus I started by picking up my agents in a blitzkrieg fashion; had them all collected within an hour. Needless to say some still had their memories and some had been reprogrammed. I had to see who had gotten to any of the agents if any at all. Programming the mind is like programming the computer; habits and personality traits in th programming are identified and catolouged.

As a treat to my little super sluts I picked them all up and told them we were going to have a giant pillow fight orgy. I checked their minds for the tell tale signs of the few hidden programmers I was sure were hiding in the quasar and documented the information and we had at it. The older you are the 'bigger' your dick gets; it is an interesting thing, vampires, humans, and werewolves like to have contests to see who is the oldest. You can only have one such contest if the human is connected or the other creatures aren't incapacitated. My dick is very long; much longer than a mile. I am so old and powerful my dick is as long as I want it to be.

For the oldest girls: I am a godsend; most would die to get a 12 foot cock where anything under three feet and they hardly even feel it much less get interested in it. So anyways, for the occasion I made my dick a mile long (I have a big space ship, or I just made the girls all shrink... LOL) and had the girls pair up each with their pillow. My cock was around 30 inches around. Imagine the pleasure of 10,000 super wet and horny naked teen girls, remember there is no real orientation for gravity, in pairs all the way down my giant dick. Each pair facing each other until the entire flesh area of my dick was covered from my stomach to the head. At first with the pillow fighting it took me a little while to get a nice and wet cock for them to rub and grind themselves with. After about twenty minutes each and everyone where kissing, licking, and sucking each other as they rode against the withering cock inbetween their legs. Lesbian pairs every which direction 360 degrees around my cock.

They hadn't had a nice safe orgy with me in a very long time. Most had already cum at least three times just grinding against my dick as they teased each others tits and played with their clits. Their motion was starting to get more unified and I was starting to get harder and they were starting to cum even faster, moaning, screaming, and screeching in ecstasy. Feeling my cock getting harder and hearing me moan only made them hornier, pretty soon I was groaning and moaning about how they were the quasars biggest sexiest little sluts and started to cum. I had been working for so long and so hard I hadn't gotten to afford such pleasures as sex lately so when I came it was like a giant fire hose that erupted with an unimaginable force.

But my agents were highly trained, well maybe not in this, but the majority of their little sexy legs were strong enough to keep a clamp on slippery cunt juice soaked dick. As the cum went pumping down my cock, they looked like the they were riding waves and bobbing up and down in the surf. The first to go flying off as I was in the throws of my giant orgasm were my sexy little angels near on the quarter of mile nearest my cock head. Every single one of them screaming in delight as they were getting gallons and gallons of my sprayed on them from the giant out of control dick; eventually only the back quarter mile were still able to cling to my cock as they were still rubbing and humping against it.

What a site to see; 7,000 cum covered greedy little FBI AGENT sluts eating each other as my come started filling up the 'dome convention area' while the rest kept milking my cock for more. Soon it was at head height; I was almost passed out from the pleasure of the orgasm and was surrounded by my little angels as they kissed and licked my body. It looked like a giant rave foam party filled with lesbian teenagers. Eventually as I was finished with my 30 minute orgasm and the girls were all cum splattered and sexy as hell. I regained my composure.

It was time for the real fun to being. A 10,000 girl orgy is no easy feat accomplished by just anyone that has gotten them selves bitten or installed. You have to be fast; like being 10,000 places at once; or if you are like me, 30,000 places at once. We fucked and sucked for another three hours like that. Each girl with three giant cocks of mine humping and pumping them tirelessly as they came and came again and again. They like to compare it to heaven; a bunch of 10 billion year old little catholic school girl sluts who worship the ground I walk on.

Eventually I redistributed them back in to the 'war zone' in their respective captivities with assignments to carry out according to how important their slave owner was in the network. Some of the ones that had been reprogrammed or weren't as strong I implanted their reprogrammed and or doubts back into their heads flawlessly. For these I made it a point to make fun of the Scientists, Psychologists, and Sociologists by taking them back to their houses and actually showering their cum covered bodies off in steaming hot water and scolded them for being the Universes biggest sluts. Needless to say my little angels played right into it. I cleaned them off, spanked them till they were begging for my cock one last time till I had fucked them so good they screamed and whimpered their tired little bodies to sleep.

All the while the so called 'important slave owners' watching on their video surveillance camera's. Jealous cuckolded old men who didn't have the balls to wake their wives or even call the police because the thought of watching that sexy little slut of theirs getting fucked by that giant cock of mine was just too much for them to handle as they sat playing with themselves staring in awe. With images of cum covered little girls who were getting spanked in the shower and fucked to sleep in their beds, if they hadn't already passed out from the tiredness and pleasure of being fucked in the shower after their spankings.

As shocking and appalling as this story is; what is more shocking is the amount of people involved with the slave trading and pimping scam that the so called 'anti-federalists' are hiding out here on the blue planet from. Now it becomes a matter of time; they can give up and turn themselves in by letting the high ranking captured TSG officals loose or they can hold out until the timer runs out and the Satallite lasers start killing indiscriminately till they free the TSG officials or the planet endures a nuclear holocost like the one that song by NENA was written about, "99 LuftBalloons". It is funny to say the least. "The eyes of Texas are upon you. Oh hail our mighty Texas." This blue planet wasn't always in defiance of the TSG Federal Regulations and Laws.


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