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I Am a Sex God


Pleasure to meet you. I am a sex god. No, I'm not a really cocky guy; I am a genuine 'deity' whose expertise is in all things carnal. I say deity like everyone has the same idea of makes a god (or goddess) what they are. Truth is we're not omnipotent or omniscient no matter what some of use might have you believe.

What makes us gods is our ability to bend or rather manipulate reality; space, matter and to an extent, time, we can control and bend to our will. We also have senses beyond your ordinary human. Great power yes, but exaggerated over history.

Back to the sex portion of being a sex god. Each one of us gods and goddesses has been tuned to a specific aspect of the universe. Call it an instinct; we all have more or less the same power but each of us is attuned to something specific. I just happen to be keenly aware of desire and physical pleasure. The god whose sphere of influence is technology merely sees how to manipulate nature into doing something it doesn't normally do to suit a specific need or want; it's hilarious to see a tree doing house chores but for the life of me I have yet to fully recreate it myself.

Just a snippet of what it's like to be me, here's a story from the other day relating my adventures as a sex god.

I was meeting with David, an old college friend of mine at a restaurant to catch up. He brought Christine, his cute little girlfriend along. He wasn't showing her off or anything; using my insight I could tell there were genuine feelings there. It was a nice quiet afternoon at the restaurant, no crowd to speak of. Anyway we said our pleasantries, introductions and so forth and over an appetizer, my abilities had come up in a rather funny way. An ex of hers happened to be there and noticed her with another man. He was the jealous type and had trouble with the reality that he lost any chances with Christine. Our banter was interrupted.

"Hey Christine, why are you hanging out with a bunch of losers? How about you and me get out of here." We turned our attention to the intruder with a rather hostile tone.

Christine had a look of exasperation and disappointment. This is not what any of us wanted.

"No John, we broke up remember?"Christine tried to bring reality to his attention. It wasn't happening.

"Oh I know you just needed time to change your mind. So you've had enough time. Let's get outta here."

"Hey, the lady said no" David spoke up.

John, the intruder, looked annoyed at being resisted and was ready to stir up trouble. "Get lost little man. You're not good enough for her. And your fag buddy ain't shit either"

Was he referring to me? Well, inaccuracies of my sexual preferences aside I was not very particular to this disrespect. At this point I wanted to diffuse the situation quickly without making a big scene. So I decided to let loose with my powers on John. Nothing sadistic but something that would calm him down and convince him to leave us alone. I thought he seemed very tense with a lot of pent up energy. Then it occurred: 'He could use a nice, big orgasm. Get rid of all that pent up energy and leave him too tired to do anything drastic.' But wait, you say, 'how can you give the jackass an orgasm? You gonna pull down his pants right there and blow him? That'll cause the huge scene you're trying to avoid.'

Oh ye of little faith. I am an actual god of sex no less. I can cause orgasm in anybody without physical contact. Such is my power that I am master of your body and can make you feel anything I want on a whim without any contact; I don't even have to be in the same hemisphere as you to accomplish it; I give spontaneous combustion a whole new meaning.

So back to the dickhead, I stood to confront him; he looked at me dead in the eye. I flashed a grin like I was about to punch him in the face. David and Christine looked worried about what I might do.

I looked at John intently. Suddenly he got a confused look on his face. Then something happened that David, Christine, and John will probably remember for the rest of their lives. John got an erection, a very impressive one which David and Christine noticed immediately. It looked painful in his jeans. He looked at me with confusion and surprise. I looked back, concentrating, but now added a bit of that I-told-you-so look.

"So John, Who as you called it, is the fag?" I paused for effect. John for the most part was dumbfounded. He could not comprehend what was happening. I just gave him an erection without arousal or buildup in a combative situation. An odd sensation to say the least.

I decided to let loose, and let John feel incredible pleasure along with his full mast. John felt as though a steady current of warm water was flowing like a river around his cock and flowing out to massage his body. It's as though he was caught in a river and the river was trying to fuck him senseless. His knees buckled and he stumbled a little toward the floor. David and Christine were deer caught in the headlights; they didn't know what to make of it. All they knew for sure was that I was the one causing it. John grabbed hold of an empty chair to try to steady himself riding out this freakishly unusual pleasure.

After a few moments of riding all the intense sensations, I took control of John's body and ramped up his sensitivity and receptiveness. He let loose one of the biggest loads I could remember from anyone. The crotch of his jeans was coated and it even started dripping off toward the bottom. Using my godly senses I could feel that he was totally exhausted, yet felt relaxed and was very calm. My friends were wide-eyed, jaws hanging to the ground.

Then realization dawned and he felt the goop running down. I've never seen a man turn beet root red before and I gotta tell ya, it's hilarious as long as it's not you. John, confused and embarrassed, took his leave without further incident.

"So who's ready for lunch?" I ask nonchalantly after John made a hasty retreat

Both David and Christine just looked at me funny trying to ask 'what the fuck, just happened?' but no words coming out.

"What?" I said. "We all wanted him gone, now let's just enjoy some good food." I took my seat and tried to act as if nothing had happened.

Finally Christine stammered out "how did you do that?" David came out of his stupor.

"Yeah dude seriously what the fuck was that?" David lost none of his surprise.

Sigh... I guess it can't be helped. Since David was a good friend, I let them in on my "godhood" and what it meant I could do. They didn't believe a word of it. I was explaining the basic parts when our entrées arrived. I dug in and didn't say a word more. They got into their food too, albeit with reluctance, they wanted me to finish my explanation.

As we dug into the food, my powers took a back seat. The atmosphere and food had us relaxed and talking about old times and catching up. David had become an engineer and was doing well. David was shocked to learn I had gone into banking.

"Why? You have a degree in theoretical mathematics. You should have gone into research." David admonished. Yes once upon a time I was the most remote thing from sexy, let alone being an all powerful sex master.

Later on in the conversation I learned David and Christine met on a blind date set up by a mutual acquaintance. I also learned they had been dating steadily since and were becoming more serious. Good for them. David was always kind of a shut in during college doing nothing but studying. It was nice to see him with someone. It was coming time to pay the check and the elephant in the room came back.

"So you wanna come back to our place for a drink? David asked unsteadily."...maybe explain for real how you did what you did."

I gave an understanding smile. "I'd love to have a drink but my story will stay the same."

"Then come on over and prove it." David said


So later at David's apartment, we were settled in and discussing being a sex god over some beers.

"You want proof?" I thought for a moment. "Well how about this. Christine, would mind being a volunteer?

"Ummm." She hesitated

"Nothing like what happened to John. I'm asking for permission first. If you don't to, then nothing will happen."

"Oh come on sweetie." David cajoled.

She looked nervous and spoke up. "I'm actually kinda curious myself..." she started to blush "Nothing too weird?"

"No. Nothing too weird, though I admit not something you see every day."

"Okay then" she said softly

"How many times do you have sex in a week?"I asked straight faced.

David got a little defensive, "That's private information and none of your business." Christine just blushed more averting her gaze.

"Please, for the sake of a demonstration, indulge me this once David. I am for real." I was reassuring and gentle in my tone.

There was a hesitant look between the Christine and David, but I could tell, both were too curious to see if I was the real deal. David nodded.

"Fine, about four to five times." admitted Christine.

I look at Christine for a moment then closed my eyes.

In that instant I got every detail of their love life. Personality-wise they were a good fit for each other. David was a stable man and a caring person, exactly what Christine needed after a long string of boyfriends like John. Christine was a good match for David, a woman who can bring out real feelings in an otherwise introverted engineer with very little experience with women. She felt safe and loved with him and he felt alive and free with her.

The trouble was the sex. It was on the mediocre side, and that was on the good days. I also asked the question to see if they would tell the truth. I don't need to ask how many times they had sex; I could just use my senses to find out, mindreading if you will. They actually only had sex once or twice, usually on the weekend. Always in the missionary and he'd always shoot his load after about five minutes; David always had a nagging doubt in the back of his mind about his ability in bed. She wouldn't feel too much let alone orgasm, but enjoyed the closeness. Both were having sex merely for the sake of having sex, not because either really enjoyed it. If this continued it would eventually drive them apart to seek fulfillment elsewhere, something they could easily do with each other.

After I opened my eyes they were both awaiting my response as if what I had to say would be life altering. In a way it was.

"Four or five?" I asked with doubt in my tone.

"Yes." David confirmed Christine's lie.

"Well here's some insight into my abilities: you two only really have sex once or twice a week. Same missionary position, same boring weekend activity. You both do it like you're watching a movie neither of you enjoy, but are too afraid to actually tell each other that something is wrong. Christine you don't even orgasm"

Both looked shocked and embarrassed. David tried to stammer out a denial "That's...not true at all..."

" David we both know it." I said with sadness and understanding. "It's okay I'm not judging you two."

Christine looked ashamed that the truth was out there.

"Look I know that it's a sensitive subject but that was the negative aspects. You two do genuinely care for one another and have lots of other meaningful experiences. David, you enjoy how Christine brings you out of your shell and makes you feel more alive then you have ever been before." Both David and Christine's featured softened at this revelation. "Christine you feel safe and loved, something none of your previous relationships have ever done. Unlike others before him, David does genuinely care about you." Christine became a little teary eyed at that. David went over and snuggled up with his girl. She clung onto David like he was a life preserve. They shared a long moment.

After a long moment David spoke up "It's hard to admit but you're right about everything."

Christine gave a sad little nod.

Then David annoyed me a little "...but that doesn't prove the whole 'sex god' thing. You could have just pulled a Sherlock and observed all that. You know me well enough."

"Ever the skeptic eh Dave?" I replied. "Fine, beyond the powers of information, I'll show you what I'm made of and help you two out."

With that statement, David and Christine were confused and a little worried.

"What exactly do you mean by..."Christine started to ask but turned into a gasp then into a low moan.

David had the same thought in his head but when he heard the gasp and moan, he looked at her with shock and confusion. Then he too felt it.

So with the dull sex and doubt of my powers, I decided to give them the ride of their lives only a sex god could give them. I started stimulating their arousal to heights undreamed of by mere humans; both were slowly losing the ability of rational thought. From their perspectives, for no discernable reason they were becoming incredibly horny and both had no idea why. They glanced at me fearfully.

"Nothing sinister I promise you. You two need to learn what good sex is. You'll grow closer together than you can imagine and I prove to you once and for all that I am not bullshitting you. So if you don't have any objections, can we proceed?"

Both looked at me then at each other. They knew they wanted this. "Yes" they said in unison.

With that I unleashed them onto each other. I let loose their primal urges and amped up their energy. For good measure I suppressed their feeling a little to stop them from feeling fatigue.

It was beautiful. Pure lust coursing through them, unrestrained and eager to express itself.

David started by grabbing Christine roughly. This is not how David normally acts in the bedroom. He's polite and asks permission. So this came as a great shock to Christine. She felt him handling her roughly and became more excited. She was breathing heavily as David groped her and kissed her roughly. David slammed her against the floor and pulled her head into a deep kiss. Christine was loving it.

I stood there admiring my work. "Ah the joys of a good fuck." I thought to myself.

David and Christine wrestled on the floor, their tongues engaged in a fierce struggle.. He started taking off his shirt and she just moaned very whorishly. In such a heightened state of arousal, David was fumbling with Christine's clothing. After a few moment David gave up on procedure and started just tearing off his lover's clothing. As button flew and fabric tore, Christine squealed in delight. I just continued to observe my handiwork.

Once the clothes came off, David continued his assault. She still had her pantiess on. David groped her body and kissed her roughly. She was loving it. I could sense her getting wetter. Through the haze, David took off his clothes while still running his tongue over any part he could. All over her neck, stomach, her thighs, and everything in between, discovering parts he didn't know existed.

Now in just her panties, David could see how wet she was and gave her crotch a deep whif and cursory licks. She lifted her hips slightly so he could do so, but then I had a thought. I gave David an impulse to continue his aggression. He held her panties and instead of pulling them down, in a fit of passion, he tore them off. With the ease of ripping the garment as if it were a piece of paper; Christine in one motion was laid bare. I saw her gush a little more fluid. Man I love being a sex god. After the shields were down so to speak, David went right back in with his mouth on his girlfriend's snatch.

He really took to oral on Christine like no man before him. He had her hips pinned in his strong grip, his tongue and lips all over her, she squeaked as she wriggled and took pleasure from a man she thought would never do this. Her hands came up to grasp his head, as she tried in vain to get some control of the situation.

For the first time in their relationship, Christine had an orgasm. This was the most turned on she had ever been and it released quickly and spectacularly. A fountain was released on David's face and he drank deeply. With the blissful moans filling the room, I knew they were on their way to greener sexual pastures. After Christine road out her orgasm, she pushed David off her cunt.

"Too much, need rest." Christine pleaded with David

David in a haze of lust revealed his inner sexual beast. He grabbed her by the head and pulled her up. She kneeled before him with his spectacular erection pointing at her face. She turned her head up to meet his eyes; He looked right in her eye and in a low even tone said "Do me now..."

Christine's eyes widened. David was asking, no, commanding her to give him a blow job. She looked back down and salivated at the prospect. She leaned in and started taking the head in between her lips. He was erect. More than that, he was larger than she ever remembered him being. She licked the head. She was really feeling it. She needed this as much as he needed it. She started licking and kissing all along his cock. From the attentions of his girl, David gave a low growl. Christine got more and more into it, on her knees I could see the juices flowing.

I thought to myself 'Damn that's hot'. I'll take this opportunity to mention I love being a sex god. Another ability of mine is to literally feel what others are feeling. I can tap into someone and feel their sensations as if I were them. I reached out to both: I could feel David's pleasure and he was getting the blowjob of his life. I could feel Christine become more and more horny by the second reaching heights she never dreamt of. Christine became emboldened at her lover's reaction. She took as much of the shaft as she could in her mouth and pleasured the length.

David grabbed her head. "That's enough. I can't wait anymore. I need my cock in your pussy!"

With that he pulled her off his dick and pushed her down by her shoulders onto the floor. With him over her body, he took her by the waist and flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her ass up. He leaned in closer and shoved his massive erection into her waiting depth. In one quick motion he had slid into her sopping hole. He gave a grunt and she a squeak-turned-moan. They stayed connected, neither moving for a moment. After sharing that moment of being united, David began his thrusts.

I stood there observing the couple, finally engaged in the good kind of sex they (and every other couple) should be having. They were truly indulging their inner passions and for once being honest with themselves. The sensations coming from them were also a bonus.

David was pumping away on top, all the while Christine had her faced buried in the carpet, moaning, almost screaming, like a whore. Both were very turned on, in the span of only five minutes, Christine had an orgasm, the quickest she'd ever come during sex. No too much longer David followed and released inside his lover.

David collapsed from the kneeling position next to Christine who had glazed eyes, body twitching, and a silly grin. David snuggled closer to her and began tenderly on the neck. Christine enjoyed his attentions and wrapped her arms around him. They stayed like that for 10 minutes. I decided to go a little further.

"Well I think I proved my point, but just to erase all doubt..."

I began giving both a huge amount of sexual energy. They both began gripping each other tighter, and with a simultaneous gasp, both began cumming really hard. Christine was firing one off every 10 seconds. With each one, she was spraying like a fountain. David was shooting off loads continuously. It looked like a sputtering garden hose. I kept them going for five minutes straight. Hehe

That'll show David to doubt me. Both came down and were breathing heavily.

"So, how was it?" I asked.

David and Christine were gazing in each other's eyes when my question brought them out of their reverie. David and Christine realized the consequences of two people ejaculating for 5 minutes straight.

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