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I am a Slave


This is a true story, although the names have been changed. It was written as the transcription of a series of interviews with Sue, which explains sometimes some shaky English grammar and disjointed narrative. To my readers, my apologies, but I preferred sacrificing style for authenticity.


"My name is Sue. I am 30 years old, medium height 5'3", medium built, 118 Lbs. I am a brunette, hair shoulder length. My main asset, from a man (or some women perspective), are my boobs, as I carry a 34C, almost D, pair of them. I have blue eyes.

And I am a slave.

I was an only child and grew up in a fairly conservative family.

My father worked in a bank and my mother worked in retail. They were catholic and we used to go to church every Sunday. I was relatively free but there were subjects we did not discuss at home. Sex was one of them. My mother never talked to me when I was growing up and started noticing changes in my body.

As most only children, I was a spoiled brat, very self centered, very egocentric.

The little I knew about sex and my own body, when I was 16, I had learned from my friends at school and I was shy, private and prude.

In high school, I had only one boyfriend, who was more friend than boy, as I never let him pass my bra and panties. I only gave him a hand job more by curiosity than pleasure.

In college I had a few boyfriends. As we were older, I went a little further. I let two of them touch me and caress me to a mini orgasm. They obviously wanted more than hand jobs, but I would never do a blow job. That was only for bad girls, sluts. And just forget about intercourse. The thing is, when I graduated from college, I was still a virgin, but there was an event that was going to be very important for the rest of my life. At a party, some students were watching some porn and I was watching when they showed a BDSM movie. The women were submitting to men who would use and abuse them.

I played the revolted one, but deep down, there was some sort of resonance that I could not explain to myself. At the moment I did not think about it afterward, but a germ was planted.

I found a job in sales for a cosmetic company and I had colleagues male and female. I found myself attracted to one of the guys, who was handsome and charming. He invited me for dinner, I had a few glasses of wine and I let him take me to his apartment. He was so charming in fact that he brought me to bed in his bedroom. I would not undress in front of him, but I undressed under the cover of the sheets.

He caressed me, kissed me and I could not help wanting him. He just took me and deflowered me. I did not feel much pleasure as he finished his business rather quickly, but I was not a virgin anymore.

After this affair, it was easier for me to touch myself and masturbated to small orgasms that left me unsatisfied.

I had 2 more boyfriends who did little to make me more liberated, and I would not let them fuck me.

I was still shy, timid and a prude who would not be naked in the house. Even so I lived by myself, I would close the bathroom door when showering and covered myself with a robe after it. So, my sex life was nothing to brag about. I was not frigid, as I could experience a small orgasm when caressing myself, but it was far from earth-shattering.

Then one day at a party, I met Him. He was tall, thin, kind of wiry. He was just coming back from a vacation in the Bahamas and was tanned, which suited him very well with his blond hair, that he kept very short.

It was love at first sight. I knew it was Him. His name is Steve, He is an electrical contractor who has his own small company.

I went to his home with him and, kissing and cuddling, he undressed me. He groped my tits, sucked on my nipples and nibbled on them. I didn't know what was happening to me, but for the first time I felt a stirring in my pussy. He took me to the bedroom and helped me on the bed.

"Please let me get under the sheets and switch the light off."

He did and joined me under the sheets after undressing quickly. He caressed my breast and my pussy and climbed between my legs.

My pussy was wet and I was very embarrassed, but not for long, as he thrust his penis in me. He plunged it back and forth inside me. I was too ashamed to feel anything else. After a couple of minutes, his breath came shallow and rapid, he grunted and I fell his hot cum filling me.

On our next date, we watched a movie, cuddling and kissing. In this movie, some women were bound and degraded. They were thoroughly humiliated and seemed to take great pleasure in it.

Watching this movie with him, stirred all kinds of responses in me, and perked my curiosity. We started to talk about this and talk and finally mutually we decided to try a B&D weekend only. I agreed that if we started, we would not stop. I chose a safety word as well (purple), and for the first time, I was truly aroused, I could feel my pussy pounding and I believed I became very wet. After the movies, we got up from the couch and he spanked me 3 times. He took me to the bedroom, undressed me and grope my tits and my ass. He threw me on the bed and fucked me hard and for the first time I got an orgasm.

The next week end, I was to come to his place at 10AM on the dot, with my pussy shaved.

I was 20 minutes late. That earned me 20 demerit points from the start. When I rang the bell, I was joking. He was serious and different. I was told I was 20 minutes late and that was punishable. I handed over my shoes, and purse to him. Suddenly I had no shoes, purse, money, cell, etc. He hid my purse somewhere as I stood outside barefoot. Then I was invited inside, he was stern and direct, very different. He asked if I had any change of mind. I said no.

I was led to the living room and my wrists were attached to two ropes from the rafters above. My skirt barely covered my tush and front.

I was in a Y position. He walked around me and then started his exploring. He cut the buttons off my skirt, that slowly fell down to the floor. I was in my panties, for him to see. I was so embarrassed.... He started exploring my body, my chest, my knees, calves etc... as I whimpered, being so naked, in front of him.

Then he cut one of my bra shoulder strap. Slowly it fell to expose my right nipple. He started his exploring. Then he started on the left side. Cut the string. In time it fell to the floor. I was topless in front of him. My boobs in full view. He played with each boob for ever.

My panties were soaked as never before. I was not aware that could happen. I had learned, that my nipples and vagina were connected and make my love juices run like a fountain.

Then he cut one side of the panties. Then the other. I was naked. I locked my thighs in shame and embarrassment. When I would not unlock them, my ankles were roped and locked wide open.

He found that I was not shaved, only slightly trimmed. It just earned me another 10 demerit points.

Since that first time, whenever my nipples hear his voice, see him, or sense he is around, "POP" they are hard as rocks and screaming at him. Nothing I can do to defend that.

Same for my vagina.. He spent a lot of time, getting to know, explore and do as he wanted.

Firstly he removed all my pubic hair and awarded me 10 demerits for not doing so myself.

Since then, no hair below my eyebrows. It was a ceremony!!!!

Basically my body responds to him and I am just nipples and vagina for him. He has full command.

But just let us hear it from Sue own words:

My wrists were secured above my head and I was firstly in "Y" position, then when he felt that was necessary, he secured my ankles, so I was in an "X" position.

Every inch of me was explored, touched. I had never experienced this and the emotions that came along, being so naked, exposed, displayed and my body reactions in plain sight. So many hot spots all over my body, that I was not aware of, and he also found. Not just the obvious. Under chin, tip of nose, underarms, ribs, back of knees, toes, fingers, spine, bottom of back, and so many more.

At the same time, new vocal sounds were coming from me, never heard before.

Before, sex with the others was fast (to get it over with). Here I was and agreed to be naked and helpless. The more he touched me, the more I wanted. But I had agreed to this before hand.

When he finally arrived at my right nipple, he spent about 30 minutes, getting acquainted. Licking, kissing, gently flicking, more and more, as I watched him. I Thought my nipple would explode, it was so hard on the outside, but was screaming on the inside. I did not want him to stop, but he did. My other nipple was jealous, just watching. I was "asked" if I wanted the same for the left side. Had to ask /beg him. He did not accept my plea, so kept doing as he was on the right side. The second time, it was the same result. By the third time, I somehow got a firm voice and pleaded to "please, my left nipple is so jealous for you." I am thinking back, here as me shy, private, prude, timid, hanging totally bare naked and asking him to please play with my nipples. I never thought those words would come from me. I was so shamed, humiliated, disgraced and more.

Then, he spent another 30 minutes playing with the left side and then took turns between both. Meanwhile, I hung helpless, panting, sweating, hoping it would end, but wanting more and more. My emotions inside were upside down.

At the same time, new vocal sounds were coming from me, never heard before. Also love juices were pouring from my wide open legs, adding to my shame and horror. Hoped he would not notice, see or sense. I had never experienced any of these before.

When he finally finished "meeting" both nipples, I was a wreck, hanging, sweaty, panting, blabbering.

Both nipples had never been so hard, throbbing and pounding. Boobs were swollen like watermelons.

I had no dignity left. My head hung in shame.

My full bush, was exposed and his eyes were focused on that. He asked if that what I considered done. My head hung in shame, I answered that I trimmed. I was awarded another 10 demerits, for disobeying.

He took a stool and placed himself in front of my wide open vagina, staring right at it. I could do nothing. He returned a few minutes later, with some instruments.

Took tweezers and started to pull 1 hair at a time, very slowly, so I could enjoy the most discomfort. After he had pulled about 12, he took an electric shaver.

Then he took some ice and washed my vagina. Using a razor, he removed all my hair, I could feel the cool air down there. My face and body were red. He took some lemon juice and totally sprayed my area 3 times. I shook and struggled, as it stung like hell.

As I did this, my boobs bounced and jiggled, which he loved.

After I calmed down, he stood behind me. His fingers all over my tush. Then he started to run his finger up and down my spine, watching my back arch, pushing my swollen boobs forward. Each time, his fingers were going lower and lower until they reached my belt line. I hoped he would stop. But, he went lower each time, until he reached my rectum.

I screamed and pleaded "Noooooo". That was the first time, that he slapped my tush. Was slapped several times, each time my head jerked as I cried.

Then he massaged my rectum, as my legs were locked wide open. He stopped and was silent. He came in front of me and made me lick his fingers as he stuck them in my mouth.

With no warning, he walked behind me and massaged his wet fingers on my rectum and then started to push inside. I cried, screamed, begged, not there, please, private place. Suddenly, I felt his finger entering slowly and then starting to explore. Next I felt his knuckles against my tush. I was silent. His finger was pocking and prodding. My screaming was replaced by my head jerking, moans and groans. I was powerless. Then 2 fingers, shame had no bounds.

When he finished, I was given 10 swats with a small belt. They were quite gentle by comparison. Each hurt very much.

After it was over, I was left hanging for awhile, until he returned.

I was eventually let down and we cuddled, I shaking, crying, smiling.

Over the weekend, I was kept naked.

We did this for several weekends.

Finally, we decided to try B&D only.

We set up some rules and I agreed to them.

I was his "sub" meaning that I had rights and could refuse his demands.

In time, that was changed to "slave", meaning I had no rights.

Just recently, I decided to surrender our safety word, making me even more submissive to him.

Means he can do as he pleases and I can do nothing, but suffer thru and endure.

Since then, I moved in with him. He established some rules for me to live by.

I am to be naked at all times at home, except when told ( visitors, family etc ).

I have the 6/60 rule. I must strip within 6 ft or 60 seconds upon entering the house. Honor system.

I only wear leather collar, wrist and ankle straps each with a metal ring.

When he arrives home, I am either standing wrists behind my neck, ankles spread, or on my knees, wrists behind my neck, knees open, in both cases, back arched.

I do all the chores: cooking, cleaning, laundry, some gardening, clean pool, wash cars, take out trash etc etc. Anything not to his approval or satisfaction, I receive demerit points.

Weigh ins are done when he wants. I stand backward in front of the scale. On command, I take a step backward, standing, hands behind my neck. He records the number and if it's over the number he wants, I pay (It could be any time, first thing in the morning, after a huge meal, late at night, I have no say in the matter).

When we first started, we did not have much of anything. I was slapped with his hand on my tush.

As time went on, we graduated and used a fly swatter and I thought it stung!!!!!

And we grew slowly. Now, we have a collection of riding crops, floggers, straps, many different kinds of vibes, nipple clamps, and other implements.

He explored, learned my body, better than I knew it. He knows how to use my buttons and do as he wishes. Never thought I was capable of some of the things that he does to me.

I have given/allowed/permitted him to do as he wishes, for as long as he wishes, where he wishes.

He knows how to read my body and knows everything about me.

I have total trust in him and am not worried.

I know, that he will not cross our limits and levels, but he likes to push the boundaries.

As well, he knows, that I am stubborn, defiant, proud, stupid and more and will never give him the pleasure of me surrendering. I would never live it down. I would rather suffer and endure through, until he has done what he is going to do to me.

Once we started to go down the route to B&D and was decided that I be naked at all times, sex became more interesting and more frequent. Went from once every 2 weeks, to almost daily. Started to be fun and actually enjoyed it. Was starting to find my inner feelings and wanted to explore more and more. Was learning about my body, but also his, as well. Got comfortable with him touching and feeling me. Liking his fingers exploring me and my vagina He was learning new tricks for me, down there and I was enjoying. In return, was enjoying our sexual romps. At the same time, we started to move down the road in our B&D journey

I was a oral and rectal virgin when we started. For all purposes, was a vagina virgin as well, as I would just lie there and let him do his stuff. I had not much knowledge. However, since, things have changed.

We find that a big part of B&D is communication. We talk openly and exchange feeling, ideas, etc. He needed more from me. I learned to move my hips and we started to try positions.

As we progressed, was found, that I get extremely moist and wet!!!

it was a new sensation for me. In time, he explored more of my vagina, and my sensations. Seems I am endless.

In time, was found, that I can be multi-orgasmic. He has learned to control me. Meaning, to delay and get an orgasm and only when on command when permission is granted. He loves to do that and I do also. Have learned to delay, deflect, and do what I have to. He loves to watch my body language, vocal reactions, and all as I suffer thru.

I am a rectal virgin. Am small there and had problems. He owns me, all of me, but I pleaded and begged that, this particular property remain mine!!! After all, I am bound and helpless and he can do as he wants, not needing any permission from me. He has respected that wish. Although lately he has started to slowly explore and tease me there. Part of it may be mental as well, but will see what the future brings.

As for oral, as I mentioned had almost zero experience as I always thought that was for bad girls only. Was not comfortable touching that!! Was usually very fast, I was on back motionless and he did his business.

Early on, he noticed all of this. Lucky for me, he has patience.

I spent a few, maybe 5 times getting to know him. He lay on the bed and I was given a free tour to explore him.

As well, I have learned to shave him. That made things easier as well, as it showed trust on his side and took time to learn to get it perfect. As well, gave me the opportunity to learn about his equipment and see how it works etc. Learned how to do hand jobs. There is a lot involved. Breathing patterns, body language, vocal sounds, all of this was new to me. I (we) found hot spots on his body, and I was given full permission to explore and roam.

I believe that he being so patient with me, instead of pushing me, helped us progress and move forward. After all I knew nothing. I was shamed, embarrassed and depressed. Thought for sure, male equipment is quite interesting.

Taking into consideration, that I was naked, unclothed in front of him.!!!!!

It was after, that he (we) realized that I had no oral experience at all. Lucky for me, he was patient and was slowly eased into that!!!!

I have been "told" to masturbate in front of him in the past.

Have had my right hand bound over me and must use my left hand and finish in a certain amount of time or my right hand is attached behind my back, (a belt around my waist) and I must use my left hand, in a certain amount of time

If I fail, he will crop or flog my tush and I must start over again, with less time. He enjoys those sessions.

Very difficult and awkward for me to do my task. Also embarrassing for him to watch me.

This has, now, been my life as a slave, for the four last years, and I am so happy.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/20/18

Sweet rewards for patience

Nice story that more women should read. I think most women have a primal urge to be submissive but lack a patient Man to take the time to train them. More young men should read this too to learn that patiencemore...

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by Rawmaster6007/14/18

5 points

Excellent story and exploration of the subject's mind and growth. Hope for more and I will read your other stories.
Thank you

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