tagIncest/TabooI Am A Teacher: Jimmy

I Am A Teacher: Jimmy


This is a continuation of the stories of my teachings I began in 'I Am A Teacher'. An older neighbor lady had taught my shy and introverted son the joys of sex and helped him become a man. I have followed her example with other young boys like my son.

* * * * *

I had not intended to tell this chapter of my life. It is not a part of the normal teaching I have been doing for ten years. However, several readers wanted to know if anything ever happened with Jimmy. I admitted in my first story the thought of fucking my son, as our neighbor Ann Wilkes was doing, was indeed a major turn on for me.

My husband, Jim, and I were living in the Rio Grande Valley when Jimmy graduated from The University. Jimmy had accepted a good job and had a week he was going to spend with us before he had to report to work. He had been sharing an apartment with a girl. They were talking about marriage but had made no definite plans.

As Jimmy was to arrive the next day, my student, Petey Baylor, and I were having a last teaching 'session'. I had already told him that while Jimmy was here I would not be able to see him. He was disappointed we would not be fucking, sucking and eating each other until Jimmy left. We had been doing it daily for about a month. He was an insatiable little devil. I will tell Petey's story at another time.

I am normally very careful about locking doors before I engage a student in a teaching session. I slipped up that day.

I was on top of Petey in a sixty-nine. Deepthroating him as he was licking the hell out of my pussy, just the way I like it, I heard a noise.

With the head of Petey's dick still in my mouth, I looked up into Jimmy's shocked and startled eyes. He knew the legs he could see did not belong to his father. He turned and walked away before I could say anything.

Telling Petey to shower and leave by the back door, I slipped into a robe and went looking for Jimmy. He was sitting in his car staring out of the windshield as I sat down beside him. Tears were glistening in his eyes. He did not say anything. "Can I explain?"

"What's to explain?" It was a hoarse whisper. "What would Dad think?" He looked at me, then away. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell him. I'll just say my job called and I can't stay. I've got to go."

"Your Dad knows."


"Your Dad knows about it. In fact it was his idea."

"What the hell, sorry Mom. But, what do you mean? Dad knows?"

"That was Petey Baylor..."

Snappish, "I don't want to know his name!"

"Ok. Do you remember Scott Anderson, Tom and Sue?"

"God, him too? Mom, he's my age! How could you?" Tears trickled down his face.

"Do you remember how much alike you and Scott were, before you met Ann Wilkes?"

No response. "Do you!"

"Yes." Again a whisper. "He was almost my best friend."

"Your Dad and I thought Scott needed to meet someone like Ann. To have someone do for him what Ann did for you. But who could we get? Where could we find someone? Jim told me to do it."

"And you did?" Still a whisper.


"I saw Scott a year ago. He HAD changed. He's married."

"I know. We were at his wedding. Honey, let's go in the house. I'll fix us a glass of iced tea."

Jimmy got out, almost moving like a robot. Sitting at the table Jimmy had both hands around his tea glass. He was looking at it. He would not look at me. I slid my hand on the table and touched his. He flinched but did not draw away.

I continued, "Your Dad and I love each other. My being with Scott, and today, does not change that." I realized the focus of Jimmy's eyes had shifted. Leaning forward to touch him my robe had opened slightly, just enough to give Jimmy a view of one of my breasts. I could feel my nipple swelling. He stared as if mesmerized, then licked his lips. "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I don't know. I think so."

I intentionally used the word. "I would not fuck anyone if Jim did not agree!" When I'm involved with sex, I usually talk pretty coarse, dirty mouthed as Jim says, but he likes his two dollar whore. Jimmy, however, had only very rarely heard me use any vulgarity.

"Mom!" Jimmy glanced into my eyes with a startled look, then returned his gaze to my tit. I could feel moisture building in my pussy. I was going to have a wet spot on my robe.

I was not certain my statement about not fucking unless Jim knew about it was correct. If Jimmy had asked, I think I would have led him to bed right then. "We helped Scott, just like Ann helped you. Today was exactly the same, and for the same reason. Petey is, he was, just like you and Scott!"

Another startled glance, then back to my tit. I shifted, opening my robe a little more, exposing more to Jimmy's view. I could see the desire in his face, a longing, but suddenly it changed. Anger started to build.

"How old is this Petey?" A snappish tone.


"My age... when I started with Ann." A flat tone.


"There's been others?" Disgust was in his voice.


"Do you like the young boys?" Jimmy's voice was tight.

I hesitated until Jimmy looked at me. "Yes..." I said flatly while staring into his eyes, "Just like Ann did. You were not her first and you were not the last." I kept eye contact. "I do enjoy teaching them, bringing them out of their shells. AND, I enjoy the way they make me feel. ALMOST as much as I enjoy your father."

"God, I can't believe this!" He shifted to stare out of the window, breaking contact with our hands and our eyes. "How could you?"

Sudden realization dawned on me. My "You're angry..." brought no response, but "because you're JEALOUS!" got a startled glance and a stricken expression. "You wish it had been you who was with me!" I said softly.

Jimmy dropped his head in his hands and began crying. I moved to stand beside his chair, pulling him to me and pressing the side of his head to my breasts. "It's ok, Honey. I understand."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't want you to know! But I've wanted you for a long time. Way before Ann. I used to listen to you and Dad. Wishing it was me, wishing I was in there with you. And... now this!"

I suppose I had rarely thought about Jimmy when Jim and I made love, had sex, fucked. At times I am extremely vocal and very probably way too loud for some of the places we have been. We have almost been caught several times in what would have been a very embarrassing location.

I have always been ready and willing whenever Jim reached for me, well willing anyway, and it never takes long for me to juice up and get ready. When he caresses a breast, kisses a nipple or scratches my pussy with his finger tips, my legs spread for him.

My pussy has a hunger for his dick that started with our first time, before we were married. That hunger has only been temporarily satisfied. It quickly returns.

Jimmy twisted and raised his head to look at me. His face was in the gap in my robe, between my breasts. I felt his tongue lick the side of my left tit. I twisted to turn away and my nipple brushed his cheek and across his lips. They opened and he sucked it into his mouth. I froze for a moment, then pulled his head tight against me, savoring the feel of the suction he applied. "Oh, Honey!"

"I know, Mom," as he pulled back, he took my tit in both hands, squeezing lightly, and kissed the nipple he had sucked into his mouth.

Pushing me away, "Sit down and I'll tell you about my job." As his voice told me of his plans and hopes, his eyes were telling me a different story.

We talked until almost dark when we showered and dressed, me in slacks and a blouse with panties and bra, armour, and went out to eat some Mexican food. We talked, laughed and giggled until they closed and run us out about eleven o'clock.

We were not home long when Jim arrived to a boisterous reunion between him and Jimmy. They had seen little of each other in the last five years, and had much to tell. About three o'clock all of our eyelids started getting heavy.

Jim hit the shower. Jimmy went to the room I had fixed for him and I went to bed. When Jim crawled in bed he hugged me and whispered in my ear, "What's wrong, Babe." That man can read me like a book without a cover.

I started sniffling and tearing when I told Jim how Jimmy had caught me and Petey by his early arrival. "Oh, God!" he groaned, but with no recriminations. Is this a sweet man, or what? I then related the balance of the talk we had. Jim lay quiet for a while after I finished but he held me tightly.

"If you fucked him, do you think it would be a one time thing? Or would he want more? Would you want more?"

It was my turn to lay quiet. "I don't think once would be enough." I turned so I could face Jim. "I love you. I want you. I'll always want you. But, yes, I want Jimmy too, but it's not going to happen."

"Why not?"

"Well... the incest thing. I don't want to mess up Jimmy's head any more than it already is. You."

"If Jimmy was twelve, thirteen, and you thought of it, I'd kick your butt! But he's twenty three. He's finished college. I don't think you'd mess up his mind. You would not be his first. In fact, he has had more women than I have."

"Jealous?" I had a tremulous smile.

"No! I am very happy with what I've got. I know I don't say it very often, and I should, but I do love you." I kissed him thankfully and we drifted into sleep in each others arms.

I woke to a stirring in my pussy. Jim's eyes were smiling at me when I looked down. "That's a pleasant wake up." I told him as I started squirming on his tongue. He is good!

I raised my hips so Jim could slip the towels under my ass. I am a juicer and tend to make a mess when I get excited. Suddenly remembering Jimmy, I clenched my mouth shut but could not help moaning as Jim brought me off. I did not want to scream my release. As my orgasm started, Jim slid up the bed and buried himself in me. God, the feeling was fantastic.

I came in waves, over and over again, as Jim stroked into me until he blew, and it was a blow. I don't always feel his shots, just the jerking as he unloads, but this time I did.

We lay there, holding each other, running our hands up and down the other's body as we calmed down. Jim finally kissed me lightly, "I'll bet Jimmy is laying in bed with a morning hard on."

"Why do you think that?"

"I was, until I decided to something about it." He kissed me again. "Why don't you go relieve him."

"Are you serious."

"You know I am! Go sit down on him, so he'll be in your pussy when he wakes up. Give him the ride of his life." Kissing me again, Jim slapped me on the ass. "Scoot!" I scooted!

As I opened Jimmy's door he was laying on his back, nude, with the sheet tangled around his ankles. He did not have a morning erection but I could fix that. I looked back at Jim who was grinning from our doorway and holding his erection which had returned. I could feel my juices and his cum oozing out of me. When he nodded at me, I entered Jimmy's room.

I eased onto Jimmy's bed although he used to be a very sound sleeper and hard to wake up. I gently blew on his dick. When nothing happened, I licked the head. As it started growing I took it gently into my mouth. I love the feel of a dick as it swells, lengthens and hardens. As many times as I have played with Jim's, and with my students', it still amazes me.

Jimmy stirred in his sleep as he engorged and a hand went to grasp his dick. His eyes popped open as it encountered my head. "Mom?"

I pulled my hand from my pussy and covered his mouth with my cum and juice laden fingers. "Hush, Hon! Just relax and enjoy my pussy!" I straddled him, moved his dick to my slick entrance and slowly sank down on him.

I was trembling with my eagerness. His dick felt so good sliding into me. I could feel every bump and vein. I almost had an orgasm when I bottomed out. As I felt him suck on my fingers when they slipped into his open mouth, I did. I could feel my pussy spasm and clench his dick like a fist although I had not moved. I rocked forward, then back, and it happened again.

I pulled his hands to my tits with a moan as Jimmy groaned, "Oh God, Mom! You feel wonderful!" I leaned forward into his hands as they squeezed and milked my tits and started pounding my hips against his, forcing his dick almost brutally into my pussy. It was fantastic. Pure bliss.

It was not long before his back arched as he thrust up into me, lifting me off the bed as he erupted. As with Jim a short while ago, I felt each shot as it went into me. I collapsed on top of Jimmy, quivering, trembling, both of us shaking. I could feel Jimmy remained hard even though I knew he had blown a large load.

The bed shifted as Jim sat down beside us. "Dad!" Jimmy exclaimed with a note of apprehension in his voice. I could feel him begin to soften.

Jim leaned forward and kissed Jimmy on the lips. "I love you, Son!" He turned and kissed me. "I love you, Jane!" He rarely calls me that, mostly I'm Babe. He slipped one arm under Jimmy, the other over me, and hugged us both. "That was beautiful!" Neither Jimmy nor I had been aware of Jim standing at the door and watching.

"Are you satisfied, Son? With your Mother?" Jimmy closed his eyes. If he had not been laying on his back he would have hung his head. Jim chuckled. "No, you want more, don't you?"

Jimmy whispered, "Yes." He was still softening.

"Ok. For the next week..." Jim had made arrangements to be off work while Jimmy was with us, "we are all staying naked except when we go out to eat. We won't make your Mom cook. But WE... are going to fuck her blind! Ok?

Jimmy had a huge smile! He was rock hard in me again. It felt great. "Whenever you get hard, poke it in her pussy. I'm going to! We'll wear that pussy out. Now, do you want to get up and go get something to eat?"

"Hey! Don't I have something to say about this?" I asked.

"Nope! You are OUR fuck toy. Your pussy is OURS, just for OUR pleasure." Jim grinned back and kissed me lightly as I grinned my acceptance.

Jimmy stated, "I'm not hungry!" as he rolled me over on my back and started pounding into me. The pre-Ann Jimmy would never have done such a thing. He would have backed off and deferred to his father, letting Jim go first, and not touching me until after his Dad was finished.

Jim laughed and fed me his dick.

Jimmy slowed his pace, barely moving in and out of me as he watched me suck Jim off. He had his arms extended so our only contact was our hips as his dick went in and out of my pussy and where my legs lay along side his with my ankles resting on the back of his knees.

When Jim lay back spent, Jimmy asked, "Dad, is that mouth as good as... uh... this pussy?"

With his eyes closed, "Son, her mouth is great. But not one thing, nothing, is as good as that pussy." I giggled, glad my men were enjoying me. I was certainly enjoying them.

Jimmy kissed me quickly. When I smiled at him, he kissed me harder and forced his tongue into my mouth. He had to be able to taste his father's residue. "Mom, did you like sucking Dad while I... uh... fucked you?"

"Yes, Hon. I've never had TWO dicks I could play with before." Then I frowned. "No. No, I didn't. I'd think about your Dad, but I couldn't think about you. When I thought about you, I couldn't think about Jim. I can't concentrate on but one of you, and one thing, at a time."

Jimmy was still slowly moving in and out of me. "Like now." I continued as I squeezed his dick with my internal muscles. He speeded up a little, then slowed back down. I did it again to the same response. I started clamping down when he was fully in me, forcing him to pull to be able to withdraw, then relaxing as he went back in.

"Oh, God, Mom! That's great!" It was only a few strokes before he came, jerking hard with each shot. He collapsed on me. His weight felt so good as I hugged him tightly with my arms and legs. Although I did not cum, I was still satisfied. "Mom, that was unbelievable!"

Jim slapped Jimmy on the ass. "My turn, Sport!" As Jimmy moved, Jim sank into me and stopped. He kissed me deeply, without moving, then asked, "You ok, Babe?" Sweet, sweet man.

I grinned at him. "I've got three loads of cum in my pussy..." I wiggled my hips against his, "and I'm fixing to get another one. I'm doing great!"

Jimmy had to get off the bed so his Father could mount me. As he leaned against the wall, watching, his Dad showed him how a Man fucks his Woman and I showed him how a Woman fucks her Man. God, it was good.

I came just before Jim, my third major orgasm that morning. I was still weak when Jim rolled off me, staying joined, and somehow moved me to the center of the bed so Jimmy could lay down with us. They sandwiched me between them.

Jimmy began kissing my cheek, neck and shoulder as his hand caressed my arm sensuously. Jim finally slipped out of me and I turned onto my back. My arms encircled Jimmy as I kissed him hungrily. I turned some more and put a leg over him. I began massaging my pussy against his hip. Jimmy grinned and, not really a question nor really a statement, spoke a phrase which was repeated many times that week, "One more time, Mom?"

"Poke it to me, Honey!" was always my reply.

We did not stay naked and in the house all week. We went sightseeing, visiting orchards and other places, going into Old Mexico and generally showing Jimmy around the area, which he had never been in. The Valley is a very beautiful place.

The first two days, though, we put on clothes only twice per day, for about an hour each time, in order to go get something to eat. The rest of the time we were naked. I was a little uncomfortable at first, to be walking around completely exposed in front of my son, but the joy on his face as he watched me quickly put me at ease. He took a delight in slowly removing my clothes after we returned from an outing. I think he kissed every square inch of my skin.

I am proud of my forty two year old body. I jog or do aerobics each day. I am a little bigger, all over, from the teenaged girl Jim married, but my body is firm and tight. My breasts have sagged some, they move and jiggle more, but are still full and rounded and sit high on my chest. Not to brag, but I do look good without a bra.

On occasion I had done my aerobics while nude, but never before an audience. Jim and Jimmy hardly moved as they watched me, except for slowly stroking their hard dicks. The pace of their breathing would match mine. They were distracting but refused to leave the room while I worked out.

I finished my routine the first day, hot and perspiring, and dropped to the floor to catch my breath. They flipped a coin to determine who would fuck me first, talking about me as if I was not there. They would not even let me take a shower! I loved it.

I wished later I had counted how many times they fucked me, ok, we fucked each other, because I gave as good as I got. It seemed as if I had a dick in me constantly. When one finished, the other was reaching for me. We had a three person gang bang going.

After I had fucked Jimmy the first time in his bed, both of them fucked me twice before they let me up. We were almost swimming in my juices and their cum. We had a long delightful shower together but it really was not built for all of the grab assing, pussy fingering, dick rubbing which went on. It was fun!

Jim tried to match Jimmy, but as good as it is, the forty two year old body could not keep up the twenty three year old, but it was close. Each was excited by the other as they watched. I do not think Jimmy ever went completely soft the first day. He had told me he and Ann Wilkes had sex six times, plus a blowjob, the day she initiated him. We definitely beat that record, and did it again the next day.

All three of us were in bed together when we turned out the bedroom light. We were asleep before the room went dark. I was a little sore, but it was a good ache.

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