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I Am Game


The moment my husband John walked into the house I knew something was wrong. He and his best buddy Kevin had planned to spend the evening bar hopping, including strip club hopping. Kevin was getting ready to for his overseas deployment and this was his last free week. We wanted him to have a great time before he flew out to the desert.

Kevin was thirty, single and very good looking. His military background made him irresistible to young women. He had girls falling all over him and so he barely dated any girl for more than a few weeks. Despite his active sexual life, he found time to hang out with us, especially when he was in between girl friends.

"What's wrong?" I asked, quite concerned. "Where's Kevin?"

"I left the bastard at the club!"

"You did what?" I was shocked more by his tone than his action.

"He said he wanted to fuck you!" John's voice was trembling.

I stood there in shock and disbelief! John and I have been married five years now. I soon became quite comfortable having Kevin spend a lot of time with us. He often showed up unannounced, joining us for dinner, eating leftovers or anything he could grab from the fridge. Although they did have their boys' night out, John and Kevin stayed home most of the time, getting drunk or watching a game or a movie. But to his credit, Kevin was a perfect gentleman. Although we talked about everything under the sun, he never had made a pass at me; I have seldom seen him staring at me even when I was wearing revealing clothes.

"Not Kevin. He's your best friend. Why would he say something stupid like that?"

John was visibly agitated now. "We were at an all nude strip club, watching this gorgeous blonde dancing for us. She was pretending to play with herself while teasing Kevin with dirty talk. I jokingly asked Kevin if he wanted to take her back to his place. That's when he quietly said, right in front of that girl, "She's gorgeous, but I'd really luck to fuck your lovely wife Jennifer."

"The girl giggled and I was so embarrassed, that I left in the middle of her performance. Kevin followed me to the parking lot but I told him to fuck off and drove away!"

Although it was shocking, I tried to calm him down. "I think he was drunk and didn't realize what he was saying. After all you were both ogling at a naked girl playing with herself. And I am sure you both were pretty horny and drunk."

"It doesn't matter. He was the one person in the whole wide world I trusted absolutely."

"But he didn't do anything wrong. I am sure he's now regretting saying that."

"Yes, he did run after me pleading. He said he didn't mean it that it sort of slipped out."

I said, "I wish this hadn't happened when he's about to go overseas. Your plan was to help him relax before he left but now he must be stressing out."

John seemed much calmer now. We went to bed but neither of us felt like sleeping. The room was totally dark. He tossed about restlessly. I reached out and took his hand and whispered, "Let it go darling. You did the right thing."

"I am still unable to accept that Kevin would say something like this. We have been friends for ever. How could he?"

"Maybe it is a good thing he blurted out something like that. I didn't have a clue that he had such desires."

"Me neither. I don't think we ever did or said something to trigger lust for you in him. He knows how much we love and adore each other."

"Maybe we are partly to blame too." I said softly.

I felt him stiffen beside me. "What do you mean? You didn't flirt with him did you?"

I stayed calm, "No, of course not. You know me better than that."

"Then why do you blame us?"

"We have made out shamelessly when he was in the same room. We have watched porn with him. Once you even passed out while we were watching a dirty movie. It was a threesome and he and I sat through till the end. I am sure he must have had some fantasies of his own."

He was silent and I continued, "And then, a few months ago, he bought me that gift for my twenty-fifth birthday, remember?"

"Yes, a sexy two piece swim suit!" John murmured.

"Well do you also remember that you made me wear it and parade around the pool for him? It is the skimpiest bikini I have ever won."

"That was just a thank you show. Anyway, what's your point?'He voice was tense.

"Over the years he has seen me almost naked. I am sure watching you fondle me when he was around did arouse him. Since he was leaving and not sure of his return, maybe he wanted to fulfill his fantasies."

"Where are you going with this?" His voice was a lot calmer now.

"I am just saying maybe you reacted too harshly. You could have told him that you didn't like his joke and quietly dropped him off. He would have gotten the message then."

"Are you saying I should call him and apologize?" John was asking earnestly.

I shrugged, "It's up to you. But I think you should because, after he leaves, you'll be the one regretting the whole issue and fretting about it until he returns."

"Won't you feel uncomfortable now that you know about his crush on you?"

"He doesn't have to know that I know. That way he'll not feel weird around me."

"I am not sure I know how to do it."

"If you don't mind, I can call him. I will invite him over for lunch tomorrow. Make his favorite chicken lasagna."

John seemed more at ease now. He held me tightly and said, "I don't know how to thank you."

I laughed, "You know what I like."

He asked, "Are you sure you are in the mood?"

"I am always in the mood. Now stop talking and get to work." I chided him fondly.

John slid down until his lips found my pussy. I spread my thighs for him. The first brush of his wet tongue sent a shiver through me. I relaxed and grasped his head and pushed it against me.

""Was the girl beautiful? And was she really playing with herself" I asked mischievously.

He lifted his head up, "Yes, she was hot and caressed her pussy with her long slender fingers."

"What did she say to Kevin?"

"She said that he was cute and wanted to get to know him and would love to see him naked."

"Just what exactly did he say about me?" I was surprised at myself for bringing it up.

"We were both drunk and horny watching the young girl fondle her pussy. When I asked him if he wanted to fuck her, her said, 'No I really would like to fuck your lovely wife Jennifer."

I whispered, "Does it bother you as much now as it did at that time?"

"No it doesn't. You're right. Maybe I did over react." He lowered his head and started nibbling my swollen clit.

"Have you ever caught Kevin staring at me?" I asked.

"Just that one time when you pranced around wearing the bikini he had bought for you. I saw his eyes follow your every movement. I saw him trace your every curve with lust in his eyes. But the moment you went back into the house, he was back to normal. And he has never behaved that way since."

"Yes that was the only time I felt him openly staring at me. The thong was barely covering my pussy and once I got wet, I knew my mound showed. I couldn't help but notice his bulging crotch."

John began to lick my pussy eagerly. "You saw his bulge?" There was surprise in his voice.

"Yes but I don't think he saw me looking at him." John's licking was getting me close to the edge.

"You said one time I passed out while we were watching porn. Was it awkward for you?"

"Not really. It was kind of a turn on actually. Especially since the movie was about a threesome between a friend and a couple. After he left I ended up playing with my toy, since you were snoring away."

"Do you think I should make it up to him?"

"You guys have been friends for ever. Don't brood over it. Just let go and move on."

"Do you think what he asked was reasonable?" He asked in an uncertain voice.

"I don't know how to answer that. The circumstance surely had a lot to do with his taking the chance. Seeing me near naked could have stirred passions in him. After all he is young and single. Besides he may have deliberately chosen that moment to open up to you. Maybe he fears he may not see us again."

"You didn't answer me. Tell me your frank opinion."

"He's your best friend. Sometimes even I feel jealous of your intimacy. I think that wonderful friendship, nurtured over decades, should not be thrown away on one drunken act of stupidity."

"You are still evading my question." His fingers were probing my swollen flesh and I moaned loudly.

"Instead of trying to seduce me behind your back, he had the guts and honesty to ask you directly. And in his defense I must admit he picked the best possible moment to approach you. And his overseas assignment might have made him desperate. So, yes, I don't blame him for taking the chance."

"What should I do?"

"About what?"

"His request." His fingers were moving fast now.

"It's your decision, John. Whatever you decide, I am game."

His fingers paused for a few seconds and I waited impatiently for them to start pushing in again.

He said, "We could swim before or after lunch. Maybe you could wear that swimsuit he bought for you."

He lowered his lips to my wet pussy once again and began to chew my pussy lips. I moaned and said, "You are sure about this?"

"Yes, I am sure. He's my best friend and he's going to gone for a long time. I think I should send him off happy." He hesitated and added, "That is if it's okay with you."

"I told you I am game if that's what you want."

"I am curious. Have you ever fantasized about him?" Did I detect a bit of jealousy in his voice?

"No, not really. I did enjoy his gift and his frank and appreciative once over. The size of the bulge has crossed my mind a couple of times, that's all. Now stop talking and start fucking. I need your cock inside NOW!"

Half an hour later, as we lay catching our breaths, I said, "I am going to call Kevin."

"What? It's almost three o'clock."

"Since you have found closure, it's only fair that we help him get his too." And without waiting for an answer I called Kevin from my cell phone. As soon as he picked up, I turned the speaker on.

He didn't sound like he had been sleeping, although he was surprised to hear my voice. "Jennifer, is everything okay?"

"I just wanted to invite you over for lunch tomorrow."

"John okay with this?" He was anxious.

"In fact it was his idea. He said that you guys had a brawl in the bar and he wanted to make it up to you."

He was silent for a moment. "Did he tell you what happened?"

"No, just that you said something that made him lose his cool. I didn't press for details."

His sounded relieved."I would love stop by for lunch. I can't stay long though. My grandma has a going away party for me in the evening."

"Yes I remember you telling me about it. I am making your favorite chicken lasagna."

"Oh Jenny, I am going to miss you so much."

"I don't want to talk about your trip. Let's enjoy the last few days we have. All the free time you have, I want you to spend with us." My suggestive talk was designed to help him relax.

"Except for tomorrow night, I am pretty much spending time packing and preparing for the long absence. Can I talk to John?" His voice was hesitant. I looked at my husband but he shook his head.

"He's fast asleep. Do you want me to wake him?"

"No, but I thought it might be easier to break the ice over phone than in person tomorrow."

"I think he has totally forgiven you for whatever you said. So just relax and come over."

"I feel so stupid even now."

"Would you like to talk to me about it? Will it make you feel better?" My husband tensed beside me.

He hesitated again. "I am not sure. I don't want you to get upset with me as well."

"Come on Kevin, you know me. It takes a lot to rattle me."

"It's about you, Jenny."

"Me? What did I do?" I asked innocently.

"You didn't do anything Jenny. It's what I want to do to you." He left the sentence hanging.

I was surprised he opened up like that. He mistook my silence and said, "See I told you you'd be upset."

"Who said I am upset? In fact I am flattered to hear that. But I do agree that it was stupid to talk to my husband about it."

"We were drunk and horny. That was the best opportunity I was ever going to get. So I became reckless."

"How long have you had this desire, Kevin?"

"From the day I saw you in your wedding gown!"

I was suddenly speechless. John squirmed around. Kevin was waiting for my reaction.

"Wow! But you never gave it away. I had no idea. Except of course when you saw me in the bikini that you bought for me."

"Yes I remember that day. I didn't care John was watching me. I couldn't take my eyes off your tantalizing body. And I even caught you staring at my bulge."

"Oh no! I didn't think you noticed." I stammered.

"So now you know why John was so upset. I hope he truly forgives me."

"I am sure you'll find out tomorrow for sure. Now sleep well. Good night!

"Thank you Jenny. I was so miserable but your call has helped me immensely."

Kevin showed up bright and early. I knew he couldn't wait to break the ice. John met him at the door and they hugged their manly hug as usual. When he came over to me, he hesitated. I held out my arms and he stepped in and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight against his chest.

I worked on lunch while John and Kevin went out into the backyard and walked around the pool talking. They were smiling often and then they began to laugh out loud. I knew everything was back to normal.

They came back inside the house and headed to the bar. Kevin had brought a bottle of scotch and a bottle of wine. He poured a glass of sparkly white wine for me and they sat down to nurse their scotch.

I turned to John, "I am going to take a quick shower. Please keep an eye on the stove." I headed to the bathroom. To wear that skimpy bikini I definitely had to shave my pussy. I quickly got rid of the fine mist of hair and felt the smooth flesh with my fingers. It sent a tingle through me. In a few hours I might be having sex with another man! Before John there had been a few guys. They were mostly short relationships that pretty much never left the couch. But in the five years with John, I had learned to make love. Gentle, caring and emotionally satisfying sexual experiences with an occasional bout of explosive fuck sessions. But never did I imagine my husband would allow his best friend to fuck me. I was not sure how it would go. And how it would be afterwards!

When I came out wearing my bikini, Kevin almost jumped out of his chair. John sat there with a bemused smile on his face. I felt Kevin's eyes on mine as if seeking confirmation. Sipping the glass of wine John handed me and with an exaggerated sway of my ass, I went through the back door to the pool.

They were right behind me, drowning their drinks in one quick gulp. I jumped in and they followed. After a couple of laps I got out and stretched on the pool chair.

"John can you please help?" I held the sun screen tube. John looked at Kevin and nodded toward me. Kevin was out of the water in flash and by my side. I turned over on my chest. Kevin's hands felt wonderful. He spread the cream and began to massage my back and shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I saw John lazily swimming around.

When his hands reached my almost bare ass, his squeeze seemed to get harder. His fingers were everywhere. I could feel the cream in my anus and trickles of the slick paste in my pussy. He then moved lower and grabbed my thighs and spread them apart. His finger slid along the insides of my thighs and I began to get wet.

He brought his lips to my ears and whispered, "Jenny, this is a dream come true for me."

"Your hands are setting me on fire." I moaned.

With his body shielding me from John's line of vision, he gently grabbed my shoulders and turned me over. The lust in his eyes turned me on so badly that I rubbed my face against his bulge. His fingers slid under my top and squeezed my breasts. The cream made it difficult for him to clamp down but he crushed my nipples. My legs were wide open in anticipation of his roving fingers. He didn't disappoint me. His fingers slid under the bikini and fondled my clit ever so briefly. My eyes were literally begging him to fuck me.

John called out, "I am hungry. Maybe we come back later."

Kevin straightened and they both headed into the house.

"Help yourselves guys. I will join you in half an hour. I need my beauty tan." I called after them.

I closed my eyes. My body ached for Kevin's hands but I lay there, my pussy dripping wet.

When I finally joined them, I could tell that they were drinking not eating. I took a quick shower, pulled on a pair of red silk shorts and a sleeveless white top. We ate and talked. It was mostly around his trip and when he was likely to get back.

It was almost two o'clock in the afternoon when John got a call from his mother who lived on the other side of town. After talking to her briefly he closed the phone and said, "Sorry guys, I forgot that I had promised mom that I'd fix her plumbing. It shouldn't take more than an hour.

"I will be leaving soon, John. I have to be at my mom's around six."

"Okay but tomorrow you're spending the evening with us." John insisted and quickly left.

I was not sure if John had orchestrated that call or was it sheer coincidence and he took advantage of it.

But the moment he left, Kevin grabbed me and kissed me. It was a fierce and demanding kiss. I simply surrendered to his attack.

He tore my shorts and top off me quickly and threw me on the couch. His lips found my pink lobes between my eagerly spread out thighs. I was squeezing my breasts as he assaulted my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I moaned and begged him to fuck me.

When he pulled off his shorts, I saw the cause of the bulge. He was huge and when he rubbed his swollen cock on my lips, I opened my mouth and he slipped it in. My tongue worked on his cock while he rammed the monster down my throat.

It didn't take very long before he pulled out of my mouth and thrust his cock inside my quivering pussy. I sighed and fell on my back, wrapping him with my thighs. His strokes gradually built momentum and we were in sync, floating on cloud nine.

When he exploded inside me I was already convulsing with orgasm. He finally stopped thrusting and relaxed his weight over me. It was strange to feel another body so intimately wrapped around me. It had been a long time since I had been with another man.

As we lay there, Kevin's tongue traced circles over my shoulders and nipples. I snuggled closer into his arms and said, "So you have been fantasizing about me since my wedding day?"

"Yes, you have no idea how hard it's been. John's my best friend and I would never hurt him. I also had a feeling that you'd never cheat on him. But observing you these past five years I learnt something: that you were very adventurous and given the proper circumstances, you'd lower your wall of modesty and go all out."

I was intrigued. "What do you mean by go all out?"

"That you'd let go and enjoy sex in every which way. Threesome comes to mind right way. I can tell that you are capable of driving two virile guys up the wall with your lust and need. Not sure if John will be up for it though."

I moaned, "So are you calling me a slut?"

"In a way yes. You are made for sex. I am not sure how things are with you and John sexually but I believe that you had something to do with his change of heart for him to let us explore each other today."

"Well we did have an open conversation. All I said was that I am game to whatever he decides regarding your bold request to fuck me. The decision was his."

"How's he in bed?"

"He's a great lover but is not crazy about one thing that I need."

"Like what?"

"Well that's for me to know and you to find out."I giggled as I said that.

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