I Am My Daughter's Bitch


"Just think what mum would say to see this," Kaylee laughed as she pulled her strapon out of my arse and then forced it in even harder, giving my arse cheek a slap for good measure, "Her own husband dolled up like a slut with his arse violated by his own daughter. God, that wouldn't be a good sight for her to see. You just be a good little bitch and you can be sure she never will."

I was feeling totally helpless and impaled between these two massive cocks, if my wife had walked in at that moment then I could have done nothing about it, I was totally in my mistress/daughter's control as she thrust into my arse and then Joe did the same with my mouth. Soon, I was rocking back and forth on my knees, trying to get each cock to enter me harder and deeper. With my lips around his cock, Joe began to moan and squirm as if he could hardly hold back any longer.

"Oh yes, Jasmine, you suck cock just like your beautiful daughter and if you keep that up I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

Eagerly, I began to suck and slurp all around Joe's cock, becoming pretty desperate to feel him cum down my throat while my daughter rammed my tiny virgin arse hole harder and harder with her massive cock, riding me just like a submissive sissy slut.

"Yes, that's it bitch, make my boyfriend cum, I want to see you drinking his juices as he shoots his load over your face. That's what a cum hungry whore like you likes."

She was right, I could hardly wait for it and I didn't have to for much longer as a few seconds later I got my first real taste of another man's cum as Joe's knees buckled and he grabbed my head and shot a load right down my throat. I swallowed rapidly all that I could, loving the warm salty taste as Joe pulled out and creamed more all over my girly, made up face until he was totally spent and I was licking it off from around my lips as my body was rocked by my daughter sticking her strapon further up my arse as my now free mouth was able to moan and scream like a real slut of a woman.

"Oh fuck yes, Mistress, fuck me, use me, take my cherry, I'm all your bitch and I want it hard, harder and faster just like a little whore."

Kaylee was only too happy to oblige, she seemed to be getting as much of a kick out of violating her crossdresser father's anal virginity as I was in having it taken. Her moans sounded ever louder as she fucked me with an ever greater urgency.

"Fuck this is so naughty, it's just getting me so hot and turned on, you make a pretty hot sex toy daddy," she sighed as I began to realise that her strapon had two ends and that every time she thrust inside me it pushed the other end up inside her, "I've really loved being the one to break you bitch but your mistress really needs to be the one to get a cock inside her now. Do you think that my little slut still remembers enough about being a man and his tiny clitty cock is up to the task?"

I couldn't believe it, my own hot daughter was asking me to fuck her in that sweet pink pussy that I had dreamed about ever since she had first commanded me to eat it. Even though I was now a cock loving whore woman, the allure of that soft warm pussy and the forbidden fruit of fucking my own daughter got me pretty excited. Kaylee removed her strapon to reveal her beautiful pussy, wet with arousal, so her whole gorgeous toned body was naked except for those hot thigh high dominatrix boots. She lay back on the floor and opened her legs.

"Come on bitch, I know you've been wanting it, now's your chance."

My cock was already as big and hard as it could ever become, although that still wasn't very big, so I just got down between her legs and slipped my cock right inside my daughter's pussy as she wrapped her booted legs around me, locking me inside her as I rocked back and forth inside her, her bare breasts pressed against my lacy corset, kissing her on the lips again and again as she licked her boyfriend's cum off my face and fed it back to me. Even though he'd just cum over me, Joe was already seeming to get turned on at the sight of this crossdressing incest show as I looked over to see his cock already semi hard again and him wanking it as he watched us. Kaylee looked over and saw this.

"Now bitch, it's just not right for you to leave a guy to see to his own cock, as a sex slave that's your responsibility," she said, slapping my arse again as I entered her, "Maybe it's about time you got another cock in your arse."

She had Joe sit back on the sofa and then me sit astride him, my smooth stockinged legs rubbing against his, with my back to him and lower my already well fucked arse hole down onto his cock as it grew harder inside me. Then Kaylee came over and sat astride me with my cock inside her pussy and her beautiful teenage tits at just the right height for me to suckle on them. Meanwhile, I was able to rock back and forth so as I moved forward, my cock entered my daughter's pussy and as I went back my arse slid down her boyfriend's hard pole. From this position, his cock could reach deeper into me even than Kaylee's strapon had before, stimulating my prostate gland even more and causing me to swoon with pleasure, wondering how long my little clitty-cock could hold out without filling my daughter with spunk, now it too was getting attention.

"You weren't wrong Kaylee, this bitch is one tight slut," said Joe grunting as he tried to push his thick cock into me, "It won't be long before she's gonna make me cum again."

But it wasn't Joe that would be the next to reach orgasm but my hot daughter who had already got herself so turned on by playing the dominatrix and taking her own father's virginity as a sissy slut that even my little dick was enough to send her over the edge and convulsing on my lap as she moaned and screamed.

"Yes, yes. FUCK YES, BITCH! I'm cumming, BITCH, I'M CUMMING!!!"

Well, there's only so much arousal that one man can take, I had already dressed in saucy, sensual lingerie, swallowed cum from a hard cock and had my arse violated, now having my own daughter writhing and squirming on my dick as her orgasm rocked through her, I was thrown into my own convulsions of delight as the most amazing orgasm I had ever had ran all through my body from where Joe's dick stuck inside my arse to my own cock which shot a load right up inside my daughter's pussy. After a few more minutes, Joe too came, filling my arse with his cum just as he had my mouth before.

The evening's pleasures ended with me having to clean up before my wife got home and she discovered what had been going on. Naturally it involved slutty me scooping the cum from my arse and licking it off my fingers before going down on my daughter's pussy and eating my own cum out of her. Inevitably it was a disappointment to put my normal clothes back on but my daughter just grinned and slapped my arse which was now pretty sore from its first heavy fucking.

"Don't worry bitch, I'm not through with you yet," Kaylee grinned, "You just keep up playing my whorish sex slave and mum doesn't have to know about any of this."

Actually, it was only a few months later that she filed for divorce. Not because she had found out about the depraved slut that my daughter had made me into, just because we had grown apart so much. So, it turns out I needn't really have been so eager to keep what happened between me and Shawna from her, but then I would never have been in my daughter's power and she would never have brought out the side of me that I really loved, Jasmine the cock sucking, cum drinking slut.

So, that's the story of how I became my daughter's bitch. After the divorce, I moved in with her and, later, Joe and I continue to service them and others as sex slave Jasmine to this day. Some might find my life a little humiliating, but that's just the way I like it.


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by 4yourpleasureiam12/03/17

Love this story

I am a sissy who dreams of finding a man and wife who would use me like this.
If you are a husband and wife in Arkansas and want a sissy then please PM me.

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