tagNonHumanI Am NOT Your Mate, You Ass!

I Am NOT Your Mate, You Ass!


Author's note: The sex is in later chapters. If you're here for just sex this story is not for you.



"Oh bloody hell!"

Seven A.M. on a Sunday is way to frigging early for anyone who does not have a death wish to be calling me.


Fuck it, this had better be important, as in 'your father needs a kidney and you're the only match in the family,' important. If not someone was going to need one after I finished kicking it.

"Who the hell is it, and what the hell do you want?" I growled into the phone. I'm, as you may have guessed, not at my best in the morning.

"Your father is in the hospital, he needs a kidney, and you're the only match in the family," said my soon to in need of a kidney herself friend, Lander.

I hollered, "Dad, how are your kidneys?"

"I'm fine, Fallon. Is that Lander on the phone?" he shouted back.


"Tell her to stop by, and have some breakfast," called my father, Sabin.

I turned back to the annoyingly cheerful voice on the line. "Breakfast?" I grumbled.

"Your father cookin'?"

"Dad, are you going to cook?" I shouted.

"Yes, and for the love of all that is holy stop hollering," bellowed back.

"You heard the man."

"Yes I did, I'll be right over. Are you out a bed yet?"

"What do ya think?" I asked rather dryly.

"Rise and shine. Greet the day, and all that."

"That's all well and good, but you've forgotten something, genius," I said in a deceptively cheerful voice.

"Really, and what's that?" She asked in a confused voice.

"The fact that my day does not start till noon on Sunday's," I shouted into the phone before slamming the receiver down, and burring back under the covers.

Ten minutes later, just as I was starting to doze off.

"Fallon how does Lander like her steak again," this from my dad, who still felt the need to yell even though he was right outside my door.

"Damn it all ta hell! What does a girl have to do to get some sleep around here," I howled at my door, and thus at my father.

"You could tell me how Lander likes her steak," was all the reply I got as my dad tried to open my door.

"If you so much as turn that knob I'll cut you up, and serve you to Lander any way she likes," I barked.

"And that would be?"

"Dad how do you like your stake for breakfast," I ground out between clenched teeth while punching my pillow.

"Quite beating your poor pillow, there were feathers everywhere last time. And I like my steak raw, what's that got to do with how Lander likes her's?"

"What are you?"

"A werewolf, same as you," he huffed.

"And Lander is. . ."

"A were, same as us."

"Air go. . ." I hissed. God I hate mornings.

"Raw," he laughed.

I growled.

"You did that on purpose. If you weren't my father I'd rrrriiinnnggg."

Wow, good timing. If only the ring tone included 'your neck' at the end then I might be happy. I stress the might.

"Bloody friggin' hell. What?!" I shouted into the phone.

"Now is that any way to talk to your alpha, little wolf," came a voice that could have melted chocolate.

Hearing from Nicholai at anytime set my teeth on edge, but hearing from His Royal Highness at seven-twenty in the morning meant I'd be giving the pack dentist a call.

"Is this better?" I asked in my sweetest voice, right before I once again slammed the phone down.

The man was unbelievable, our small pack was in a really bad state and he still found the time to work on his evil plot -- to drive me insane.

"Nicholai will be here soon, dad."

This time he turned the knob, apparently he didn't believe me. Oh well, at least I wasn't naked.

"What on god's green earth do you mean?" Then with a look of dawning apprehension. "Oh sweet mother of mercy, you hung up on the Alpha. Fallon what the hell am I going to do with you?" howled my long-suffering father.

"Feed me, and get out so I can dress," I suggested, as I throw back my now cold sheets. And no, I was not wishing for a hunk to keep them warm.

"Oh, and His Royal Highness will want a steak too," I added as an afterthought, as my father ran from the room while I headed to the shower tossing my shirt as I went.

Once in the shower I calculated that I had about ten minutes to finish cleaning and grab my steak and run like hell to avoid Nicholai. Did I mention that I hate mornings.

E.T.A two minutes. I raced down the stairs with my boots slung about my neck. Crap, I heard tries, and Lander was already here.

I ran into the kitchen just as my father was placing my plate on the table

"Hi, Lander, thanks dad, bye, Royal Boy."

This was said as I snatched my breakfast off the plate and dove out the open window opposite Nicholia.

"Lander," I shouted as I tucked and rolled.

"Right behind you," came the reply as she followed me through the window with her steak between her teeth.

she was yanked right back through, and Nicholai took her place.

"Run, Fallon, run," shouted Lander, as she poked her head out the window.

I ran. Nicholai fallowed.

"Run faster."

"Can it, Lander," I panted.

Nicholai was gaining, he didn't look very happy. Fuck, and not the good kind either.

"Fallon," he growled in a voice that sent chills down sweat covered spine.

If he thought I was going to stop anytime soon he thought wrong. Just because he is 'my' alpha he thinks he owns me. Typical arrogant male crap. Men, just because they have a penis they think they have a right to everything. Bastards.

"Fallon, Stop right now, little wolf."

"Fuck you," I hissed. Man, was I tried, and Nicholai, the bastard, wasn't even out of breath.

"Soon, little wolf, soon," he whispered into my ear.

I slammed on the brakes. Where the hell had he come from? Dodged right then left all to no avail. Nicholai pinned me to the forest floor.

"Aarrgg, get off and don't you have something better to do then chase me. Like, oh I don't know, try to keep Fang from taking over our territory?" I snarled into his grinning face.

"Caught you, little wolf," he laughed.

I guess not.

Fang, for those of you who don't know is the alpha of the pack that resides North of Nicholai's woefully small pack, my pack.

More on Fang later, right now I had more urgent problems to deal with.

I kneed him. He wasn't laughing anymore. Followed by a quick head-butt, and I was once again off and running. All be it slowly on account of that rock that saw fit to embed itself into my lower back. That taken care of, I was promptly tackled from behind. Apparently Nicholai wasn't one to operate by that old saying 'never hit a women.'

This time we went down in the middle of the stream I was jumping over.


"Bloody Frigging Hell. You Son of a Bitch. Get your ass off of me before I drowned."

We were in water about waist deep. Waist deep for Nicholai, that is. I on the other hand was up to my chin, and Royal Boy was still holding on.

I was dunked for my trouble, and came up spurting to see Nicholai amused face complete with that arrogant grin that only the male half of the species can do.

I snarled.

He laughed.

That was it, he was going down. I lunged. Now, for those of you who've never seen someone who's up to their face in water lunge, well you didn't miss anything. I just went right back underwater, and lost my footing. By the time I regained my balance Nicholai was howling with laughter, so much so that he lost his footing. I made for the shore. Did I mention I hate mornings, and men. Well, I like one part of most men. Which can be made out of plastic, glass, rubber, and can even vibrate.

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