I Am Number Eight Ch. 01

byParis Waterman©

"Look at my cock, Emily," he said tonelessly.

I did, he was swollen again, more than halfway toward full tumescence.

"Want some more?"

"Yes!" I croaked, hoping for another wonderful climax.

"Let me hear you beg for it!"

Please put it in my ass!" I whimpered.

"What exactly is it you want in your ass?"

"Your ... cock! Please put your cock back in my ass and fuck me again."

I felt humiliated to have to ask him, but I wanted him back in there and saw no other recourse.

"I'm happy to oblige you more than deviant desires, Emily," he said as he picked up a small bottle of lubricant and allowed a thin line of it to trickle the length of his shaft.

I sucked in my breath as his hand wrapped itself around his manhood and spread the slipper fluid over its entire surface.

He teased me with several gentle stabs before pressing his cock against my puckered opening; and as I struggled to relax, he drove himself into me with such force that the wind was taken from my lungs and I was gasping for breath.

Before I was breathing normally again he was fully lodged in my anus.

He grabbed my hair, pushing my face into the bed sheets as he slowly withdrew and then surged back into me.

"Like that, my slut? Like my cock in your hot little asshole?"

"Yes!" I gasped, as he yanked on my hair, pulling my head back toward him.

I closed my eyes to help concentrate on the orgasm that was building within my cunt.

"Yes," I whimpered again, "I like being fucked this way."

He increased the speed of his strokes, pinning me to the bed after releasing my hair in order to have use of both hands, I felt him swelling inside me and knew he was close to cumming, and yet my own orgasm was still out there ... as if hovering, waiting for something else to happen before releasing its sweet nirvana of pleasure that I craved so much.

I heard his voice at my ear, whispering as it someone else was in the room and he didn't want them to hear: "Tell me, Emily, where is my cock going next?"

It took me a moment before I knew what he meant. It was another moment before I could reply.

"Umm, I think ... I think it's going in my mouth," I said meekly.

"Why there, Emily?"

"Because ... I'm a dirty slut and don't deserve better treatment, Master."

The words had no sooner left my mouth than my head was yanked back and I felt myself expelling his cock from my ass.

Why would I do such a thing? I wondered, but the thought went no further because his cock was slapping my lips. I hurriedly opened my mouth and tried to capture him without using my hands, which of course, were wedged under my breasts from his previous positioning of my body.

"Oh, do you want to suck my shitty cock?"

"Yes ..." I managed to blurt out before reaching out with my tongue in a frantic attempt to capture his swaying member.

He pulled my head closer and slipped his shit-speckled cock onto my eagerly waiting tongue.

Strangely enough, I recognized the taste of my shit instantly. Later I would realize that as an infant I must have tasted my own shit on several occasions while in diapers. The thing of it was that I didn't find the taste repulsive at all, but the very thought of tasting another's fecal matter brought me to the edge of vomiting on the spot.

What I did was, and I state this after careful consideration of the facts as I remembered them, was to moan with approval, for I wanted his cock in my mouth, and began sucking hard as he glided back and forth in my throat.

When apparently satisfied that I had cleaned him off to his satisfaction, he pulled out and began slapping me across the face with his distended manhood.

And then, without another word, he sent his throbbing prick back into the gaping hole that was my ass and began fucking me with increasingly forceful strokes.

"You know I'm going to cum in your ass don't you?" he snarled.

"Uh huh," I answered already feeling my orgasm fulminating deep within me. I knew beforehand that it would be the most tumultuous cum that I'd ever had and closed my eyes and waited for the explosion.

And as his pulsing cock erupted inside my ass, I came with a force that actually through Klaus out and off of my body; catching the both of us by surprise.

Klaus showed no displeasure at my actions, and apparently took it as a measure of his anal fucking skills that had brought it about. I couldn't see any reason to contradict him.

As the aftershocks of my orgasm reverberated through my anus, I heard him ask me to spread my cheeks so that he might see the slutty asshole he'd just fucked.

I reached back and pulled the cheeks apart, fully exposing my anus to him.

"Put a finger in there, see how roomy it is now," he said, smugly.

I did as I was told and pushed my middle finger in and felt his semen coat the finger as it wriggled about quite freely in my ass. I removed the finger and held it out for his inspection. It was clearly covered in a glistening sheen of his slimy cum. Then satisfied that he had had a good look at it, I put it into my mouth and cleaned it off.

"Thank you, Master. It was a lovely fuck."

"You're quite welcome, Emily. I should think we'll have more exciting times exploring your darker wants."

"I hope so, Master. Would you be kind enough to enlighten me as to what comes next?"

"Why, Emily?"

"So that I might dwell on whatever it is, and hopefully please you from the beginning to end."

"That, Emily was an almost perfect answer."

And Klaus did tell me about several things that were ahead of me; but certainly not all, not by a long shot.

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