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I Am Sir's


Dedicated to Kenton, for being a beautiful black guy though he denies my request to dread his hair every time, and by that justification also, Amon, for whom the foot bit is also written. And to Gabriel, my best friend, for being a doll and giving this a quick read for me. Love you guys, x.

I do not, in any way, shape, or form condone domestic violence, whether physical or verbal. At all. Period. While this is in the BDSM category, this errs on the domestic abuse side and perhaps reluctance, too, and I caution readers to be aware of that. Also, if you aren't into interracial couplings or infidelity offends you, you may not be interested in reading further. Either way, please enjoy.

Also: these characters are above eighteen, and so their fucking is arguably legal, if you ignore any claims of rape that she may have in the future. 'Cause God knows she likes it, begs for it, even. Thank you for checking it out, in any case.


"Hello?" she asked, breathless from the rush of getting out of the shower in time to answer the phone.

"What took you so long, darling?"

She bit her lip at the sound of his voice, the deep command that it resonated with, and almost let the towel slip.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I was still in the shower," she answered, her own voice meek and submissive, the sound of obedience.

"This late? What have you been doing until now?"

"I was cleaning, Sir. I didn't notice the time."

She didn't dare mention that she had fallen asleep, after cleaning, and that was why she hadn't noticed the time.

But he believed her, amusement in his next question,"Oh? Are you not so excited about tonight that you're actually not pausing to check the clock every two minutes?"

"No, Sir – I can't wait to have you to myself tonight. I simply didn't want to ruin what will be a fabulous dinner with a house only half-cleaned, because I was distracted," she told him, and though she had napped, it was the truth.

The house would be nearly spotless when they got home.

"Good girl," he complimented, proud of her diligence.

"Thank you, Sir. You will be here at eight, right?" she checked.

His sigh was audible before he spoke,"No, Delilah, I'm sorry. I was calling to explain that you'll need to call a cab. Take the money out of the jar for him; I'll replace it when I get home. Tell him to take you to Black Tie. It's new, off of Third Street, if he doesn't recognize it right away. Four stars, baby, you'll like it."

"I always like going out with you, Sir, thank you."

Delilah really did hope he remembered to replace the money in the jar, though. She needed to go grocery shopping in the morning, and that was her household allowance.

"Of course, sweetheart. Now, get dressed, and don't be late," he ordered.

"Wait, Sir, please: what would you like me to wear?"

"Wear that pretty red dress that I like so much. And stockings; you know how much I love them."

"Yes, Sir. And underneath?"

"Surprise me, dress to please. See you later, doll."

He hung up after her soft 'goodbye, Sir', and she was left alone to contemplate the meaning of his stocking comment. She remembered the times that he had used them to tie her up, or choke her out of anger... was it meant to be ominous? A light panic seized her: she had been good, hadn't she? Delilah had done everything that had been asked of her, as far as she could remember, but he sometimes didn't need a reason. After all, he was Sir. With a sigh, she realized she couldn't never know what he had planned, and went to her closet. Tonight would be a cat and mouse game – only of that, she could be sure.


The cab driver regarded the beauty as she sashayed down the steps of the town house he had been ordered to wait outside of at 7:30 pm. She was a bombshell, most certainly, especially to the middle-aged, silver-toothed Hispanic. Her lips were painted a deep crimson, and curved in a constant small, knowing smile. Cat eyes were outlined in thick kohl, and gleamed a yellow-green in the low light of a street lamp. Black hair with a hint of dark brunette flowed down to what was certain to be a tight, handful of ass. He only wished she would turn back to grab something from the house; with her silky, candy apple red dress that hugged her petite curves perfectly, he was sure to see it for himself if she did.

She leaned down to ask him through the open window,"Do you know where Black Tie is?"

He grinned at her, mostly for the generous show of pale cleavage, silver teeth glinting, and nodded,"Yes, senorita, and I'd be happy to take a stunning young lady like you there for half the usual charge."

She laughed, blushing at his compliment,"How kind of you, Mr. Garcia. Thank you."

Delilah slipped into the back seat and smiled at the sweet driver in the rear view mirror as he pulled off, but it was absent-minded. She only hoped not to be late, as Sir had demanded, but she knew better than to be early, too. He would most certainly think that she tried to get there before in order to do things out of his sight. She couldn't count the number of times he had thought she'd gotten a quickie in the ten minutes she'd waited for him with some random patron of the same establishment. Hopefully, the cab driver would use the thirty minutes given to him and no more to get there – and luckily, he did.

She got out and paid the half-priced fee with another sweet thank you. He wished her a goodnight, but didn't pull right off when she turned to go inside. Finally, Garcia thought, the view he had wished for, and God damn, that ass was beautiful. How he'd love to have that splayed before him, his admittedly less-than-average-sized cock slipping into the tight... ah, fuck, there she went and kissed some fucking, young negro. Lucky prick, he thought, and angrily, he jerked out into traffic and narrowly missed swiping an already dented, shitty Corolla.

Delilah didn't even notice the cab driver or his jealous exit; she was stunned at the sight of her Sir. The suit fit him well, and though it might have looked comical on his muscular, tall frame, it actually complimented it. His dreads were pulled back, as they always were when he wanted to clean up, and his mocha skin looked soft. She smiled up at him, taking his large, outstretched hand in her own, and rose up on her tip toes to meet his kiss. His lips were possessive in their taking and his hand slipped from hers to her slender hip, pulling what was his closer. When he pulled away, his eyes were dark with lust and he grinned at her, that lion's smirk.

"You look gorgeous, darling," he told her and leaned down to kiss her again, a light peck,"And you got here in just the nick of time. Good girl."

She flushed at his approval and smiled up at him, heart fluttering in her chest,"Thank you, Sir."

"Come on, we have reservations, and this place is too hot to be even a second late," he told her, half boasting.

Delilah giggled,"Yes, Sir, you always pick the best places."

After the cute, frazzled hostess led them to their table, and he pulled out her seat like a gentleman, she slipped her heels off and a stockinged foot teased the inside of his pants leg, along his muscular calf. He chuckled at her frisky move.

"My naughty little girl," he teased and reached beneath the table cloth discreetly to grasp her foot and asked,"Is someone hot for me, already?"

She giggled a little, tickled by his strong fingers against her slender arch, and gave a helpless shrug,"I can't help it, Sir. You know how I love when you wear a suit."

"Yeah?" he asked, and laughed at her half-restrained gasp when her cute foot was placed on his exposed erection,"Well, this is how much I like that dress on you, sweetheart."

Surprised, but unable to tamp down her arousal, she couldn't help her question,"May I... we... May I please you, Sir?"

He chuckled at her stumbling, his shy little slut, and nodded,"Of course, darling. I know you never can wait."

"The bathroom, Sir?" she suggested, already beginning to pull her foot away to get up with him.

He grabbed her foot and put it back, correcting her,"Right here and now, Delilah."

"But, Sir... how will I...?" she asked, trailing off in her question.

Firm in his answer, he repeated himself,"Right here and now. You know how."

Delilah blushed a pretty pink and he brushed his fingertips along her sensitive calf to encourage her. He loved reducing her to a half-wit, and even more than that, he loved watching her pushing herself to please him, no matter where, how, or when. He loved his control.

Slowly, he felt her delicate foot rub along the length of what she referred to as a monster, which at a thick eight and a half inches, he supposed it was. With a practiced self-constraint, he denied the inner urge to groan at her skilled tease. She felt him tremor, just barely, and smiled coyly up at him, keeping her pretty eyes on his own thickly-lashed, brown ones. His nostrils flared, and she giggled, feeling his cock throb at the girlish sound. Her toes tickled his trimmed pubic hair, the coarse curls, and then a large, heavy sack full of promises for a good reward.

"Oh, please, Sir, won't you cum for me? Doesn't it turn you on, to be around so many people, your little darling giving you a good foot job? Don't you wish for that bathroom now, to coat me or if I really pleased you, fill me?" she asked, her voice soft and innocent, but her bedroom eyes spoke volumes, darkened to an emerald with lust.

With that, she felt the hard jerks of his monster against her ankle, and the spurts against her toes, wetting the thin stockings. His fingers grasped the table's edge for the few moments that it took for his sack to be emptied for the time being and covered his need to groan with a slight cough. She giggled and he smiled at her when he was calm again.

"Think that's funny, darling?"

She bit her lip and shook her head, but was unable to keep her tone from having a teasing lilt,"No, of course not, Sir. Kind of sexy, though."

He chuckled and slipped a hand beneath the table, wiping at the gobs on her small foot, and along his length, found a bit on the table cloth.

"Only kind of? Well, it'll be even sexier when you clean up the mess you made, hm, love? You can start by licking my fingers clean, and maybe before we leave, you can finish in that precious public bathroom that you love so much."

Her flushed face turned even pinker at the prospect, but her eyes danced with arousal as she answered him,"Yes, please, Sir."

Without the slightest glance around the room, he offered the white cream to his girl's lips, and watched as she licked it off eagerly. After she seemed to get most of it off, she took his fingertips between her red lips, staining his dark skin lightly as she sucked the last bit off.

"Thank you, Sir," she murmured when he pulled away.

"You're welcome, darling. Did you like it?" he asked, tucking his still half-hard cock away for another time.

"Always, Sir. You know I love a mouthful of cum," she answered, and finally, her cheeks matched her lips for redness at her honest streak of sluttiness.

He chuckled, but didn't answer as the waiter, a cute guy of the college age with a mop of brunette curls and blue eyes deserving poetry, appeared. Dominic, as Sir's colleagues called him, watched as the kid took hardly any notice of him at all and instantly stared at the sweet knock-out that had just satisfied him. Rather than say a word, he took note at the way Delilah glowed under the extra attention, and realized just how low-cut her dress was, the way her button nipples pressed against the material. A jealous rage filled him, but that same self-constraint controlled an obvious outburst. Coolly, Dominic ordered for them both and the slender man reluctantly left.

"Go take your panties off while we wait for the food," he ordered, on a whim.

"Yes, Sir."

Delilah mistook his obvious attention towards the waiter and the slight nod in the man's direction after his order for permission to tease the poor guy. In the past, he had often gotten her do such things with select men, despite the way his jealousy caused him to be extra rough when they fucked afterwards. It turned him on, and she loved to do that for him. She withdrew her damp foot from his lap and slipped it back into her heels, sashaying to the restroom.

The ladies' room was near the kitchen exit and Dominic watched in disbelief as the fucking whore grabbed the waiter by the tie and led him into the restroom. Delilah giggled at the bumbling idiot that she'd taken into the second-to-last stall, and pressed him down to sit on the toilet.

"Tell me, Joseph, how old are you?" she asked, running her fingers through his thick, soft curls.

"Nineteen, miss," he stammered, obviously bewildered at the gorgeous woman before him and her touch.

"And have you ever fucked a woman before?" she asked, her fingers trailing to his jawline.

"Never one of your beauty, miss," he murmured, and when her fingertip pressed against his lips, he obediently took it into his mouth, suckling on the soft skin.

"Well, darling, you're about to be in for the ride of your life, but it has to be quick. I only have until the food is ready; think you can finish for me by then?" she asked, pulling her fingers away.

He nodded, but nervously, he objected,"What about your boyfriend?"

"My Sir," she corrected,"ordered this."

His almost-too-full lips formed an 'o' at this, but she hurried him along,"Come on, now, get out your cock. Let me see it."

He fumbled with the small button on his pants and the zipper seemed to stick partway, but finally, he fished out his slender, six-inch hard-on. She batted his hand out of the way, and replaced it with her own, lightly stroking along the average length. He openly trembled under her touch, and she kissed his cheek to soothe him.

"Calm down," she whispered in his ear, nipping at it,"And enjoy, Joey."

Her thumb rubbed his already generous amount of pre-cum along the mushroom-shaped, purple head and watched as it gleamed along the trail of the sensitive underside.

"I want you to reach under my dress and take off my panties," she told him, and asked,"Can you do that, or do I need to?"

"I c-can," he stammered, too excited to say much more.

"Good boy," she encouraged with a soothing tone.

His hands were shaky as they skimmed her soft thighs, and the dress pulled up with their ascent to reveal the way her cunt was tightly encased in red lace. He tucked his thumbs in the waistband and tugged what turned out to be a thong down her legs and when she stepped out of it, he snuck it into his pocket as he distracted her with a question.

"May I... May I take you from behind, miss? I've never had a woman like that," he mumbled sheepishly.

She bit her lip, but nodded, knowing Sir never liked her to say no to anything asked of her,"Of course."

With a bit of maneuvering, he stood behind her, back to the door, as she bent over and gripped the toilet to steady herself. He pushed the dress up to reveal her pert ass, and he grabbed it, parting it. With the rough quickness of a novice, he thrust into her ass before she could object, and she whimpered in a shrill half-shriek. He ignored her, apparently unable to tell pain from pleasure or perhaps too cruel to apologize and correct himself, and drilled home. Her ass was used to a monster cock with lube, though, and it recovered from the slender, but dry invasion after a few hard thrusts. She regretted Sir's pity on the young, lusty fellow, but when his hand slipped to her dripping cunt, fingers deftly finding her g-spot and clit alike to push her to a quick orgasm as well, she realized he was no amateur... this was just the way he liked it.

Five minutes later, she was moaning into the crook of her thin arm, exploding in a pent up climax, and couldn't warn him that Sir didn't allow men to cum in her. Lack of self control had him empty within her as well – or maybe he had taken the quickie label to heart, she briefly wondered in the fog of ecstasy. He pulled out, and left her with the first drops of cum to drip down her thighs. She huffed at the sound of the bathroom door closing and stood up, nervous with the feeling of another man's seed deep within her back entrance. When she looked down, she expected to see the red lace, at least, but it wasn't there. That God damn thief, she thought; what would Sir do now?

The boy's potent orgasm leaked down her thighs as she walked back to the table and she was surprised to see an intense anger in her Sir's eyes.

"Where are your panties?" he asked, voice gruff and raw.

"I... he took them, Sir, I'm sorry," she answered, eyes wide with fear and uncertainty.

"He? You better be fucking sorry, going off and being a whore for some other man. Were you that eager for a bathroom fuck? Did you taste his cum, too? Did you need a little white meat to satisfy you? Getting tired of dark meat, huh? Did his pencil dick do any good, at least?" he asked, his voice hushed and cool, but the taunts hit home and tears sprung up in her eyes.

"Sir, I thought... I thought when you told me to take off my panties, you nodded to him. In the past, you've –"

"I've what? I've told you fuck someone else, Delilah. Never have I gestured silently, so don't use that as an excuse to be a slut."

She dabbed at her eyes with a napkin, desperate not to ruin her make up and upset Sir any more, gasping softly,"Sir, I'm so sorry. I really thought you meant for me to fuck him. And, Sir, I'm even more sorry, because... because he came inside of me, Sir. He took me by surprise, and I didn't have time to warn him not to... he took me up the ass, dry, and in the middle of my orgasm, he just came and then he left me there."

"That's what you fucking deserve," he growled and then at the sight of her genuine emotion, he sighed and softened his tone a tad,"Look, Delilah, regardless of it being a real mistake, you know I must punish you. I can't have my property being used by random strangers, and more than that, he came in you and took your panties. You've failed me tonight and I suggest you only eat your meal. I'm too angry to talk right now."

She nodded, but wouldn't meet his eyes, a sniffle escaping,"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Sir; it won't happen again, and I accept any punishment you deem necessary. Please... please try not to let this ruin tonight, though. Enjoy your meal."

He only nodded at her small speech. When their plates came, he couldn't taste his steak, but he imagined it was the boy he was stabbing and dismembering rather than a dead, cooked piece of cow meat. She picked at her salad in weeping silence. Ten minutes later, he ordered for their food to be wrapped up to go, and stiffly, he walked her out to the car. Their silence continued on the ride home, and when a favorite song came on the radio, he shut it off. In the privacy of their home, his anger finally burst.

"What the fuck were you thinking, Delilah! Wearing that God damn scrap of a fucking dress – I bet you fucked the cab driver, too. Isn't that why you barely made it on time?"

"N-no, Sir!" she exclaimed,"I know you hate for me to either early or late. I was only trying to be on time."

"You know I hate liars, Delilah," he growled and stepped closer, his fingers closing around her slender, pale throat as he pushed her back to the wall.

She nodded frantically,"Yes, Sir, and I'm not lying. I wore the dress for you, Sir. It's the red dress that you like best, and I wanted to please you with something sexy after a long, hard day at work. Oh, Sir, I only meant to please you with everything that I did!"

By her last sentence, she was reduced to tears, but his hand cracked into her face anyway. She sobbed harder as he let go of her in disgust, and slid to the floor, burning face in her hands.

"Get the fuck up, slut. Don't you fucking try that bullshit with me, like you actually thought fucking some random stranger would please me. Go on, get the fuck up those God damn stairs before I drag you. Would you like that, huh? Is that why you do this stupid shit? So I have to hurt you? Move, God dammit!" he growled, yanking her up by her hair until she stood on wobbly heels and shakily took the stairs.

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