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I Am Such a Bitch!


Bitch, bitch, BITCH! One word can have many different meanings, some dependent on inflection (which can be very hard to convey in writing), and some that spring from the person using the word and the person being addressed. Words don't just have meanings or definitions -- they have POWER.

A woman calls herself a bitch, asserting her power and her willingness to protect herself, even at the expense of others. Although, as a submissive, I am my Master's bitch, I have been a bitch in ways far removed from my D/s bitch persona. When professional difficulties arise, I am a bitch in defense of my career or clients. When under personal or emotional attack, my bitchiness protects my wellbeing and survival. I make no apologies when I have to be a bitch to protect myself or those important to me, but my service as a submissive bitch adds a secret spark as I note the wide gulf between being a bitch as the world sees one, and being a bitch in service.

The word bitch can insult, diminish, or disparage. Women have so often been taunted with the word that they often no longer even cringe when it is used in reference to them. In fact, they may secretly (or openly) glory in being a bitch, being a strong woman who does not passively accept abuse, but defends herself and those she loves when threatened. When a man is called bitch, he's insulted on many levels, not least because he is being likened to what men typically view as the lesser sex.

"Bitch" is not just a noun; it's a verb as well -- "I bitch," "you bitch," "he/she/it bitches" -- remember conjugations, either in English or foreign language class? Most of us have at one time or another thought, "Bitch, bitch, bitch" whilst listening to someone's tirade about some trivial matter.

In a D/s relationship, a submissive "bitch" recognizes her reliance on the Dominant as her master and pack leader. When a submissive becomes "Master's bitch," she sheds human characteristics that would interfere with her service. As the Dominant's bitch, she gives up her instincts for self-preservation, pride, and ego to more fully express her submission to the Dominant. In submission, the bitch embodies the best and most noble characteristics of dogs: obediently coming when called; fetching and carrying; and looking to the Dominant as the source of her physical sustenance and emotional completion. When the Dominant expresses a preference, it becomes what the bitch prefers. When the Dominant is sad, stressed or tired, the bitch intuits his mood and provides comfort, relief or respite, as the Dominant wishes.

I live with four pet dogs, all are males; I am the only bitch, in every sense of the word, in my household. My dogs receive attention, affection, grooming, food, water, sunlight, exercise, and medical care through me. In return, they greet me with joy, entertain me with play, and break my heart when they are ill and ultimately die. My dogs have gained through my submission and acceptance of the role of my Master's bitch, for my understanding of the dependency of a pet dog has deepened and been refined through my experience of a form of that life through my service as Master's bitch.

Although I never have been a neglectful caretaker of my pets, I now know what it is to be completely dependent on another for food, drink, and an opportunity to eliminate bodily wastes appropriately when one feels the need. I understand the loneliness of being without a master for hours or days at a time. I have experienced the humbling experience of waiting quietly on the floor at my Master's feet until he chooses to grant me attention. I realize the difficulty of scanning body language and non-verbal clues in order to anticipate what my Master wishes, as well as the joy of a kindly stroke across the top of the head and down the back.

My experience as my Master's bitch has made me more aware of the utter femininity of being a bitch. Every use of "bitch" reflects its feminine character; even when used in the expression, "Son of a Bitch," the emphasis is on maternity, an inherently female experience. Bitches in business walk proudly, speak clearly, and lead the pack. Bitches protect themselves and theirs, increasing their pride, and self-confidence. Bitches are accorded respect, even if it's grudgingly given, and bitches earn that respect by the way in which they carry themselves and interact with others.

More than any other manifestation of bitchiness, however, my submission as my Master's bitch provides the greatest gift of all. That submission, and my election to be referred to and interact with my Master as his bitch, has taken that slang word, so freely thrown about, and made it mine. Any attempt to insult me by calling me a bitch will fail. I am proud, confident, and direct in my professional and personal dealings outside my submission. If by being these things, I am perceived as a bitch, I am willing to justify my protection and care for my career, co-workers, and clients.

Every time I hear the word bitch, I remember the ongoing training my Master has instituted to improve my service in that role. I bask in the knowledge that I am much more a bitch, in every sense of the word, than anyone but my Master knows or appreciates. Most importantly, I know I please my Master by being his bitch, and pleasing my Master is the means by which every bitchy aspect of my personality, my behavior, and my life is made complete, fulfilled, and happy beyond my expectations or hopes. I am such a BITCH! I am SUCH a bitch! I AM such a bitch. Oh, yes, thanks to my Master: I AM SUCH A BITCH.

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