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I am Wolf Daddy


I am Wolf.

My name is Wolf. I'm an Englishman in America, 49 years old, and I know exactly what I need to feed my passions with to find sexual satisfaction. I'm a Dom, through and through. My style is particular and precise and I make a point of taking my time. The details are my greatest arousal. A bead of cum on a shiny lip, the sheen of sweat on a broken bitch, the tears running from the corners of her eyes, so many pretty pictures in my dark and deviant mind.

In everyday life I'm the nicest man. Yoga daily, eat well, slim fit, I shame other men of my generation. Good-looking too, by the judgment of pretty young girls at Starbucks and other places I frequent. I often wonder, do any of them have the same passions as me. You see, I have a dream-lover in mind most of the time, a faceless fuck from my wildest fantasy. A woman, her age not the most important thing, her character and kinks being the real cream. I often masturbate and edge thinking of breaking in an eighteen year old virgin's three holes in the most ruthless way, yet for me, it's the psychology that turns me on the most. So, my mind drifts to older women, more experienced women, to the filthy mind of my dream-lover.

Without question, the most important thing is for my dream-lover to experience the strongest orgasms when she's being treated as a worthless cunt. The source of her reason for this will be explored. Did Daddy rape her? Did she ever have a daddy? Did she witness her mother having extreme orgasms at the hands of a brutal lover? Whatever the answer, in time, we can re-enact the trauma, and I can take my dream-lover to the source of her precious worthlessness. It would be my honor to make her nothing and teach her the ethics of service. To make her my sexual muse, to dress and pose and command her. A woman who would be proud to serve a fair and adoring Dom with every last breath of her life. I crave to own her, 24/7. In return, you'll have the honor of serving my handsome cock and receiving daily gifts of my delicious cum.

I'm of an age when vanilla really doesn't cut it. The fast fuck, the one-night stand, it's not much more than masturbation. I want to explore the depths of another human being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Find her most fragile place and have her show me her unspoken desire to be used and abused as a sexual muse and a willing fucktoy. It will be a long and difficult search for my dream-lover, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it, because this is a confession, and the unzipping of my sexual soul for all you sexy subs to judge. Hopefully, by the end of these words I'll have made your vagina very wet, your clit swollen, your fuckhole ready for cock, fingers, dildo, and whatever I might like to put inside you.

I have a room in my house. It's a large room with two small windows at either end, hidden by velvet drapes. I call it the Red Room. Red walls, red sofa, red ceiling, hardwood floor. It has a hint of Victoria's Secret and mood lighting from Hell. It's very quiet and very private and there are several dressing mirrors for me to pose you. You'll be nervous at first, of course you will, you've never been ready to expose yourself so deeply before, it's scary to remove your armor. But your cunt is so wet, you know it's right, and deep inside your fuckhole there's an ache for penetration. You know who you really are. What you are. You're worthless and you need to be acknowledged by allowing me to find your limits.

In the Red Room there is a king sized bed with black sheets. Black because of the contrast when you drool or cum or squirt, and when my load misses your face and soils the bed. It's easy to find pearls of semen on black when it's time for me to watch you lick it up, like the good girl you so desperately need to be. It's alright, I will never judge you, you worthless fucking cumslut.

On the other side of the room there's a sybian with leather cuffs attached. I'm so looking forward to slow-stroking and watching my dream-lover ride and grind it. So excited to see how much you can take, and to see the honey from your pussy wet the vinyl. Don't you already know, I love a nasty, filthy, dirty wannabe whore for my personal pleasure. Your expression and words and actions forbidden by the normal world are expected here. My dream-lover has a filthy fucking mouth, she loves to talk from the gutter. The sleazy slut with a seedy soul only a man as depraved as I could understand to be poetry. The dirty bitch talks like a wanton whore addicted to (my) cock. I'll adore you for that with every inch I got, and maybe a beer bottle for your twat, and if you crave such things, a shower of piss to wash my sticky load into your mouth.

There is also an armoire. Inside it, things for you. Lots of sexy little flirt skirts and a range of dildos and vibrators, large and small. Anal plugs, of course, and a blindfold for when I want you to get lost in the dark. For rigging, I use the minimum - leather cuffs or thigh belts with cuffs, and my weapon of choice is a leather belt. You'll look pretty with it around your neck, like a leash, or to strap your thighs together when my dog bangs his bitch in heat. It also serves as something to beat you with - thighs and bottom, a flick of your nipples - please don't be so disobedient for me to have to use the buckle. Unless you want the buckle. Because, I'm not blood-thirsty, but a squirming worthless cunt taking my punishment is a statement of dedication certain to make her ever more perfect in my eyes. There's mascara, too, Baby Love Soft perfume, fake eyelashes, shiny pink jailbait lipgloss and scarlet-red too, for a late night whore to smear across her pretty fucked face.

In the corner of the Red Room, under a spotlight, is my throne, a large wooden chair with leather cuffs attached to the front of the armrests. Below, a black towel and a silver bowl. At the edge of the seat, a small u-shaped plinth, where my balls rest for your admiration. I wear a ball strap and a cockring. I'm uncut, about seven and a half inches, thicker than most. Every inch is for you, dream-lover. It's the center of your world. Your top priority is tending to my cock and balls, 24/7. The cum inside my balls must be your ambrosia, your heroin, your crack cocaine. Because you're a cumslut and now you have the opportunity to express yourself and show a man who really appreciates what a worthless cunt is willing to do for him.

At first, dressed in nothing but a short pleated skirt, you'll assume the position in the middle of the hardwood floor. The "position" is knees spread wide on the floor, so I can admire the stretch of your inner-thighs and get excited knowing your pussy lips have parted and the air is stroking your swollen clit. Depending on my mood, your wrists will be bound behind you in leather cuffs, or leather cuffs attached to thigh belts. Either way, your ability to defend yourself will be all but diminished. There's nothing sexier than a disarmed woman, unable to prevent my penetration of her holes. A helpless woman is the sexiest. Vulnerable. Prey. Rendered my rape doll.

My dream-lover will kneel topless, facing a dressing mirror, so she can see what a shamless slut she is. Be proud, there's nothing wrong with being a shamless slut in the Red Room. In fact, purple hearts for the sluttiest of whore-performances. In the Red Room, morals are inverted, we don't need no vanilla here, this is the private boudoir where worthlessness is worshipped, as my cock must be worshipped. Also, the "position", your default pose, is crowned by an a open mouth. It is my great desire to simply muse over you in this position and see how long you can kneel there with your lips wide and ready.

Five minutes? Ten? How long before you lick your lips? I'm in the shadows, you can't see me watching. And when you finally lick your lips and feel your pussy drip, I'll emerge from the dark and give you an almighty slap. When that happens, of course, my dream-lover says, "Thank you Sir (or Daddy), may I have another?" If I'm generous, yes, if not, assume the position and train that mouth some more. This repetition of proving yourself and punishment could go on for a while, until I'm satisfied. Unusually, when I see enough tears. I love tears.

Then, to the throne. Cuffs for you, mirrored aviator sunglasses for me, so you can't see my eyes, only the reflection of your performance. This is where you show me, when you fill your mouth with balls and choke on them until you drool into your silver bowl. The first lessons are the hardest, when there's the unexpected, but in time you'll be a superstar in the Red Room. I'll make you feel so worthless. I'll make you nothing...and everything to me. All I ask is you worship my cock. Want me in your cunt (or not). Want me in your ass (or not). Need me deep inside your throat, where it narrows - that tightening most women can't get past. That last inch, when the head of my cock pushes through and you're as full as I can make you. That's where my dream-lover belongs.

This is just the beginning. The primary need of your Dom is exactly what I've written. Beyond it is an adventure I can only forge with my dream-lover, when I discover the source of her worthlessness. One day I'll see her push my foreskin back with her throat, over and over and over, until I say, "Let's begin, you worthless fucking slut. All by yourself, show me how deep you love me."

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I’m so fucking wet.... I want you to gag me and fuck all my fucking holes Master Wolf!

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