tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 01

I Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 01


I was at a tee junction, looking side to side for an opening, when I saw a black sedan approaching fast in the rear view mirror. Instantly I knew I was going to be hit. The seconds stretched the way they do when fear takes hold. I saw the red-haired girl in the driver seat looking down, probably checking her damn phone, then she looked up. Too late. Her tires screamed as she tried in vain to stop. Then the thump and crash as she plowed into the back of my car.

I pulled on the handbrake, killed the engine and leaped out of the car ready to tear her a new arsehole, but the look of horror and fear on her face stopped me. Her window was open.

"Are you OK?" I yelled. No answer, she was frozen. I yelled again.

"What? Um, yeah I think so. Oh fuck, fuck. I'm so sorry. Are you alright?"

"Yeah. But my car's not. What the fuck were you doing?"

She wasn't going to admit it of course, so she just apologised some more.

It was nearly dark, we swapped details, and I pushed the broken bits of my car back into rough place so they didn't fall off altogether. The damage was not a write-off, and at least I could drive the car.

When I got home I realised I had forgotten to take note of the make and model of her car. I needed it for the insurance claim. I texted to ask, she called me back. Her name is Chloe.

"Dave? I hope you're OK? Look, I'm not insured. I haven't paid the registration yet. Can you give me a few days to get the money and I'll pay for the repairs?"

I wasn't going to agree. "If you can pay for the repairs why didn't you pay for the rego?"

"Cos I just lost my job. I spoke to my dad, he'll lend me the money. I need a couple of days."

"Chloe I'll give you until Monday to catch up with the insurance, after that I'm going to make my insurance claim. I need my car for work."

Monday passed and she hadn't got back in touch. I texted. She asked for another week, I refused. I still didn't have all the details so I drove to her house to get them. She met me at the door angrily.

"Listen Chloe, you ran into the back of my car and I need it repaired. If you can't afford the registration and insurance you shouldn't be fucking driving!"

She slapped my face and tried to close the door, but I pushed in and closed it behind me.

"You fucking dare to slap me? I gave you a chance and you fucking HIT me?"

She tried again, this time I grabbed her wrist. She is slightly built, with red mid-length hair, small frame and a foot shorter than me. How she thought she'd be able to fight me I don't know.

"Cut it out. You won't win. CHLOE! quit it." I grabbed her other wrist as she tried to hit me with that hand too, this time I turned her and pinned her to the wall. She was not crying, not swearing, not yelling. Until now she didn't even speak.

"Big man are you? You gonna beat up on a little girl?"

"No I'm not. I'm just stopping you from hitting me."

She struggled a little. I put my foot between hers and pressed her to the wall. Her butt was level with the tops of my thighs. She struggled some more and I held her firmly.

"Chloe stop it. If you don't try to hit me I'll let you go. OK?"

A pause, then she agreed. When I released my grip, she turned slowly as if in compliance, then kicked my shin and ran down the hall. I caught up with her in the lounge room, grabbed her by the waist and tackled her onto the couch.

I looked with anger into her eyes but...she was smiling. Immediately I calmed down. The look in her eyes was intense, I couldn't figure her out. My confusion evaporated with her next question:

"You want to punish me don't you?"

I gulped. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but if I was just making sure she didn't hit me I'd have left the house and not chased her, right?

"C'mon. Admit it. What do you want to do to me? For punishment?"

I didn't speak. I pulled her over my lap, her skinny butt was over my thighs, and I spanked her four times, hard and fast. Each time she squealed. But she didn't try to get away.

"You like that Dave? You like spanking a girl? Don't fuck about. Do it properly."

This was now part revenge and part erotic game for me. I placed the flat palm of my hand on her rounded butt, and gave her another hard whack on each buttock. She moaned this time. I made to spank her again and then changed my mind.

I lifted the flimsy cotton skirt up and over her back, and gazed for a moment at the pretty pale arse cupped in tight white panties with little pink flowers on them. But only for a moment. I grabbed the wasitband and pulled them down to expose her reddened buttocks. Chloe lifted slightly to make sure I could get them down to her thighs, and settled back down onto my lap. She wanted more.

SLAP (squeal). SLAP (squeal). SLAP "Oooh, fuck."

I was intoxicated with my erotic power. It was a first for me, obviously a favourite for her,

I put a hand each side of her butt and spread her cheeks. In between them her pink butthole blinked at me. I saw her pussy lips, smooth of any hair, glistening with arousal.



"How far you want to go with this game?"

"Until I say 'elephant'. Otherwise, get on with it. Please?"

"Spread your arse with your hands. Hold yourself open."

She did. I put my index finger inside her wet pussy, lubed it up, then pushed it deep into her arsehole. She groaned and flinched, then writhed a little as I finger-fucked her bum.

I noticed an empty coke bottle. I took hold of it, and urged it into her cunt, twisting and pushing. She moaned and panted as the neck worked inside her, and began pushing back at my finger and the bottle to fuck back at them.

My cock was rigid now. I wanted some pleasure of my own.

"Stand up, strip naked."

Chloe stood, and without taking her eyes off mine she stepped out of her panties, then planted one foot each side of mine. She took off her skirt, threw it, pulled the t-shirt over her head and took off the little pink bra. Now naked she let me look her up and down. Her green eyes blazed with arousal.

Her skin was pale, almost white. She had C-cup breasts, small nipples, bright pink against her alabaster skin, and poking out like the ends of a pencil.

Her skin was impossibly smooth and free of blemishes, right down her flat stomach to the girly bald pussy with tiny labia. Between them I saw the hint of pink lips over her entrance. At the tops of her spread thighs were drops of juice from her cunt. She was horny. I was going to enjoy her.

"Put the bottle back in your cunt. Fuck yourself with it."

She bent her knees, inserted the coke bottle, and began rhythmically pushing and releasing it. She closed her eyes, brought a hand to her breasts and began pulling at the nipples.

While she stood there straddling my legs, I undid my jeans and pulled them down with my underpants. I let my cock stand up straight. When she opened her eyes they were drawn to it immediately, and the smile in her eyes that had accompanied the game we played instantly changed to raw lust.

The bottle went in and out faster, matching the increase in her breathing.

"May I touch your cock?"

"Not yet. Keep fucking the bottle."

It was slick with her juices now and went into her easily.

"Lick the bottle."

She made a show of getting every drop of her own pussy juice off the glass, watching me all the time. I stroked myself slowly.



"Please. I need to cum. Speed it up?"

"OK. But listen. This is how I want it. I want to fuck your arse while you fuck your pussy with the bottle. And I want to cum in your butt whenever I feel like it. If you cum, great."

Chloe wasted no time. She pushed three fingers into her cunt and used the wetness to lube her puckered arse, then worked two fingers in there to prepare for my cock. I'm not huge, but neither was her arsehole.

She turned, sat backwards towards me with her knees together, and I held my cock steady while she spread her butt wide and gently wriggled to find the right angle.

With just the head inside her arse I could tell she was all heat in there. As she lowered herself down, groaning in mixed pain and pleasure, I grabbed her hips and thrust upwards to push past her sphincter. Once I had, she sank fully down onto me with my cock buried in tight, hot bumhole. My balls felt the wetness of her pussy before she lifted one leg up to put her foot on my thigh, spreading her cunt, to insert the bottle.

Instantly she began trembling and panting. I whispered into her ear: "It's OK now. Just do what you want to cum."

She dropped the bottle and began madly rubbing her clit, all the while making little pushes with her butt to fuck me with her arse.

She began mewing and moaning in earnest: "Mmeeuhh, mmmeuh, mmngh, oh, fuck, mmm, MMMHHHAhhhh!"

I felt her insides rippling through my cock as she came. Her thighs jerked and trembled. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Nng. Nnngh."

And I erupted in her butt. The base of my cock burned as I pulled her hips down to impale her on me, the vein of my cock pulsed and jerked, and my gobs of honey-thick sperm shot up into Chloe's bowel five, six, seven times.

Then as the fog cleared from my brain, I pulled her back towards me and tenderly cupped her tits in both hands. Chloe was moving her hips in little circles, as her pussy juice flowed down and over my balls.

I was still rigid, but no longer fucking. Looking down her back to where my cock entered her, I could see the tops of her buttocks were still pink from my spanking. Now I stroked there gently.

Chloe reached between her legs to hold my cock still as she eased herself off it. I flopped out of her with a squeal from her, and she put her hand there to stop my jizz leaking out.

"Pass me my t-shirt?"

I did, and she used it to wipe herself. Then she looked at me and smiled: "Fun?"

"Shit yeah. But now I smell of sex. If I go to my girlfriend like this..."

"Yeah. My boyfriend wouldn't be happy if he came home now either."

"Is that likely?"

"No, he's on an interstate haul for two more days. Wanna shower with me?"

"Sure. Um, Chloe?"


"Did I hurt you?"

"Yeah. A little. But I didn't say 'elephant' so I wanted you to. And boy, did I cum!"

I smiled as she led me to the bathroom. I finished undressing as we went. I watched her pink round bum as she walked, and my semi-erect cock twitched. She really was very pretty, even if she was a kinky little minx.

She ran the shower and we stepped inside. The cubicle was huge - two more people would easily have fit. We washed ourselves and I caught a look in her eye. I said to her, "No pain this time, just pleasure. Let me taste your pussy."

Smiling, she spread her legs as I knelt, leaning back on my arms as she positioned her pink slit over my mouth.

I licked and probed tenderly, using my thumbs to open her little petal for my tongue to explore. "FFfffucckk. Mmmmhhh. Oh shit. So good..."

Close up, her pussy was gorgeous. If she hadn't been old enough to drive, her pussy could have fooled me into thinking she was way younger. The inner lips were dainty, the outer ones entirely smooth, with a tiny clit the size of a split pea nestled inside her little hood.

She tasted slightly salty, the shower water ensuring no other tastes interfered with her womanly essence.

I kept it up for some minutes, her with one hand on my head holding my mouth to her pussy and the other tweaking at her tits.

When I put my thumb inside and pressed my flat tongue hard on her clitoris it was enough to flick her into a tight little panting orgasm.

Seconds later, as it passed, she pulled me up standing and in turn knelt before me.

"Tell me when you cum, OK? I hate it in my mouth."

I nodded. She opened her mouth and took most of my length inside it, clamped her lips and tongue around my shaft, and drew back to the tip. Her hot wet mouth inflamed my lust immediately. I love licking pussy and it gives me a sexual charge, so I wasn't going to need long before I spent another load.

Chloe's gentle, tender mouth on my cock lifted me step by step towards climax. The wet hair, dark red now, framed her face as she bobbed up and down, now using her lips to great effect.

She sensed I was close, looked up into my eyes and I nodded. Taking her mouth off my cock she wanked me slowly. Her green eyes locked with mine, and she made sure I continued towards cumming by squeezing my balls.

My thighs began to shudder as it boiled in me, I groaned in my throat, swore, and Chloe let my jizz fly over her pretty pink titties. Splash after splash, each one hanging briefly before the shower water washed it away.

Gasping, I stroked her hair from her eyes and lifted her.

We towelled dry, walked to the front room and dressed.

"Dave? I smashed the butt of your car, then you smashed my butt. Are we even?"

I smiled. "No fucking way!"

She had a wicked grin. "What if I still refuse to pay?"

Still smiling, I said: "You don't want to do that. I'm warning you. If I have to come back tomorrow, I will young lady!"

"See you tomorrow then. I still have one hole you haven't fucked..."

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