tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 02

I Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 02


After confronting the redhead girl who smashed into my car, it turned into a hot spanking and anal session. When I got home from my erotic session with Chloe, I phoned my cousin who's a motor repairer. I sent him some photos of the damage Chloe had done, and he told me he was pretty sure there was only superficial damage - $700 to $800 or so. No panels were damaged, only plastic stick-on bits and one tail light.

I texted Chloe and told her about that. She texted back: 'Can yr GF see yr phone?'

'No' I sent back. A few seconds later the beep announced a new message. I opened it and there was an open-cunt-selfie Chloe had sent with the words 'for tomorrow'.

I deleted it but not before I'd gone stiff in da mid riff.

Mid-morning of the next day, I knocked on Chloe's door. She let me in and handed me an envelope. "Eight hundred bucks. Count it if you want."

"Oh, thanks. Er, why don't you pay the registration with it instead?"

"If you give a false date on your claim, after I get the insurance, that would work. Will you do that?"

"I will. Don't hang around though - the assessors will know if the damage looks older than we say."

"Thanks Dave. By the way, I wanted you to see I would pay up. I'm not a whore. Yesterday was for fun, not for profit. OK?"

"OK. Of course. And I didn't think you were whoring for a minute, although I did wonder if you were baiting me in to get a beating!"

"Fair point. Dave, my man gets back tonight. I want to have some fun."

"I'm up for it. Ideas?"

"Stuff he won't do. Shit, I can't believe I'm asking a stranger this. I want to be tied up and teased. Not S&M, just bondage. The safe word is still 'elephant' OK?"

"I'm already trunky. Bedroom?"

"Yep. C'mon."

She had already prepared the bed. Nylon stockings were tied at the four corners, there was a plastic sheet over the mattress and large beach towels over that.

"I'm a squirter sometimes and I don't want the mattress to get wet."

She wore a simple track suit. In seconds she had shed it and lay naked on the bed, legs and arms apart. Once again I drank in the sight of the tiny, bald pussy with its small hood that hid her little bud, and her round C-cup tits with pink nipples framed by her pale, smooth skin.

First I tied her wrists, then her ankles. The nylons would be strong enough to hold her but wouldn't cut like rope would have.

I left the room and went to the kitchen for a cool drink. It was a warm day, so the air conditioning was on.

On the way back to the bedroom I found a feather duster. Chloe lay on the bed in anticipation. I went to the chest of drawers and looked through it and found a leather belt. I showed it to her, then put her track suit pants over her eyes so she could not see me.

I traced the cold belt buckle over her body, starting with her nipples. When they stiffened slightly, I draped it over her taught tummy, along the tops of her thighs, the insides, the insides of her knees, back to her nipples.

Her breathing was shallow and regular. Good. I was able to relax her and have her concentrate only on what she felt and heard.

I climbed on the bed and knelt between her legs. Leaning forwards I blew air onto her pussy and was rewarded with a twitch. She was clearly hyper-sensitised because of the makeshift blindfold.

With the leather end of the belt I tapped gently on her erect nipples. Her mouth opened and she gasped. I did it again for a gasp and a wriggle. I noticed her tits rising and falling a little more than before.

Next I planted a quick lick on a nipple, then a belt-tap, then another nibble. Chloe arched her breast towards where she knew me to be. A finger touched her open slit for a second, then I tweaked a nipple hard. This time she moaned aloud. I decided to quicken the pace and scooted down the bed, my head between her thighs, and licked the inside of her leg from knee to upper high. She shivered and got goosebumps. Her breathing quickened some more.

Reaching up with both hands to pull at her nipples, I planted my head between her thighs and kissed the hood of her clit, sucking the little bud out to play.

"Aaahhh. That's nice. Mmmfh."

Reflexively she arched her hips in search of my mouth. I gave it to her, this time licking at her pussy in earnest for a minute or so.

Now she was panting and straining against her restraints. I stopped touching her for a few seconds and watched her tits rise and fall, then I began my sexual torture.

With the feather duster I gently teased her pussy, along her sides, over her breasts without touching her nipples, back between her legs and over her arse cheeks. She was shuddering. I was glad she wasn't too ticklish or this would have been unbearable for her, rather she reacted to the soft feathery caress with mounting arousal.

Time for the next notch.

Placing my hand over her mound with the middle finger inside her pussy, I let her press her sex up against me while I played the feather duster over her breasts and nipples. Swapping for the leather belt I slapped lightly, followed by a tickle. Yes, slap and tickle it was. I kept this up for five or six minutes. Chloe moaned throatily now and the pressing of wetness against my hand told me she was well turned on.

I climbed off the bed and undressed. She must have heard my clothes coming off because she started to try to throw the blindfold off by moving her head.

I helped her. The lust in her eyes was evident.

Kneeling beside her head, I positioned my erection next to her mouth and she eagerly sucked on me, as awkward as it was, while I rubbed and fondled her C-cup tits in earnest. After five minutes of gentle sideways face-fucking, I'd had enough of the foreplay and got on top of her. Without hesitation, I placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips and pushed in hard, all the way in one thrust.

"Oh fuck, FUCK yes. Oh. Ooooh. God. Fuck me. Hard."

I obliged willingly. In seconds I'd begun a rhythmic plundering. Our bellies slapped together, Chloe's hips rising and writhing underneath me as she tried to impale her cunt on my cock, her stiff nipples scratching into my chest and our sweaty bodies sliding along each other.

She shuddered briefly and then froze, a small orgasm washing over her. Then she began fucking and bucking again, this time less urgently but no less eagerly.

I slowed down too, and decided I wanted to enjoy this fuck even more. Reaching above her I slipped the panty-hose over the bedhead so her arms were free. I got off her, untied her ankles, and urged her onto all fours before retying her wrists to the bedhead.

Now behind her, I put my cockhead against her dripping cunt. She pushed backwards and again I was buried balls deep in her slippery quim. This time though I could see her little puckered arsehole, the one that had accepted my sticky wad yesterday. I probed it with my thumb and it went inside right up to the heel of my palm.

Chloe reacted wildly, bucking back hard so my thighs slapped behind hers, each time thrusting my cock as far inside her as it could go, while my thumb fucked her arse. I could feel it with my sensitised cock through the thin sheath of flesh that separated her holes.

I was getting close to splashing my cum in her. She knew, and told me to go ahead.

Reaching over her now, I cupped a breast with my free hand while I doggied her cunt, closer and closer my jizz came, then suddenly Chloe squealed long and low as her pussy milked at my cock, cumming in a low groan that sent me over the edge. And she was indeed a squirter: I felt her warm wetness splatter on my balls on my backstrokes.

Now grabbing both of her hips, I spurted my load inside her just as her orgasm faded, she rocking back and holding against my buried cock to intensify my pleasure. As each gob erupted I pushed hard up her, feeling the hot wetness in her volcano of a cunt accepting my load.

And then it was over, and I collapsed on top of her gasping. I lay there, still inside her, for a minutes of silence, then my flaccid cock splished out of her and the juices hit the towels under us.

Rising, I untied her. She looked at me, I at her, and we smiled. We dressed without a word, then Chloe broke the silence.

"That was nice. Very nice. Um, Dave?"


"Don't be offended. That was is it, OK?"

"I'm not offended. Shit, I'll put these two days in my wank tank forever!"

"OK. Bye then?"

"See ya Chloe. Thanks..."

And that was it. Even though we live in the same area, I've never seen her since. Maybe we'll run into each other one day, but this time not literally.

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