tagIncest/TabooI Become My Mother's Mistress

I Become My Mother's Mistress


WARNING: If you are not into incest and rough bondage sex then this is not the story that you want to read!!

My mother and I used to have a good relationship, then I became an adult and she started becoming rude and disrespectful, I put up with it for awhile but then one night she just went too far. I waited until she got into the shower to change into my Mistress clothes, as soon as she got out of the shower I went into the bathroom pulling her by the hair I took her to her to my room and threw her on the bed. I was pleased with how things were going so far, and knew the night was going to be fun.

After I told my mother that she was now going to be my bitch, since she felt the need to act like one I was going to treat her like one and put her in her place like she needed to be. I opened my drawer of toys and punishment tools, I pulled out a bright blue ball gag, my mother had never seen one before her eyes got wide in anticipation. I walked over to her placing the gag in her mouth telling her how sexy that made her look. I told her to hold her hair so I could properly secure the gag. I then had her lay on the bed I placed a restraint bar in between her legs so that she couldn't close her legs and move around as I was taking her body to places of pleasure that she hadn't ever been to before.

After the bar was securely in place I bent down and started ravishing her beautiful pussy. She had been under the assault of my tongue for over an hour and being denied orgasm after orgasm, her body begging me to allow her to cum, she was begging me to allow her to cum and yet I still denied her the pleasures of cumming.

After I had decided that I had tortured her enough I got up and went to my draw of toys, pulling out my 10" strap-on. I walked over to her, removed her gag and had her suck my cock, not allowing her to get used to it in her mouth I grabbed her by the hair and made her deep throat my cock. I didn't allow her throat to become accustom to such a large cock I begun to fuck her throat getting excited when I saw tears rolling down her cheeks, watching her mascara slowly run down her face. Loving the gagging sounds she started to making, then I went a little deeper she got nervous and I told her to breathe calm down and evenly breathe through her nose.

After my cock is good and wet I removed it from her mouth. Reapplying her gag I moved to her pussy teasing her pussy with my cock then slowly inserting it into her tight wet hole. As I slowly started fucking she I grabbed my vibrator she thrust her hips towards me trying to get my cock deeper inside her, I slapped her face telling her that I would fuck her cunt harder and deeper when I wanted to and that she was not allowed to please herself. I shoved my cock in her pussy as far as her pussy would allow being denied an orgasm and you cum without permission. I told her that she must be punished for cumming without permission. I decided that I wanted to continue fucking her, so I continue pounding her pussy, twice she forget to ask me to cum. By now she had lost track of how many times I have made her cum.

After I decided she had had enough pleasure I tell her that it's time for her punishment. I made her stand on her shaky legs, I walked over to my drawer of toys and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps, removing the safety screws I bent down to arouse her nipples to make them hard for me. I placed a clamp on each nipple and she whimpered and groaned in pain. I then pulled out my whip and told her that she would receive 20 spankings for each orgasm she forgot to ask me for. I bent her over the bed so her ass was in the air. I told her that she must count and thank me for each spanking and if she forgot we would have to start over. I dangled the whip in front of her face and her eyes widened in slight fear, and she begin to get scared. I sat on the bed next to her promising her that it would only hurt for awhile and if she was good I wouldn't cause permanent damage to her sexy ass. I walked behind her to her sexy ass and I began her punishment. After I was half way through her punishment I decided that I wanted to finish her punishment with her laying across my lap and warming her ass with my hand. As she laid across my lap I rubbed and squeezed her ass causing her to moan in pleasure. Waiting until she least expected me to start up her punishment I smacked her ass, causing it to turn pink, being caught by surprise she forgot to count and thank me. I reminded her that we would now have to start over, but I was not going to return to the whip that I was enjoying the feel of her ass warming under my hands.

I had finished her punishment I had her get up and I placed the leg restraint on her again, but this time bending her over and cuffing her hands in between her legs as well. I admired the beautiful shade of pinkish red her ass had turned. Then I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks apart. I spit on her beautiful puckered forbidden hole. She moaned in surprise, never knowing the pleasures of having her ass touched and attended to. I took a finger and rubbed my spit all over her pink puckered hole listening to her moan and cry out in pleasure. I began to insert my finger into her hole almost making her cum on the spot, I fingered her ass until she was close to climax then I removed my finger smiling at her frustration when I removed my finger. Not wanting to to be too cruel I replaced my finger with my tongue making sure I avoided the most sensitive spots, just circling the outside of her asshole. Knowing that the center of her hole would give her the most pleasure, once she started pushing her ass back towards me, I slapped her ass hard, telling her that I would stop pleasing her if she was going to continue disobeying me. I flicked my tongue quickly over her puckered hole to then tongue fuck her ass. Knowing she was about to cum I started rubbing her clit. She was almost to the point where she could't hold off any longer and started screaming and begging me to let her cum. After a few minutes of begging I demanded that she cum for me at that moment. She came on cue. I began verbally degrading her calling her a filthy whore.

Her body exploded in pure ecstasy, she nearly fell over, I caught her and helped her to the bed. I laid her down and straddled her face, bending down I removed her gag, she began to thank me over and over again. I silenced her by sitting on her face; I told her she would thank me by making me cum. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face into my pussy. her tongue deep inside my soaking wet hole, her nose rubbing up against my clit, my body shattering in a mind blowing orgasm, all of a sudden she stopped licking and I demanded that she continued and be the good cum guzzling slut that she was. She obeyed my demands and she brought me to several more orgasms. Just when she thought I was finished I stood up turned around and sat on her face again. She hesitated on licking my ass so I grabbed the chain on her nipple clamps and started pulling until she start licking my ass. She began to bore me by licking so slowly so again I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face in my ass, realizing that it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be she began to really get into it.

After she brought me to several more orgasms I finally stood up. I walked over to the night stand lit a candle and stood over her body dripping wax all over her listening to her scream and moan. Her discomfort pleased me. I leaned over her pussy and began dripping wax on her raw swollen clit. Her earth shattering scream caused my pussy to ache in pleasure. I looked over at her and asked if that hurt the dirty filthy whore, she couldn't find her words so she nodded. Tears rapidly streaming down her face, a sight that I loved so much. Finally she found her voice and begged me to stop, I laughed and continued the assault on my mothers body.

After her body was successfully and evenly splattered with wax I set the candle down and got out my cane. Extreme fear crossed my slut mommy's face. I struck my mother square across her tit's right on top of the nipple clamps, a blood curtailing scream escaped from her, fear of the neighbors hearing her I went over to her to put her gag back in. She struggled against me, I slapped her and said I would make her punishment worse if she continued to fight me, she froze in an instant and let me put her gag back in. I grabbed my cane again and stuck her tits again, listening to she screams against the gag made me nearly cream myself. I ran the cane along her body stopping just above her cunt and struck her hard, again she screamed, it was a sound that was sexy as hell. I moved the cane lower so it was sitting on her clit and though the gag she begged me not to touch her there, I slowly rose the cane making her think that I was going to punish her clit, instead yet again striking her nipple clamped tits. Just as the sting from that strike started to fade I struck her clit three times in a row. I rolled her over and started quickly caning her ass until welts started forming over her cheeks.

I put the cane down and walked over to grab a butt plug she watched me get it out and started begging me not to use it on her when she saw how big it was. I ignored her pathetic pleas and got down on my knees behind her ass. Not wanting to damage my new whore I licked and lubed up her ass and the butt plug. Then rubbing the plug up and down in between her cheeks I started shoving the plug in her ass. She tried moving away from me so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards me telling her not to move or I would cane her pussy again. I shoved the plug 4" plug up her ass, by now she was so exhausted she had no fight or scream left in her. I told her that from now on she was to have that butt plug in at all times until I said other wise.

I then rolled her over removed her gag and sat on her face again and rode her until I came again several more times. I told her that I would be back later to continue my pleasure with my new whore, but for now I would let her rest for awhile.

Chapter 2 soon to come, and will be written in present tense with more dialog and much more abuse and pleasure. Please comment and give me feed back on what you thought of the story.

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