I Believe


Trish blushed deeply, looking around as her tight little body trembled slightly. Her nipples poked aggressively through the painted-on material of her top. "Now, now, bad boy," she said playfully, her lips curled.

I took a breath. "Sorry," I said.

"No, it's okay," she said coquettishly, pushing her breasts together with her upper arms. "I'm turned on, too. But let's at least have dinner first."

I arched an eyebrow at her statement. "'First?'"

She nibbled her lip, her eyes never wavering from mine. "Well, we are gonna make love, aren't we?"

I took another breath, gritting my teeth as Mr. Erection tried to push up through my jeans. "Wow . . . you are direct, aren't you?"

Trish giggled. "I just know what you want," she said simply. "And it just happens to be what I want. Besides . . . you like being teased, just a little, right?"

I nodded. "But you already knew that," I said.

Trish nodded as well. "Yeah, I already knew that," she said softly.

I huffed, forced myself to look down at the menu. "Okay, well . . . let's pick out a pizza."


"So, who were those girls you were talking to, right before we left the mall?" I asked Trish about half an hour – and a couple kisses – later, after our pizza had arrived and we were on our second round of sodas.

"They're my sisters," she said, nibbling on her slice of pizza.

"I kind'a figured," I said. "They looked just like you."

"Oh, we all look alike, 'cept for hair color," she said casually. Her brow furrowed. "Not really sure why, exactly."

I chuckled, glancing to her pointed ears. They looked pretty good for plastic. "You're really into the whole elf thing, huh?"

Trish gave me a strange smile, set down her half-eaten slice. "It's what I am," she said simply.

Okay, she wants to play out the fantasy, I thought. No problems here. Never had an elf fantasy before, but I sure have one now.

"So . . . any male elves up north?" I asked, deciding to just go with it. Sometimes it's fun to cater to a fantasy, even when it isn't entirely sexual.

Trish shrugged. "Yeah, but they all got beards and those big mustaches and pot-bellies. All that thick dark beer, I guess. And they're so short!"

I chuckled. "Not your type, huh?"

Trish smiled. "I prefer tall, handsome guys with dark hair and clean-shaven faces," she said meaningfully. She picked up her soda and sucked on the straw.

I watched her lips move, the way her little nose wrinkled a little as she drank. "What else do you like?" I asked.

Trish grinned and snatched up her slice. "I like pizza!" she declared, and took a big bite. "Harmph!"

I laughed, watching her. So playful, so cute, so damn sexy . . . if she's the same way in bed . . . oh, man . . . .

Trish gazed into my eyes, chewed, swallowed. There was a smear of tomato sauce at the corner of her mouth. "What do you like?"

"Hmm. Cute little blondes with pointed ears."

Trish reached up and touched her ears. "You like them? Really? I hate them. Get in the way when I wanna wear a cowboy hat."

I reached across the table with my napkin and dabbed the corner of her mouth. "Since when do elves wear cowboy hats?"

"I was in Oklahoma last year," she said. "Lots of cowboys down there."

"That's true," I agreed. "So how'd you end up here?"

"This is just where they sent me," she said with a shrug, then gave me a sweet look. "But I'm really glad I'm here."

"Trust me, so am I."


"Oh, I feel loads better!" declared Trish as we headed out of Constantine's. Impulsively, she jumped onto the short, snow-covered railing beside the steps, slid down to the ground. She giggled, slapped snow off her butt as she danced across the slush-covered parking lot.

"I think I ate too much," I grumbled, rubbing my stomach.

Trish jogged up to me and gave me a sympathetic look, touching my abdomen. "Aw, poor baby. Too much in the tummy?" she asked with a pout.

"I'll be all right."

Her eyes lit up. "Hey! It's been more than fifteen minutes!" She jumped up into my arms, wrapping her little arms and legs around me. Softly, affectionately, she kissed my lips, little sucking, pecking kisses amid gentle murmurs that brought life back to my erection. I settled my hands on her wet butt.

"Mmm," she moaned gently, pulling her face back. She rubbed the tip of her button nose against mine.

"So what do you want to do now?" I asked her, testing the waters by gently kneading her firm cheeks.

Trish bit her lip and squeezed me with her thighs. "Hmm," she contemplated, looking around. She noticed the meandering paths of the nearby park, with snow-covered trees and bushes. "Let's go in there."

Sounded like a plan to me. I headed away from the car, toward the park, keeping Trish tight against me. She gave me no indication she wanted to be set down.

"Oh, this is romantic," sighed Trish, looking around. The thick layers of snow upon the bushes and tree limbs gave our surroundings a soft, pale glow. The air was still and crisp, but despite the cold, Trish's body heat was keeping me comfortable. Or maybe I was just so turned on that I didn't notice the chill.

"Yes, it is," I agreed, stopping to give her a soft kiss. Trish grinned, kissed me back. I headed along one of the winding trails, walking slowly, just enjoying the feel of Trish's warm tiny body against mine and the soft kisses she gave my lips, chin, and neck. I shivered with pleasure when her darting tongue tickled my ear. That had always been a serious erogenous zone for me. My penis bulged in my jeans, seeking the source of the heat between Trish's legs.

"So," she whispered, her peppermint breath warm on my face. "Ready for desert?"

My arousal swelled. "Here?"

Trish's blue eyes flashed naughtily. She glanced around, noting the seclusion afforded by the frosty vegetation. She nodded. "Right here. Don't worry. No one'll catch us."

My dick pulsed in my jeans. "Hmm . . . ."

Trish giggled playfully, then smothered my lips with a serious kiss, moaning into my mouth. My nervousness about public sex – always my most arousing fantasy, but one never realized – was quickly assuaged by Trish's soft lips, questing tongue, and gently-undulating body. I squeezed her ass more firmly, and Trish squealed with excitement.

She broke the kiss and leaned back in my arms, crossing her own to grip the hem of her skirt. In a swift move, she drew her tight dress over her head, tossing it casually aside. "You want me, baby?" she asked breathlessly.

I stared at her body. Flawless, golden skin glittered in the refracted light that bathed us. Trish's breasts were full and firm, standing high and proud on her chest, capped with strawberry-colored nipples. Her abdomen was trim and well-toned, her waist incredibly tiny. Sexy hips flared out as her legs straddled me. Her pubic hair was almost the same color as her golden skin, making it practically invisible. It didn't even register to me that her panties had somehow disappeared.

"Oh, Jesus, you are beautiful," I said, heart pounding.

Trish's face glowed as she cupped her breasts. "Wanna taste?"

I was feeling light-headed with desire. "God, yes," I replied and lowered my head. Trish sighed as I cupped my mouth over one of her stiff, sweet nipples. And it really was sweet! She tasted like cinnamon. Trish hissed as I sucked first the one nipple, then the other. I frowned in pleasant surprise as I tasted nutmeg.

Peppermint, cinnamon, nutmeg . . . this girl's a sexual candy store, I thought as I laved her breasts with my lips and tongue.

"Ohh, yes, baby, that's it," cooed Trish. She ran her hands through my hair, then pulled herself up my body. I felt her warm breath in my ear as she nipped at my earlobe. "Unzip your jeans."

I didn't need to be told twice. Licking back and forth between her flavored nipples, I took one hand from her ass and tugged on my zipper. I had to work to get my erect penis out, grunting with the effort, which made Trish giggle. Finally, my cock was freed, thrusting out into the cold air.

"Mmm, there we go," sighed Trish, lowering her body back down. I groaned as I felt the heat of her sex, ethereal wisps of pubic hair tickling the head of my penis. Damn, this girl was turning out to be every fantasy I had. Petite, eager, playful, gorgeous . . . and with a full bush, which I always preferred on a natural blonde.

But . . . .

Trish gave me a little pout as I stopped her from impaling herself on me. "What's wrong?" she asked heatedly, clearly as aroused as I, perhaps even more eager to consummate than I was.

"Um . . . I don't have a condom," I said sheepishly.

Her brow crinkled just above her nose. "A what?"

I chuckled. "You know, a condom? Rubber? Prophylactic?"

She suddenly understood. "Oh, you mean one of those stretchy things you guys have to put over your wieners?"

"Yeah, one of those." How could she not know what a condom was?

She smiled sweetly. "We don't need it," she said firmly. "I'm not old enough to get pregnant."

I gave her an alarmed look. "What!"

Trish giggled. "For an elf, silly!" she exclaimed. "You gotta be ninety-nine before you can have kids, and I'm a long way from that."

I gave her a strange look. Okay, there's only so far you can go with a fantasy, I thought. Even if this girl is the hottest thing I've ever . . . met . . . oh . . . damn . . . .

Trish had slipped her hand down between us and was lightly stroking my cock, tilting it up and slipping the head back and forth between very wet and very warm lips. I could feel the stiff button of her clitoris, which seemed larger than normal against the head of my cock.

She kissed and sucked my neck, panting in my ear. "Put it in, baby," she whispered hotly. "I wanna feel it inside me. Please. Pleeeaasseee . . . ."

"Oh, God," I groaned, then thrust up inside her, feeling her slick tunnel sucking me in. All concerns over sexually-transmitted disease vanished. Fuck it, I thought. Sometimes you just gotta take the risk.

Trish gasped loudly, followed by a long sweet sigh of pleasure as my cock slid all the way home. She was tight and sweet, with fluttering muscles that rippled along my shaft like dozens of tiny hands. I groaned at the pleasure of being inside her, of being joined with her. Trish's heat seared into my cock, spreading through my body.

"Oh, David!" she cried, squeezing me with her legs, wanting to get every last inch inside her tight body. I swayed on my feet, trying to keep my balance. Trish rolled her hips, sucked on my neck, moved to kissing my mouth. She moaned and whimpered, squeezing my thrusting cock with her hot, incomparable pussy.

I squeezed her cheeks, slapping her down against my loins. Trish squeezed me tight, her sexy, girlish sounds heightening my already astronomical libido. She panted on my neck, fucked me back with as much energy and enthusiasm as I gave her, threaded her fingers through the hair on the back of my neck. Again, one of my most sensitive erogenous zones. Trish somehow knew just where to touch.

"Mmm, oh David! Oh, David!" she panted desperately, shaking against me. "Oh, yes! Yes!"

Trish vibrated against me, her body spasming as she came. Her tunnel sucked hard on my cock, insanely tight and caressing, nearly triggering my own orgasm as hers washed through her lithe, twitching body. But I managed to hold back, feeling the hot bath of her orgasmic fluid soaking into my cock.

"Ooo, oh, baby," she moaned, coming back down from her high. She kissed me deeply, passionately, licking my lips and finding my tongue to suck on. She kept rolling her hips, massaging my cock with her vaginal muscles as she slid back and forth.

I didn't last much longer.

"Oh, God, Trish!" I grunted as my orgasm began. My prick throbbed inside her.

Trish jerked her head back, staring into my face, her own a mask of pure passion. "Now, baby?" she asked.

I shook, squeezing her ass. I was right there . . . "Now!" I cried.

Swiftly, smoothly, Trish drooped to the ground, landing in a squat before me as my cock slipped, shiny and wet, from her pussy. Immediately, just before my eruption began, she sucked it into her mouth, wrapping her soft pink lips tightly around my shaft, just beneath the head. Her hands gripped my hips and she sucked hard, staring up into my eyes.

Holy shit! I thought in erotic amazement. She wants me to cum in her mouth! How did she know that's what I wanted . . . .

"Oh, fuck!" I cried, ejaculating with the most intense orgasm I had ever known, gushing my load into Trish's insistent mouth. She moaned and whimpered around my cock as she tasted me, her eyes glazing over in an expression that seemed genuinely grateful. The always pleasurable sensation of cumming was magnified as Trish sucked out a literal river of my cum.

I held onto Trish's head for support, watching as her cheeks bulged slightly. Thick trickles of snow-white cream oozed from the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. I groaned at the kinky sight. And then she sucked in her cheeks and swallowed, devouring my gift. I trembled and almost fell over.

If I had felt light-headed before, now I felt drunk. Trish kept sliding her slick lips back and forth along my cock, taking most of my length as it softened. She murmured in appreciation, gliding her tongue around my very satisfied penis. I closed my eyes, savoring the moment, petting Trish's soft blonde hair, feeling the tips of her pointed ears, listening to the tender wet kissing and licking sounds she made, her affectionate murmurs.

"Oh, Jesus," I sighed at last, blinking my eyes open.

"Nope. Just me," said Trish with a giggle, popping back up. She had her elf dress on again, and she had evidently wiped her chin. Not a single trace of my orgasm remained.

I gave her a dazed look as Trish lifted up and kissed me. The peppermint flavor of her mouth was mixed with a slight, lingering trace of my cum. As we kissed, Trish deftly tucked my spent penis away and zipped me up.

Trish took my hand and gave me a sweet, little-girl smile. "Come on, baby," she whispered. "I gotta get back."

I tried not to show my disappointment. "Oh."

Trish touched my face. "I know you want me to stay with you," she said. "But I can't. We'll be together tomorrow, okay?"

I smiled at her implied promise, and squeezed her hand. "Okay."

"Let's go, David," she said, tugging on my hand. I stumbled beside her.

She giggled again. "You okay, baby? You gonna be able to make it to the car?"

I sighed. I had never felt so satisfied in my life, so pleasurably drained. "Barely . . . ."


I pulled the car along the side the curb before the closed-down mall, near the same door through which we had exited earlier. The parking lot was a ghost town except for the patrolling security trucks with their flashing amber lights.

I looked around. "Where's your ride?" I asked.

Trish smiled, snuggling against me. "They'll be here in a minute," she said.

I returned the smile, looking down into her beautiful blue eyes. "I'll wait with you," I said.

She lifted up, kissed me. "That's okay, sexy," she said. "You go home, get some sleep, and I'll see you tomorrow, I swear."

I frowned, started to speak, but Trish shushed me before I could get the words out by settling a slender finger to my lips. She smiled.

"Let a girl be mysterious," she whispered, then gave me one last, deep, soulful kiss. She pulled away with a musing sound, dragging her hands along my chest and over my lap, and opened the door.

"Um . . . what's your phone number?" I asked. "Or, do you just want to met me here?"

Trish bit her lip and winked. "I'll find you," she said. "Promise."

I frowned, confused, but I had the sense that I could trust her. I nodded. "Okay."

"Good night, lover," she said, then slipped out of my car. I watched her walk along the sidewalk that wrapped around the mall.

I was startled by a tap at my window. I looked to see a hefty black woman giving me a look.

"Move along," she said through the window. "Mall's closed."

"I was just making sure my girlfriend's okay," I said.

"Your who?" she asked.

I frowned, looked back to where I had seen Trish. She was gone. She couldn't have gotten around the corner that fast!

"Come on, get going," said the security officer impatiently.

Confused, I nevertheless started the car and pulled away from the curb. I looked back one last time, but saw no trace of Trish.


The lights were still on when I got back to my sister's house. Our grandparents were gone, back to their home on the other side of town. Our mother's car was in the driveway; I assumed she had come over to help my sister plan Christmas dinner.

I really didn't want to talk to my sister or mother. I loved them both, but after the incredible experience I'd had, I just wanted to take a shower, go to bed, and make tomorrow come that much quicker. I couldn't wait to see Trish again.

Alas, I didn't even make it through the door before I heard Vickie's voice.

"Hey, Dave!"

I groaned inwardly. The tenor of her salutation told me she wanted to hear about my date. Don't wanna be rude, I thought.

I smiled at my sister and mother, sitting in the living room. They had some late-night Christmas movie on the TV and were sipping rum cocktails. Jana, of course, was asleep in her room. It was too late for her to be up.

"So?" prodded Vickie.

I shrugged, playing it cool. "So . . . what?"

My sister rolled her eyes. "Dave, come on."

I chuckled, headed into the living room, gave my mother a kiss on the cheek. "Hi, Mom."

She smiled knowingly. "So?" she asked, mimicking my sister.

I sighed. "She told you, obviously."

My mother laughed. "Of course she told me," she said. "And it's about damn time, too!"

"Why does everybody say that?" I asked rhetorically as I headed to Vickie's dry bar. I poured some rum into a glass, dropped in a cherry as an afterthought.

"Maybe because it's been over a year since you and Donna broke up."

I shrugged, sat down on the couch. "Just haven't met anyone," I said simply. My face soured a little. The pain of Donna's leaving still stung after fourteen months, especially considering that she had moved with my best friend Joe to the West Coast, just like that, throwing away four years of our lives together.

"Until now," said Vickie.

I blushed and smiled. Trish's aroma and her varied sweet flavors remained soaked into my senses. "Hope so," I said.

"Jana told me she's one of Santa's helpers," my mother said.

I chuckled. "Yeah, she's one of those holiday elves," I confirmed. "We just . . . hit it off. Actually, I was surprised; she came on to me."

"That's because my baby is a handsome boy," my mother said in her typical, motherly way.

I rolled my eyes. "Please, Mom. I'm twenty-seven. I think you can stop calling me your 'baby.'"

Mom laughed. "You're always gonna be my baby," she said. "Even when you're fifty-five and coming to see me in the old folks' home."

I laughed, sipped my drink.

"You gonna see her again, stud?" my sister asked chidingly.

I nodded. "Tomorrow," I said, then immediately thought, I hope.

"Ah, holiday romance," my mother said wistfully. She gave me a little smile. "Are you going to bring her over for Christmas dinner?"

I chuckled. "Mom, we just met," I said. "Let me get to know her before you guys scare her off."

My mother feigned an insulted look. "What a terrible thing to say!" she exclaimed, then smiled disarmingly. "I'll be nice, I promise."

"We'll see," I said.

My sister grunted as she rolled forward in her chair. "I need a refill," she said. "Anyone else?"

My mother and I answered at the same time. "Sure."

We watched the movie on TV for a while, one of those typical, feel-good holiday specials staring TV actors. At one point, a scene showed the main characters heading through the mall, shopping for presents. Seeing the mall Santa reminded me of something.

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