tagLoving WivesI Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 13

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 13


The sex that night with Ann, John her husband and my lover and my husband Bob all joining in at one time or the other was amazing. I never licked another woman's pussy but that night I sucked and licked and fingered Ann's hot cunt until she was covering my face with her pussy and her cum. She rubbed up and down and over my mouth and nose as she pushed down on my mouth. She was facing away from me and as she finished her orgasm she began to eat me. I was blushing like hell as her lips were on my pussy.

John was standing there slowly stroking his cock with one hand and fingering Ann's ass hole with the other one. He was saying dirty things to me as he fingered his wife's ass. She was moaning and pushing against his finger and my mouth. She had cum a number of times.

Meanwhile Bobby was working on my pussy with his fingers as Ann kept licking me. Then when I climaxed Ann shoved her tongue deep into my pussy hole as Bob was pumping it with two fingers at the same time. It was incredible and I climaxed really hard.

Ann sat up and took Bob's cock in her mouth and began to suck him as John fed me his dick. As I lay there recovering from the orgasm that Ann had just given me I sucked his cock like a hungry animal. When John began to moan Ann stopped sucking Bob's cock and turned and watched as John began to pump his cum into my willing warm mouth! As he did Ann told me to hold it in my mouth and not swallow it because she wanted to share it. When John was done he moved out of the way and Ann lay back on the bed. She told Bobby to fuck her and for my to come over her and kiss her and share John's cum. I did and Bob fucked her watching us.

I was doing things with them that I really never imagined I'd ever do. Again this was new to me but it felt very hot to let her husband's cum run and drip out of my mouth and into hers. When I have no more in my mouth I sat up and watched my husband fucking Ann missionary. He lifted her leg over her head and pumped hard and fast into her. It didn't take long before he arched his back and squeezed his ass and we all knew he was cumming. I cupped his nuts in my hand and we all heard my husband grunt and moan saying: "Oh Jesus that feels so good!"

John was sitting there watch Bob cum inside Ann and I looked over at that cock nice semi-hard cock of his and took it into my mouth. As I did Ann told him to get out of the way. John moved off and Ann again came up to me and pushed her pussy into my face. This time it was messy and covered with my husband's cum. I knew what she wanted and I opened my mouth and she pressed her cunt into it. I licked and sucked as my hands held her very shapely round ass. She pushed and fucked my mouth and tongue directing me on how to get all of Bobby's cum out of her. Then she laid me back and sat on my face again. She bucked and humped her pussy on my mouth as she too moaned how good I was eating her pussy and Bobs cum. It was unbelievable like she had some control over me. I did whatever she told me to do and I liked it even if I was blushing.

It was a while before she rolled off of me and I could see she was done for a little while but I was wrong. She moved to the end of the bed and John came in and licked my while Bob moved up and put his soft cock in my face. I began to suck Bobby's cock as I felt John's cock enter me. He began to fuck me as I sucked Bob's cock back hard again. He stroked my hair and face as I sucked and sucked and sucked his dick hard. John was really pumping me now and I was sure he would cum very soon. Ann was rubbing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. The three of them were on me again and it was an unreal feeling having them all touch me.

As John arched into me now pumping faster and faster I saw Ann sitting there watching. But then I saw that now she had a huge strap on hanging from between her thighs. It must have been 10 inches long and thicker than either of the men's cocks. She smiled and ran her hand up and down it as she watched my face as I was being fucked so hard.

John lifted my legs over my head and rammed down into my hole it was hard and strong and he fucked me like some mad man. I saw him with his eyes closed and his mouth open and then I felt him begin to cum. He moaned and held my legs high and pressed down on me shoving my knees down to my boobs. John came so hard and he always filled me. This time it was no different. He filled me and when he pumped it squeezed out around his shaft as he held it deep inside me. As he finished Ann almost pushed him out of the way. He came around and held my legs up and out. Bob move to my other side now and took one of my legs. Then Ann moved between them. My eyes got big as I saw that big fake cock between my legs ready to enter me.

The big strap on was all lubed up with what I guessed was KY and she positioned the head at the wet opening of my hole. She pushed and I cried out as the big mushroom head pushed my pussy lips out wider and wider until it went in me.

Jesus!!! It was huge. Ann smiled and told me to relax that I was going to fucking love this. I tried but the fake cock was pushing deeper and deeper into my body past any point that a real cock had ever gone. Then Ann pulled back a little and then pushed into me again, easier this time. John's cum was also lubricating the shaft of the strap on and with the KY it was going in easier. It moved in and out of my hole and each time it was easier and easier for her to get it into me. Soon there was no pressure or pain and I was taking it like I wanted it, I did. She began to hump in and out and I suddenly realized I was letting another woman fuck me now. And, God help me I actually enjoyed it!

Ann fucked me long and hard and the fake cock never went soft or got tired. When I arched up and came on it she smiled and told me there was a small cock inside her pussy too. I was making her feel so good and that I should really fuck up into her. I tried as hard as I could and the closer Ann came to orgasms the harder and faster she fucked me the faster and harder I fucked her.

Both men sat next to me and pinched and played with my nipples as they held my legs up with the other hand. It was glorious! I came and came and Ann came and came and then we both came together one last time. When I looked Bobby was hard again. So I turned my face towards my husband's cock and took him in my mouth. John and Ann watched as I sucked Bob completely off. I swallowed his cum and we all rested while Ann to me what to expect from now on. She said: "Every weekend the four of us will meet here or at my house and we will have some marvelous fuck sessions just like this one. Have you ever been double penetrated Bonnie?"

I told her no and she told me to look forward to next weekend when Bob and John will do me while she watches. She held my hand and kissed me softly on the lips then said: "Oh Bonnie we will have such fun together with these two."

She waved her hand at Bob and John and then she ran her hand between my legs and said: "Wasn't that strap on just the best? I mean you came so hard and now your pussy is almost back to normal. But it's so wet with your cum. John come here and help Bonnie out. Lick her clean."

But my pussy was just too sensitive right now for anything. So I told him why I didn't want him to eat me again. She smiled and I smiled, why I don't know. I asked her if she was leaving and she kissed me again and asked: "Why would you like us to spend the night here with you and Bobby?"

I don't know why I said it but I touched her cheek and then her breast and told her: "Yes. I would love for you two to spend the night and maybe you can show me some more of the sexual things you know and have done. But first a shower."

She told John and Bob to wait and she took my hand and helped my up off the bed. We walked to the shower and made slow love alone with each other as the men sat and waited for us. Ann showed me how to lick and suck in different ways I had never done or before. She licked me like only a woman can do. My pussy wasn't too sensitive for her softness and it was grand the way she lapped my pussy and made me cum twice more.

Then I did her following her instructions and she came again. We washed each other and looked at all of each other's bodies and played for a while. When we came out we told the men they would have to wait we used all the hot water.

The men went to make drinks and John said he was hungry so Bob took him he would help make something for the four of us to eat. Ann lay back on the bed looking as erotic and sexy as any woman ever looked to me. I went to the bed and she held out her arms as I crawled into them and we began to make out. It was so gentle and easy and soft and loving like it should be between two women. Then she whispered: "Eat me Bonnie. Eat me and make me cum while they are gone. Just us baby lick my pussy and use that strap on and fuck me."

I blushed but I moved over and put the fake cock on with the belt around my stomach and under my thighs. She smiled and said: "First eat me use your mouth to make me cum first. Then fuck the hell out of me sweetie."

I did just that! When the boys came back into the room I was fucking Ann like someone out of their brain. The little cock on the other end of the strap on was inside me and rubbing my clit each time I moved in and out of Ann. She was humping all of that 10 inch cock inside her and smiling up at me telling me: "It's good isn't it Bonnie? So fucking good and so big and it lasts forever. Oh God I'm cumming again fuck me hard."

Ann was going wild as I fucked her. Bob and John came over and stood next to me one on each side of Ann. She smiled at them and they lifted her legs up and out like they had done for me. As I fucked Ann they held her legs and we all watched as she climaxed so hard and lifted her ass up high and screamed as she came.

When it was over she directed John to lick her clean. He knelt in front of the bed and put his face between her legs. Bob held me around my stomach and touched the big strap on with his hand as we watched John eat his wife's pussy. He said: "We are going to have such fun with them and their friends Bonnie. We will have such wonderful sex. Ann knows everything and she will teach us. She has some other friends who will join us from time to time too! And they will all show us how good sex can really be baby! I hope to God you would be OK with all of this when Ann told me it was time to introduce you to her way of sex."

I told him: "Yes babe I am. The sex was amazing and you were very good tonight. I think I will like it with all four of us."

Then Bobby told me: "I know it was a sort of surprise. Oh and if you think John is a good fuck wait until you meet some of the other people she parties with. Especially Frank. I swear you won't believe how big and thick his cock is. I watched him fuck Ann last week while you and John were together. He is amazing bigger than that strap on I swear..."

I touched his arm and told him it was OK. I wasn't mad or upset. I realized I, we, had moved to a different sexual level now with Ann and John. And I didn't have a problem with it at all. The sex Ann directed tonight was the best I have ever had. And if there was more of it and more people involved in this well we would enjoy learning and doing it all. I smiled at my husband and he kissed me hard as he held me tight. Then we kissed again I shoved my tongue into his mouth! Immediately I could taste John's cum. I knew right away that my loving husband had sucked John off in our kitchen. I smiled at him and said: "Yes baby! Everything will be good. When do you think I can meet Frank?"

But I knew I had to stop blushing.

Please let me know if this should be the end of the story. Thanks to everyone who gave me some good suggestions. And Mr Ass w/o a name go fuck yourself.

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