tagFetishI Bought Them For You

I Bought Them For You


Thanks to violent intimacy for her assistance in editing this story for me.

* * * * *

"I bought them for you. Do you like them?" Kate grinned down at Mark, dangling the flimsy black material from the tip of her index finger.

Mark grinned back at her, his eyes moving from their exploration of her naked body to follow the movement of the black panties. He pictured her wearing them, hugging tight against the curves of her ass. Kate snorted and tossed the panties at him, laughing as they landed directly on his face.

"Of course you do. I knew you'd like them as soon as I saw them. That's why I bought them for you." She grinned again, grabbing her thin, cotton robe from the closet and wrapping it round herself. Mike moved the panties off his face and watched appreciatively, moving over onto his side as his morning erection came to full attention. Kate's eyes moved obviously down his body and she smirked at him, loosely tying the belt of her robe around her waist.

"Well I can see just how much you like my little gift." Her voice was soft and teasing as she walked over to the bed, staring down at him. "Now why don't you put them on so I can see how they look on you?" Mark blinked and gazed up at her in confusion. What did she just say? A peal of laughter escaped Kate's lips as she watched him, obviously enjoying his surprise.

"Well...?" She asked, impatiently. "Put them on." Mark looked over at the panties in his hand then back up at Kate. There was an edge to her voice that he hadn't heard before in the two months he had known her. He looked back at the panties again, cute, low cut and skimpy with black lace in the front to hint at what they would be covering. Kate giggled and Mark realized that he was staring at the panties; he quickly turned his attention back to her.

"You know you want to." Kate pouted, her voice dropped lower. "I've seen the way you look at my panties. Slip into them. Feel that lace rub against your cock." Mark gulped, staring at her standing over him in her thin robe, the curves of her body so easy to see. He felt his cock get harder with every breathy word she spoke. He snapped his mouth shut with an effort of will.

"I don't want to wear girls' knickers," he said, trying to project some authority into it. It came out angry and flustered and he hurriedly threw the panties down onto the bed.

"Oh no?" Kate smirked at him as she leant over. Mark's eyes moved to the gap in her robe as it hung down revealing her breasts. He stared at her erect, pink nipples. Damn, he loved to suck on those.

With a swift jerk, Kate grabbed the bed sheet and pulled it right off the bed exposing Mark and his erection. "Your mouth says no, but your dick is saying yes honey." She cooed and smirked again.

"I don't want to wear women's clothes!" Mark's voice shot up at least an octave in his distress. He couldn't quite explain why Kate's teasing was having such an effect on him, but somehow things just seemed to be spinning completely out of control. He tried again. "I'm not some fag or sissy." Kate just giggled, not even slightly fazed by his protests.

"I didn't say you were a fag sweetie. I just said that you get all excited about girls' panties." Kate grinned again and reached over him to pick up the black panties. "Want to prove me wrong?" Mark squinted at her suspiciously.

He might have only known her two months but he knew she was a game player. She loved games. They seemed to turn her on, but she always wanted to win. What game was she playing now?

"How?" He rasped and hastily cleared his throat. Kate grinned at his obvious discomfort and Mark felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Oh." She smiled, showing her teeth. "Just a simple little bet sweetie. All you have to do is wear these all morning." Kate's grin grew wider as she dropped the black panties on Mark's crotch, "Without making a mess in them." She reached down and gave his cock a gentle rub, "If you know what I mean". Despite himself, Mark moaned. Kate giggled softly.

With a grunt, Mark shook his head and sat up, brushing the panties aside. "Yeah right! And all morning you'll be rubbing and touching. I don't think so!" he scoffed. She already had him painfully horny, but his brain hadn't switched off yet.

"No fun!" Kate pouted, and then grinned again. "Okay, no touching. No rubbing, no caressing. Besides... I won't need to. Wearing those panties is going to drive you wild honey." She smirked.

"Yeah. Yeah." Mark was feeling more in control now. He knew the game Kate was playing, and he wasn't going to fall for it. "So what do I get if I win?"

"What do you get?" Kate smiled and bit her bottom lip. "You get me honey. Any way you want me." Mark felt his cock throb as she stared him straight in the eyes. Mark blinked, and she grinned. "Any way." She repeated with a teasing wink.

Visions of Kate kneeling on her hands and knees in front of him flashed through his mind. Her back arched, ass raised up invitingly. She loved to tease him about that, point it out any time it happened in a porn DVD they watched. She had been working his curiosity up to a fever pitch for weeks with her hints and questions. But this was the first time she had clearly signaled that he could have her ass.

"And if I lose." He was barely listening to his own question. His pulse was racing. Kate raised an eyebrow.

"I buy you another pair of panties to make a sticky mess in of course." She giggled and he fought the urge to reach down and rub his cock right now.

"Fine, if it'll shut you up," he said gruffly, trying not to show any of the eagerness he felt. He grabbed the panties and swinging his legs round so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed, began to pull them on.

"That's it honey. Show me what a man you are," Kate mocked softly, watching him struggle to pull the tight panties over his bulging cock. "But remember, no cumming in your cute little panties." Mark glared at her in frustration. His cock felt almost painfully confined by the tight material. Kate just grinned back at him, not even the slightest intimidated.

Mark tried to ignore her, pulling the panties all the way up and adjusting them to make them as comfortable as possible. She was always getting under his skin, always so cool and calm but with those mocking eyes. He knew it was happening again, but damn it, how was he supposed to resist?

Kate watched him, her lips twitching with just the slightest hint of a smile, as though she knew what he was thinking. Her eyes lingered on his body, making him even more self-conscious than his feminine underwear. She waited patiently until he stopped fidgeting and then smiled innocently.

"Okay then, time for breakfast!"

* * *

Mark ground his teeth and glared across the table at Kate, who cheerfully ignored him, continuing to spoon cornflakes into her delectable mouth. Any time she did glance over at him, she burst into a fit of giggles, which just increased his irritation.

"You never said anything about this when I agreed." He growled, fidgeting uncomfortably. Kate stared over at him with a look so innocent on her face that he knew it had to be fake. It only stoked his anger more.

"Well honey, how can I see just how much you enjoy your panties if you cover them up?" Kate giggled, unable to keep a straight face even as she gave her reason. A drop of milk ran down her chin before she reached up to wipe it clean. Mark clenched his teeth and shifted in his seat, trying to ignore the images that conjured up and his body's reaction to them.

"No teasing, my ass." He muttered under his breath. Kate looked up at him, her eyes twinkling.

"Oh no babe, I said I wouldn't touch you while you wore your panties. No matter how cute your ass looks in black lace." She cooed, grinning at him openly as she spoke. She was winning and she knew it. His cock had been hard from the moment he'd slipped the panties on and she'd made sure it stayed that way.

And, he had to admit, the feel of the tight material pressing against his cock just made him even more aware of every throb. No, damn it, He didn't have to admit that. He growled again.

Oh yes, she knew she was winning. He was sitting at his breakfast table in a pair of women's panties and nothing else while she blatantly teased him with flashes of leg and cleavage. While he just sat there and let his dick twitch. The bitch knew exactly what she was doing to him. It was only 9am; he had another three hours of torture ahead of him, and he was just letting her do it to him. Three longs hours. He should end this now. Just get up.

Her soft giggle brought him back out of his reverie. Kate was watching him intently, a knowing look on her face. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment at his transparency. Kate's lips twitched in a smirk and she stretched out her legs, resting one foot on the chair right between his thighs. Almost, but not quite, touching him. Her robe slipped down to reveal smooth pale thigh. Mark gulped, staring.

"I'm not touching you!" Kate sing-songed, lounging back in her chair and watching him. She raised her eyebrows in challenge, but Mark forced himself to stare straight at her face, refusing to look down at that inviting display of flesh. She giggled. The bitch was having a ball with this.

Kate held his gaze, her lip twitching in amusement as his cheeks grew redder and redder. Without thinking he glanced down, then hurriedly back up again. She had noticed of course and the smirk spread slowly across her face.

"Feeling okay honey?" She cooed. "You're looking a little flushed." Angry, Mark opened his mouth to put her in her place. As if on cue, she reached over and picked up the phone. Mark frowned, mouth still open, watching her curiously.

"What are you doing?" He asked, his voice sounded dry and raspy to his ears. Kate didn't answer; instead, she hit speakerphone and started punching buttons. The phone rang and she glanced over at Mark. He bit his lip and watched nervously. With the speakerphone on, he was reluctant to speak when he didn't know who he was calling.

"Yeah?" A sleepy slightly distorted voice broke the silence. Mark shivered, recognizing the voice. What new tease had Kate dreamed up?

"Amy! I need to ask you something."

Mark frowned, Kate's voice sounded anxious, but the grin hadn't left her face. She was definitely up to something. She kept her eyes locked with his the whole time, daring him to stop this. But he couldn't, his cock thrust against the panties, her foot was inches away from his crotch and he wanted to know what game she was playing.

"What's on your mind Kate?" Amy sounded disinterested. She probably wanted to go back to sleep, it was Sunday morning after all.

"Do you think that... maybe... Mark likes... panties?" Kate's voice was spot on, hesitant and uncertain. Mark glared at her, finally seeing the trap as she sprang it. There was a loud squawk from the phone speaker.

"Girls panties?" Amy screamed and Mark felt himself blushing furiously even though he knew Amy had no idea he could hear. "What makes you think he's a panty perv?" Amy sounded wide-awake now.

"Oh... I don't know... just..." Amy grinned at Mark, daring him to try and stop things. Mark felt the palms of his hands bead with sweat. If he spoke then Amy would know he was there and that would make things even worse. He should get up and leave, end this before it got ugly.

"I always thought he was a bit of a sissy boy, you know that Kate." Amy continued. Mark's cheeks glowed in embarrassment. "What have you found? Tell all girl."

"Well... it's the way he looks at them." Kate started, again she sounded hesitant, uncertain. She was playing her role perfectly. How long had she been planning this?

"All men look at women's knickers." Amy snorted derisively.

"Yeah, but it's like he's looking at the panties... not the girl inside them". Kate's eyes were boring into Mark's as she spoke. "He pays so much attention to them. Not to the ass, to the panties." Mark shifted uncomfortably in his seat; he got the feeling she wasn't making that up. Did he really pay that much attention to them?

"Uh-huh. So have you seen him...?"

"Well..." Kate paused and Mark felt his heart start to race. She wouldn't say anything surely. Amy was one of her closest friends, but he would have to face her on a regular basis. "No... but". Mark relaxed slightly.

"But you've seen something." Amy picked up the hint that Kate had dropped immediately and Mark fidgeted. Unable to meet Kate's amused gaze any longer he dropped his eyes down to her legs again, staring at her foot, so close to his needy cock. He could probably end this really quickly he knew, of course then she'd have one, and he shivered at the thought of that, his cock twitching.

"He has a pair of panties." The words gushed from Kate's mouth; Mark jerked his head up again, staring at her in shock. What the fuck did she think she was doing? He'd have to see Amy, talk to her, and the whole time she'd be thinking about him and women's panties.

"I knew it!" Amy shrieked. "He's a fucking sissy boy. What sort of panties does he have?" Mark squirmed in his seat and bit his lip, staring at Kate. She grinned back at him.

"Oh they're cute, black, lacey things." Kate giggled and Amy joined in.

"Oh, I'd love to see Marky in girly panties. Too funny!" Amy's voice dissolved into giggles.

Kate smirked over at Mark again, deliberately glancing down at the bulge in his black panties. She wiggled her toes at him. Mark closed his eyes, cock throbbing wildly, urging him to do something to give it release.

"I bet his tight ass would look cute in panties." Amy sniggered. "You have to get him to wear them for you. See how much he bulges. If he gets a hard on wearing women's panties you'll know just exactly what a sissy fag he is."

Kate grinned over at Mark, daring him to say anything as Amy spoke. Mark shuddered, how would he ever be able to look Amy in the face knowing what was going through her mind. Kate wiggled her toes again and before he could even think, Mark was moving forward, pressing his engorged cock against her foot.

"Oh I don't think he's a fag." Kate murmured, smiling in triumph. "Just a sissy panty boy." She held her foot still, forcing him to rub himself against her. Mark burned in humiliation, as he thrust his crotch against her foot desperately.

"You should get him some white satin knickers." Amy suggested. "See just how excited he gets wearing them."

"See if he gets a wet spot you mean?" Kate giggled, eyeing Mark coolly as he thrust his cock against her foot, biting his lip to stifle himself as his cockhead rubbed against the lace of the panties.

"Oh if he gets that excited I'm going to have to get him lots of panties I think." Kate sniggered. "There's going to be more than a little wet spot." Both women burst into laughter at that. Mark let out an unthinking groan, thrusting harder against Kate's foot, gasping in pleasure. Kate shot him a triumphant grin.

"What was that?" Amy asked.

Mark stared at Kate in horror, still desperately humping her foot. She wouldn't would she. His heart pounded.

"Oh, that's just a sissy boy trying to cum in his panties." Kate purred triumphantly. Amy shrieked again.

"You're kidding."

"No, I'm doing some research. If I'm going to keep him around, I need to know what gets my pervy boyfriend going." Kate giggled. Mark shivered in relief, squirming and thrusting against her foot. "Its amazing what you can find on the internet. I'll have to show you next time you come over."

"Oh I want pictures girl friend." Amy laughed. Mark groaned again. Kate stared at him for a moment.

"Got to go Amy." She said, "Nature calls." Without waiting for a response from her friend, she reached over and hung up the phone.

"Guess you really like the panties I bought for you don't you?" Kate teased. "I'm going to have to get you another pair if you're going to get them all sticky and wet."

"Please." Mark gasped, cheeks bright red with shame. He needed it so badly. If she'd only help a little.

"Please what honey?" Kate was relentless. "Please help you cum in your sissy panties?" Mark trembled with embarrassment, caught up in his desperate need for relief, unable to resist at all.

"Yes" He whimpered. Kate laughed triumphantly pressing her foot against his cock, smirking as she rubbed him.

"That's a good little panty boy. I can't wait to see you in those white satin panties like Amy suggested. And maybe a nice red thong?"

Mark just whimpered, shooting cum into the black lace of his panties.

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by Anonymous05/19/15

You Know Your Stuff!!!

In real life, my wife pulled a similar stunt.
She bought me my own panties and had me wear them.
It was super thrilling.
A few times she told me that I was going to wear them all day...our little secret.

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