tagFetishI Bought Them For You Ch. 03

I Bought Them For You Ch. 03


Mark groaned as a hand slowly stroked the shaft of his raging erection. A familiar female giggle accompanied the teasing motion as consciousness returned shattering a pleasurable erotic dream. He forced his eyes open, blinking at the bright morning sunlight that streamed in through the window. Kate's body slowly came in to focus, her hand curled around his cock moving up and down the shaft.

"Morning sweetie!" Kate grinned at him. "And just what have you been dreaming about?" Mark groaned, licking his dry lips, his sleep fogged brain trying to understand what she was doing in his apartment. The confusion must have shown on his face.

"I borrowed these, hope you don't mind." Kate waved a familiar looking set of keys in front of his face with her free hand. "I wanted to give you an early morning surprise, but look what I found!" She gave his cock a little squeeze.

"Have you been enjoying yourself without me naughty boy?" Kate smirked, reaching over and picking up Mark's red thong panties, letting them dangle from one finger. "Eww, these are all sticky. What have you been doing to them hmm panty boy?" She dropped the panties over his eyes, her other hand still teasing his shaft. The smell of his cum wafted into his nostrils, making his cock quiver.

"I was planning on giving you an alarm clock blow job as a special treat. But I don't think naughty boys who jerk off in their panties when I'm not around to watch deserve treats like that, do they?" Kate cooed, her hand moving agonizingly slowly up and down his prick. Mark whimpered, his body writhing to her expert touch.

"But since you're such a panty slut, its obvious you're going to need several more pairs." She giggled, letting go of him. Mark moaned in disappointment as her weight lifted off the bed. She wasn't going to leave him in this state after all that teasing was she?

"Put your panties on sissy boy." Kate ordered him. "We've got shopping to do."

Mark reached up and pulled the red panties off his face as he sat up. Slipping off the bed, he moved behind Kate and wrapped his arms around her, pressing his hard cock against the curve of her ass. But she slipped free of his grasp with a deft motion and turned to face him, an irritated expression on her face.

"Later... if you're lucky." She snapped impatiently. Mark fought to control his own irritation at her preemptory attitude. It wasn't like he had asked her to come into his home and interrupt his sleep. Swallowing his anger, he pulled the panties up. His still hard cock bulged obscenely against the tiny scrap of material. Kate giggled, watching him struggle to fit himself in his underwear.

"Aww, poor baby." She cooed. "Be a good boy and I have a treat for you later!" She licked her lips and grinned at him.

Mark hurriedly pulled on a pair of jeans and grabbed a t-shirt from the drawer while Kate watched him, tapping her foot impatiently. Maybe he wasn't thinking very clearly right now, but there was no way he was turning down an opportunity for a treat from Kate.

"Where are we going?" He asked after he had finished dressing.

"Why Victoria's Secret of course!" Kate grinned at him before asking innocently. "Where else would be get you your panties?"


Mark's palms started sweating as he parked the car in the Mall parking lot. He stalled for time, reluctant to get out of the car, but finally he ran out of things to do. Kate practically skipped into the building. She seemed very excited about doing this, but all Mark could think was that everyone was staring at him.

They weren't of course. They couldn't possibly know that he was wearing women's panties under his jeans. Could they? And they had no way of knowing what he was doing in the Mall or where he was going. But no matter how many times he told himself that, every time a woman so much as glanced in his direction, he felt his cheeks redden.

"We're just going shopping honey." Kate teased him, catching on to his reaction. "It's not like you've got a dirty little secret now is it?" Mark smiled weakly.

"Mark, Fancy meeting you here!" A familiar voice realized all of his worst fears in a matter of seconds.

"Hi Annette." Mark forced a smile onto his face, hoping it looked genuine as he turned to see her walking towards him. "I'm just doing some shopping."

"And this must be your girlfriend." Annette continued, turning an assessing glance on Kate. Mark tensed slightly, wondering how this encounter would play out.

"Annette, meet Kate. Kate, this is my co-worker Annette." He offered by way of introductions. He noticed the cool, almost hostile look that Kate was aiming at Annette and stifled a wince.

"It's nice to meet you Annette." Kate's voice was only a couple of degrees off frigid. "I don't believe that Mark has mentioned you before."

"Oh he doesn't talk much about himself at work either." Annette laughed, brushing the almost insult aside. "Why I wouldn't even know about you if it wasn't for the panties."

"Oh?" Kate drew herself up, her eyes turning steely. Mark cringed, waiting for the inevitable explosion. "Mark showed you some panties?"

"Oh, yes." Annette continued. Mark couldn't decide if she was really oblivious or deliberately winding his girlfriend up. "I must say he has excellent taste, don't you think?"

"Ah... she means my present dear. They were delivered to work." Mark hastily supplied, hoping to avoid what was rapidly turning into an ugly situation. Kate started at him for a moment, then burst into laughter.

"Oh," She said. "Those panties! Yes. Yes, he does have excellent taste." She wrapped her arm possessively around Mark's waist. "As a matter of fact we're going to find some more that are to his taste today."

"Oh my, that sounds like fun!" Annette laughed and winked. "Well I certainly don't want to interrupt you two. I do hope you're coming to the office party next week though." She walked off with a party wave.

"Office party sweetie?" Kate gave Mark an arch look. "You didn't mention that either. You trying to hide me honey? Worried about what secrets I'll let slip?" Mark wondered how much worse his luck could get today.

"I wasn't planning on going." He started to stammer his excuse when Kate broke down in giggles.

"So she likes your taste in panties huh? What would she say if she knew just exactly what you like to do with those panties?" Kate laughed. "Oh I'm looking forward to the party." Mark shuddered.

"Oh look, we're almost there." Kate pointed towards the large Victoria's Secret window display which was showing off some of their tamer lingerie. Suddenly Mark's palms were sweating again. He glanced around, trying to think of some way out of this.

"You're not fooling anyone baby. I know you want to look at those skimpy little panties." Kate grinned, hooking her arm around his and pulling him towards the story. "Besides, you wouldn't want to disappoint Amy would you?"

"Amy?" Mark asked, confused. "What's Amy got to do with his?"

"Amy's going to help you pick out a pair of white panties, just like we talked about. I know you were distracted, but you didn't think I would forget did you?" Kate grinned evilly. Mark might have broken and run, but her arm locked onto him with a grip of steel.

Forcing one foot in front of the other, Mark felt his cheek start to heat up as he entered the very pink and feminine store. He told himself that at this point, making a scene would only attract more attention to him. Besides there were lots of guys in here with their girlfriends. It was no big deal, no one would know a thing. Well, except for Amy...

"Kate! There you are!" Amy's voice greeted them both from across the store. Mark forced a bland smile on his face as Kate guided him towards her friend. He couldn't help but remember the phone conversation Kate had had with Amy about white panties, and what she had said about Mark.

Mark had only met Amy a couple of times before. She was a buxom brunette with a tendency to be loud, friendly and flirty. Today she was wearing a low cut top that was clearly intended to draw attention to her primary assets. Mark mentally reminded himself to keep his eyes on her face.

"I've been looking forward to this ever since Kate told me about your... thing." Amy chattered excitedly. Mark felt his cheeks flame again. He remembered very clearly what he had been doing while Kate had told her friend about the panties.

"Oh Marky is looking forward to this too, aren't you Marky?" Kate cooed. "He was so very excited this morning." Mark's cheeks were scarlet with embarrassment now as the two women giggled at his expense.

"So... Marky." Amy picked up on Kate's cutesy pet name. "I was thinking white satin, or maybe lace panties. But what style do you prefer?" Mark looked blank, he had no idea what the different types were called.

"Marky is very new to all of this." Kate smiled at his confused expression. "Perhaps if we could show him some examples?" Amy grinned at the idea.

"Well you have the basic low-cut briefs." Amy gestured towards one section of the store. "Feminine and sexy, but classy, it doesn't show too much." Mark looked in the direction she was pointing, his mouth suddenly very dry as he stared and the huge variety of panties on display.

"Or if you're feeling a little more daring, we could try thongs. No panty lines and it really shows off your ass." Amy winked at him. He almost jumped as Kate's hand slipped round to cup and squeeze his ass.

"He looks good in thongs." Kate murmured. Mark glanced around nervously hoping that no one was listening to this very public private conversation.

"Well the other option, if you want to show your slutty side, is g-strings." Amy smirked. "Of course there might be some coverage problems in your case."

"Well sweetie, what sort of panties would you like to get?" Kate asked sweetly. Mark opened his mouth and closed it again. Any answer he gave would make him an active and willing participant in her game. It would confirm what Amy already thought she knew.

"It's a little to late to be playing coy Marky." Kate grinned. "And don't forget that I promised you a treat later if you were a good boy. You wouldn't want to miss out on that would you?"

Mark looked glanced nervously around the store, his eyes taking in all the colorful scraps of material on display. His mind swirled with fragmented images.

"A g-string." He whispered. Something about Amy's description of them as slutty spoke to his fantasies. Kate smiled triumphantly.

"Oooh G-Strings it is!" Amy practically shrieked. Mark glanced hurriedly around, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to him so far.

The two women dragged him over to a different section of the store where he fond himself surrounded by even tinier slips of material than before. His face burned with embarrassment as Kate and Amy started to flip through all the sexy panties trying to find the perfect pair for him.

"Got them!" Amy shrieked again, holding up a scrap of white material for everyone to see. Kate turned from her own explorations to study them.

"I'm not sure." She said uncertainly.

"Oh yes, these are definitely the ones." Amy's voice rose in volume as she grew more excited about her find. Mark darted nervous looks in all directions. To his horror he spotted one of the sales girls moving in their direction. He took a small step away from the two women, hoping to distance himself from the situation.

Amy was oblivious to the rest of the world however. Before he could move further away, she stepped behind him and held the panties around his waist. Mark looked down at the tiny lace g-string. The tiny triangle of material that made up the crotch would barely cover anything. He shivered.

"See, they're perfect for him." Amy continued her argument. "The white lace says innocent, but the skimpy g-string says gagging for it!" Mark felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he watched the sales girl draw closer.

"Well the pink ribbon is a nice touch certainly. " Kate nodded grudging agreement. "But I'm still not sure." "Can I help you ladies?" The sales girl asked, as she closed in on them. Her voice had that professionally friendly tone that store worked often employed. "Were you looking for something in... particular?" Her practiced opening faltered as she finally got close enough to see Amy still holding the white g-string in front of Mark's crotch. Mark shuddered, wishing the ground would just swallow him whole.

"Just what we need, a third opinion!" Kate smiled her sweetest smile as she moved to include the sales girl in their circle. "We're having a difference of opinion. What do you think of these panties?"

"Well... they... um... they are one of our more popular styles." The sales girl stuttered in flustered confusion. "Sexy, but stylish, in umm... innocent white with the.. ah... pink ribbon to emphasize your... femininity." She stopped looking nervously at the group as she realized exactly what she had said.

"Well what do you think Marky?" Kate asked grinning evily. "Should we emphasize your femininity?" Amy laughed. The sales girl raised her hand to her mouth in shock.

Mark nodded his head, burning with humiliation and desperate to get this over with as quickly as possible. He was painfully aware of the way his hard cock was pressing against the thong he wore under his jeans. He realized that if Amy moved the g-string his excitement would be visible to anyone who looked.

"That's settled then!" Kate clapped her hands together girlishly. "We'll need a pair of these in your largest size." The sales girl nodded her head, glancing speculatively at Mark who hung his head in embarrassment.

"Oh goody, now we just need a couple more pairs and you'll be all set Marky." Amy squealed enthusiastically.

Kate and Amy linked their arms around his and dragged him around the rest of the story. They stopped regularly to hold various styles of panties against him. In each case Kate took great pleasure in asking the sales girl for her opinion who accompanied them the whole time. After her initial shock, she seemed to have recovered her composure and was clearly now enjoying the situation. A couple of times when she caught Mark stealing a glance at her, she hastily covered a smirk with her hand.

Mark had to admit that the whole experience was exquisite torture. His cock was throbbing in his pants and Kate managed to accidentally brush against his crotch on several occasions. The combination of the sexy panties, Kate's teasing and the knowledge that all three women knew that the panties they were looking at were for him, was almost unbearable.

The final humiliation was when the sales girl offered to set up an account for him. The offer was accompanied by a blatant wink which both Kate and Amy found hysterical.

"Well honey, are you ready for your treat now?" Kate grinned, handing him the bag to carry as they left the store. Mark nodded eagerly, hoping that he would finally get some relief after the endless teasing.

"Guess we'd better get back home then huh?" Kate winked at him before turning to her friend. "Amy we'll meet you back at Mark's apartment. Just follow us if you don't know the way. It's not far."

Mark looked at Amy in surprise, then turned to give Kate a glare. What was the woman up to now? Despite all the teasing, and games, they had never involved anyone directly in their sex life before. Kate met his angry look with a calm stare.

"Amy already knows what a sissy my boyfriend is. After all I told her, and she's just spent the morning helping you pick out your girly panties." Kate smiled. "She just wants to see it for herself. She can keep a secret... unless you annoy her. But you wouldn't be silly enough to upset a friend of mine, now would you sweetie?" Mark shivered at the threat barely concealed by those words. He hastily shook his head, reflecting on how little control he now had over his own life.

"Good boy! Now lets get you back home so we can attend to this." Kate casually patted his crotch, her hand briefly cupping his swollen prick. Mark stifled a moan.


Amy was right behind Mark and Kate as they reached his apartment. Mark stood in the middle of his living room and turned to look at the two women as Kate closed the door with a decisive thud. He wasn't sure exactly what she had in mind, but right now his excitement was over-riding any nerves he had.

"Well?" Kate demanded, looking expectantly at him. "What are you waiting for. Strip off and lets see how your new panties look on you!"

Mark looked down at the small plastic bag which had dropped on the coffee table. He felt his cheeks reddening again. Did Kate really intend to parade him in front of her friend wearing only those skimpy panties?

"Mmmm. I can't wait to see you in your white g-string Marky." Amy teased. "It'll show of that tight ass of yours to perfection."

"Oh yes, let's start with the g-string Mark!" Kate joined in, smirking at him. "Hurry up, you don't want to keep us waiting." Again Mark noted the hint of a threat to her words.

Mark snatched up the bag and strode towards his bedroom. He might have to parade himself in front of the smirking pair, but he would at least allow himself the dignity of getting changed in private.

Once there, he hurriedly stripped off his t-shirt and jeans, before peeling himself out of his thong. His hard cock sprang free from its containment making him reluctant to encase it all over again. But he couldn't ignore the threat behind Kate's words. He fished the white g-string out of the Victoria's Secret bag and stared at the tiny piece of cloth. It wasn't going to leave very much to Amy's imagination.

"What's taking so long?" Kate called out.

Shrugging, Mark stepped into the g-string and pulled it up his legs. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Amy was right, on a woman this g-string would look both innocent and slutty. On him though, it looked obscene. Gritting his teeth in resignation, he reluctantly stepped out into the living room.

Amy and Kate greeted his return with a series of whoops and catcalls. Mark felt himself blushing crimson with embarrassment. He felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable standing in front of these two fully dressed women. He couldn't deny his excitement though. In the skimpy g-string everyone knew exactly how excited he was.

To his horror, Amy raised a digital camera to her face and started snapping pictures. Mark stared at Kate in alarm, silently appealing for her to intervene.

"Well, I did promise her some pictures on the phone the other day." Kate laughed. "You remember that don't you?" Mark moaned softly, he remembered that phone call only too well. His cock twitched and swelled even further.

"Oh my god!" Amy shrieked. "Look at him. He looks like he's about to explode!"

"My Marky does seem to enjoy showing off his panties doesn't he?" Kate grinned evilly. "Turn around Mark. Let Amy see your cute ass."

Mark obeyed Kate's instructions, turning around, glad in some ways not to have to look the women in the face any more. He could almost feel their eyes on his exposed ass cheeks.

"Oh that's a nice touch." Kate murmured. "The back is so small it doesn't cover anything at all. Bend over Mark."

Mark bent forward, moving his legs apart to steady himself. He felt so cheap posing like this, as though he was nothing but a piece of meat.

"He has a tight ass." Amy commented. "And it's practically begging for attention in those panties." Mark trembled, his cock throbbing as he posed for the two women. "He looks like such a fag boy. Does he let you watch him with guys."

"Oh my Marky's not into guys." Kate corrected her friend casually. She didn't seem surprised or upset by Amy's question. "He's just a horny sissy slut. Turn around panty boy. Let's show Amy how much you like your new panties."

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