tagIncest/TabooI Bring Home a Tutor

I Bring Home a Tutor


My daughter Lisa graduated high school and will be going to college in September, but I think an 18 year old freshman should have a little more education that only a father can provide. Besides I find that her sexy figure turns me on and I want to be the subject of her education.

Of course I think a good tutor is necessary so I bring home a call girl for my sweet girl. The woman is mature, with large lovely breast that show lots of cleavage in her tight blouse and her mini skirt just covers her round ass.

"Baby come in the living room. I want to introduce you to Sandy. Come sit on the couch between us."

Lisa sits between us giving me a look that questions my motive, but before she can say anything I lay my hand on her thigh enjoying the feel of the soft material of the short shorts and take in the view of her thin yellow halter top.

Sandy smiles and places her hand on the other thigh. "Sweet heart, your daddy loves you very much and he asked that I teach you certain things that you will need to know when you go away to school."

"I don't understand."

"Your stud dad wants me to teach you to suck your daddy off. Darling, your daddy loves you and wants to teach you how to please him and I'm going to show you how."

Lisa watches in horror and surprise, as Sandy opens my pants and pulls out my cock. Squeezing her legs tight she finds her pussy getting wet as her wide eyes and with their arched eyebrows watchs Sandy playing and rubbing my cock till it is throbing and stiff. Then Sandy lowers her blonde head and kisses my cock.

Removing her moist red lips from my prick Sandy grabs Lisa by her long dark hair and pulls her down till my girls lips touch the head of my swollen prick. "Go ahead dear, lick it like you saw me do. Your daddy lusts for you and wants you to enjoy and learn how to be a good cock sucker."

Lisa touches the head with her young lips and I grab her silken hair with both hands and pull her tight forcing my cock into her mouth. "Suck Daddy sweet heart. Make me proud of you. Show her that you are a good cock lover. Ohhhh, yes, that's it..........suck harder......" I pull Lisa's head forcing more and more of my cock in and out of her mouth. Sandy reaches under Lisa's body and cups her tits and leans against Lisa so that her large 38DD breast press against my girl's back as she guides Lisa in giving me the pleasure every daddy deserves from his girl.

Soon my baby is moving her head and lips on her own as one of Sandy's hands slides into Lisa's thong panties. Licking and kissing Lisa's ear, Sandy cups the young virgins tits and plays with her nipples. "Oh, she is a born cock sucker. She is going to be a good lover to her daddy like I am to mine. That's it baby, suck your daddy's fuck stick. Make him cum in your mouth, but darling don't swallow all of it. I want you to kiss me and let me have some too when he fills your lovely mouth with his incest cum."

I can't stop myself. It is a dream come true. I have wanted to fuck her, to rape her, for a long time and now she is really fucking my hard on with those lovely lips. I grunt, raise my ass off the couch and shoot my load into Lisa's sweet virgin innocent mouth. She swallows some and and some leaks out onto her chin, but like a good girl she saves some for our friend.

Turning her head and offers her lips to Sandy. They French kiss and as Sandy opens her mouth, Lisa opens hers and feeds Sandy her daddy's cum.

Once the blonde whore has tasted my seed she pushes Lisa onto her back and spreads the firm legs and leans forward and licks dark haired pussy. Lisa tries to push her away, but I use a fathers firm voice; "Let her taste you Lisa. You'll see how enjoyable it will be and you will have a chance to taste her pussy before she leaves."

Sandy licks and sucks on the wet cunt, causing Lisa to squirm and suddenly her body shakes with a feeling Lisa has never had. A wonderful sweet climax.

Sandy raises her wet face and smiles at me, Lisa's cum dripping from her lips and says "Your little girl is ready now for your cock. I want to watch you take her cherry. Fuck her, make her your lover and your incest girl."

I roll over on top of Lisa as Sandy moves her body to lay full on the couch, one leg handing over the side and kissing my girls lips, cupping a tit and pinching a firm nipple. I pull my lips from the little eraser tip and say "Baby, Daddy is going to fuck you. Going to take your cherry. Show the nice lady what a good fuck you are. Make daddy happy with your cunt."

I push the head into the virgin slit. The wetness makes it slide in easy and I enjoy the tight pussy that is my girl. I move my cock in and out slowly, pushing it in more and more each time. The call girl now sits in a chair, her skirt up and her panties pulled aside as she fingers herself watching Lisa lose her cherry to her own daddy. It brings back happy dreams of when she lost hers to her daddy.

As I push in deeper, I reach the barrier that wants to keep me out. I pull back and then pinching her nipples hard I ram it pass the wall and deep into the loving hole. Lisa cries out and tears come to her eyes. Sandy in a lust filled trance raises up and comes to the couch, her panties now on the floor and bends over and licks Lisa's face, tasting the salty tears as I fuck my darling slut.

After a few deep plunges into her warm moist hole Lisa spreads her legs and then wraps them around me. Moving now with me as we are now fuckers, lovers, animals in heat. I fuck her harder and faster.

Sandy moans and her voice catches as she cries "Rape her, fuck her, use that young hot cunt!"

I feel ny daughter shutter and for the second time in her young life she reaches a mind blowing climax.

The pleasure is too much and I suck on her neck, one hand in her hair pulling Lisa's head back and cum deep inside her. Filling her belly with my incest cum.

I lay on top of Lisa for several minutes, enjoying the tightness of her cunt around my still hard cock. But then I feel hands on my bare shoulders and the Call Girl is saying, "You promised she would lick my pussy. Let me get on the bed and turn her over and bury her cute face in my pussy and you fuck her like a bitch dog."

I slowly pull my wet cock out of her hole and hear Lisa let out a little cry and beg me not to. "It's OK baby. Daddy isn't finished fucking you yet." Sandy and I have carry, half drag her to the living room floor and Sandy places a cushion behind Lisa's neck.

"Let the nice lady lay beside you and slide down so your face in between her legs. It's time you tasted a pussy."

"I don't want to daddy. I don't like girls that way."

"Just this once darling. I promised her. From now on it will be just you and me. But lick the nice woman as I fuck you. You'll enjoy it I promise. Bury your cute face in her cunt and raise your ass up. Daddy is going to fuck you like a bitch, doggy style."

Sandy grabs Lisa's hair and forces her face between her legs as I did to Lisa earlier. Only this time she feels my cock against her hole. The thought of her daddy fucking her again makes Lisa wet and filled with lust.

I push my cock into the love tunnel and it slides in easy this time. As it goes in Lisa can feel me expand and thrust deep inside her cunt. I grab Lisa's hips and fuck hard, wanting to enjoy the tight cunt and unload a second helping of daddy cum into her.

Sandy throws her head back and pushes her cunt against Lisa's face, her hands tearing into now long tangled hair as she cums. The sight takes me over the edge and I push deep into my girl and cum and cum.

After several long minutes laying in a heap on the floor Sandy gets up and goes to the bathroom and puts herself back in order. As she leaves throwing a kiss, I take Lisa's naked body to my bed and we cuddle and she wraps a leg over mine as I cup a tit and kiss her cheek. I let her fall asleep knowing from now on she will be my love toy, my love slave, my mistress, my lover.

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