tagLoving WivesI Bring You Dinner

I Bring You Dinner


You call and tell me that you have to work late and not to hold dinner for you. After hanging up with you, I make a call to the babysitter and see if she is available. She is and says she will be here in an hour. Just enough time I think.

I run a bubble bath and pour in baby oil to make my skin nice and smooth for you. I am excited because I have waited for the day that this would happen. I climb into the tub and relax for a few minutes. I carefully shave my legs and pussy for you. I love the way your mouth feels against the smooth skin after shaving my pussy. I relax for a few more minutes then drain the tub then rinse the soap off with the shower. I run my hand over my legs and pussy making sure I didn’t miss any spots.

After toweling off, I fix my hair and decide to get dressed. Standing in front of my closet, I try to decide what to wear. If I wear anything to out of the ordinary, it might just tip you off. An idea comes to mind, so I get out my tightest fitting jeans and denim button shirt. I next get out my green satin nighty you love so much. I then get my socks and bra, the pink glittery push up one.

Before getting dressed, I decide to take my creamy baby oil and oil up to make sure my skin is extra silky for you. I then use the cologne you love so much and spray my skin with it. I put on the socks next the bra and then green nighty. I slide into my jeans. No panties though. That will be a big surprise to you, and the thought of your face makes me start getting wet. I tuck the nighty into my jeans and button and zip them up. I slip my shirt on and button it up. I put on my sneakers since they are the easiest to get off. I then put on my rings and watch and look and I have 5 minutes before the babysitter gets here. I get Nicholas some dinner together and he is eating when the doorbell rings.

Ashley, the babysitter, comes in and I give her all the numbers and tell her that I am going to go take you some dinner but I will be back in a few hours. I get into the car and call you to tell you I am bringing you dinner. You tell me you appreciate it, but it isn’t necessary. I insist anyway and you say ok you will see me in a bit.

I get to work and you let me in. We go to your office and I hand you the bag from Burger King. I brought you favorite. After you finish eating, I take of my sneakers because I want too then my socks. You think it is odd and continue to work. I come over and sit on your lap. I begin softly kissing you and as we are I feel you grow rock hard underneath me. I feel my jeans starting to get wet. I want you so bad.

I unbutton the denim shirt and it reveals the green nighty you like so much. I take it off and you can only sit and stare. I then undo the bra and toss it into the pile with the shirt. I sit back on your lap and pull one of my tits free for you to lick and suck on. I moan as your mouth covers my nipple and begin torturing it with your tongue.

I slide down out of your lap and pull your cock out of your pants and begin licking and sucking it. I stand up and pull down my jeans. I then slide onto you and fuck your dick with my hot and juicy cunt. You look up at me and smile then say “Fuck me, whore.” It turns me on, and I pound down on you harder and harder. As I feel you getting close, I get off of you and begin sucking and licking my cunt juices from your cock. You moan and squirm a bit. I suck harder and fondle your balls while I do so.

You begin to moan and writhe around a bit. I hear you tell me to “suck my cock, you cock hungry whore.” That makes things just even hotter, and I suck your dick as if I was starving for it. I feel you getting close to losing you load and I suck harder and harder. I ram you into my throat, which makes you lose your load in the back of my throat. I swallow hard and drink all of it down. I continue to suck you until you are rock hard again.

“Sit on my desk, slut,” you tell me. I sit on your desk. You spread my legs open and kneel down and begin licking and sucking on my clit. You then bury your face into my pussy and slide your tongue in and out of me. You suck hard on my clit and lick it feverishly with your tongue. You thrust it in and out of me hard and fast. I feel the wetness building inside of me. My wall muscles begin contracting harder with every stroke of your tongue. You stroke harder and faster with your tongue and feel me going over the edge slowly.

You stand you and pull me to the edge of the desk you put your cock in and slam it into me. Upon penetration, I cum all over you. You pound me over and over as hard as you possibly can. I feel like I am about to cum again when you explode inside me. The feeling of you shooting your load into me makes me cum again.

You pull out of me. I reach down and dip my fingers in our juices and bring them to my mouth to lick clean. You stare in disbelief and I do it once again. I love the taste of us mixed together. I realize that you are hard once again from watching this. You pull me up off of the desk and have me behind over it.

“You have been such a naughty, whore.” I think it is for you to get your ass fucked. You reach down and take the juices from my dripping wet cunt and begin to lube me up. You slide in a finger and it makes me shiver. You take your cock and rub it in our juices and slide it into my dripping wet cunt and then slowly take it out and slide it into my ass. You go easy at first and then a little harder. “Fuck me hard, please, Daniel.” You begin to fuck me harder and harder. You reach between my legs and finger me as you fuck me. The feeling of you doing both makes me cum as you feel my juices run down your fingers. You lose your load.

You thank me for dinner, and I head for home. I still have all your cum dripping out of me. I got home to take a shower and await for your arrival home.

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