tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Buried My Naked Wife In The Desert

I Buried My Naked Wife In The Desert


© Literocat 2010, 2014

"Do you remember what day this is? Do you need a hint?" Though only in our first day of our cross country adventure, I posed a leading question to my silent wife.

Already bored, she decided to play along. "Umm, July 14? Is it more than that? Ahhh, yes! It's Bastille Day. A very important day in . . . "

"True, love, but that's not celebrated here in the West. So what day is?" After allowing a few quiet minutes of face twisting puzzlement, I prematurely ended her 'suffering'. "It's National Nude Day and be very glad we don't celebrate World Nude day since that's in February!"

"Well, then my nipples would cut glass." Grinning sarcastically and turning slightly toward me to make a point, or two, she lifted both breasts and slowly slid along them until she could pinch and pull her hidden, precious nubbins. She teased, "But why are you bringing that up again? You know I won't do that." Knowing that silence can be golden, I was mute for fifty swift miles as I waited for her to face her denial. She finally brought it up on her own. "You really wouldn't care if anyone and everyone saw me naked? How can you say you love me and yet want me naked in public?" she asked haplessly.

"Honey, if you're willing to face your secret fantasy with me, I'll face mine with you." Hoping she would pursue the thought, I left the analysis to her. We drove in silence for another period.

Finally, during the Death Valley leg of our drive, my 'modest' wife surprised me by getting oddly frisky in the car on the way to our rest stop. Sue wore very snug and tiny jean shorts that only exposed a teasing little bit of her petite, sweet, curvy ass cheeks. She would never admit that the tiny low-riders showed more than she thought socially proper. Except for the single inch of pant leg, they fit her curves like paint; including her lusty, meaty, camel toe that made strong men drool.

To cut our time in the hot sun, we'd started out in the coolness before dawn so she wore a heavy, brown leather vest over her favorite snug, light-blue, patterned, button down shirt which started out tucked inside her shorts with just the top button open. It easily hid her tiny mid-A cups, unless she leaned forward or shrugged. She liked them tight, so her shirts had a tendency to gap open between strained buttons. Though looking fully covered from the front, her right, fuzzy, rounded, little mound was often fully exposed, including her hard, tall, perfect nipple, to anyone at her side. A male was ALWAYS at her side. She was in false denial and 'knew' she was covered since the shirt was always taut when she looked down at it. What the rest of us saw was that when she tilted her chin down to look, her shoulders pulled up and the gap closed tight to support her delusion.

Using very bad judgement, we'd been drinking far too late before our desert crossing. Yeah, that's it, blame the booze for our craziness. The run-down shack that passed for a desert version of a 7-11 was still 20 miles away. In the desolation of the predawn road, Sue looked for any other traffic. Seeing none, she nervously turned on a dome light and walked her jittery fingers up my leg. I glanced her way and saw her waiting for me to look at her. Licking her lips tentatively, she released her seat belt, ditched the vest and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. "I'm, I'm just doing this in bawdy celebration of Nude day, just for YOU!" She was skilled at reassuring herself.

Though we'd just showered together before leaving, watching her undress in the car, on a public road, with the inside lights on, added a dangerous spin for a sexy and modest woman ....as if she were one. Her eyes took one full orbit as a residual effect of the booze.

She peeled her shirt off her shoulders and I dared her to toss it in the back seat, out of reach. Her jaw dropped in mock shock. Since the road was still empty, she grinned and tossed the shirt then bravely sat back topless. Watching her little tits jiggle was too distracting for safety! Still testing my resolve, she unzipped her shorts, rubbed up one bare thigh and stroked over her crotch. When she saw me stealing glances, she tried to slip her fingers under the tight short shorts. They were too taut to get under them. My shorts were much looser and she had no problem inching her fingers under them instead.

Even as we saw a car leave the rest stop, she kept teasing me and escalating and dropped the seat back. Her right hand dipped into her panty, obviously stroked her demanding clit and plunged awkwardly into her wet depths. Her left hand crept under my shorts, into my undies and fished my swelling cock into the open.

Now in early daylight, she caressed it with her insanely hot fingers and palm while forcing her shorts down well below her swollen labia. Before either of us could get off, we reached the rest stop. She dared me to walk to and enter the store with my stiff cock exposed and springing, "You know, for Nude Day. If you expect me to get naked, I want to see you naked too!" Being a bit shy myself, she pushed the point. I warily agreed if she did the same, entered just as she was, topless and shorts down enough to expose her pussy. In fact, I DEFIED her to do it! She laughed and grabbed her shirt.

I parked as far from the store as the lot allowed and in our eternal, clangoring, stubbornness, we exited the car as we were, both exposing tender skin to the sun. At the last second, she pulled my shirt off too and tossed it into the car. We walked, well she stumbled, across the small, empty lot and looked for cameras. Just after we entered, she pulled up her shorts, but left them wide open so her pubes and the top inch of her puffy labia were revealed. She also awkwardly pulled her shirt on, but instead of buttoning it, she loosely tied it under her tits so it still billowed and exposed her tempting tits as she moved. Where was that 'shy' woman? The store was tiny, nearly empty, and the only source of food and water in maybe 200 miles.

I asked her to put my dick away since she'd covered up, sorta. She said she would IF I left it out until we reached the counter. Pushy! About then I saw the older, owner couple in their bulky, earthy-tones clothes and it was too late to cover up. As my daring, challenging wife asked the owner about chilled water, she slowly and deliberately opened my shorts so she could slip her hand inside, reach around my exposed cock and, as the open-mouth female owner watched, mendaciously struggled with my swollen cock to pull it and my balls up top, into view.

Though she tried to appear dismayed, the matron didn't turn away or even take her eyes off my cock as she gave Sue directions. As Sue listened 'attentively', she slowly stroked my stiff cock, even pulling my foreskin back and squeezing my shaft until my bishop swelled purple and the matron turned scarlet. When we turned away, and I could breathe again, Sue 'managed' to loosely tuck my cock back in my shorts, though I think the owner might have preferred if she hadn't. That's when I noticed the other, young, couple frozen and staring wide-eyed at us from the end of the short aisle. Sue was thrilled at getting one over on me and exposing me for a change. But my turn was coming!

As we exited, I panted "THAT was unexpected! What a rush. I can't believe you stroked my dick while they ALL watched. I'll have to return the favor soon - meaning today." While still standing next to the car, she bravely tossed her shirt into the back seat and pulled her shorts and panty well below her groin. After stepping away from the car, with a full face, confident grin, she threw her arms up in a V and hopped in a circle, whopping loudly in the dusty parking lot. So utterly bashful! The owners were staring at her from the entry.

When the male shouted, "Don't ferget yar sunblock! Yar pale, naughty bits'll blister real bad. Hate to see that happen!" When she heard and saw them, she stopped hopping and dived into the car head first, showing them her bare, pale ass and bearded clam as she did.

"Drive! DRIVE!" she shouted even before her door closed. After a minute of hiding her tits in protective silence, she relaxed and asked if they had been there for all of her silly show. Being too focused on her jiggly tits and ass, I really didn't notice when they appeared. "Oh, my" was all she said. After barely five miles she started dreamily toying with her firm, little tits, stretching and twisting her nipples. As they grew, and I struggled to watch the road, she began pinching them and gasping in pleasure. In short order, one hand combed her pubes before splitting her plumped crack open, dipping inside her damp depths and wiping the sweet, slime across her clit. She circled and tugged it only briefly then started gasping loudly and quickly unleashed her first climax of the day.

I gave her a minute to collect herself, then slowly whispered suggestively, "Exposing yourself had quite the effect, didn't it?" Then, with more command, "Slide two fingers of your left hand deep into your soaked pussy. Yes, like that. Slide those fingers up each side wall and collect your heavenly syrup. Feeeel the bumpy texture inside you . . . Now switch hands. As you explore your tender bumps, wipe your left hand across my upper lip.

"Imagine we're on our front porch swing doing all this within view of our country road, hoping someone will not just see you stuffing your beautiful cunt, but will stop and stare. Don't let them stop you. Push your shorts and panty off and spread your knees for them. One of them has binoculars, the other a long zoom lens on her camera. They want to see your beautiful vulva, your climax, up close. Maybe we should invite them to come to us?" She grunted, lurched and climaxed again before putting the shorts under her cute ass.

"Yes, I thought you'd like that. Turn a little toward me and put your left leg on my side of the hump." I deeply inhaled her sexy fragrance and licked some off my lip. As her legs widened into a near split, I leaned forward for a better view into her puffy, gaping quim and nearly drove off the sandy road into a sandy berm. "Oops! You KILL me, love, and nearly killed us both." Unperturbed, she put her soggy left-hand fingers into my mouth and I hungrily sucked the clingy, fragrant elixir off them. The heady scent and flavor made me swerve off the road again, so I decided we had to stop so we could then continue safely.

We stopped barely out of sight of the old store where there were many two-story sand dunes. She threw on her shirt and shorts. When we walked behind a dune, the whole world changed, though just a hundred feet from the vanished road. The hot wind ceased, the slightest road noises halted and there was the most eerie sense of a soundless echo. The 100-degree stillness was deafening! I shouted a greeting to the desert and my voice seemed to meander, ricochet, slowly between the dunes and disappear in the distance. Several seconds later, I heard the barest rustle of an echo. We shouted louder and louder and still heard our voices travel away slowly. Then we spoke softer and softer to each other until we found we could hear our lowest whispers clearly. Eerie!

Feeling total isolation behind the dune, I easily convinced her to strip and toss me her all clothes but her shoes. She stripped me too and we walked up the dune for a naked view. While standing up there, waiting to be caught, we rubbed some SPF30 all over each other.

Beyond the dunes were the serpentine road and desert plane we had to cross shortly. By noon it would be nearly 130 degrees and the car A/C would be useless. As we climbed down, I slipped and felt the already hot sand singe my bare ass. Sue jumped and whooped for minutes, probably hoping again to be caught. "I have a brilliant idea. I'm getting the camera."

As I sprinted to the car, my idea swelled with my cock. Of course I wanted nude photos of us before the dune, but maybe more . . . I grabbed the Canon, a tripod, a folding shovel, her bag with misc. items in it, a towel and . . . a snorkel! Yeah! This will work. I noticed a bronze van parked a few hundred feet up the road as I tossed all our clothes into the trunk and ran back to find Sue dancing to silent music, eyes closed. After taking a few seconds of video of her pale tits and ass dancing to their own spastic tune, I setup the tripod and dropped everything else.

"Whoa! What are you planning with that shovel? You're not THAT mad about the store, are you?"

I tried not to laugh, but my menacing clench didn't hold up. "No, my love, I just want to build a memory we might share with our closest friends and ADULT children one day. Besides you and me posing with the dunes, I want this sequence to be 'the day I buried my wife in Death Valley'! Want to play along?"

"Only if you promise I will survive my interment!"

"I'm not sure I can promise that. If not, I'll tell our future audiences that you were a good sport. OK?" She didn't answer. I set the camera in video mode and shot a few seconds of dumb waves and minor chat. Then we heard voices. Our eyes popped and we froze as we tried to determine their range and direction. Shortly we distinguished three male and three females getting closer. "Did I mention that I saw a van parked up the road? I wonder if they are into Nude day too. If not, we may have to persuade them to join us. Feeling brave still?

"Let's kneel on the towel in what may become the 'shady' side of the dune. The sand should cool significantly about a foot down, so let's dig your grave about two feet deep. Here's what I want to do . . . " I explained my shots as we dug and the laughing voices got louder. The sand temperature really dropped significantly with depth. It might even have become chilly under the dry surface.

I found a flaw in my plan, so I reversed the series. Afer digging a hole about four feet by two by two feet and building a berm inside it where her hips would be, I asked her to climb in, face down. She stared at me suspiciously as I restarted the video. "Trust me, I PROMISE you will survive." We kissed silently, deeply in case that was our last ever kiss. When I passed her the snorkel, she understood.

"Ohhh, so you really want to completely bury me and this will let me breathe. That berm will force my hips to stay above ground, or sand, right? Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, my love, I want you to rise again from your grave. It's shallow enough so you can stand up anytime, but I want you to stay under, as long as you can breathe, until I give you a sign - let's say three hard taps on your back. Not just your hips, but your whole, tiny ass and pussy will be out for me to do what I wish to. Remember the nudes photo of several women posed like that in water? THAT's what I want to recreate in sand! I want to film me eating then fucking you that way! Then I want you to tell the camera what that felt like. You know not one woman in a thousand would consent to this, but you are such a daredevil . . . " Flattery will get you everywhere. "You should be able to hear me, but I know I will hear you thru the snorkel. At least grunt once for YES and twice for NO as answers. Ready?"

My dick throbbed at the coming image I'll call 'clambake.' She used a scrunchy to tie her hair into a pony tail and another at the bottom of the tail to keep it in a tight roll. I positioned her feet against an end and adjusted the berm under her, shifting and building it until she could rest her hips properly. Just before she put her face in it, she called out, "Bring mini-you over here." When I lurched over to her, she kissed and took my stiff dick in her mouth and lovingly swallowed me until she pressed her sweet mouth against my pubes. After a few deep clenches she volunteered, "If this doesn't work out, that's the last deep throat you'll ever get from me!"

"You're assuming I'm not into necromancy!" She slapped my arm and bit the snorkel before plugging her nose and putting her cheek against the chilly grave. The camera watched me completely bury my wife and pack sand around her exposed butt and clam. What a beautiful, picturesque sight! The disembodied sex organs twitched and swelled as did my already hard dick. "Are you OK in there?" I heard one grunt. "So you can breathe OK?" I heard 'uh ont ant stah ere fuh hvr, ut K' then a single grunt. "Right. 'You don't want to stay there forever.' See I can hear you and even figure out your words, but the grunts are quick and clear.

"I'm at your feet, filming that beautiful, wet pussy and can still hear your grunts fine. I'm putting the towel between your legs now to keep the sand out so I can lick you and hope to give you the world's first under sand orgasm. We don't want a painful repeat of our beach sex when I dug a dick-shaped hole in the shore!"

I moved the camera and zoomed in to fill the frame with her whole clam, then just her clit and vagina before spreading it open. She lurched and her labia swelled instantly. After aiming the camera and tripod, I settled in for my much anticipated box lunch. Her sweet, heady fragrance stopped me with my nose just touching her lips. I inhaled it deeply before pushing my nose slightly inside her wet lips and bumping it against her swollen pearl. She lurched again, but quickly pushed back and wiggled against my nose. My tongue pushed into her inner lips to spread them and nudge her little man out, as usual. I licked it and swivelled it about then licked between her inner and outer lips before pushing my tongue deeper inside her tangy depths, as usual.

What wasn't as usual was that I was denied access to her tiny, hanging tits and the paragons of perfection that were her succulent nipples. Once hard, squeezing them firmly hastened her orgasm, but not this time. Instead, I lightly stroked the fine hairs on her tiny, sumptuous cheeks and spread them. I used her thigh flesh to squeeze her clit while I licked up, across her perineum and rubbed my nose against her musky, earthy rosebud. It clenched closed then relaxed as my bridge continued to rub it. I heard a gentle 'ahhh' thru the snorkel.

I slowly pushed two fingers deep into her velvet vulva as I licked her clit. When I twisted my fingers inside her hot oven, the slight groan I heard grew much louder. I was so pleased that she was aroused though buried. My heart raced as I licked one finger clean then smeared her precious juices across her pale brown hole with the other. I sat up on her buried calves so I could push my slick finger into her rear chute as I used my other hand to once again raid her slippery, hot box. Though I missed seeing, feeling and tasting her perfect nipples, I was sure now that I would make her cum soon.

I attacked on three fronts, ahem - two fronts and a rear actually. As my tongue lapped her clit, I stepped up my deep fingering in her beautiful cunt and pushed my finger deeper into her ass. She moaned loudly and grunted. I angled my finger in her sweet, tight ass so it rubbed the nerve-dense wrinkled ring, sucked and pulled her clit and at the right crescendo moment, dragged my fingers down and around to her engorged G-spot. The triple threat was irresistible, the result inevitable, the orgasm rippled her cheeks and she came loudly thru the snorkel. I held steady pressure while she convulsed under the sand. Watching her thighs, cheeks, rear hole and labia shudder out of control was all the reward I wanted. But I was far from done.

When she stopped twitching wildly, I leaned my stiff cock against her plumped labia. Just as I started to push my bishop inside her well-lubed channel, the voices we heard morphed into live bodies, live naked bodies. They abruptly stopped talking and walking as soon as they saw me and a piece of a body in the sand, albeit a most alluring piece. I leaned back, hand on Sue's exposed ass and let my straining cock shamelessly leap into view of our 'guests.' "Hello. Are you all celebrating Nude Day too or just your everyday nudists?"

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