tagInterracial LoveI Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 02

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 02


"Ohhh fuck me, daddy! Yes! FUCK THAT PUSSY, DADDY! FUCK IT!"

I grasped my phone to my ear as if for dear life, listening to the wanton cries of my wife coming from the other end. I was seated in my office, hiding partially behind my desktop computer as if scared that someone outside my office could see what I was doing. Hearing the sound of Hailey's voice, I'd hurriedly gone and locked the door before returning to pick up the phone; a good thing my wife's voice was still hollering from inside it.

My free hand dove into my unzipped pants and I lounged back with my tie undone and luxuriated in stroking myself while consumed by my wife's cries. I was barely aware that I was panting in accordance with my wife's moans. In the background I could hear Tibbs groaned distinctly groaning behind her, smacking her butt repeatedly, telling her to shut the fuck up and take his dick; the sound of her voice snarling and cursing him gave me goose bumps. I pictured them trying to out-screw each other before the battle was over, and my only regret was that I couldn't be there to watch it live.

It was a good thing she was the one calling me than if I had. How else would I have explained to the company management of the phone charges when they receive the bill? The call did go on for long and I remained in my chair surrendered to my masturbating and the sweet sounds coming from the phone. Minutes later I Hailey screamed out that she was about to cum; I quickened my pace along with her. I caught up behind her a couple of seconds after she screeched her cumming. I groaned and gasped repeatedly as splashes of my cum shot out of my prick's hole and each drop landed on my pants leg.

I remained like that trying to catch my breath. The line had already gone dead and I dropped my office phone back in its cradle while my heart rate stemmed towards it former state of normalcy. Hailey could have called my cell phone, but she preferred tormenting me with being caught by calling me via my office phone. Her fantasy was that any one of my boss would stroll into my office while I was busy listening to her on the phone and I would be too caught in the situation to want to drop the phone. Clever, naughty girl she is.

I gazed down on my pants, saw the semen stains that dotted them and sat up from my chair almost as if someone had just lit a fire under my seat. I went into the adjoining rest room in my office, took out my handkerchief and wet it in the sink and used it to wipe off the stains. I was busy doing that when my cell phone on my table started to ring. I knew already it would be Hailey or Tibbs calling. I rushed to pick it up and it was Tibbs who spoke at the other end.

"How're you doing, white boy," his voice sneered at me. "You get off on that fuck experience I just had with the Mrs.?"

"Yes ... yes, master, I did."

"I thought you would. Here's what I want you to do: on your way home in the evening, stop by Dunkin' Donuts or any Waffle House and get us some grub, ya hear?"

"I hear you, master. I will do exactly that. Anything else?"

"Hmmm ... oh yeah, pick up some spare batteries for the TV remote. The damn thing's acting funny. All right, white boy, better get on back to work and make that paper. The Mrs., and I are both counting on your ass." He sniggered before disconnecting the line.

I held the phone before my face, always stunned whenever Tibbs spoke to me. I dressed myself back to respectability then went and unlocked my door before returning to my desk. I tore off a single note from my jotter pad and wrote down the stuff he wanted me to do and pocketed it.

I returned to my work after that.


The first time Hailey and I ran into Mr. Tibbs was at the company's end of year party. It was Hailey who had spotted him from across the room, asking me who he was and if he worked for my company. She was quite familiar with most of the people in my office and I too was puzzled seeing him there. I told her I had never set eyes on him before. As the frolicking festivities of the evening went on, I led my wife around, introducing her to a couple of my work colleagues as well as my boss. Somehow we found ourselves standing in presence of the black stranger. He had a lady in his arm—one of my company's senior executive's wife—and it was apparent that she'd consumed more alcohol than she ought to. It was her who introduced Tibbs to us. I'd asked him a bit about himself, if he worked for a separate branch of the company as I didn't recognise him around. He was pretty vague with his answer, and it wasn't until two days later that I came actually to know his reason for being there. We shook hands then Hailey and I went our separate ways in the big hall where the party was going on. Sometime later, as the midnight hour approached, I left Hailey's side to go take a leak in one of the rest rooms adjoining the hall and thought I heard a sound coming off one of the dark rooms in the corridor. I soon located the exact door and peaked inside and to my astonishment there was the so-called Mr. Tibbs struggling with the senior executive's wife. He had her bent over a desk, her skirt high over her waist and her panties dangling between her claves while he fucked her from behind. I almost wanted to go in there and see about getting him off her ... but as I stood there dumbfounded, watching the scene play itself before me, I couldn't help not being aroused by what I was seeing. She rested her head on the desk, grabbed hold on the desk's edge and cried out each time Tibbs pounded her pussy. Though he still had on his clothes, the way he fucked that woman ...she looked less of a company executive's wife and more like a whore. Matter of fact, it didn't take long for her to start yelling those words out: "I'm a whore! I'm a white upper-class whore!"

I left the both of them and returned to the hall where Hailey had been looking around for me. It was a couple of minutes before we rounded into the New Year, and I accepted a glass of champagne from a friend and just as we all began the count down, I turned my head to my right and there was Tibbs buttoning his shirt and adjusting his collar. He was standing alone, looking like a black giant in the mist of my friends and work colleagues, most of whom ignored his presence as if he wasn't there. I looked around and found the wife he'd earlier being with standing three feet away from him, laughing with her husband as we all watched on live TV the giant ball about to drop on an ecstatic crowd gathered at New York Times Square. The moment it did, bits of confetti fell from the roof and we all cried out: "Happy New Year!" I was celebrating with my wife when Tibbs approached us, smiled, shook our hands again and wished up a happy new year. Hailey must have noticed the flustered look that came upon my face after he shook hands with us and then left, and as we drove back for home, she didn't let up with badgering me about it.

"It's nothing, honey," I said to her. "He just seems ...somehow familiar to me."

"Do you think he's from out of state?" she asked. "I don't know, but I'll tell you what I'm going to do before the week runs out. I'm going to have a meeting with Karl, that boss of mine whose wife he'd been with, and try and know everything I can about him."

I promised myself that this was what I'd like to do, and in the end, I did find out more about Tibbs that I shouldn't have.

Hailey was pretty tipsy and while we drove home she couldn't stop rubbing her hands all over me while I steered the car. She talked about how cute I looked in my suite, and her hand went down to my thighs. She leaned towards me, chuckling, and nibbled on my ear lobe while down in my pants, my stiffy kept squeezing to be let loose. We got home in record speed, and I had her in my arms the minute the door flew open. She splattered my face with kisses as up the stairs we went towards the master bedroom. We don't have any kids yet so there's nothing on our part to stop us from being discreet.

We made love that night, although it wasn't until afterwards while Hailey dozed beside me that I confessed to myself that all the while I'd been fucking her, what kept my erection going through the hour we made love was me recalling the image of Tibbs screwing that executive's wife back at the party. I pictured myself there in the room with them watching him give her the rough end of his dick. Amazing, my penis grew back to life as I continued on with this wet dream of mine. The more I pictured Tibbs turning her over and fucking her harder ... taking moments to fuck that pretty mouth of hers with his black cock ... I grasped my cock under the sheets and began stroking it while my eyes remained closed, building up on the exciting dream I was having, careful not to wake disturb Hailey.

My eyes remained shut. My mind was transported with my hand still working my pecker while I now imagined Tibbs and the executive's wife naked and writhing on the floor. I have never been an artist, not even in college, except my dream was so powerful, so unflinching, it felt real to me. In my dream that night, I vividly imagined Tibbs without his clothes on. His black skin glistened with sweat with his shoulder muscles moved as he screwed the woman who couldn't stop hollering for more. My hand was punishing the foreskin of my cock—I could feel the onset of my pressing from within my balls. I got up from the bed at the last minute and laboured into the bathroom and relieved myself less than a minute later. I came so hard, it felt like I was screwing Hailey a second time. Matter of fact—if I'm going to be honest here—it felt twice better than screwing Hailey.

I cleaned myself up then returned to join Hailey in bed. She didn't miss me as she was still dozing off, and for me my sleep was peaceful. The only thing I hadn't imagined was that from that night on, my life would never be the same again. The following night came and I found myself having the same set of dreams again, and this time I made myself become involved in the fuck-fest: Tibbs would screw the woman and when he'd cum inside her cunt, I would come between her legs and clean her up. All the while I'm having this dream, my hands would be taking turns stroking my prick until I cum.

It was funny. I'd never considered myself as living the life of a cuckold before, not even once entertained the idea. However the day after that night was when I started exploring the possibilities of getting involved in such. I had a day's break from work and I waited till whenever Hailey was out of the house then I would head downstairs into my library, lock the door, then sit behind my computer and browse the internet to dig more on this lifestyle that was lightning ideas in my head. By the time Hailey returned and I turned off my computer, I felt ... totally different. That same night Hailey and I made love again and I held the image of Tibbs fucking the woman and me cleaning up afterwards in my head for good luck.


It was 6:25 p.m., when I switched off my computer and adjusted my tie before locking my office door. I said good night to my secretary and rode one of the elevators to the lobby of the federal building where I worked. I still had the torn note in my shirt pocket and along the way I stopped first at a convenience store to pick up a set of batteries, and then at a Dunkin' Donuts joint to get some edible items before driving straight for home.

It was dusk by the time I drove into my driveway. I parked my car in front of my garage then walked to the front to get the couple of mails sticking out of my post office box. I heard someone hissing at me but didn't take notice as I gathered the mails in my arms. It wasn't until I looked up and saw my neighbour, Fred, crossing the street to come join me.

"Hi there, Kevin," he came to a stop before me, looking flustered. I said hello to him and we shook hands. "I see you're just getting back from work?"

"Oh yeah, I'd have gotten back earlier if I hadn't stopped along the way to get these," I presented him with the Dunkin Donuts bag. "How're things rolling with you, Fred?"

"Fine from my side." He scratched his chin while he spoke. His eyes looked at me cagily. "Ummm ... not like I'm poking my nose in your affairs, but I just have to ask: hope everything's all right with you and the Mrs.?"

"Sure, everything's simpatico with us, no fuss. Why you asking?"

"Well ... I don't know, it's why I was just asking." I patted his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Fred. I'd better get on inside. I'll see you tomorrow."

I left him standing there and went into my house.

"What took you so long, boy?" Tibbs snapped at me like an army drill sergeant the moment I pepped into the living room and noticed him there. He was seated on my favourite couch, looking like the lord of the mansion, while Hailey sat on the couch's arm feeding him sliced apples. He was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else. The TV was on with a basketball game being played.

"I'm so sorry, master," I let go of my suitcase and came and knelt before him with my head lowered like a dutiful servant. "I stopped by a convenience store for the batteries you wanted, and then at Dunkin' Donuts."

I presented him with these items like a slave before a Pharaoh. Hailey left his arm and came and took the items from my hand and went with them into the kitchen.

"That's good, boy. Why don't you run along and go get changed. You and I have got some talking to do."

"Yes, master, I will."

I rose to my feet and went upstairs into one of the guest bedrooms. Hailey and Tibbs, upon his settling in our home, had moved my stuff into the guest room, though I wasn't meant to sleep there. I took off my clothes and stored them away in the closet and after taking a shower wore on my cloth for the evening: white t-shirt with the word 'Cuck Boy' written with a black marker pen on the left breast area, and nothing else; only if it was required that I go outside that I was allowed to dress properly. It was Tibb's home now, and Hailey and I had no choice but to live under his house rules. I trooped back downstairs and went and sat beside Tibb's feet. I remained there docile and obedient while Hailey laughed with Tibbs as she fed him from a plate. His hand holding the TV remote flipped the channel from sports to a movie. Once in a while Tibbs offered me a morsel and I ate from his hand and licked his fingers.

Minutes later he'd had enough food and tapped my head. "Come sit in front of me, boy. I've got something to talk with you about."

I came over and sat in front of him like a dutiful servant with my legs curled under me.

"The folks who live next door to you," he indicated which direction of next door he meant. "Who are they?"

"Francine and Cleo Dreshner, master," I told him. "They've been our neighbours ever since we moved in here. Nice couple they are."

"Any kids?"

"Mike. He's ten years old."

"Has she ever been blacked before?"

I thought for a moment. "Not that I know of, master. But if I would choose, I'd say no."

"I think that's something I'd best be putting into action. What do you think, boy?"

"I am ecstatic, master. And if there's any way I can help, I'm always here."

"Me, too," Hailey nibbled on his ear lobe. She slid her hand over his torso, her fingers caressing his exquisite chest. His hand grasped a meaty thigh of hers and I heard her suck in her breath. "I'd love to watch you bed her."

Tibbs turned to her and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face towards his and kissed her fiercely. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, bitch."

"Very much I would, my master," she cooed before kissing him again. "My darling."

Tibbs got up abruptly and picked Hailey up into his arms as if she weighted less than a newspaper, then looked down at me coldly. "The mistress and I are going to be busy upstairs, boy. Don't come up there for at least another hour."

"I replied, "Yes, master."

I remained where I was as he carted Hailey away. She smiled and waved at me a second before they went out of the room and I heard his feet climbing up the stairs, followed later by the sound of the door closing. Even from where I was I could hear them fucking, hear the bed groaning above my head and I wished I was there. This was torture not being up there with them.


It took two days for Misty to come to the conclusion that something was up with her husband. Something seemed to be taking up much of his attention and she didn't like the look of it. Though she had remained quiet and meek about it, but two days later she's groaned when she drove home during her lunch break and found a tripod telescope in their bedroom.

It wasn't the first time Fred had acted upon his numerous eccentrics, and usually she was apt to be forgiving about it, knowing it took only a short while for him to quit and then return to his former self ... but he'd always promised keeping whatever it he tinkered with on a short leash, meaning away from their home. This, to Misty, was a sign of him breaking the rule, and she didn't like that. Her initial thought, upon seeing the telescope standing in front of their bedroom window facing the front yard, had been to take it out and dump it in the garage. She opted instead to keep mum till he returned home to know whatever he had in mind.

"It's my latest hobby, sweetie," Fred said to her unconvincingly when he returned home hours later. "I'm going to be doing some star gazing just to keep my mind off things."

"That's some star gazing you're going to be doing if you don't let me in on whatever it is you've actually got that contraption for."

"You know me, babe. I've got an eye for certain things. But if you insist, I'll take it out of the room." He kissed her cheek and patted her backside. "Now, what's for dinner?"

The night came and Misty woke up when she felt her bladder heat up. She went into the bathroom to pee and realised when she returned that Fred wasn't lying in bed beside her. She recalled he had taken the telescope contraption out the bedroom before they retired upstairs and figured he'd be tinkering with it right about now. She slipped her feet into her slippers and went downstairs.

She found him in the living room. Her hand turned on the light switch but Fred hissed at her to turn it off, which she quickly did. He stood silhouetted against their living room window with the telescope in front of him. Misty thought how ridiculous he looked standing there in his shorts with his gut hanging downward, looking like a beached whale left under the sun. She couldn't believe this was what he'd turned out to become all these years they'd been married.

"Fred," she forced herself not to holler his name for fear of waking up the kids as she approached him. What she really felt like doing was twisting his ear and frog-marching him back upstairs. "For God's sake, Fred, what do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he growled at her impatiently, taking his face away from the telescope. He too lowered his voice. "I'm watching the stars, is what I'm doing. Go back upstairs and leave me alone."

She came behind him and looked past his shoulder at where his telescope was aimed at.

"Oh God, Fred, what the hell are you aiming that thing at Kevin and Hailey's home for?"

"I'd tell you, but you probably won't believe me." He pulled away from the telescope's sight to look at his wife. "Those two have been acting funny, babe. I can't explain it now, but they've got something going on I can't yet put my finger on."

"Whatever it is you feel they've got going on, what's that any of your business to be watching them for?"

Though the room was dark, but Misty could easily make out the furrowed look on her husband's features and knew he was getting tired of her. He almost always was whenever she poked a hole in his amour.

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