tagInterracial LoveI Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 04

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 04


Oh my God, what am I doing here? Please tell me, God, what the fuck am I doing here?

Fran Michelson Dreshner was never one to utter a curse word, being raised in a tough Catholic home and having attended a Catholic boarding school had instituted that into her heart and soul. Although that's not to say there weren't times when she'd desired to relinquish herself of her moral 'sainthood', as she preferred calling it and simply give vent to whatever bit of travesty she was passing through. Such was one she was having right now.

Two days had passed since her last conversation with Hailey in which she'd inquired about her black lover, the one residing in their home, the same one whose office building she was standing less than ten feet from at the junction of Landover Avenue and Garden Street. She had arrived at Landover two hours ago for a physical check up appointment she'd booked the previously week. There she was, a little before noon, making the short walk towards the underground parking space where she'd left her car when she was about crossing the street and something had made her look up and her eyes then had highlighted the street's name. Still that hadn't caught her attention ... not until a couple of walks further up the road when she's spotted the building complex with the signboard 'Phones-R-Us' highlighting the entrance. So hard to believe and totally unimaginable, and yet there it was. A feeling of trepidation suddenly ran through her and she kept glancing around the street wondering if by chance anyone was paying attention to her movement. Her feet carried her towards the glass door entrance. There were windows around, giving her a good view of the interior, though from where she stood she couldn't make out much. Her palms were sweaty and she rubbed them down the side of her jeans.

She swallowed her pride and reached for the door's handle and went inside.

She entered a big showroom with various types of mobile and home phones hanging off the walls on display. There were other people there so she didn't feel that nervous about being in the shop alone, and seated at the counter was a woman wearing a black t-shirt with the company logo displayed on it. Fran pretended to peruse the numerous phones and accessories, before going the counter. The woman seated there immediately became alive as she approached.

"Hi, may I help you?" the lady behind the counter smiled at her.

Fran hesitated, thinking what words to say before speaking: "Yes, hi, there, I seem to be having a little problem with my cell phone, and was wondering if by chance you've got a technician around who would probably take a look at it?"

"Why sure, we've got someone. Just follow the corridor over there," the lady pointed at an open doorway by her left. "Take the stairs to the first floor, and you'll meet someone there who'll attend to you right away."

"Would I need to make a sort of deposit or anything—"

"No, ma'am. Only if your phone's being looked into, and never before."

"All right, thanks very much."

"You're more than welcome."

Fran left the counter and went in the direction the lady had pointed out for her, went up the stairs to the next floor and into a room that almost resembled the one downstairs, except this one had a lot of phone gadgets and posters on the wall. There wasn't anyone in the room and she was becoming agitated once again, cursing herself for ever bringing herself in here on a fool's notice, when an inner door opened and a black man wearing the same company t-shirt stepped into the room. It was the same black man whom she had met at her neighbour's kitchen.


Her lips seemed to fall open and for a second she didn't know if she'd just uttered his name out loud or not. Her breathing seemed to take a different turn and as he approached his side of the counter, his eyes locking with hers, her heart gave a flutter that was part shock and fear.

"Good afternoon," he said to her with no hint of recognition in his eyes. "You've got a problem with your phone, ma'am?" he leaned on the counter as he spoke to her, his voice sincere and solicitous.

"Oh yes... yes... I do have a problem with my phone." She rummaged into her handbag for her phone, glad to break the connection their eyes had. She took it out and extended her hand with it towards him, afraid of getting any closer to his masculinity. "The damn thing sometimes tends to go off all of a sudden. He happens like that when I'm least aware of it."

Tibbs took her phone and gave it a perfunctory look-through. "How often in a day does such happen?"

"Sometimes once, twice, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. But other days it just seems to get worse."

"Has such happened since this morning?"

She nodded. "Yes, it has. Just once."

"How long have you been experiencing such type of problem?" he looked up at her. His eyes seemed to bore right into her, and for a moment she was afraid he'd already seen through the baggage of lies she was presenting him with. Her heart was skipping drum-beats inside her chest.

"Not since last month. I'm wondering if maybe I ought to get myself a new phone or not, but I'd like to know... if maybe it's got a problem with the mechanics."

"May not be with the mechanics, ma'am. Some things are just brain dead or inconsiderate. They usually malfunction at a time when you most need them. My advice to you would be to get yourself a new phone. You need yourself something that's firm, solid, and works whenever and however you want it anytime of the day. Something that's not going to disappoint at any hour."

Fran didn't realise how close she was to him from the counter. His eyes seemed to hold her mesmerised all the while he spoke to her, boring through her. His words, the sound of his voice, spoke to her very marrow. It was like he could read every bit of her mind. She shook her head from side to side and stepped back from the counter, inhaling a deep breath, breaking the spell. But there already was some apparent wetness between her legs. She could feel it squishing inside her panties. She'd never been this turned on in a long time.

"Yes, well... I think... I think that might be the problem with the phone," she searched for what to say. "Anyway, I was wondering what you might suggest."

"What I'd suggest is that you get yourself a new phone. No use letting the old one getting dead on you when you need it the most. But if you'd like, I can take a look at it and see if I can get it working."

"NO, no, that won't be necessary," she came forward and took the phone from him. She couldn't let him find out she'd only used it as a ruse to come and see him. "I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind bringing your phone catalogue over to where I live so I can take a good look at them."

"Whichever pleases you the most, ma'am," he said, not breaking the mode of his eyes on her. He unearthed a pen and writing pad and placed them before her. Fran wrote down her home address for him.

"How soon would you prefer I'd drop by, ma'am?"

"Would tomorrow be alright? Say about one in the afternoon?"

"Fine, I'll see what I can do."

Fran pocketed her phone and said a quick goodbye to him as she went for the open doorway. There came footsteps behind her and her words almost ceased in her throat when Tibbs appeared beside her wanting to see her out the building. Neither of them said anything and once again he said goodbye to her as she stepped out into the afternoon sunlight. He stared at her through the window and watched her walk further down the road then crossed the street. He had a stirring in his jeans that yearned to touch that body.


Evening came and I was back at my post again, filming Mr. Tibbs and Hailey at each other again. I wore one of her panties and thigh stockings and nothing else and hovered around the bed with the camcorder to my eye as I watched from all angles Hailey lay on the bed sucking on her master's black cock like only a loving wife would. She would look up at me as if to reassure herself that I was still there. She held his shaft to her face, beat it against her cheek, and pucker her lips at me. It was her way of showing what was never mind and what I never would have.

"Do you enjoy filming me, darling?" she purred while she went on teasing me. "Do you see what I've got here in my hand? A big black cock. Nothing resembling that little penis you've got there in your panties."

I licked my lips and seemed to hold my breath each time I watched her bob her head down on his cock. The way her lips slid around his velvety skin, pausing now and then to spit on his cock before licking her tongue up and down his veined shaft like it was a Popsicle sure had a way of getting me going. My cock couldn't stop straining against her panties whenever that happened.

"So tell me, honey," she turned to her master while her hand kept on stroking him. "What do you think about Fran when she came by your office today?"

"She looked like she seriously wanted to get fucked," said Tibbs, lying on the bed with his hands behind his head, enjoying the sight of Hailey playing with his huge member. "You certainly made an impression of her the last time you and her spoke. The way she looked at me, like she was scared I'd come rushing her and taking her right there when she saw me."

"I'd love to be there to watch you fuck her," Hailey murmured as she slid up over his body till her tits were pressed against his face. She squealed as he snuggled his nose and lips upon her tits. I watched him squeeze both of them in his large pair of hands and rubbed his teeth against her erect nipples. "Awwhhh... I love it when you do that to me."

"Bet you'd love it even more when I get that black cock of mine between your pussy lips," he said, then turned his head to grin at me. "I'll bet white boy here too would love it. Wouldn't you, white boy?"

I said yes, I would.

Hailey stood on her toes holding his cock beneath her legs like she was standing a pole and lowered herself down on it. I was standing at the foot of the bed, not wanting to miss capturing this. I watched as she lowered her snatch down on him. I listened as her moan went round the room and dropped to my knees and inched closer to capture the sight of her pussy expanding as inches of his cock slipped further into her. She stopped halfway and he held her ass cheeks and thrust the remainder of his cock up into her cunt. Hailey gave another solid cry. She bent her head and I saw her look down between her legs at the sight of her master's shaft buried halfway into her pussy and she lowered herself some more.

"Auuggghhhh... that feels so much better," she sighed.

She was wiggling her butt while he slapped his thighs and balls against her buttocks, ploughing his cock into her. Her hair flew every which way while her panting moans rose and fell from her lips. Hailey lowered herself on him. Tibbs grasped her ass and unrelentingly kept on fucking her while she rode him like a deranged rider on a pinto horse. He slapped her ass cheeks; she bucked her hips and picked up speed till they were almost matching each other with their gasping breaths. I went back and forth around the bed, holding the camcorder to each eye while my hands went on stroking my cock. I barely took notice of my own harsh breathing. How I wish I had a cock as big as that of Tibbs. But even if I had, I doubt if I could ever get the same sort of stamina he's got to match a prick of that size. "Fuck me, Tibbs!" Hailey screamed out her pleasure. "Go on, fuck me!"

Tibbs sat up on the bed holding onto Hailey. She pulled her leg forward to wrap around his backside and grooved herself against him, her ass working back and forth over his waistline while their lips clashed. Tibbs still held onto her as he pulled himself up to his feet on the bed and clasped her butt cheeks and went on slamming his cock into her. The sound of his thighs slapping against her buttocks merged with her repeated groans. It sounded like thunderclaps and I came closer with the camcorder, enjoying the sight of Tibb's large pair of balls bouncing up and down like that of a camel's while his shaft went on filling my wife's pussy with ecstasy.


"Ohh... Oh God! Awhhh... Awwhhh shit!"

Her groaned rose higher and higher. Cum juice poured down her legs. I wanted so much to come onto the bed and lick her juice and suck on my master's balls, but I couldn't until he orders such.

Suddenly our sex feast was interrupted when the front door bell went off.

I made as if it was the police and quickly turned off the camcorder. Tibbs and my wife lowered themselves back on the bed, both of them panting and struggling to catch their breaths. I fetched a pair of jeans lying on the floor and wore on a shirt but left it unbuttoned. The sound of the doorbell went off again.

"You expecting company, white boy?" Tibbs said to me.

"No, sir. I have no idea who it might be. I'll go find out right now."

I wore on a pair of flip-flops and left them in the bedroom and trooped downstairs to answer the still ringing doorbell. "Hold on, I'm coming," I grumbled, annoyed at whoever it was that could have interrupted our session. I wasn't expecting any company tonight and the thought of who it might be filled my head as I unlocked the door and pushed it open.

It was my neighbours that lived beside me, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen. Ray Olsen had a portly frame and bald head. His wife, Agatha, too was a big woman with a busty chest that was noticeable in whatever outfit she wore, wearing a pair of glasses that made her features seem more round and cherubic like a child that's never really grown an inch from puberty. Except for the pair of librarian glasses resting on her nose, she was pretty enough to look at. She was dressed in her night dress while her husband wore a golf shirt and plaid shorts and though she was seemed sort of unconcerned and uncomfortable standing there in front of my doorstep, hugging herself from the cold wind that was blowing, her husband's features was anything but happy the way he glared at me. My lips naturally curled into a smile, sensing this wasn't going to be a friendly confrontation.

"Hello Ray," I said to him. "Evening, Aggie. How're you doing tonight?"

"Doing just fine, Kevin—"

Her husband cut in aggressively. "I've got a talk to pick with you, Bundlit, about the loud type of sex noise that's coming from your bedroom window. Night after night the sound of you and your wife fucking and banging against the wall is drilling holes in my head and I can't fucking stand it anymore!"

My eyes glanced past their shoulder at either side of the street, not wishing for his angry burst to awake any of the other neighbours. I indicated for them to step inside away from the cold and closed the door behind them when they entered.


I'm usually a quiet type of person, and so too is Hailey. Well, at least we were such before we hooked up with Tibbs. We got along fine with our neighbours and all this while reckoned they too got along just fine with us. Had I known our neighbour from across the street, Fred Dandridge, would be taking an interest in me and my wife's new-found lifestyle, I don't know if I would have felt offended by him poking his nose into our private matter or not. As it turned out, I wasn't offended. Rather amused. But with the Olsens coming for a different matter, it looked as if things were either starting to get ugly or totally, unexpectedly different.

I offered them a seat but Ray was too heaved up to do so. He stood there in the middle of my living room still glaring at me with his arms akimbo while his wife sat down and watched both of us as if we were about to go at each other. As for me standing there, my thought were on Hailey and Tibbs and wondering what they were up to and what I was probably missing while standing here about to be pestered by my next-door neighbour.

"Look, Ray... whatever trouble I might have caused you and Agatha, I'm really sorry about it—"

"Damn right you should be sorry," he fumed at me. His features were all red like a tea kettle wanting to explode. "Do you know how long I've been putting up with the sex noise coming from your bedroom window into mine? All through last week—you can ask Agatha here, she'll tell you—we barely got enough chance for a decent sleep."

"Like I said, Ray, I'm sorry about it—"

"You're sorry about it," he sneered at me. "Is that all you going to stand there and say. That you're fucking sorry about it? Do you know how many times I thought about picking up the phone and calling the cops on both of you? That it's your home and you can do whatever you want in it don't give you any right to bug others about your dirty sexual fantasies you've both got going on—"

"Ray, please," his wife reached for his arm. She appeared tired by her husband's rants; obviously she knew such was what he planned on doing and had tried stopping him but to no avail. "Honey, I think Kevin has got the point. Let's just bid him goodnight and go back home."

Ray swung his arm off Aggie's grasp, glaring down at her like he wanted to swipe her with a back hand. "No, I don't think he's got the point. If he did, then all that fucking going on in his bedroom wouldn't be floating into ours, would it?"

My patience was fast ebbing. It was enough that he came into my home complaining about the raunchy sex Hailey had been having with Mr. Tibbs, but him coming into my home talking in such rude manner to my ears was crossing the line and I made him know it.

"Listen Ray, I've heard all what you came to say and I've apologised for it. Now I think you're going way too far with what you're saying, and I don't like it."

He gave me an ironic type of sneer, as if he couldn't believe I'd opened my mouth and spoken back to him. He was practically shouting at me. "Oh, you say you don't like it. You think I give a damn whether you like it or not? Eh, Bundlit? Do you know I can right now pick up the phone and get the police down here to charge you for disturbing the peace?"

I could have exploded right there and then, but didn't wish to make a scene with his wife seated there watching both of us stare at each other with our fists clenched. She got to her feet and tried talking to her husband but he pushed her out of his way, still glaring at me.

"I think you'd better leave my home, Ray," I said to him as calm and cool-minded as I could muster even though at that moment I was boiling fire inside.

Agatha kept trying to talk to her husband. "Ray, please—"

"We ain't done talking, Kevin," he pointed his finger at me. "I'm not leaving until you and I settle this bit once and for all. Either that or—"

"Or what're you going to do," a voice said.

Ray and I turned to see where the voice had come from and turned my head back to see the comical expression that suddenly appeared on his face. His lower jaw fell open and his eyes grew wider as if they were about to fall out of their sockets. Aggie too looked in surprise at Tibbs who'd just walked into the room. He was naked and this was what brought the shocked look on their faces. Aggie muttered a gasp and pushed her glasses further up her nose as Tibbs came further into the room with his black tool swinging like an African club between his legs. He had a cold look in his eyes. They seized up Ray Olsen like a predator would to an unsuspecting prey. His face bore a look of menace and raw masculinity I'd never seen in him before. I looked at the corridor and there was Hailey naked, wanting to present herself but she saw me first and I indicated at her to remain out of sight.

Tibbs came further into the living room till he stood close enough to Ray who remained where he was, still staring at him as if he were a ghost.

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