tagLoving WivesI Came Home Early & Came Ch. 01

I Came Home Early & Came Ch. 01


It was Saturday afternoon, and I stepped from a taxi two days sooner than I intended to be home. I travel for work about 5 or 6 days per month, setting up systems and programming. My current assignment hit a snag so I headed for home early and planned on surprising my wife. I’m 32, in good shape and have been married to Sharon for 4 years. She’s three years my junior, 5’6”, green eyed, and has long beautiful legs that disappear into a slim and gorgeous, heart-shaped ass. She has long, straigt, honey brown hair that drops well below her shoulders, usually worn loose when she’s not at the office.

I opened the door and slid my shoes off by the hall closet. The radio was on low in the kitchen, so I poked my head around the corner to surprise her. The room was empty, so I walked upstairs to shed my suit. At the top of the stairs I heard her talking, and assumed she was on the phone. Our bedroom door was half open, and as I moved closer I spied her at the foot of the bed, standing behind Lisa, with her hands wrapped inside Lisa’s top and pinching her nipples.

Lisa is a third year university student who rents the house across the street with two other students. She’s drop dead gorgeous and about an inch taller than my wife. She has straight blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, framing a beautiful face. Her body is firm and lithe, with the same slim hips of my wife but with sightly larger breasts. I’ve imagined more than once lying naked against her. Her major is the same field as Sharon’s work, and the two have often talked shop in the last few months.

Sharon was wearing a pale yellow sundress, and standing behind Lisa, who had on a white cotton t-shirt and grey sweatpants. As Sharon’s hands massaged Lisa’s breasts, she gently nibbled and kissed the back of her neck. Lisa had her head turned to the side and gave Sharon’s mouth access to her beautiful skin. Lisa was moaning softly as my wife’s hands continued kneading and rolling her nipples.

Sharon and I are pretty open with each other in bed, and have even alternated partners with another couple about a year ago. Sharon had never given any indication for an interest in other women, but the sight of her with Lisa was truly exciting. I didn’t know whether to walk in and try to join them, or just watch… so indecision made the choice for me. I moved back to the bedroom doorway across the hall and stood in the shadows to watch them.

Lisa rose gently to her toes and slowly pushed her ass back into Sharon’s hips, turning her head further to my wife’s so the two could kiss. One of Sharon’s hands dropped from under her t-shirt and glided down to the front of Lisa’s sweatpants. Sharon ran an open palm over Lisa’s pussy, and gently pulled it back up to the drawstring.

Lisa broke the kiss and moaned gently, “Sharon…”

Sharon’s hand dropped down and repeated the pressure over Lisa’s pussy again.

“Sharon, you’re making me wet.”

“I hope so.” Sharon giggled.

“If you keep this up… mmmmmmm.”

With that my wife turned Lisa around and dropped her mouth to Lisa’s breast. She sucked on one of Lisa’s hard nipples through her shirt, rolling the fabric with her tongue then gently pulling the nipple with her teeth. Lisa ran her fingers through my wife’s hair, eyes closed and moaning again.

Sharon kissed her way up to Lisa’s lips, and the two french kissed. Lisa lifted her shirt up over her head, breaking the kiss just long enough to remove it. Sharon eased Lisa back onto the bed, as Lisa slipped her hand up under Sharon’s dress and into the shadowed garden between her thighs. Sharon arched her back at Lisa’s contact, as the two slid forward, completely on the mattress.

Sharon was on all fours above Lisa, as Lisa pulled the dress up past Sharon’s hips. The head of the bed was on the far wall, and I had a perfect view of Sharon’s gorgeous pantied ass as Lisa slid her fingers between Sharon’s legs. Lisa’s hands moved to pull up Sharon’s dress up over her. Sharon rose from her hands and lifted the dress over her head. No bra. Sharon’s breasts were free, full and aroused. She sank her ass to Lisa’s thighs as Lisa rose and pulled a nipple into her mouth.

“Yeh…” whispered Sharon as she stroked Lisa’s hair. “A little harder… firmer. Yes, that’s it.”

Lisa’s hand roamed around Sharon’s ass as she sucked her nipples hard, moving from one breast to the other. She ran her middle finger down the crack of Sharon’s ass, pulling it back up firmly over the anus.

“Mmmm…” Sharon moaned.

Lisa fell to her back, and with her hands on Sharon’s hips, pulled them closer to her mouth. Sharon took her lead and slid forward, her pussy moving over Lisa’s face. Still wearing her panties, Sharon lowered her pussy to Lisa’s mouth gently. She slid her fingers through Lisa’s blonde hair as she rolled her pussy forward and back over Lisa’s mouth.

After a few minutes of having her pussy sucked, Sharon got up and removed her panties. She lowered her pussy back to Lisa’s mouth, putting her hands on the headboard of the bed.

“God, yes Lisa, that’s fantastic… mmmmm… suck me…”

Lisa’s tongue was sliding in and out of Sharon’s pussy as her hand came up between her legs and squeezed her ass. She slid a finger into Sharon’s pussy and pumped it back and forth slowly. Sharon continued moaning in approval and bucked her hips stronger into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa’s finger pulled out and slid all wet and warm over Sharon’s asshole. Sharon’s back arched and her ass pressed back to meet Lisa’s finger.

“Mmmm.” Sharon moaned, as she leaned her torso over the head of the bed.

Lisa pressed her finger slightly into her asshole and then popped it back out. She repeated the motion and Sharon slid her hips down off Lisa’s mouth completely. Lisa’s finger never left her ass this time, as Sharon slowly slid her hips back up to Lisa’s face. The finger disappeared deeper into my wife’s back door and slowly began pumping in and out as Lisa resumed her oral attention with Sharon’s pussy. My wife started pressing her hips down harder into Lisa’s face, her body rising and dropping rapidly.

“God, yes, I’m going to come.” Sharon said. Lisa moaned and finger fucked her ass rapidly now, her glistening finger sliding in and out. Sharon raised her head back and she pressed down hard, coming passionately and without control. With her orgasm, she began swearing with complete abandon.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!… I’m fucking coming! Hu… hu… I’m fuh… fuh… Oh fuck yes… keep it in my ass… fuck yeh… suck me, hold your mouth… ” Sharon called as she held Lisa’s head firmly against her pussy.

As Sharon’s orgasm subsided, she slowed her rocking then eased the pressure of her pussy off of Lisa’s face. Lisa’s finger stayed buried deep in her ass, but she was rotating her hand back and forth as much as she could. I’ve never played with my wife’s back door too much, because she’d never seemed to eager for the experimenting. Perhaps she wasn’t fond of the idea of having more than my finger in there.

Sharon spread her legs apart more, and Lisa slid out from under her. She kept her finger in her ass the entire time though, and seemed in no hurry to remove it. My wife was still kneeling and leaning on the headboard as Lisa came up and knelt behind her. Her finger started slowly resumed fucking her ass as she lightly kissed Sharon’s back and shoulders.

“My God, that was fantastic.” Sharon said.

“You don’t mind if I keep playing then?” asked Lisa coyly, enjoying Sharon’s pleasure.

“God, no, do what you want… you’re amazing.”

Lisa’s other hand came up and cupped Sharon’s breast. She squeezed it then rolled her fingertips until they were pinching the nipple.

“I’m going to keep fucking your ass awhile Sharon… it’s gorgeous. I could do this all day. Mmmm… have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, Don’s offered a couple of times…” Sharon said.

“You said ‘no’?” Lisa sounded a little surprised.


“Mmm. Why not? You should try it sometime.” Lisa said.

“I don’t know… though I have to say this feels nice.”

“Mmm. A cock can be nice too. Bigger… fuller… a different feeling…” Lisa trailed off, as her other hand came around front to stroke Sharon’s clit. Sharon dropped her head and began breathing heavily again. When she eventually lifted her head, she turned it back towards Lisa’s. “It must hurt though…”

“It can, yeh, if it’s not done right. As long as the guy is listening to your body… Mark is a good listener.”

Mark is Lisa’s boyfriend, a good looking guy from the university, but I don’t know much about him aside from saying ‘hello’ a few times. The mention of Mark seemed to get Sharon’s attention.

“You do it with Mark?”

Lisa started sliding kisses down Sharon’s back as she answered. “Mmm-hmm”. Her finger kept slowly pumping in and out of Sharon’s anus as her kisses reached Sharon’s ass. She used one hand to spread Sharon’s legs more, and pulled Sharon’s hips back further to spread her cheeks. Lisa slid her finger out of Sharon’s ass and dragged her tongue down to her pussy. She flicked her tongue around her own buried finger, which led Sharon to press her ass back to Lisa. Lying on her tummy and propped on her elbows, Lisa removed her finger from Sharon and began rimming her.

“Oh yes, Lisa… yes… ooooh.”

Lisa’s head bobbed back and forth as she ran her tongue in and out of Sharon’s asshole. Sharon dropped a hand down and started running it over her own clit, and pushing a finger in and out of her pussy. The sucking sounds coming from Lisa had me undoing my own pants. Watching the back of her blonde hair passing over my wife’s ass, and seeing her beautiful college hips humping my bed as she tongued Sharon was getting to be too much to just watch. I took out my cock, and while leaning by the door frame across the hall, began to pump myself slowly.

Lisa fucked Sharon’s ass with her tongue for almost ten minutes before my wife came again. Sharon flattened herself to the bed, fingers pressed inside of her own pussy as she panted expletitives into the pillow. Lisa had Sharon’s hips raised high as she drove her tongue in as far as she could. I came at the same time as Sharon, leaning back on the wall and letting my come paint the front of my shirt.

As I regained my own composure, I saw Lisa and Sharon lying side by side on the bed, catching their breath. Sharon’s hand slid down between Lisa’s legs and dragged slowly over her pussy. Sharon’s head kissed Lisa’s nipple softly, gently pulling it up with her teeth then taking it into her mouth to kiss again. Lisa moaned and gently held the back of Sharon’s head. Her legs spread further apart to give Sharon easier access to her pussy, and she quickly drew in a short breath when Sharon’s slid two fingers inside of her.

Sharon was interested in knowing more about anal sex or Mark, or both. As she fucked Lisa slowly with her fingers, she asked her which position they used.

“You’re thinking about it, are you?” Lisa smiled.

“Mmm-hmm. I’m thinking about it.”

“Mmm.” Lisa spoke sensuously and softly. “Well Mark likes to start off by doing to me what I was just doing to you. He likes to get behind me with my legs spread.”

Sharon kissed her way down Lisa’s body as she listened. She ran her hands up under the back of Lisa’s thighs until they reached her knees, where she lifted and spread Lisa’s legs wide and slide her tongue inside of her pussy. Sharon sucked her into her mouth as Lisa continued on about Mark.

“He’ll get behind me and tongue my pussy until I almost come. Just when I’m about there, he’ll slip his tongue into my asshole and slide a couple of fingers into my cunt.” Her words sounded as if honey and come were the same thing.

Lisa stopped and looked down at Sharon’s head. “I hope you don’t mind if I say ‘cunt’… some women hate the word, but I don’t mind it when it comes to sex. Do you mind if I say ‘cunt’? Sharon’s head lifted slightly as she answered “No”.

“Say it to me then Sharon. Tell me you’re sucking my ‘cunt’.”

Sharon’s head lifted again. “I’m sucking your delicious cunt.”

“Oooh. Am I delicious? I love it when beautiful people think my cunt’s delicious. It means they’ll keep sucking me.” Lisa cooed.

Sharon moved up off Lisa’s pussy until they were face to face. She pressed her tongue into Lisa’s mouth and the two frenched passionately. They pressed their pussies together and wrapped their legs around each other. Sharon broke the kiss and with her nose barely touching Lisa’s said, “Your fucking cunt is fucking delicious, and I want to suck it until you come in my mouth. Will you do that for me? Will your beautiful, blonde cunt come for me?”

Lisa giggled, knowing now that there were no words that Sharon was too shy to say. “Suck my blonde cunt. God I wish you would fuck me too.”

I almost stepped forth and entered the room. Something inside said “don’t”, so I stayed where I was.

Sharon moved back to sucking Lisa, as the story about Mark resumed. “You do that better than Mark by the way. You’ve done this before…”

Sharon smiled. “Maybe…”

Lisa returned a sensuous smile as Sharon resumed sucking. “Maybe she says… anyway… after he gets me all wet and greasy” she giggled, “he lies me flat on my tummy… raising my ass up, he slips his cock into my pussy real slow and deliberate, getting himself all wet. He then gets a bit of oil and pours it down the crack of my ass, letting it roll over the base of his cock as it slides in and out of me. He pulls his cock out real slow and massages the oil all over his cock.”

At this point one of Sharon’s hands came up to Lisa’s ass. She started duplicating with her finger what Lisa described about Mark’s cock.

“He then runs the head down to my ass, and gently presses it against me… then releases. Again and again, over and over he does that. It’s torture because it gets me so hot. By the time he’s ready to slip it into me I’m usually begging him to fuck me. He won’t go any further until I’m ready.”

Sharon had been pressing her finger into Lisa’s ass, “Oooh, yeh… like that. Fuck that feels good. Then he pushes slowly into me, a couple of inches at a time and stops. He waits until… ummm God Sharon… he waits until I’m accustomed, then pulls back… then slides it in a little more and a little further… yes…”

“He might take a few minutes or twenty minutes to get all the way inside. It’s up to me really, and he seems to know… Sometimes I’m ready almost right away… like now… god Sharon that feels good… other times it takes me a little longer.”

“Then when he’s all the way in, he starts fucking real slow, pulling back ‘til he’s almost out, then all the way in again. By now his hands are by my sides and his body is hovering over me… I keep pushing back on the bed and push my ass up to him…”

Sharon fingered Lisa’s ass steady now, fucking all the way in and out. Lisa’s breath started breaking up, and the story becomes less about Mark and just simply about her upcoming orgasm.

“The fucking is steady… and strong… I can feel it up my ass, as I grab hold… it fucking me… I don’t… I don’t… ooooh I’m coming!”

Sharon’s tongue spread her pussy wide as her finger fucked Lisa’s ass with more authority. Sharon had a hard time keeping her face to Lisa’s clit as Lisa started bucking up. She held Sharon’s head to her cunt as her orgasm hit.

“Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Sharon pulled her finger from Lisa’s ass and drove her face and tongue deep into her pussy. Lisa held the back of Sharon’s head as she lifted her hips from the bed and came into Sharon’s mouth. Her heels were in Sharon’s back, pulling her whole body deeper against her.

Their talk vanished as Lisa merely panted and sweat from her orgasm. Sharon rested with her tongue pressed firmly against Lisa, holding there until Lisa’s breathing returned to normal.

“That was fucking… fucking… oh thank you.”

Sharon kissed her way back up Lisa’s tummy and breasts, coming to her neck. She sucked her chin lightly then rested her head beside Lisa’s. Lisa wrapped Sharon in a hug and the two rested. I took this time to silently slip out of my hiding spot across the hall and turn around the corner of the hallway and out of sight, waiting at the top of the stairs.

They talked softly for about 5 minutes, then one of them got up to use the ensuite. I took this time to go downstairs, put on my shoes and exit the house. I went down the street and past the corner, then walked from there to a market store and called a taxi. I went into town for the night and booked a room at a hotel, from where I called my wife that evening to tell her I’d be home tomorrow.

Thankfully, nothing in the call gave me any indication she had heard me leave the house earlier.

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