tagLoving WivesI Came Home Early & Came Ch. 02

I Came Home Early & Came Ch. 02


When I came home the next day, the first thing on my mind was whether Sharon would mention her dalliance with Lisa. She was all hugs and kisses when I got home but made no mention that day nor the next about our beautiful, young neighbor.

I said nothing of what I saw, and went about work and home with nothing more than a heightened sense of observation. Neither Sharon nor Lisa gave any indication of anything between them other than friendship, so I had to silently compliment them on their self-discipline.

A few weeks later I planned to give them another opportunity to get together. I have office computers set up in the basement, from where I can access client servers when any off hours needs may arise. I hid two miniature cameras in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and two in the livingroom. I then ran line from all five to my basement computer. I actually have two CPUs and three monitors, so I could flip and view between cameras as I wished. I told Sharon I would be away the following Friday morning to Sunday night, but actually took the Friday off work and planned to return home to my basement office for the weekend.

The basement room is usually ignored by Sharon, so I had no worries that she might ever venture in. I stored enough food there to get me through the weekend, and planned to spend the time watching and recording whatever happened while I was “away”. I planned it for this particular weekend because my wife had an appointment the Sunday afternoon, and that would give me a chance to leave the house unnoticed.

That Friday morning came, and I kissed Sharon goodbye before I left, then returned home a few hours later after she’d parted for work. Everything was in place, so I had a short nap in the basement and waited for the evening to come.

Sharon arrived home the Friday night at 6:30. I activated the cameras and watched Sharon go about making dinner. I didn’t bother to record yet, not wanting to waste drive space on linguini and a salad. While dinner was on, Sharon went upstairs and changed into a short, tan cotton skirt and short sleeved top. After she’d eaten, and around 8:30, Lisa arrived. I watched the two enter the living room, and began to record from then on.

Lisa was wearing capri pants and a cotton shirt which just came short of the waist of her pants, and was totting a canvas shoulder bag. Sharon and Lisa gave each other a long, warm embrace and kiss, Parting, Sharon went for some wine from the kitchen as Lisa got comfortable on the sofa.

When Sharon returned with the wine, she sat beside Lisa and asked about the thesis she was currently writing for school. They talked for awhile, with Sharon doing most of the listening. At one point, while sipping her wine, Sharon smiled a broad smile. Lisa gave a small giggle at the smile.

“What?” asked Lisa.

Sharon moved her eyes to Lisa’s canvas bag on the floor, and then looked back to Lisa.

“Did you bring it?”

Lisa’s legs were crossed, and she slipped a foot up and stroked Sharon’s leg with her toes. “Is that what you’re thinking about?”

Sharon giggled. “Mmm-hmm.”

Lisa continued stroking Sharon’s leg with her foot and giggled back. “You’re worse than a guy. A guy would at least pretend to listen to me for longer than five minutes before wantonly wanting to fuck me.”

“I can’t help myself.” Sharon said, taking a sip from her wine and still smiling playfully.

Lisa uncrossed her legs and set her glass down on the side table. She leaned over and kissed Sharon lightly on the lips. Sharon then placed her glass down and the two wrapped their arms around each other, and kissed passionately. Their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths as they probed and tasted each other. Lisa ran a hand over Sharon’s top, coming to her right breast and squeezing it. She undid the buttons in front and moved it open, displaying Sharon’s smooth, firm tits. She dropped her mouth to Sharon’s left side and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Sharon let her head fall back, massaging the back of Lisa’s head as she did.

“Mmmm” moaned Sharon, as she turned her body slightly to accomodate Lisa.

Lisa pulled her mouth off Sharon, and dragged her tongue up over the underside of the breast, ending with a flick over the wet, pointed nipple. “You’ve been thinking about it?”

“Since last week” answered Sharon. “I had to come home and fuck Don for a few hours after we were talking about it.”

Lisa’s hand disappeared under Sharon’s skirt. “I’d like to have seen that.” Well hello I thought. I do like where a conversation can go sometimes.

“What’s he like?” Lisa asked as she fingered my wife’s clit.

“Nice…” Sharon said between short breaths. “He has a nice cock… it’s rare that I’m able to outlast him. He can stay hard forever.”

“My kind of guy.” Lisa said as she slid off the sofa and knelt between Sharon’s legs. Her hands both disappeared up the skirt and began to slide Sharon’s panties off. As she cast them aside, Sharon slid her hips to the forward edge of the sofa as Lisa’s head went between her legs. Lisa pushed Sharon’s legs up and aside, opening her pussy wide. Her tongue danced around the edges before she slid it over Sharon’s lips.

Sharon undid the small zipper and clasp at the side of the skirt and raised her hips as Lisa pulled it off as well. Lisa slowly pumped two fingers in and out of Sharon’s pussy. She ran a hand over one of Sharon’s breasts and squeezed it firmly as finger fucked her.

Sharon lifter her back from the sofa and slipped off her top as Lisa continued fucking her with two fingers. It went on for better than 10 minutes, with moaning sounds coming from my wife and slurping sounds coming from Lisa. As Sharon showed signs of coming, Lisa removed her fingers and put her hands to the back of Sharon’s knees. Her mouth covered Sharon’s pussy as she drove her tongue repeated deep inside of her. Her head was moving quickly over Sharon, as her gasping and panting became louder.

“Ummm… I’m coming! I’m coming!” Sharon called as she held Lisa’s head firmly in place. She twisted and writhed on the sofa as she came hard over Lisa’s face. Lisa slowed her sucking and just held her mouth over Sharon’s cunt.

“Oh, fuck… fuck…” Sharon whispered quietly as the orgasm faded. “Fuck me…”

Lisa moved her mouth up over Sharon’s stomach lightly, shifting between kisses and softly sucking skin into her mouth. Lisa slowly massaged her own tummy over Sharon’s cunt as she did this, gently rubbing Sharon’s clit with her soft skin. Sharon’s eyes came back to the room and she gently stroked Lisa’s blonde hair.

“Your turn.” Sharon said.

“I’m not finished yet… you said ‘fuck me’.” Lisa answered. “Come down here with me.”

Sharon slid from the sofa until she was lying on the carpet in front of it. Lisa crawled over her on all fours. Lisa leaned down and the two kissed softly and slowly for a long time. As their tongues explored each other’s mouths, Sharon’s hands rubbed Lisa’s pussy through her pants. Lisa rose up and removed her shirt, setting those beautiful breasts free. She dropped back down and Sharon took one into her mouth, sucking and nibbling while she continued rubbing Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa’s hand slipped down to Sharon’s pussy and slowly stroked it. “I want to fuck you now Sharon” Lisa whispered. “Would you a good fucking?”

Sharon broke her mouth from Lisa’s nipple. “Uh-huh”.

“Would you like me to fuck you hard and fast or soft and slow?”

“You decide.” answered Sharon.

Lisa stood up and removed her pants and panties. She walked over to her canvas bag and pulled out a strap-on. She slid the band around her slim hips, looking incredibly sexy when she was ready, her slim body with that fat erection. The cock looked about 9” and thick. Sharon was fingering herself on the floor as she watched Lisa get ready.

“What do you think? Do you like my cock?” Lisa asked as she stroked it.

“Are you going to fuck me with that big thing?” Sharon cooed.

“I am.” purred Lisa. “Mark’s about this size, you know.”

“He is, is he? Mmmm” said Sharon as she sucked the cock into her mouth. Se pulled the cock from her mouth and smiled. “You’re wicked to tell me he’s this big.”

Lisa smiled back, “I am wicked!”

“Have you thought about that Sharon? Have you ever thought about Mark fucking you? He likes you, you know. Think’s your gorgeous. He told me he’s wanted to fuck you since he first saw you.”

Lisa slid a finger into Sharon’s open cunt, pumping her as they kissed. She then settled between Sharon’s legs, as both of them led the cockhead to Sharon’s soaking cunt. Lisa wasted no time in pushing the head inside of her.

“Mmm, god… more…” Sharon moaned.

“Like that?” asked Lisa as she withdrew and thenpushed in further.

“Yes… you’re thick.” Sharon purred.

Once having pumped half way in, Sharon grabbed Lisa’s hips and pulled her deep inside. Their tongues found each other’s as the two started slowly fucking.

“Fuck me… god yeh, fuck me Lisa. Fuck…”

“Mmm, like this?” asked Lisa.

“Harder… harder and fast… Oh fuck me… fuck me harder!” Sharon cried.

Lisa complied as she increased her pace. “Fuck yes! Ooohhh! Fuck! Fuck!” Sharon cried. The were a frantic, thrusting mash of limbs and sweat. “Fuck me Lisa, god you’re so fucking hot… fuck me…”

“You’re a gorgeous slut, aren’t you. You love this, don’t you… You love it.”

“I do, yes… keep fucking me… I love it.”

Lisa’s blonde hair hung over Sharon’s face as she sucked on Sharon’s earlobe. Sharon’s panting became quicker and shorter as she neared orgasm. Grunting as she came, Sharon grabbed Lisa’s ass with both hands and tried to pull her inside her pussy. As her orgasm started to subside, Lisa slowed her pumping almost to a stop, but never ending completely. Sharon had her eyes closed and head turned, breathing slower and deeper and seemingly trying to return to the present.

“Oh fucking god… fucking fantastic…” Sharon sighed. Lisa continued pumping in and out of her slowly, whispering what a wonderful slut my wife was.

“I am a slut.” Sharon returned. “You’re so beautiful.”

With that, Lisa pulled out and asked Sharon to roll over. Sharon did so, as Lisa guided her to all fours. Sharon rose to her hands and knees, and looked back over her shoulder to Lisa. The look of lust on her face was magnetic. Lisa ran her hands over Sharon’s ass, sliding occassionally between her legs and stroking her cunt.

“Mark loves to fuck me this way, A woman’s ass is so sexy like this.” Lisa said as she teased the cockhead into Sharon’s pussy lips, dipping the head in then pulling it out again. “Does Don like fucking you from behind?”

Sharon was breathing shallow at the attentions of Lisa’s cock. “Yes. It’s his favorite.”

Lisa slid it inside further. “Does he feel nice, pumping you from behind?”

“Yes.” Sharon answered again.

“I’ve thought about him you know.” Lisa pressed the cock all the way in as Sharon drew a deep breath. “Your husband’s a sexy guy.” Lisa offered. “I think about him sometimes while Mark’s fucking me. Don’t tell Mark that.” she giggled.

“Don’t tell Don either. He’d fuck you in a heartbeat if he thought it was okay with me.” Sharon said. “Would you like me to ask him?”

Yes, I answered from the basement office.

Lisa was slowly pumping Sharon now. “Yeh, sure! I’d love to fuck your husband. How sick is that? I’m fucking you and solicitating for sex with your husband.”

Sharon’s face was glazed as Lisa assumed a fuller rhythym. “There’s nothing sick about it. I don’t own Don… so you can fuck him… mmmm… yes… fuck him whenever you want to.”

With that, I filled my hand with come. I couldn’t hold off anymore, watching Lisa fucking Sharon from behind and openly declaring an interest in fucking me. Lisa grabbed Sharon’s hips and increased her tempo, driving her cock into my wife hard and fast again. Sharon’s pussy was soaked, and she drove her hips back to meet every thrust. The huge cock pounded into her with ease, as she dropped her head with renewed moaning.

It only took a few short minutes for Sharon to come again. She dropped her head and elbows to the floor, ass still high in the air as Lisa fucked her deep. She came with Lisa holding herself all the way inside, hand stretched around and fingering her clit.

When Sharon was finished, Lisa pulled the cock out and lay beside her on the floor. The two rested and caught their breath, Lisa’s hand resting lightly on Sharon’s back. Sharon stroked Lisa’s strap-on as the two lay on their backs.

Sharon turned and looked at her, “I can’t believe you talked me into trying that.”

“I told you it was fun.” Lisa said.

“Who knew…” Sharon smiled. “It was very sneaky of you to bring it up while I was sucking your pussy. All I wanted to do was get fucked while I was licking you.”

“Steff and I tried it last year. She got me hooked.”

“Who’s Steff?” Sharon asked.

“She was my roomate from last year. She looks a bit like you actually. Very sexy girl.”Lisa turned to her side and started removing the strap-on. “She’s taking biology, studying all the time, and had gone about four months without a guy. Just kidding, I jumped her in bed one night while she was reading, and said I was here to fuck her. She joked that she wished I could, and that she needed a good cock.”

“Mmmm” moaned Sharon, listening.

“Anyway, I ended up lying on her back and started mock humping her ass. To my surprise she just relaxed and let me. Still pretending to seduce her, I started slut talking to her and said it was my goal to get her soaking wet and coming for me. The more I whispered into her ear, the more she let me continue. I got incredibly turned on, and the next thing you know I had her panties off and my face in her pussy, sucking her off.”

“Sounds delicious. You’re making me wet again.” said Sharon. Sharon slid down to Lisa’s pussy as Lisa kept talking.

“Next thing you know we were fucking each other almost every day. After a couple of weeks, Steff came home with a strap-on and tossed it to me. Without saying a word, she stripped off her panties, flipped up her dress and bent over the kitchen table, waiting for me. After a fierce case of the giggles, I fucked her for about 2 hours. On the table… on the floor, in her bed… on the floor by her bed… Then she fucked me! After Steff, I’ve been a bit of a pussy hound.”

Sharon continued sucking Lisa, working a finger into her as she tongued her clit.

“She was the first person to fuck me in the ass… she did it to me one night… mmmm… you’re good… when we were both drunk… put that on Sharon…” Lisa indicated to the strap-on.

Lisa helped Sharon with the cock, and gave it a playful tug when it was ready. “Do me from behind.”

Lisa put her elbows on the sofa and spread her legs as Sharon moved in behind her. She gave Lisa’s ass a light kiss, then moved the cock to the wet opening. She slid it into Lisa’s cunt, then eased it back.

“Mmm… you’re wet!”

Lisa moaned with pleasure, and looked back as Sharon pressed further into her. “Mmm, yes… you’re big… fuck me with that thing. Fuck me…”

Watching Sharon fuck Lisa had me ready again, as I was having a hard time controlling my orgasm while stroking myself. I tried to be very careful not to hit the equipment when I came.

Sharon fucked Lisa much slower than Lisa had done Sharon. She was careful and deliberate, intent perhaps on enjoying the newness of the experience. Either way, she had Lisa begging her to go faster as they went on. Lisa slipped her fingers over her own clit as Sharon fucked her, rocking her hips in time with Sharon’s thrusts. She came with a shudder, pressing her hips back to get the cock deeper and deeper inside of her. Sharon reach forward and pinched both of Lisa’s nipples hard as Lisa came. Lisa threw her head back and the two kissed as Lisa finished coming.

The two rested again, and stroked each other as they caught their breath. They sat on the floor, with their backs against the sofa and drank their wine, saying nothing for almost five minutes. Lisa eventually set her glass down, then climbed on top of Sharon’s lap. She slid the cock inside of her, and slowly rose and sank until it was buried all the way. Still without saying a word to each other, Lisa rode Sharon as the two fucked slowly and easily.

They kissed gently, sucking lips and nipples and napes of neck into each other’s mouths as Lisa slowly rode the cock. Sharon ran one hand over Lisa’s flat belly as her other cupped her ass. Her finger gingerly fucked Lisa’s asshole as Lisa rode tall with her back arching. As Lisa came again, she sucked Sharon’s tongue from her mouth, seemingly wishing to remove it from her body.

After that coupling, the two sat naked on the sofa and drinking more wine, talking about pretty much everything. After another short session of kissing, Lisa got dressed and headed home across the street. I stopped recording, and poured myself a glass of water as I admired my wife’s beautiful, naked body while she fell asleep on the sofa.

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